The world cannot get enough of Zendaya right now - from movie premieres to magazine covers to Instagram; this mixed-race American actress is everywhere.

If you have ever wondered how she stays so beautifully slim for her roles, would you believe us if we said wigs helped her stay fit?[1]

We have all the facts behind Zendaya’s workout routine and diet; read on to discover how to create your own Zendaya workout.

Zendaya's Workout Routine (Staying Fit From Disney To Euphoria)

Like other celebs we have covered in the past, Zendaya has always been into fitness. As a child, she played soccer, basketball, and track alongside joining local hip-hop and hula groups.

Zendaya has never been one to have a regular gym routine, instead preferring to do dance choreography practice at home.

Zendaya has had to train for roles in the past. In particular, she spent a lot of time working on her upper body and core strength in order to perform certain stunts as the character Anne Wheeler in The Greatest Showman.[2]

In 2013, Zendaya also trained to perform on the iconic TV show Dancing With The Stars.[3]

She has also been seen at the gym performing with a trainer - her exercise routine has often involved boxing, pilates, yoga, plyometrics, and high-intensity aerobics.

Because Zendaya tends to create her own routines at home or play sports with others, it is hard to pin down a standard regular routine for her.

However, we do have a sample of a Zendaya workout plan here.

Zendaya’s Active Day HIIT Routine







10 minutes

45 secs



15-30 Minutes

60 secs




60 secs

Knee Push-Ups



30-35 secs

Air Squats



30-35 Secs

Boxing for Upper Body Strength and Cardio


60 Seconds

30-35 Secs

Jump Squats



30-35 Secs




30-35 Secs




30-35 Secs




30-35 Secs

Wacky Jacks



30-35 Secs

Wide Leg Squats



30-35 Secs




30-35 Secs

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Zendaya - History of this American Actress & Singer

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born in Oakland, California in September 1996.

Throughout her life, Zendaya has been an actress, singer, dancer, model, and producer, among other things.

As a child, Zendaya joined a hip-hop dance troupe for three years and also joined a hula group for a time.

Zendaya started attending a local theatre at the age of six and has starred in various roles in productions and Shakespeare plays.

It was her role as Rocky Blue in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up that kickstarted Zendaya's TV acting career. From there, she starred in her first movie, Frenemies, and launched a brief singing career.

As a result of her success and dance experience, she also became one of the youngest people to appear on the hit TV show Dancing With The Stars.

As an adult, Zendaya has gone on to have many iconic photoshoots and gained incredible brand deals.[4]

She has also appeared in various movies, including Spiderman: Homecoming (with boyfriend Tom Holland), Malcolm & Marie, and The Greatest Showman.

Zendaya has also appeared on various movie soundtracks and music videos with Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Her arguably most iconic role is as 17-year-old drug addict Rue in the hit TV show Euphoria.

Zendaya Gym Workout

Current Body Stats

Ever wonder to yourself, 'how is Zendaya so skinny?'

With Zendaya's body stats, it is vital to note that she has an ectomorph body type - this means that she is naturally slim and finds it difficult to gain weight and put on fat and muscle.

Additionally, training for roles or aging may change these Zendaya stats, but these are current numbers for her.






130 lbs




34 inches


34 inches

Zendaya Body Stats

Zendaya’s Workout Principles (How She Keeps Fitness Fun)

So how does Zendaya stay in shape? A key pillar of Zendaya’s workout routines is fun.

While work does play a role in it, she is often having fun with dance choreography, practicing boxing, or doing different types of yoga.

She does not like going to the gym but will train with a personal trainer, go on walks with her assistant, or play basketball with her family.

Her busy schedule and love of dance mean that Zendaya is an active person and has proven her willingness to train for roles, even practicing acrobatic stunts and performing choreographed moves.

However, not all of us can train to perform stunts, fight choreo, and aerial circus moves for fun.

When working on your fitness goals, we would recommend taking this spirit of fun and applying it while creating your own exercise plan.

Zendaya Before And After

Her Biggest Accomplishments, Awards, and Nominations

Awards and Nominations

Across the span of just over a decade, Zendaya has won a total of 32 awards and received 82 award nominations for her roles, music, and activism.

Some notable awards include her two Primetime Emmy Best Actress in a Drama Series Awards for her role as Rue in Euphoria and her Best Actress Award from the BET network.


Zendaya has also made the Time annual 100 Most Influential People In The World list in 2022.[5]

She has also been lauded for her fashion sense and advocacy work, winning plenty of honorary awards, including a CFDA Fashion Icon Award and Glamour Award for The Voice For Girls.

Zendaya's Diet Plan (Fitting Nutrition Into Her Busy Schedule)

For Zendaya, maintaining a vegetarian diet is vital, mainly for ethical reasons. Zendaya confessed to becoming a vegetarian as a preteen when coming across a slaughterhouse on a family drive.[6]

She doesn't eat meat, but she does eat dairy. However, this animal lover does not love vegetables and merely tolerates vegetables in her daily life.


Zendaya has confessed in the past that she loves to eat breakfast food but does not always like to eat at breakfast time.

She does not drink coffee but tends to favor sweeter drinks like juice or lemonade to stay hydrated. The types of food she enjoys at breakfast are:

  • Pancakes with Nutella and berries
  • Juice that’s ‘not fancy people juice’
  • Eggs
  • Wholegrain bread


Lunch can be tricky for someone as busy as Zendaya and can often become just snacks rather than a meal. However, the Zendaya diet often has:

  • Her instant brown rice summer salad
  • Snacks
  • Chick-Fil-A salad and fries


The Spider-Man star tends to get much of her nutrition from snacks or by eating out.

The beauty of ordering food means not having to cook, and you can get all the nutrition from your favorite meal without cooking - you can even satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

  • Cup ramen noodles in vegetable broth with hot sauce
  • Pizza


Zendaya is not really into cooking and often chooses to order food in. However, in the past, she has had:

  • Pilaf
  • Postmates
  • Ice cream (she’s a big fan)
  • Rice salads with lemon juice and olive oil

This is not the most balanced diet we have covered, but it is vital to remember that Zendaya has access to resources that can get food for her regularly.

This, combined with her ectomorph body type, youth, and active lifestyle, means that she can get away with being lax in her diet.

What To Go For

  • Lean Proteins
  • Salads
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Fruits and Veggies

What To Avoid

  • Refined Carbs
  • Sugary Drinks

What Supplements Does Zendaya Take?

We do not know the exact brand that Zendaya tends to use, but she does regularly take the following.


As a lifelong vegetarian, Zendaya needs to take certain multivitamins supplementally that her body is missing from not eating meat.[7]

Multivitamins contain various nutrients in varying composition levels to aid your body's function.

They tend to come in tablet, gummy, capsule, powder, and liquid forms to suit a range of preferences.

Should you choose to take multivitamins, we would recommend consulting your doctor beforehand to see what is right for you.

Once you have an idea of what will work for your body, do your research to ensure that you are getting the right balance.


Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for maintaining your health. They can be found in whole foods like fatty fish but are also available in gummy, liquid, or capsule form.

As Zendaya is a vegetarian, she will most likely take omega-3 tablets that are sourced from algae rather than fish.[8]

Zendaya Workout Routine & Diet FAQs

What do dietitians think about Zendaya's diet and workout routine?

Dietitians recommend that Zendaya add more protein to her diet so that she can stay fuller for longer, perhaps in the form of chickpeas or tofu. They advise against her skipping meals and recommend drinking water with fresh fruit in it for a sweet but hydrating alternative to lemonade and juice.

What does the name Zendaya mean?

The name Zendaya is a spin on the Shona word 'Tendai,' which means 'to give thanks. Shona is a Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe.

What kind of dance does Zendaya practice?

As part of Zendaya’s workout routine, Zendaya tends to enjoy dancing. While she takes inspiration from a variety of places, the Spider-Man actress has roots in hip-hop, tango, and hula.


The Zendaya workout and diet is not the most consistent or balanced one that we have covered.

It may seem frustrating that Zendaya eats like that and maintains a small figure, but her body is as unique as yours.

When creating your own workout routines and diet, we recommend taking inspiration from Zendaya's emphasis on fun.

Find something active that you love to do and incorporate that regularly into your routine.

When you eat a healthy diet, plenty of water, and incorporate daily exercise, you can gain muscle and achieve your fitness goals.

Find local certified experts in the fitness industry to help plan your nutrition and workout routine for the best results on your fitness journey.



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