Merax Deluxe Indoor Bike Reviewed

Okay, you’ve somehow landed on my personal Merax Deluxe indoor bike review, so I’ll be honest with you from the start. My regular readers know that I pride myself with authentic reviews. Meaning, if the reviewed item has a con, you can be rest assured I’ll write it down in bold.

I’ve already reviewed the classic version of this bike. Let’s see if the Deluxe version is indeed, worth the extra money.

Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height

35" - 39"

Min-Max Handlebar Height


Product Weight


Product Dimensions

41.5"L x 21.1"W x 43"~48.4H"

Max Capacity

330 lbs


Belt Drive




30 LBS

Let’s start with the frame. It’s made of upgraded heavy-duty steel, which supports 330 lbs (149.7 kg) of weight. The bike comes with 22-lb chromed flywheel, which helps simulate the feeling of an outdoor bike on a road.

Multi-use handlebars provide versatility and various grip positions. The saddle is upgraded and racing in style and is fully adjustable both, vertically and horizontally.

Tension can be increased or decreased via a knob.

The LCD monitor comes with all the standard features and displays time, distance, speed, and also keeps track of the burned calories.

Built-in transportation wheels are no exception with Merax Deluxe indoor bike; they provide easy and comfortable portability from one room to another.

The assembled dimensions are 41″ L x 21.3″ W x 42″-48″ H (104.1 x 54.1 x 106.7 – 121.9 cm).

Feature Summary:
  • Upgraded heavy-duty steel frame
  • 22-lb chromed flywheel
  • Multi-grip handle bars
  • Tension increase/decrease via tension knob
  • Racing seat with vertical and horizontal adjustments
  • LCD monitor with basic features
  • Transportation wheels
Merax Deluxe Indoor Bike

That should sum up the features.


The assembly of the bike is pretty straightforward. With the provided instructions I’d say that most people can do it solo, while the guide could be clearer, is not a rocket science. In this case I’d not recommend purchasing the assembly option as for most of you folks it would be a waste of money. It’s really a breeze.

There’s one thing to note here, though. The included tools won’t be sufficient to tighten the pedals correctly, so you’ll have to use yours. Personally, I don’t quite understand why most companies simply don’t provide all the necessary tools. It’s not like they are expensive.

Try it. Come on, try it. Oh, That Quiet?

The Merax Deluxe indoor bike is indeed, quite sturdy. I’m not really sure what exactly is ‘upgraded’ on this heavy-duty frame, but it’s sturdy enough for me to believe that it can support 330 lbs. It’s also very quiet, you can easily workout and watch TV (on a regular volume) at the same time.

The movement is pretty smooth and the tension can be easily adjusted via the tension knob. The included transportation wheels make it very easy to move from room to room.

The seat is, well, not really comfortable. It’s styled for racing position but over short time of use your bottom will be pretty stiff. This can be solved by a seat cushion or by replacing the seat entirely.

Or maybe I’m just a whiny boy and the seat is actually good. Good thing about the seat is that it’s adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Most manufacturers do not bother with vertical adjustment. Kudos to Merax for this particular decision.

Merax Deluxe Indoor Bike Features

The handlebars are foam-covered and quite comfortable on grip. There is also plenty of space to place your hands, as each bike rider usually prefers different grip.

The included LCD monitor displays only one stat at a time and honestly, looks cheap and kind of like a calculator from 1990s. They could have really put something more complex here, or at least something with a not-so-cheap design.

Pros & Cons

It’s time for reality check. Let’s summarize the pros and cons of Merax Deluxe indoor bike.


  • Heavy duty steel frame is pretty sturdy
  • Very quiet and smooth run
  • Assembly is a breeze
  • Seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically
  • Comfortable, multi-grip handlebars


  • Included seat is not really comfortable
  • LCD monitor looks cheap and displays only one stat at a time
  • You will need your own assembly tools to fully tighten pedals

Conclusion – Should You Go For It?

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Overall, the Merax Deluxe indoor bike is good. It’s not bad, but it isn’t perfect either. As long as you do not mind the racing seat which can get uncomfortable overtime and the cheap-looking LCD monitor, it is definitely an exercise bike worth considering.

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Paul J

Last Updated on August 19, 2021