8 Best Dip Bars for Home Reviewed

Home gyms are getting more popularity each year and with them raises a need for high quality home gym equipment. Besides power racks, power towers, exercise bikes and other gym equipment, one of the most desired piece are dip bars, or also known as dipping bars.

In this comparison review, we (well, just me and my buddy) put together 8 best dip bars on the market that you can use in your home gym. These bars are also portable, so even if you don’t have your own gym, they do not take too much space, so thay can be placed in any room.

Best Dip Bars

Why Should I Use Dip Bars?

There are several basic and advanced reasons why anyone serious about training should be adding dips into their workout schedule. In simple terms, this exercise helps target multiple muscles and regions on the body in one movement.

Now that you are about to purchase dip bars, you should also know several more specific benefits dipping has to offer.

Benefits of using Dip Bars

Building Upper-body Mass

If you are a beginner, doing more and more dips without adding additional weight will be more than enough. In a short period of time (considering you will be dipping at least several times a week), you will realize that you can do not just 5 dips, but 8, then 10, then 14. Your back, shoulders, upper chest and triceps will be stronger, firmer.

Once you tire of endless repetitions, you can use dip belt with chain and add some weight, to make it more challenging. This way, there is basically no limit to what you can achieve by using dip bars.

Strengthening the Elbow Joint

Most people think they can strengthen elbow joints only with exercise bands. This is not correct. Dips are a great way of strengthening the joints as well, if done properly. Consult with a professional how to perform dips correctly.

It Is Considered a CKC (Closed Kinetic Chain) Exercise?

CKC is basically a movement in where you move your body, while your hands and/or feet are still (in a fixed position).

What this basically means is that it is one of the few exercises where opposing muscle groups in your body are working simultaneously. It is an opposite of standard OKC (Open Kinetic Chain) exercises.

8 Best Dip Bars Reviewed

If I may be so bold, I don’t think there are some absolutely top dip bars that beat all the others. Each of the listed best dip bars that we are reviewing here have their own pros and cons and it is up to each one of you to determine which ones are the best for you.

1. XMark Fitness Dip Station (XM-4443)

XMark Dip Station 500 lb. Weight Capacity...
377 Reviews
XMark Dip Station 500 lb. Weight Capacity...
  • Hailed as King of the upper-body workout, the...
  • The uniquely engineered uprights gradually...
  • Larger 2 inch grips cushioned with high...
  • The 2" x 3" upright mainframe steel...

The very first on our list is a dip station manufactured by XMark Fitness. Without a doubt, one of the best rated dip stations for home on the market for several reasons. The station can support up to 500 lbs (226 kg) of weight.

The entire XMark dip station is made of heavy duty steel and will prove sturdy on various floor types. The unique angled uprights measure from 21” to 23”. The cushioned grips are 2” in diameter, which comfortably accommodate every hand. The handles are 25.5 inches’ long.

The assembled dimensions are 35.5″L x 23″W x 53″h (90.1 x 58.4 x 134.6 cm) and the weight is 57 pounds (25.8 kg).

Our rating: 5 Star Rating 5 / 5


  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Great dimensions, even for tall users
  • 500 lbs weight support
  • Comfortable cushioned grips


  • Gray finish is not entirely perfect

2. ProSourceFit Dip Stand Station

ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station, Ultimate...
2,663 Reviews
ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station, Ultimate...
  • Rubber feet help to prevent slipping, and a...
  • Padded grips make it comfortable to build...
  • Each bar is 24" wide, 31" high, and is...
  • Powder coated, sturdy iron tubes can support...

2nd on our list are dip bars made by ProSourceFit. The bars’ dimensions are 24″ (60.96 cm) wide and 31″ (78.74 cm) high. The bars are individually adjustable up to 35″ (88.9 cm) height. The individual adjustment is great in case of several exercises that work with two different bar heights. The bar tubes are made of iron and powder-coated.

They can support up to 400 lbs (181.43 kg). Extended rubber feet will prevent slipping on all kinds of different floors. The one important thing that separates ProSourceFit dip bars from competition is the stabilizing safety connector that connects the two bars from 16 ¼” (41.27 cm) and can be extended to 23 ¼” (59.05 cm).

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Lightweight – 23.5 lbs (10.65 kg)
  • Extendable safety connector included
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Suitable for beginner calisthenics
  • Adjustable height


  • Can be shaky for bigger guys when set to maximum height


152 Reviews
  • Locknut and structural design of triangular...
  • Different height can burn different calories,...
  • Square steel tube design to ensure stability...
  • The body solid pull up station is easy to...

If you are looking for a dip station that is adjustable and uses triangular bracket structural design, then RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE dip station might be your winner. The height is adjustable by 6 settings, ranging from 39” to 50.8” (99.06 to 129 cm), the width between the handles is 22” (55.8 cm) and the maximum supported weight is 330 lbs (149.7 kg).

The square steel tube design provides maximum stability during your workout, plus the H-shaped base is equipped with 4 suction cups at the bottom, so you can adjust the flatness according to your floor. Besides dip station itself, it’s also equipped with push-up bars and body twister for additional exercises.

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Durable and stable
  • 6 adjustable height settings
  • Push-up bars and body twister included
  • Easy assembly


  • Handles could be made of rougher material

4. XTEK Gym XL Parallette Bars

On Sale Today
Parallettes Bars - Sturdy Dip & Push Up Bars...
332 Reviews
Parallettes Bars - Sturdy Dip & Push Up Bars...
  • The Ultimate Home Exercise Equipment With...
  • Multi Use & Versatile Calisthenics Equipment...
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy Design - Made from 2MM...
  • Convenient Work Out For Anyone - Body weight...

Next on our list are dip bars made by XTEK Gym. While these are not standard bars for dips, I’ve added them to the list, since they are excellent for calisthenics. They are made of 2mm thick gauge steel with powder coating for non-slip design. 

Rounded tubing of 1.25 inch (3.17 cm) offers easy grip. Tall only 14.5″ (36.83 cm) and long 19″ (48.26 cm) they offer great stability for a long range of exercises. According to the manufacturer, the assembly is quite easy and should not take more than 10 minutes.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Very stable
  • Suitable for calisthenics and other advanced exercises
  • Not rounded towards the end


  • Short for standard dips
  • Comes only in black

5. Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener Dip Bars

Lebert Fitness Dip Bar Stand - Original...
1,034 Reviews
Lebert Fitness Dip Bar Stand - Original...
  • FREE-STANDING BARS: Separate, unconnected...

The 4th dip bars on our list are manufactured by Lebert. These are simple, yet sturdy and portable dip bars. Easy to put together, you can have these babies set and ready in less than 10 minutes. They come in two different sizes, standard and XL.

The standard is 28.5″ (72.4 cm) of height, while the XL’s height is 31 inches (78.7 cm). Made of stainless steel with foam grips, they can support up to 400 lbs (181.4 kg). The sturdiness of the bars also depends on the floor you are using them on. You need to be very careful when doing calisthenics, as you might tip off.

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5


  • Compact & easy storage
  • Suitable for many exercises
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • Might be unstable on certain floor types
  • Not for professional calisthenics

6. Fuel Pureformance Dip Station

This beauty by Fuel Pureformance made it to our list as well. This particular dip station works as one piece when assembled. This is more of a dip station on its own, rather than dip bars, although since it does not have any other bars, I’ve decided to include it in the list.

This is also a very good tricep dip machine. The station is easy to assemble; you should be done in under 30 minutes. The entire construction is made of steel with powder-coated finish. The dip bars are angled outwards toward the user, which offers better performance.

The top handles are 16 ¾” (42.54 cm) apart on the far/back end and 20 ½” (52.07 cm) apart. The grips are padded, as with most dip bars here.

Our rating: 4.3 stars 4.3 / 5


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy Assembly
  • When assembled, acts as one piece
  • Great price
  • List Element


  • Not Adjustable
  • Cannot be comfortably used for leg lifts (the handles are too far apart)
  • Does not come with all bolts (for some weird reason)
  • Not made for tall people (If you are 6 feet+, you need to bend the knees)

7. Gravity Fitness Parallettes Dip Bars

Gravity Fitness XL Pro Parallettes 2.0 - New...
45 Reviews
Gravity Fitness XL Pro Parallettes 2.0 - New...
  • Registered Design Exclusive to Gravity...
  • Dimensions: Length 60cm x Height 80cm x Width...
  • Box Dimensions: Length 46cm x Height 13cm x...
  • Collapsible with 50 X 50mm non slip rubber...

Parallettes Dip Bars by Gravity Fitness are specially designed to be used for all kinds of exercises, including but not limited to CrossFit, Calisthenics and body weight exercises. Dimensions of the product are 23 ½” (60cm) length x 31 ½” (80cm) height x 17 ¾” (45cm) width.

The bars are made of steel with powder-coated in matte black. The 2″ x 2″ (5 x 5cm) box section feet makes the bars very stable on all kinds of floors.

Our rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 /5


  • Very stable
  • Suitable for calisthenics and advanced body weight workout
  • Unique design
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects


  • Might be problematic to do dips if you are a tall person
  • No gripping or foam handle on the bars

8. Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station,...
1,040 Reviews
Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station,...
  • THE PATENTED DIP STATION: The patented...
  • EASY STORAGE: The only Dip Station that folds...
  • BETTER FORM: Exclusive angled grips...
  • BETTER BALANCE: Bodyweight rows balance your...

Our list of the best dip bars continues with dip bars made by Ultimate Body Press. These particular dip bars are adjustable with two different width positions, so it is a great choice if you have a bulkier or thinner family member, whom you want to share the bars with. They are exactly 3′ tall (91.44 cm) and can support up to 350 lbs (158.7 kg).

The uncommon design of the bars is the result of making two dip bars into one construction – which seems very clever. Despite the one-piece construction, the dip bars can be easily dissembled and stored, so they will take up very little space.

They are perfect for dips and even suspension exercises; however, due to their height of 3 feet, they are rather unstable when doing intermediate calisthenics.

Our rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5


  • One of the tallest on the market (3 feet)
  • Great for In-depth dips
  • Easy storage
  • Adjustable width (2 positions)


  • Not Suitable for intermediate –professional calisthenics
  • Requires even floor for best stability

Bonus: 9. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Dip Station...
88 Reviews
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Dip Station...
  • Includes dip station assembly, back and arm...
  • Gym quality dip station designed for easy...
  • Gun-metal gray powder coated finish
  • Padded foam grips

The only wall-mounted dip bars on this list, dip station by Ultimate Body Press is one of the best out there. It deserved a spot on our list, mainly because it is especially designed for home installation. The dip station is made of heavy-duty steel, with powder-coated finish in gun-metal grey color.

Comes with padded foam grips and cushioned back and arm rests for maximum comfort and performance. Depending on your preferred style, you can melt your triceps on this particular dip station. The dimensions of the product are 26″ (66 cm) height and 28″ (71.12 cm) width at the widest point. The distance from the wall to the edge of the bars is 26.5″ (67.30 cm).

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 /5


  • Made of heavy-duty quality steel
  • Recommended for tall people due to wall-mount nature
  • Large back pad
  • Cushioned arm rests and back rest
  • Great choice for small spaces / rooms (takes no floor space)


  • Elbow-arm rests might be too far apart for a shorter person
  • Permanent mount
  • Pricey

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those are the 8 best dip bars (plus one bonus) for home use (at least according to us). As you can see, not all dip bars and dip stations are the same.

Some are made of two separate bars, some are made for professional calisthenics, while others are extremely stable. I hope that we’ve been able to narrow down your research for the dip station that will suits all your needs. Our top pick is the dip station by XMark because it can hold plenty of weight, is sturdy and easy to use.