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When she's not in the spotlight on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian puts on different hats as a model, actress, businesswoman, and leading digital publisher.

Even with her insanely busy schedule, she still manages to find time to hit the gym.

Not only that, but she follows an intense workout routine, and many people have been able to get in shape using her methodology.

Anyone looking to slim down and tone up can benefit from the Khloe Kardashian workout.

Keep reading to learn Khloe Kardashian's workout routine and her favorite exercises for toning the upper body, lower body, and everything in between.

So what makes Khloe's workout special compared to other fitness-oriented celebrities?

Well, the Khloe Kardashian workout combines a cardio routine for losing weight and strength training for toning the whole body.

All of her workout routines start with a thorough warm-up and stretching. Once she’s warm and ready to go, she follows circuit training sets developed by her personal trainer, Coach Joe.

Each set is repeated 4 or 5 times with a short 30-second break after each one.

This high-intensity interval method of different exercises has been proven time and time again, and celebrities, as well as us normal folk, are using circuit training to improve both cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength endurance.[1]


Set 1: Repeat 5 times with 30-second rest
  • 1-minute jumping rope[2]
  • 30-second plank
Set 2: Repeat 5 times with 30-second rest
  • 30-second holding squat (back against the wall)
  • 10 squat jumps
Set 3: Repeat 5 times with 30-second rest
  • 10 push-ups (knees on the ground if needed)
  • 10 mountain climbers (left leg/right leg is one rep)
  • 30-second dip side planks (move your hips from side to side in plank position)
  • 20 crunches


Set 1: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 30-second quick step-ups (alternating each leg)
  • 30-second shadow boxing (with your hand at your eye level)
Set 2: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 10 back lunges (on each side)
  • 10 split squats (on each side)
Set 3: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 15 dips (hands on a bench/chair/couch with your legs straight, bend on your knees if it’s too hard)
  • 20-second push-ups with a hold (halfway down on your knees if it’s too hard)
Set 4: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 30-second hip thrusts (don’t push your hips too high and squeeze your butt at the end)
  • 30-second single-leg hip thrusts (on each leg)


  • Full hour session of Pilates[3] or basic cardio


Set 1: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 30-second high knee jumps (knees at the hips level)
  • 30-second lateral and front raise jumps (30 seconds with your arms straight frontal raise and 30 seconds with your arms straight lateral raise)
Set 2: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 15 push-ups (5 wide stance, 5 regular stance, 5 close stance, knees on the ground if needed)
  • 30-second shoulder tap forearm planks (in a plank position with your hands on the ground, left-hand reach for the right shoulder, and then repeat on the opposite side)
Set 3: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 10 kneel-to-squat (starting from a kneeling position, bring one foot after the other forward into a squat position, stay low—don’t stand up—and then from this low squat position go back on your knees)
Set 4: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 30-second side planks (on each side)
  • 30 seconds of alternated bicycle crunches


Set 1: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 10 inchworm push-ups (starting standing up, bend over to reach the ground with your hands, and from there, hand-walk to push-up position, do one push-up, and then hand-walk back to the standing position)
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks (clap your hands above your head)
Set 2: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 10 alternated split squat jumps
  • 15 seconds split squats with a hold (hold on each side, with the back knee as close to the ground as possible)
Set 3: Repeat 4 times with 30-second rest
  • 30 seconds of crossed mountain climbers (with the right knee moving toward the left elbow and the left knee toward the right elbow)
  • 30 seconds of back extensions (superman position, laying on the ground on your stomach, core engaged, legs straight with your knees off the ground and your hand off the ground too)
Set 4: Repeat 4 sets for 1-minute each
  • 10 burpees (without push-up and go as fast as you can)
Khloe Kardashian Dressed Up at an Event

Who Is Khloé Kardashian? (American Reality Star)

Born June 27th, 1984, Khloe is a well-known member of the Kardashian family. Her father, Robert Kardashian, served as O.J. Simpson's defense attorney in the 1995 murder trial.

Ever since, their family has been in the media spotlight.

In addition to being a socialite and media personality, she is a daughter to Kris Jenner and stepdaughter to Caitlyn Jenner.

She’s sister to Kim, Kourtney, and Rob, half-sister to Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and stepsister to Brodie Jenner.

Aside from her role in the Kardashian clan, Khloe has starred and made appearances in a number of reality TV shows.

Being a TV personality is just one of the many roles Khloe takes on in her daily life.

She’s also involved in the retail, fashion, and fragrance industries, and even released a book - Kardashian Konfidential - in 2010.

In 2016, Khloe took on yet another role of hosting her own talk show, Kocktails with Khloe.

To top it all off, she produced her own health and fitness docu-series that same year, Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian’s Awards & Nominations

Khloe’s success is quite obvious from the long list of nominations and awards given to her[4], including winning three People’s Choice Awards and four Teen Choice Awards.

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Current Body Stats

Even with her bangin’ bod, Khloe has received a lot of negative criticism over the years regarding her voluptuous body type.

It hasn’t been easy constantly being compared to her sisters Kim and Kourtney, but she has proven to the world that she’s beautiful inside and out.

Check out her current body stats from regularly doing her Revenge Body workout:






132 lbs









Dress Size

4 (US)

Khloe Kardashian in her workout outfit

Khloé Kardashian’s Attitude Towards Working Out

Khloe's main goal in working out isn't to be super skinny.

Instead, she has embraced her curves and proven to body-shamers everywhere that you don't have to be a size 0 to be striking and beautiful.

Here’s what she had to say about exercise in a 2020 post from People Magazine[5]: 

“I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand. I feel so good in the gym that it [affects] the rest of my day. It's a healthy addiction. It's like buying your sanity!”

Khloe doesn't just enjoy arm exercises, leg raises, and weighted squats; she also does whatever she can to get her heart rate up for better cardiovascular health.

In other words, she does many cardio exercises, like using the stair climber machine, jump rope, resistance band lateral walks, and medicine ball crunches.

Lastly, she believes that getting fit should be accessible to everyone.

That means she doesn't recommend using weight machines that aren't accessible in home gyms, like the overhead press or climber mountain machine.

Most of her workouts involve using your own body weight or simple, affordable accessories.

With this healthy attitude towards working out, Khloe is in the best shape of her life.

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Khloe Kardashian Sitting in Front of a Mirror in Workout Clothes

The Khloé Kardashian Diet

The Khloe Kardashian exercise routine isn’t the only thing that keeps this iconic TV personality in shape.

She also follows a strict diet by eating whole foods, lots of high-quality protein, and very few carbs.

Khloe started her low-carb diet after giving birth to her first child, True Thompson, in 2018.

Although many people assume cutting out carbohydrates like bread and pasta is nearly impossible, she claims that it's easier than it sounds, and she's been able to stick to the diet for years.

Instead of eating 3 large meals, she follows the proven weight loss strategy that involves 5-6 small meals throughout the day.

Here’s what a typical day looks like for Khloe when it comes to what she eats:

Before the Gym

Khloe never exercises on an empty stomach. Before she hits the gym, she eats a high-protein snack to get her going.[6]

Most days, this means eating 1 tablespoon of almond butter along with 1 tablespoon low-sugar jam. It’s basically a PB&J, only without the bread!

After the Gym

What you eat after workouts is just as important as what you eat before. Once she’s done sweating, she usually eats a combination of protein, healthy carbs, and fresh fruit.

That generally means 2-3 eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal, and a handful of berries.

Mid Morning Snack

As the morning rolls on, hunger sets in, so it’s time for another healthy snack. For Khloe, that means a piece of fruit or a serving of vegetables - enough to hold her over until lunchtime.


Lunch is Khloe’s biggest meal of the day, as it should be for everyone.

A healthy piece of meat/seafood, like chicken or salmon, combined with a high-value carb, like sweet potatoes or brown rice, is the perfect lunch for someone like Khloe.

She also adds a serving or two of vegetables, either in a salad or steamed. Her favorites are those high in iron, including spinach, beets, broccoli, or asparagus.

Afternoon Snack

Contrary to popular belief, the key to sticking to a diet is to avoid feeling hungry.

As the afternoon hunger pangs hit, Khloe avoids hunger by snacking on a handful of almonds and another fresh piece of fruit.


Khloe keeps her evening meals light but also filling. She usually opts for another piece of chicken or fish along with sweet potato and some steamed veggies.

She knows that this is the time to avoid carbs, so she never indulges in bread or pasta at dinner - unless it’s a cheat day, of course.

What She Avoids

The main foods that she avoids are carbohydrates that have little to no value, like pasta and bread.

Aside from fruit, she also tries to stay away from sugary and highly processed foods and sticks to protein and fiber-rich items instead.

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Khloe Kardashian Eating a Cup of Noodles

What Supplements Does Khloé Kardashian Take?

While Khloe isn't big into pre-workout supplements, there are a few vitamins she swears by that help her body metabolize fat. Here are a few of her favorites:

  • Biotin
  • Iron
  • Collagen
  • Women’s Multivitamin

Khloé's Workout Playlist

Not many celebs are willing to share their workout playlists, but Khloe was kind enough to share hers with the public.[7]

You can find it on both Apple Music and Spotify, and she suggests you play it on shuffle.

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Khloé Kardashian Workout Routine FAQs

How long does Khloe work out a day?

Khloe works out 5 to 6 times per week, depending on her schedule. For each workout, she usually does 30 minutes of cardio and a second circuit training that lasts 30 minutes.

How much water does Khloe Kardashian drink per day?

Khloe has admitted drinking as much as 6 liters of water daily - more than 200 ounces! Of course, this is above and beyond the normal recommendation, which is to drink about 2.7 liters per day (for women).

Who is Khloe Kardashian’s trainer?

In the past, she worked with trainer Joel Bouraima, aka "Coach Joe." Nowadays, Khloe is doing her baby weight loss workout with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, an expert on getting lean and building muscles.

Does Khloe have a fitness app?

Yes, Khloe unveiled her very own workout app in 2015[8]. You can find all her exercise secrets, ranging from her intense butt workout to her recommended cardio regimen.


You don't need a professional gym membership to embark on the Khloe K workout journey. Instead of using heavy weights and machines, many of her workouts use resistance bands or no equipment at all.



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