Power Rack Accessories (Best Options By Size and Brand)

If you've just got your power rack and you're ready to start lifting, it might seem like something is missing. A power rack station is an excellent addition to your garage gym. However, without the proper power rack accessories, your workout will always be lacking.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of power rack attachments and accessories that will take your workouts to the next level. We will discuss some of the best power rack accessories in the guide below. 

1. Landmine Attachment

A landmine accessory for your power rack is a barbell sleeve that pivots and attaches to the bottom of a cage post. One end of the barbell is slid into the sleeve, acting as a base. The other end of the barbell can be rotated for maximum range. Popular uses for landmine attachments include landmine presses, landmine rows, deadlifts, push presses, push jerks, and cleans. 

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landmine attachment

2. Step-Up Platform  

A step-up platform is a metal attachment that you can mount to your rack with a vertical bar. With the step-up attachment, you can add a variety of exercises to your routine, like box jumps, step-ups, and various other plyometric exercises. With a step-up platform, you will have a safe and stable way to perform these exercises. Many people prefer this method over risky, free-standing methods. 

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Budget Option = Titan Fitness X-3 Series Platform

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Step-Up Platform

3. Lat Pulldown Attachment  

Your lat pull-down power rack attachment allows you to perform various lat pull-down exercises with cables and pulleys. Depending on the muscle group you choose to target, you can perform pull-down in either a standing or seated position. Excellent exercises for the lat pull-down attachment are single and double-handed lat pull-downs and rows.  

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Top Rated Product - Titan Fitness Lat Tower Pulldown Attachment

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Lat Pulldown Attachment

4. Dip Station  

The dip station attachment is l-shaped bars that you can attach to your rack at any height to perform dip exercises. A dip accessory can come as a one-piece unit or a pair so that you can attach them at various heights. Dip exercises engage the muscles in your upper body responsible for pushing, making it an efficient and effective exercise. 

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Dip Station

5. J Hooks  

The J-Hooks for your power rack are simple and effective accessories that hold barbells firmly in place in between reps. J-Hooks allow you to begin each rep safely. J-Hooks will enable you to place weight safely above you while performing exercises that require you to lower weight. You will start each rep properly from a safe position. 

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6. Dumbbell Holders  

Dumbbell holders connect to your power rack to support your dumbbells at your desired height. No matter your fitness goals, everyone should have easily accessible dumbbells. A good set of dumbbells provides virtually limitless press and pull exercises to chisel your chest, back, arms, and shoulders. 

Premium Option = Titan Fitness T2 Series Dumbbell Holders

Dumbbell Holders

7. Sphere Pull-Up Bars  

Sphere grip pull-up bars are a multi-function accessory for your power rack. They attach to the top of your frame like a typical bar and feature spherical grips that extend out from the cage. Sphere grip pull-up bars have similar benefits to stock bars, but their primary purpose is to quickly build grip and forearm strength. 

Top Pick = Sunny Health & Fitness Pull Up Attachment

Sphere Pull-Up Bars

8. Bench Clearance Bar  

A bench clearance bar replaces the rear cross member on your power rack. The clearance bar has two angles instead of a straight cross member. This creates more space for your bench inside your power rack and allows you to slide it under the cross member.

In addition, a bench clearance bar attachment allows for a full range of motion to these lifts and eliminates the cramped feeling you get inside many cages. 

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Body-Solid SPR500 Bench Clearance Bar

Bench Clearance Bar

9. Band Pegs  

You will slide your band pegs through the holes of your power rack and attach elastic workout bands from the pegs and to your barbell for added resistance. Good bands can increase your explosive leg strength because they cause weight to get proportionally heavier throughout the lift. 

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Top Pick = Rogue Fitness Monster Band Pegs 2.0

Band Pegs

10. Shackles  

Shackle attachments for your power rack allow you to add more accessories like rings to your rack for a unique workout experience with your rack. 

The shackle attachment is secured to your power rack's cross member using a simple bolt and screw. You just hook a carabiner through the bottom hole, and you can add a multitude of strength-training add-ons. 

Best Budget Pick = Get RXd Builder Shackle


11. Rope Attachments  

Rope attachments are metal rings that mount to your power rack. Anyone looking to chisel their core (who isn't?) can perform rope conditioning exercises by looping a rope through the ring.

You will be able to pair various kinds of conditioning ropes with the rope anchor attachment. In addition to building core strength, they are great for increasing your grip strength and metabolic endurance. 

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Rogue ML/Fitness Infinity Rope Attachment

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rogue fitness rope attachment

12. Lever Arms  

Lever arm power rack attachments are pivoting beams attached to the top of your power rack. Lever arms have handles and weight pegs on the other end of the arm so you can expand your upper body exercises.

This accessory is excellent for weighted push and pull exercises allowing for a full range of motion with no hitches or catches. In addition, each arm operates independently so that you can utilize them unilaterally or bilaterally. 

Best For Most People = Rep Fitness ISO Arms

Lever Arms

13. Leg Curl Attachment  

The leg curl attachment allows you to perform standing leg curls on your power rack, saving valuable space in your home gym. Your curl attachment will look similar to the leg curl machines seen at most gyms. The difference in them is that you can perform these exercises standing up, so you don't need extra bulky equipment. 

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Titan Fitness Series Leg Curl & Extension

Leg Curl Attachment

Best Power Rack Accessories By Size  

The thing we love most about power racks is their versatility. You buy a power rack for your home gym and gradually add attachments to build the power rack of your dreams. You should be able to find various compatible attachments or accessories for your rack as long as it's made with a few standard configurations.  

2x2 Power Rack Accessories  

These power rack accessories are for racks with 2x2 tubing and 5/8″ or 1" pegs. 

2x3 Power Rack Accessories  

These power rack accessories are for racks with 2x3 tubing and 5/8″ or 1" pegs. 

3x3 Power Rack Accessories  

These power rack accessories are for racks with 3x3 tubing and 5/8″ or 1" pegs. 

What To Look For When Choosing Power Rack Accessories

The best thing about power racks are the available add-ons and accessories. However, it's essential to know how to choose the best accessories for your rack.  

The accessories you choose will depend on the type of workouts you'd like to do and the size of your power rack. Depending on your overall fitness goals, you can buy attachments like a pull-up bar, dip bars, leg extension, and more. 

Power rack accessories are mounted on it using its holes or the tube, so you need to know your dimensions when choosing accessories. Typically, tubing sizes of uprights come in 3" x 3", 2" x 2", 2" x 2", and the other sizes we mentioned above, so check your rack size to match it with the accessory that you plan to buy. 

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Frequently Asked Power Rack Accessories Questions

Do Titan accessories fit Rogue? 

If you have a Rogue Fitness power rack, their accessories will work with Titan Fitness Racks. However, Titan power rack accessories do not fit Rogue racks. 

Are all power rack attachments universal?  

Unfortunately, power rack attachments are not universal. Power rack holes have standard sizes, but no power rack has standardized dimensions. That means power rack attachments can be compatible with multiple brands and models, but no attachment is universal. Some attachments will fit in power racks but not be a perfect fit. Therefore, it's always recommended to get accessories made for the dimensions of your frame. 

What are some leading brands of power rack accessories?  

Fortunately, there are plenty of dependable power rack brands on the market. Some of the leading brands of power rack accessories are: 

  • Rogue Fitness  
  • Ethos  
  • Fitness Gear  
  • TDS  
  • Titan Fitness 
  • BodySolid  
  • Atlas  
  • Xtreme Monkey 365  
  • Body Champ  
  • Bodycraft f430  
  • Cap Barbell  


If you've just purchased a new power rack, don't forget the attachments. Buying a power rack is a great start, but the attachments will take it to another level. There are countless accessories available for most power racks that will help you achieve all of your fitness goals.   

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

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