Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench Reviewed

More and more fitness equipment manufacturers are trying to climb the never-ending market ladder. With so many new brands out there, the market has grown exponentially over the last few years, which means that there's an endless number of adjustable weight benches to choose from. 

Today, I’ll be reviewing one of them: the Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench.

The Merax brand also specializes in a wide range of fitness equipment, including: 

The brand's foldable utility bench is one of their top-selling products, but is it a suitable addition to your home gym? Let's find out. 

Product Specifications

Folded Length


Regular Dimensions

49” x 22” x 17.5”-44.5”

Weight Capacity

600 lbs.

Back Positions


Seat Positions


Product Weight

56 lbs.


2 years

Main Features Of The Merax Classic Weight Bench

First, let's start with the bench frame. The construction of this bench is made of heavy-duty powder coated steel, and it's capable of supporting up to 600 lbs, which is more than most of us need. The product dimensions are 49” x 22” x 17.5”-44.5” (L x W x H) and the empty weight of the bench is 56 pounds. 

The bench is expertly welded for sound stability, and the base is large with thick supports to prevent wobbling. You can make adjustments to the back and seat pad easily, and the bench is designed with 6 back positions as well as 4 seat positions for a full body workout.

The ultra-thick soft padding on the back and seat creates a firm but comfortable surface and is specifically designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort during long time weight lifting sessions. The padding is 2" thick, which is fairly standard. 

Packaging & Assembly

The bench arrived in one tightly packed-box and everything seemed well-protected to prevent damage during shipping. There is some assembly required, but it's very easy thanks to the clear and concise instructions

The bench basically arrived in one piece, and the entire assembly process took me alone about 20 minutes to complete. 

Price Guide

In terms of price, this bench falls somewhere in between budget-friendly and expensive. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for something in the middle-of-the-road pricing category. However, if you're on a budget, there are other cheaper benches to consider

On the flip side, if you're willing to pay more for commercial-grade materials and quality, then there are several higher-end models to consider as well. 

Feature Summary:
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Compact design
  • Lever locks for 6 back adjustments
  • Supports up to 600 lbs
  • 4 seat adjustments
  • Portable with transport wheels and built-in carrying handle
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Dimensions: 49” x 22” x 17.5”-44.5”
merax classic weight bench

My Experience Using the Merax Bench

Frame & Adjustability

Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench Dimensions

The construction of the Merax weight bench, as advertised, has proven to be sturdy with no wobbling - although it would be strange if it was rocking under my weight of 155 pounds. 

I was surprised by how easily I could move the bench to my power rack. Although sturdy, it’s fairly lightweight, and the transport wheels/carrying handle are a nice added touch for anyone who wants to move the bench around their home gym. 

When I tested one of the inclined positions, I noticed that you can inadvertently “lock” the hatch between positions. Be careful here and make sure the hatch is locked in your desired spot before you start using it. If the lock hasn't been secured properly, you're not only risking damage to the bench, but also injury to yourself. 

While 6 back adjustments isn't the most I've seen, the adjustability of the Merax offers enough variety for a range of different workouts. I was able to use the bench for bench presses, curls, crunches, push-ups, sit-ups, and more with no trouble at all. 


Merax describes its pads as "ultra-thick", but in reality, the padding is the standard width of 2 inches and has the same thickness as most other benches on the market. I do like that it's a combination of soft and firm, so it's comfy but also supportive. 

The back pad is wide enough even for bulkier people, which is definitely a plus. One flaw, though, is that there's no foam roller to support the lower body. Most benches come with this, so I find it rather odd that the Merax does not. It basically means that declined positions aren't possible as it doesn't offer any support for feet.

Height & Weight Limitations

Because of the large cushions and the 600-pound weight support, there's very little chance of experiencing height or weight limitations. But as is usually the case, anyone under 5'2" or over 6'4" might find certain adjustments to be uncomfortable. 

Pros & Cons

Let's recap everything that has been mentioned so far - the good AND the bad - in a list of pros and cons: 

The Good

  • Sturdy construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Great price compared to other utility benches
  • Back pad has decent width
  • Easy adjustments
  • Very portable

The Bad

  • The lock system could be better
  • Not built for declined positions (no foam rollers for ankle/leg support)

Comparisons With Similar Weight Benches

One of the best ways to do your due diligence for selecting the best weight bench for you is to compare it with similar models. There are 3 that are very similar in functionality and design to the Merax bench:

  • Merax Vs Steelbody - The Steelbody Deluxe is very similar in price and design to the Merax, but the weight limit is only 300 pounds. This is find for a beginner, but if you want to do some serious lifting, the Merax bench is the better choice.  
  • Merax Vs Rep Fitness - The AB-3000 FID bench by Rep Fitness is considered a "light-commercial" model, which means that it has a high weight capacity of 1000 pounds and it's heavy-duty in design. If you're willing to pay the high price, then it's definitely worth considering. 
  • Merax Vs Vanswe - The Vanswe adjustable weight bench can support 800 pounds and it offers a good amount of adjustability for the back pad (7 positions). Best of all, the price is cheaper than the Merax bench, so if you're mainly concerned with value for money, Vanswe is the winner. 

Conclusion - Should You Buy The Merax Classic Weight Bench?

Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench...
143 Reviews
Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench...
  • [600lbs Weight Capacity] Effortlessly...
  • [Fully Adjustable Bench] Designed with 6 back...
  • [Comfortable Workout] Ultra-thick soft...
  • [Easy Installation & Transportation] Built-in...

Is the Merax Classic Foldable Utility Weight Bench worth the money? In my opinion, it definitely is.

The pros clearly outweigh the cons, and with a nice support of 600 lbs, a wide back pad to support larger individuals, and sturdy construction, this is a bench that's worth considering. 

But if you're looking for a full commercial-grade model, then I suggest checking out our review of the Xmark 7630 model.

Paul J

Last Updated on January 25, 2023