Merax Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer Tested & Reviewed

Finding affordable home workout equipment can be a challenge. That’s especially true with exercise bikes. The less expensive models can be flimsy and may need to be replaced frequently, and the most expensive ones might be over the average person’s budget.

Recently, I was in the market for a new bike for my home gym and decided to buy the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike. After using it for several weeks, I knew I wanted to write a review. Here’s what my experience ordering it, assembling it, and using it was like.

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH)

38” x 19” x 41.3"-45.3”

Seat Height Range

35 - 39 inches

Max Weight Capacity

330 Lbs.




22 Lbs. Iron Casting



Product Weight

62 Lbs.


1 Year

Merax Indoor Cycling Bike Overview

The Merax Indoor Cycling Bike is an affordable bike designed for home use. I chose it because it was reasonably priced and had many of the features I was looking for.

Let’s start with the product specifications. The dimensions of the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike when fully assembled are 40.2” long by 17.8” wide. The height will vary depending on how tall you are and where you set the height, but the range is between 39” and 43.7” high.

In terms of its capacity, this bike is suitable for people who weigh up to 330 pounds, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. I weigh in at 150 pounds, so I knew there wouldn’t be a problem. Some of the other key features of the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike include:

Feature Summary:
  • A heavy-duty steel frame
  • A racing style, fully-adjustable saddle seat
  • An LCD monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories, and heartrate
  • Foot cage pedals to ensure your feet won’t slip as you cycle
  • Adjustable tension
  • A 22-pound flywheel for stability
  • A transportation wheel to make the Merax portable
Merax Indoor Cycling Bike Dimensions

Merax is a respected brand that manufactures products designed to help consumers in every area of life. Their home fitness products have a good reputation. They provide excellent customer service and the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike comes with a one-year warranty.

I was eager to try out the Merax – but first I had to assemble it.

Is the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike Easy to Assemble?

When I ordered the Merax, it arrived as promised. The box itself is large and weighs 61 pounds. I was abler to handle it myself, but I didn’t need to get it up a flight of stairs or anything. Some people may need help maneuvering it, so keep that in mind when you order it.

The bike itself comes with everything you need to assemble it, including tools. The moment when I opened the instructions I knew that it would be easy to do. The manual is clear and easy to read. The one Issue I had with it is that there weren’t any instructions for dealing with the seat. But, it proved to be fairly easy to figure out. All told, assembly took me about 35 minutes or so.

The one tip I would give anybody buying the Merax is that you should make sure to tighten the bolts on the seat as tight as you possibly can. A little way into my first workout, I had to stop and tighten the bolts.

A good rule of thumb is to tighten them as much as you can – and then, tighten them a little bit more. That way, you won’t need to worry about the seat slipping when you use it.

One final note about assembling the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike. The LCD display runs on two AAA batteries, and those are not included in the shipment. If you want to be able to use it right out of the box, make sure you have batteries on hand.

My Experience Working Out with the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike

Merax Indoor Cycling Bike

Once the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike was assembled, I was eager to use it.

I was especially eager to see if adjusting the tension was easy when the bike was in use and whether the LCD display worked as promised.

I started out with low tension just to see how it felt. The first thing I noticed were the foot cage pedals, which made me feel very secure as I rode.

They held my feet in place without making me feel uncomfortable. They held up even when I stood up to give myself a tougher workout. They’re a well-designed feature.

The next thing I noticed was the LCD display. The distance pedaled shows up in kilometers and kilometers per hour and there’s no way to change it to miles. It wasn’t that big a deal, but it did take some getting used to. If you’re interested in doing a little math while you exercise, maybe this feature is a good thing!

The display is pretty basic, but it gave me the information I needed. I was mostly concerned with the time and calories burned and it shows both of those. The speed indicator is nice for anybody who wants to do intervals, making it easy to keep track of your sprints and cool-downs.

The tension was very easy to adjust and guaranteed I could get the workout I wanted. I found the seat to be fairly comfortable, but I can imagine some people might want more cushioning than what’s provided. You can get a larger seat for relatively little money (about $20 in most places) and that might be something to consider if you prefer more cushioning or a larger seat.

I also tested out the transportation wheel as part of my Merax Indoor Cycling Bike review. I found it easy to use. After I had the bike assembled, I wheeled it across the room with no difficulty.

I do think that anybody who has wall-to-wall carpet might want to buy a pad to put under the bike. Mine is sitting on a tile floor and it felt very steady, but I think it might wobble a little if it were on a softer surface.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s review the pros and cons of the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike as I see them. Here are the pros:


  • This bike is affordably priced and built very well considering that.
  • The LCD display provides basic information to help you get the most from your workout.
  • Assembly is relatively easy to and straightforward.
  • The Merax is ideal for beginning to intermediate cyclists who want to improve their stamina or lose weight.


  • The instructions for attaching the seat could be much clearer and it would be helpful to have some pointers about tightening the bolts.
  • The seat is reasonably comfortable but might be too small and hard for some people.
  • You won’t get advanced biometrics with this bike.
  • The AAA batteries for the display are not included.

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons for most beginner and intermediate home cyclists. I wouldn’t recommend it for advanced spinning enthusiasts who want an intense workout and all the bells and whistles. You should expect to pay more for a top-tier home cycle.


Merax Indoor Exercise Bike - Stationary Home...
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Merax Indoor Exercise Bike - Stationary Home...
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  • ✔ LCD Monitor – Track your progress...
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Our Rating: 4.0 Star Rating 4.0 / 5

My final recommendation is that the Merax Indoor Cycling Bike is a good buy for the money. The price is quite affordable for a quality piece of home workout equipment. While it’s probably not the best choice for an avid spinner, it will certainly allow you to get a good workout at home.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 19, 2021