Jessica Biel Workout Routine (Lose Weight & Get Toned)

Jessica Biel is one of those people who seems to both have it all and do it all. How does she manage a consistent workout routine while being a busy working mom?

We have the facts behind Jessica Biel's workout routine - get inspired below.

As she was growing up, Jessica Biel was an active, sporty child who enjoyed sports like gymnastics and soccer and has been a dedicated practitioner of different yoga disciplines for over a decade.

We have often seen her working with personal trainer Ben Bruno in the past, but she is currently training with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh.

Walsh is a highly sought-after trainer who has worked with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon.

While she often does the workout we describe below, Biel has shaken things up depending on her schedule and the season, choosing hiking, golf, or snowboarding to shake things up.

Other elements in a Jessica Biel workout routine include steady-state cardio, jump training, weighted resistance exercises, and HIIT.

To keep Jessica Biel fit, she likes to work out with a friend or go on gym dates where there is a focus on her husband Justin helping Jessica achieve her goals.

What does a typical Jessica Biel workout look like? Here is an example of a weekly routine.

Monday - Arms and Legs

  • Cardio Warm Up, including running/jogging in place, treadmill, and elliptical workouts (5 min)
  • Walking Lunges (reps: 15-20 for each leg)
  • Jump Squats (reps: 30 sec, rest: 30 sec)
  • Pushups (reps: 20)
  • Side Planks (rest: 30 sec)
  • Squat to Press (reps: 15)
  • Pull-Ups or Lateral Pull-Downs (reps: 10)
  • Bent-over Rows (reps: 15)

Tuesday - Yoga

  • Cardio Warm Up including walking lunges, jogging (1/2 mile), sprinting (200, 150, 100 meters; sets: 2), and stair jumps (reps: 20 min)
  • Sun Salutation
  • Reverse Warrior Pose
  • Low-Boat Pose
  • Chair Pose
  • One-Arm Side Plank
  • Forearm Plank with Alternating Leg Lift
  • Tree Pose
  • Temple Pose

Wednesday - Legs, Butt, Core

  • Light cardio workout for 5 minutes
  • Walking Lunges (reps: 25 for each leg)
  • Jump Squats (reps: 30 sec, rest: 30 sec)
  • Twisting Dumbbell Press (reps: 10-12)
  • Seated Russian Twists (reps: 15)
  • Push Ups with Burpees (reps: 15)
  • Lunge and Twist with Medicine Ball (reps: 10 for each leg)
  • Planks (reps: 30 sec, rest: 30 sec)
  • Dumbbell Squats (reps: 15)
  • Dumbbell Rows (reps: 10 for each arm)
  • Hanging Leg Raises (reps: 20)

Thursday - Yoga

  • Sun Salutes
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Chair Pose
  • Low Boat Pose
  • One-Arm Side Plank
  • Forearm Plank And Leg Lift
  • Temple Pose
  • Tree Pose

Friday - Upper and Lower Body

  • Cardio Warm Up, including running/jogging in place, treadmill, and elliptical workouts (5 min)
  • Walking Lunges (reps: 15-20 for each leg)
  • Jump Squats (reps: 30 sec, rest: 30 sec)
  • Pushups (reps: 20)
  • Side Planks (rest: 30 sec)
  • Squat to Press (reps: 15)
  • Pull-Ups or Lateral Pull-Downs (reps: 10)
  • Bent-over Rows (reps: 15)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Jessica Biel working out

Who Is Jessica Biel? (Her Brief Story)

Born in March 1982 in Minnesota, Jessica Biel is an American actress, producer, model, and singer.

Arguably best known for her role as basketball player Mary in Seventh Heaven, Jessica has also had lead roles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blade: Trinity, and more.

As a child, Jessica Biel’s family moved around a lot before settling in Boulder, Colorado. In amongst all this moving, she trained as a sixth-level gymnast and played soccer.

Jessica Biel also trained as a vocalist before becoming a model and actor.

Throughout her career, Jessica has achieved several incredible things, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as part of her charity efforts in 2009[1].

Jessica was also named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire in 2005[2] and has been a Revlon spokesperson. Jessica Biel has also launched a clothing line with yoga brand Gaiam.[3]

In 2012, she married fellow celebrity Justin Timberlake and has had two children with him.

Current Body Stats

Celebrities like Jessica Biel need to pay careful attention to their eating and lifestyle habits to keep a toned body for certain roles.

With their ever-changing movie roles, their physical stats may change, but this is what we have for Jessica Biel. As Jessica tends to stay fit and healthy year-round, these are typically a good guide.






121 lbs






26 inches


36 inches

Jessica Biel lifting weights

Jessica Biel Workout Principles and Training

Working with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, Jessica Biel’s fitness routine is flexible but maintains similar pillars to pay attention to.

This workout routine tends to favor cardio workouts, weight training, playing sports, bodyweight exercises, circuit training, plyometric exercises, resistance training, and yoga sessions.

These exercises target all of her muscle groups and work to stabilize and tone them.

There is a focus on strength, flexibility, and challenging herself year-round.

Jessica Biel loves a challenge and has had these routines crafted with athletes in mind while still allowing freedom to try new things.

For example, in the past, Jessica hiked through the Hollywood hills with her husband Justin Timberlake and has been seen practicing yoga and completing all those crazy poses.

At the core of it all, Jessica believes that staying physical helps keep her in touch with her own body.

This means that all the moves Jessica hates, such as pistol squats, skater squats, straight leg sit-ups, and lateral lunges, help her tone different muscle groups and help her muscles feel strong.

Jessica commits to this healthy lifestyle and these difficult workouts to maintain her fitness and positive connection to her body.

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Jessica Biel Posing in Gym Clothes

Accomplishments, Awards, and Nominations


Alongside her professional and charity work, Jessica Biel’s acting has received numerous awards, including the following:

Awarding Body




Young Artist Awards

Ulee’s Gold

Best Performance in a Feature Film: Supporting Young Actress


ShoWest Convention


Female Star of Tomorrow


Newport Beach Film Festival

The Illusionist

Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Acting


Gala Awards


Rising Star Award


Ashland Independent Film Festival

The Truth About Emmanuel

Best Acting Ensemble: Feature


GLSEN Respect Awards


Inspiration Award



No one can win it all, including beloved celebrities like Jessica Biel. Here are some awards that she has just missed out on.

Awarding Body




Sannio Film Fest

Easy Virtue



Prism Awards

Home of the Brave



MTV Movie & TV Awards

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry



Golden Raspberry Awards




Golden Raspberry Awards

Playing For Keeps



Golden Raspberry Awards

Total Recall



Critics’ Choice Television Awards, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Gold Derby TV Award, Online Film & Television Association

The Sinner



Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

The Tall Man



Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Teen Choice Awards

Valentine’s Day



Jessica Biel's Diet – What She Eats In a Day!

To maintain her Blade Trinity workout, Jessica Biel pays close attention to her diet plan. Eating healthy throughout the year helps fuel her workout routines and busy schedule.

This combination of workout routine and diet ensures that Jessica Biel's body remains strong and iconic.

Check out her co-star in Blade Trinity Ryan Reynolds' workout routine and diet program! 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Jessica makes sure to start the day right with healthy food. A typical breakfast for her tends to include:

  • Paleo pancakes topped with almond or cashew butter and honey
  • Fresh juice
  • Green tea
  • Eat chicken sausage or sometimes a chicken-apple variant
  • Wholegrain French toast
  • Oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs


The midday meal is another important one, but it tends to be on the small side as Jessica has a busy schedule. For lunch, Jessica Biel eats:

  • A leafy green salad
  • A veggie burger
  • Nuts
  • A chicken breast lettuce wrap with caesar sauce
  • Fruit


If she needs a little more from her Jessica Biel diet plan, Jessica may snack on:

  • Pretzels
  • Mixed berry protein shake
  • Juice
  • Green tea
  • Hummus and celery sticks


For dinner, Jessica Biel likes to have a more substantial meal with her family. This can include ingredients like:

  • Salmon
  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Brown rice
  • Chicken
  • Turkey breast
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Squash
  • Vegetables in general

What to Eat

When it comes to this diet plan, there are a few key pillars to include and bear in mind.

  • Whole foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Allow a cheat day a week
  • Maintain a balance

What to Avoid

While Jessica does believe that having a cheat day is essential[4], there are some things she tends to avoid most days, including:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Junk food
  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed food
Jessica Biel Enjoying a Meal

What Supplements Does Jessica Biel Take?

Green Tea

As part of Jessica Biel's diet plan, she tends to have a cup or two of green tea daily. This bitter yet popular drink is considered to be one of the healthiest beverages around.

According to some studies, green tea has a range of potential health benefits, including losing weight[5], burning fat[6], and others.

Vitamin B-12

Jessica Biel also regularly takes a Vitamin B-12 supplement as part of her workout routine and diet. Vitamin B-12 is a necessary vitamin that cannot be produced by the human body.

This vitamin is essential as it supports the normal function of nerve cells and is necessary for red blood cell formation[7], among other functions. 


As part of the Jessica Biel diet plan, her trainer Jason Walsh encourages her to take multivitamins each day.

These supplements contain a variety of vital vitamins in varying nutrient composition levels. They are available in tablet, gummy, capsule, powder, and liquid form to suit a range of needs.

If you choose to take multivitamins, it is vital to do your research and consult your doctor to find the best one for you.

Not everyone needs to take them, but some who may find them useful include older adults[8], vegans, and vegetarians.


Probiotics are a type of friendly bacteria that provide health benefits when eaten, often in a yogurt or tablet form.

 They are designed to help colonize your gut with the right gut bacteria to harness certain health benefits, such as weight loss and improved digestion.

Jessica Biel Workout Routine FAQs

Why is Jessica Biel so muscular?

Jessica Biel has always been active and emphasizes sports, weight training, cardio workouts, and compound exercises. By working with trainer Jason Walsh, she ensures that she can keep up with athlete-level workouts and roles.

Is Jessica Biel vegan?

Jessica Biel is not vegan, as evidenced by past meals, including truffle-grilled cheese sticks and magical butter sauce mussels. However, the Jessica Biel diet plan is very fruit- and vegetable-focused.

Does Jessica Biel drink coffee?

Yes, she does drink coffee at least once a week, especially on her cheat days.

Who is Jessica Biel's trainer?

Jessica Biel currently works with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh and has worked with Ben Bruno in the past.

Does Jessica Biel endorse any workout clothing brands?

In the past, Jessica Biel has launched a collaboration line with yoga brand Gaiam.


Any Jessica Biel workout is designed to help her stay toned and keep up with athletes.

She is in a privileged position that most people are not in terms of her access to resources, standard health and fitness, and time she can dedicate to training.

Because of this, we would recommend taking inspiration from her revolutionary workout program and working with local professionals to tailor a routine for your body.

If the Jessica Biel workout seems a little intense, slowly work your way up to it. Remember to eat well, rest plenty, and commit to the lifestyle to see results.

Have patience and stay consistent - it will all pay off.



Jo Taylor

Last Updated on December 17, 2022