About Us

I started Garage Gym Pro in 2014 with the original aim of providing value and guidance to other home gym enthusiasts. 

Like everyone else, my knowledge and experience did not start out at the level it is today. After several garage gym builds, and countless hours of working out, I decided to share my passion, and opinions, through this website.

Andrew working out

As the website grew, along with my passion for health & fitness, I expanded GGP to include comprehensive reviews and information on most types of fitness equipment, with a focus specifically on those for home gym use.

In addition to examining brands and products, I have also added a team of fitness experts who help contribute to our community. These are highly educated individuals with a focus on personal training, nutrition, strength and development.

This training expertise has helped Garage Gym Pro level up and become a more well-rounded website that covers:

  • Home Gym Setups
  • Equipment Guides
  • Fitness & Workout Tips
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Training Motivation

Who We Are

The Heartbeat of Garage Gym Pro

At Garage Gym Pro, we're more than just a team – we're a community. A passionate group of fitness enthusiasts, writers, researchers, and experts bound by a shared passion for health and wellness.

Each member of our team brings a unique perspective, shaped by their personal fitness journeys. Some of us have been personal trainers, helping individuals transform their lives one workout at a time.

Others have backgrounds in sports science or nutrition, offering a deep understanding of the body's mechanics and how it responds to different types of exercise and nutrition.

Andrew White is the co-founder of Garage Gym Pro. As an expert fitness professional (gym building nerd) with over 10 years of industry experience, he enjoys writing about everything there is to do with modern fitness & the newest market innovations for garage gyms. When he isn’t testing out products for his readers, he’s usually out surfing or playing basketball.

Lee has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He's trained hundreds of clients and knows his way around the gym, including what you need for your garage gym. When he's not testing products, he loves weightlifting, Ju Jitsu, writing, and gaming.

Jo Taylor


Jo is a passionate and experienced trainer who is dedicated to helping women achieve their fitness goals. She specializes in creating programs that integrate strength training, nutrition, and hormone balance, recognizing the unique needs of women's bodies. With a focus on online coaching, Jo is committed to helping the GGP community achieve their fitness goals in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Visit Jo Taylor's Website

Miloš loves three things - science, sports, and simplicity. So, what do you get when you put the three together? A no-BS trainer that's all about efficient workouts and research-backed supplements. Miloš is also a huge fan of basketball legend LeBron James, drawing inspiration from his dedication to training and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Paul J is is an ex-professional footballer who has seen a gym or two and is an expert at knowing what is required for home gym setups. When he isn’t testing out products for his readers, he’s usually going for a run in the park or out for coffee.

Diverse Expertise Under One Roof

From weightlifters and cardio lovers to supplement experts and sports athletes, our diverse team ensures we cover a broad spectrum of topics.

This diversity ensures that no matter what your fitness query or concern is, there's someone on our team who can guide you with authentic, firsthand knowledge.

Always Learning, Always Growing

The world of fitness is ever-evolving. New research, innovative equipment, and changing perspectives constantly redefine what we know. As dedicated professionals, we're always on the lookout for the latest trends and findings.

This commitment to continued learning means you can trust that our advice and recommendations are rooted in the most current understanding of fitness and health.

Committed to Our Community

But beyond our expertise, what truly defines us is our commitment to you – our community. Your questions drive our content, your successes fuel our passion, and your challenges keep us innovating.

We take immense pride in the trust you place in us and strive every day to be a valuable resource in your fitness journey.

Our Responsibility

Quality, Authenticity, and Trust

Our commitment is to provide you with genuine, evidence-based content. Every claim, every statistic is rigorously checked and sourced, ensuring you can trust what you read.

  1. Evidence-Based Content: We prioritize transparency, always citing our resources for you to further explore.
  2. Unbiased Reviews: With our collaborations, like with Amazon, we remain steadfast in our commitment to honest reviews. We’re guided by integrity, not incentives.

Connect With Us

We Value Your Feedback

Engagement goes beyond just reading. We cherish the dialogues, the feedback, and the discussions. Should you wish to reach out with queries, insights, or even potential collaborations, please don’t hesitate.

Email us at info@garagegympro.com or visit our contact page. Your insights fuel our commitment to continuous improvement.

What to Do Now?

By now, you've taken a stroll through our story, the essence of who we are, and the driving principles behind Garage Gym Pro. But, where to next? Let’s direct that newfound knowledge and motivation towards action.

Guides to Get You Started

Whether you're crafting a spacious outdoor haven, optimizing a snug apartment corner, or gearing up for some adrenaline-packed boxing sessions, we've meticulously curated guides to ease you into each process:

  1. Building An Outdoor Home Gym - An extensive walkthrough to sculpt the ideal outdoor fitness space. Dive in here.
  2. Small Apartment Home Gym - Discover how to maximize your limited space and create a pocket of fitness inspiration. Begin here.
  3. Setup A Home Boxing Gym - Channel your inner champion. Our design guide will help you set the stage. Punch in here.

As you embark on these adventures, remember that our dedication goes beyond just guiding you. If you ever have suggestions or feedback, please connect with us.

We're not just building a platform; we're nurturing a community, and your insights play a crucial role in that journey.

Last Updated on April 4, 2024