How To Setup A Home Boxing Gym (Ideas & DIY Design Guide)

Boxing exercises, as a whole, have shown many health and fitness benefits. However, finding a good boxing gym equipped with everything you need for the workout you want can be difficult.

In many situations, people are considering bringing the gym to them by creating exercise spaces such as garage gyms.

Home boxing gyms are growing in popularity, with an entire market out there dedicated to getting you the right equipment and great prices. 

But what boxing equipment do you need? Is a home boxing gym worth it?

This article will take a close look at what a home boxing gym can offer you in terms of body workout and fitness benefits. 

We also look at what equipment you must have, what is optional, and even how best to set it all up.

Boxing gyms at home are not only convenient, but they are also affordable.

There are many benefits to working out at home versus the gym, including saving on gym fees and working out when you want.

Those needs do have some contingencies, though. You need to think about space, movement, equipment, and more.

For example, when building a boxing gym at home, you know that you will need a heavy bag that will most likely take up the center of the space. 

You will need to ensure that you have enough room to move all around the bag, plus the room to move your arms and legs without bumping into the walls or surrounding items. 

Another factor when designing and planning your gym space is to consider what your training goals are. Do you want more of a cardio workout or more of a HIIT workout? 

The space needed, type of equipment used and cost of the initial setup will vary greatly depending on your answers. 

Review our guide on home gym setup to get an idea of how to place your equipment.

Finally, your budget will also determine your setup, space, and equipment. While the simple configurations won't require a lot of equipment and comparatively speaking, boxing gyms use less pieces of equipment than a standard weight home gym, the cost is still a factor. 

Knowing your budget, what equipment and items you need, and how much space you have for your gym before you buy is critical.

Take the time to plan out the layout and set up of your boxing gym so you know what is needed and what can be skipped or delayed until it matches your budget.

The guys at Fight Camp have a solid video on how to setup your boxing home gym. (1)

Where Can You Set Up A Home Boxing Gym? (Location Options)

What to set up in your home gym is just as important as where you set it up.

There are several prime locations for a home boxing gym, but which one is best for you is a call only you can make. 

First, you need to realize that you need space. In my opinion 6 square feet as a very minimum. 

Secondly, you should consider who will use the space. Arm reach and height are critical measurements so that jumping, swinging, and running won't be difficult. 

For example, if your possible gym space has a low ceiling, it may not be the best option since many of the workouts include jump rope or jumping jacks. You need the space to be able to perform these actions. 

If you only have low ceilings at home, read our guide on jump rope alternatives to replace this essential boxing exercise.

You also need to consider the size and space requirements of the equipment, their storage, and accessibility

Another factor often overlooked is how loud a boxing gym workout can be. Most average users will make a lot more noise with the punching and jumping than they would with a bench press or squat. 

Having your gym space disconnected from the home is ideal. This can be a basement, garage, or even a backyard shed.

However, these may not be options for you, in which case you need to ponder the best option based on your situation. 

When space is tight, or you don't have a detached area to use, many people utilize a spare bedroom.

This can be a great way to utilize an office space that isn't used constantly or a room that is only used when guests arrive. 

If this isn’t an option, consider moving outside. You can usually set up everything you need for a home boxing gym right on your back patio or porch. 

As long as you protect your equipment from the elements, there is no reason you can't work out in your backyard. 

We have a separate article on outdoor backyard home gym setups.

simple home boxing gym in garage

Home Boxing Gym Equipment (The Essentials)

We have talked about getting the essential equipment needed for a gym set up, but what boxing gear qualifies as essential equipment? 

Below, we look at the most common articles found in boxing gyms and give you the reasons to consider them for your own. 

Hand Wraps and Boxing Gloves 

Above anything else, hand wraps and boxing gloves are the most critical piece of equipment you can have when doing a body workout. 

Not only will the right wraps help keep your knuckles protected, but they will also help reinforce your wrists to prevent injuries. 

You also need a selection of gloves. There are different gloves for different activities.

Speed bags and double ended bags, for example, require wraps or wraps and speed gloves, whereas a heavy bag needs heavy bag gloves. 

The right protection and home gym equipment are critical to your safety and success.

Amazon has a wide range of equipment for beginner boxers - Shop Here For Deals

Heavy Punching Bag

If you do have gloves, then you should also have something to hit with them. 

While your younger brother may be a viable option, it is better to invest in a heavy boxing bag, properly mounted. 

Ensuring you have enough space in a 360-degree area around the bag, you can mount the boxing bag and use it as needed for your workouts.

If you're ready to hang your bag, view our how-to guide for hanging a punching bag!

You can also consider a standing heavy bag although these are not as easy to use. The final option if a punching bag is not possible is to consider some of these alternatives.

Whats our favorite heavy punching bag? 

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man working out with punching bags

Skipping Ropes

Jump ropes or skipping ropes are a big part of boxing training—cardio health and stamina increase when your abilities increase.

By skipping rope, you can increase your lung capacity, improve heart rate and work up a caloric burn. 

While you can use any rope for jumping, skipping ropes designed explicitly for boxing gyms will have handles that can be gripped and picked up with gloves and are durable enough to last for years. 

Focus Mitts

If you have a trainer or partner, you will benefit from investing in focus mitts as part of your boxing gear setup. (Check out my favorite budget pair)

These are the large padded mitts with a target on the palm used by trainers for their boxers to punch at and dodge. 

While these aren’t essential to a home gym (especially if you are alone), they are a good idea when working out with a partner, trainer, or friend.  

woman using focus mitts with a boxing trainer


You can’t build something great without a good foundation. Like most other home gyms, the boxing gym starts with the ground.

High impact, jumping, full body workouts, and floor work are all a part of boxing workouts, and you need to protect yourself, your joints, and the floor. 

Rubber mats, padded mats, and even carpeting can be enough to help absorb both sound and impact. The size, type, and material will be up to you, but make sure you get what is needed.

Rubber mats are the most viable, especially for home gyms built on concrete subfloors. 

However, as long as you can minimize your impact, add shock absorption and protect your knees, back, and the floor itself, you will be fine. 

To find the learn more about flooring options for your home boxing gym, read our ultimate guide to home gym flooring.

Speed Bag

Speed bags are one of the most well-known boxing trainers out there. They focus your attention and work to increase your hand-eye coordination, hand speed, and reflexes.

Speed bags are inexpensive, durable, and easy to use (though hard to master). Adding one to your home gym should be a high priority. 

See Also - How To Use Speed Bags

Double-End Bag

Like a speed bag, the double-end bag works to increase speed, mobility, reflexes, and coordination.

The main difference is that they require more room than a speed bag and two anchor points (ceiling and floor). 

While this is more optional than a speed bag, the double-end bag is something to consider for your first gym expansion. 

If you want an all-in-one solution for strength training and boxing, see our review of the Merax Boxing Power Tower. It's a great option for people building a home boxing gym.

Other Possible Boxing Gear Includes:

  • Hand Weights
  • Ab Roller
  • Battle Ropes
  • Resistance Bands

How To Set Up A Home Boxing Gym? (DIY Steps & Design Ideas)

Building your own home gym for boxing workouts is fairly simple and straightforward.

Of course, it can become costly if you let it, but proper planning and a general idea of what you need will help you get the most out of your investment without breaking the bank. 

Some of the best home boxing gym designs come from incorporating ideas seen by others. We will take you through a few home boxing gym setups to spark your imagination.

We will look at each one in detail to give you an idea of what it takes to replicate the ideas.

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home boxing gym setup

As you can see here, there isn’t a lot of space in the gym workout area. This is due to a few factors, but mainly because simple boxing home gyms don’t require a lot of space. 

The first thing to notice is the central focus heavy boxing bag. There is enough room between the heavy and double-end bag to move freely (even though perspective says otherwise). 

Because this is the focal point and center of the space, it takes up the most room. The heavy bags are securely mounted to the ceiling trusses with chains to prevent breaking or extra movement. 

On the back wall are motivational banners and flags as decoration and they also offer a bit of attitude that you can use to fuel your home garage boxing gym workout. 

On the sidewall is the speed bag system

Here it is set up to be multi-positional, so it can accommodate boxers of different heights and move side to side to be stored out of the way when not in use. 

outdoor boxing gym with punching bag

When there isn't enough room (or the boxing is too loud), you can move outside. As you can see from this home boxing gym idea, minimal design and maximum effort are on display.

The cover is supported by concrete secured posts into the ground with a floor that accommodates movement and exercises on the ground. 

While you may wish to opt for a more padded flooring, the rocky ground here provides drainage for water and is elevated enough to prevent flooding. This allows you to work out even after heavy rain without having to do push-ups in the mud. 

As you can see, the both heavy and speed bag are all the equipment mounted and used. This is because boxing gyms don’t require a lot of items and pieces to be highly functional. 

As long as you have the heavy bag and speed bag, you can work out all major muscle groups, cardio and coordination, as well as reflexes and stamina, all at once. 

Whether you decide to build your gym in a spare room, basement, garage or outdoors, you don't need a lot of space. We have a home gym sizing guide to help you understand exactly what is required.

Minimal equipment can save you money, and you can expand as and when needed. 

The proper form, motivational workout, and desire to sweat will be more than enough to get you to your next fitness goals. 

Is Boxing At Home A Good Workout? (Benefits Explained)

Boxing workouts have been known to be some of the most intensive and complete workouts around. 

Depending on your specific needs, you can get started with nothing more than a light.

Shadowboxing uses nothing but your body and stamina to create a cardio-style workout with punches and dodging based on the movements of your own shadow. 

A more intensive workout includes actually making contact with your punches. This is where gloves, heavy bags, and speed bags come into play.

To build a boxing gym at home, you need some space and a place to hang your heavy bag, speed bag, and double-end bag. 

Beyond this, you really only need enough space to move around the equipment and some floor work like push-ups and sit-ups, jumping jacks, and jump rope work. 

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Fitness Tips - Short (15-minute) boxing workout may look like this: 

  • Warm-up with 30-seconds of arm circles, 30-seconds of hip circles, 30-seconds of cross-body punches, and 30-seconds of jumping jacks. This will loosen your joints and get you ready for the workout. 
  • 3-Minute Round 1: Punch for 30 seconds with jab-cross-jab-cross. Squat punch 30 seconds with jab-cross-jab-cross. Punch for 1 minute: Jab-cross-lead hook-cross. Plank Jacks for 30 seconds, Punch for 1 minute with cross-lead uppercut-cross-lead hook. 
  • Take 1 minute break. 
  • 3 minute Round 2: Punch for 30 seconds with lead hook-rear hook-lead hook-rear hook. Squat punch 30 seconds with lead hook-rear hook-lead hook-rear hook. Punch for 1 minute with: Rear Uppercut-lead uppercut-rear hook-lead uppercut. Mountain climbers for 30 seconds., Punch for 1 minute with: Lead uppercut-rear uppercut-lead hook-rear uppercut. 
  • Take 1 minute break (water). 
  • 3-Minute Round 3: Punch for 30 seconds with jab-cross-jab-cross. Squat punch 30 seconds with jab-cross-jab-cross. Punch 1 minute with jab-rear hook-lead uppercut-rear hook. Shoulder taps of 30 seconds. Punch for 1 minute with: jab-cross-jab-rear uppercut. 
  • Take 1 minute break. 
  • 3-Minute Round 4: Punch for 30 seconds with: Lead uppercut-rear uppercut-lead uppercut-rear uppercut. Squat jump for 30 seconds. Punch for 1 minute with: jab-jab-jab-cross-lead hook. Push ups for 30 seconds. Punch for 1 minute with: cross-lead uppercut-rear hook-lead uppercut. 
  • Cool down for at least 3 minutes with deep breaths, arm and chest stretched, and tricep stretches. 
  • Water. 

Frequently Asked Home Boxing Gym Questions 

How much space do I need for a home boxing gym? 

On average, you need a minimum of 6 square feet, though many find that at least 10 square feet is better. For the most part, you need enough room for your equipment to be set up, the ability to move all-around your equipment, and enough space for you to move, jump and do some floor work such as push-ups and sit-ups.

What are some tips to best maintain a boxing gym? 

To properly maintain your home boxing gym, you need to focus on cleanliness. All equipment should be wiped down after every use. You can also spray a cleanser on the bags and mats to help disinfect any odors that may occur. Keeping your equipment, bags, and stands clean from dust, debris and grime is critical to their longevity. Make sure you allow your gloves and wraps to be washed, dried, and sanitized on a regular basis. 

If you have rubber flooring in your boxing gym, you can use our handy guide on how to clean rubber floors.

What height should a punching bag be hung? 

The height of a heavy bag will depend on the user's height. On average, you want the center of the bag to be right at or just below chest height. This will ensure that your jabs and hooks connect with the bulk of the bag, and you get the best absorption and rebound compared to hitting a top or bottom edge. (2)

How much does it cost to set up a home boxing gym? 

Depending on the type, size, and quality (or brand) or equipment, you can get started for as little as $150 or as much as $2,500+. If your budget is tighter, you can start with only what you must have and grow as time and budget allow.

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Starting a workout routine can be tough; starting from scratch with your own home gym is even more challenging.

One of the best all-around workouts comes from boxing. A boxing home gym setup requires little space, less equipment, and a lot of motivation. 

Once you are set up with the essentials, you will have everything you need to get started. How you grow and to what extent is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Hopefully you have a better idea of what it entails, though, so you can get started on your workout adventure soon. 

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