Best Power Towers That are Worth Your Money

Power tower is one of the most desired pieces of fitness equipment for a home gym. But why is that? The reason for this is that they are usually affordable and a lot of exercises can be done on the machine. Power tower is essentially an 85” + long steel tower, which ends with either pull-up grips or a bar. The best power towers include back-pad, dip station, arm rests and some of them also include either sit-up bar or push-up bars at the base. Now that you know what a power tower is for, what exactly determines the qualities of the best power tower?

What Should You Look For?

There are several specs that you should check before getting a power tower. I’ll outline them below.

What To Look For


First thing that should interest you is the overall sturdiness of the power tower. Is it sturdy enough for my height? Will it not wobble on my type of floor? What kind of base does it have? Sturdiness is something to check before getting your power tower.

Overall Quality

Practically every power tower’s frame is made of steel. But the steel material is not always the same. It might be good to check if the width and quality is good enough for you. Same goes for the back-pad and arm-rests. Are they cushioned enough? Or do you prefer harder materials?


Size is definitely something you want to double-check. If you are a tall person, you want to know if the height of the tower is good enough for you. Some power towers also offer adjustable height, so don’t forget to check if the max setting is acceptable.

On the other hand, if you are a smaller person, you should check if the width between dip station bars and cushions is not too much apart. If you’d get a power tower that is too wide, you would limit yourself from a lot of exercises.

Also, arm-rest cushions come in different sizes as well. If you have huge hands, check if your forearm will fit on the arm rest.

Push-up bars / Sit-up bar

As I have mentioned above, some power towers come with either push-up bars or a sit-up bar at the bottom, attached to the base. Both are good additions to the tower, but many brands do not bother to add them.


If you are still not 100% sure about quality or some other feature, warranty is worth checking as well. Most of the manufacturers offer in-home use and money back guarantee.

5 Best Power Towers

Now that you know what to look for, let’s jump right into our list of the 5 best power towers on the market.

1) AbleFitness Power Tower

The first on our list is the power tower made by AbleFitness.

AbleFitness Power Tower


The tower is made of sturdy steel frame, with the weight capacity of 330 lbs. 42.9” wide pull-up bar is included and the entire tower is ergonomically designed. It has an adjustable height up to 88.6 inches, which is 225 centimeters. Armrests and backrest are cushioned and the tower comes with push-up bars at the base.

The dimensions of the tower at max height are 29.8” x 35.4” x 88.6” and the weight is 62 pounds, which is 28.1 kg.

  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Great max height of 88.6 inches
  • Added push-up bars
  • Great price
  • Narrow base, wider is usually better option for different kinds of floor

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

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2) NextTechnology Power Tower

Next on our list of the best power towers is the one made by NextTechnology.

NextTechnology Power Tower


The frame is made of reinforced steel and the maximum weight support is 330 lbs as well. This one is actually very similar to the one above, with the height of 88.6 inches. Push-up bars at the base are included as well. The tower comes with a wide pull-bat / chin-up bar with comfortable, foam-covered ends. The backrest and the arm-rests are comfortable cushioned.

The weight of the tower is 55 lbs, which is 24.94 kg.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Foam-covered ends of the pull-up bar
  • Lightweight – easy to move around
  • Very affordable
  • The combination of narrow base and lightweight structure can result in wobbling on certain floor types
  • Packaging could be better, several customers reported battered pieces

Our rating: 4.3 stars 4.3 / 5

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3) Body Champ Multi-Function Power Tower (VKR1987)

3rd power tower on our list is made by Body Champ.

Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower (VKR1987) Specs


The tower’s frame is made of sturdy steel with reinforced construction. Unlike most of the power towers, this one does not have a pull-up bar, but rather pull-up grips, both narrow and wide. Great bonus are the included two ab straps and two inverted pull-up sling straps. The dip station is pretty standard and has the adjustable height with 7 positions, however, the tower does not have arm rests, so knee raises can be performed only by gripping the dip bars. The base is wide in design and has a sit-up bar at far side.

The maximum weight support is 300 lbs, the assembled dimensions are 84″ x 43″ x 48″ (213 x 109 x 121cm) and the total empty weight is 84 lbs (38.1 kg).

Body Champ offers 1-year frame warranty and 90-days parts warranty.

  • Sturdy and stable with wide base
  • 2x Sling straps and 2x ab straps included
  • Dip station has 7 adjustable settings
  • Sit-up bar at the base included
  • Only 90-days warranty for parts
  • No armrests

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

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4) HYD-PARTS Power Tower

The fourth power tower on our list of the best power towers on the market is made by HYD-PARTS.

HYD-PARTS Power Tower


The entire frame is made of reinforced steel. It comes with a wide pull-up / chin-up bar with rubber ends for comfortable grip. The tower’s dip station height is adjustable from 64.6″ to 84.6″ (164 to 213.3 cm). It comes with cushioned armrests and backrest for comfortable exercises like dips and knee raises.

With the maximum weight support of 550 lbs, you can do all kinds of exercises. The tower’s dimensions are 30.7″(L)x 42.5″(W)x 84.7″(H) (78 x 108 x 213.3 cm) and the empty weight is 60 lbs, which is 27.2 kg.

  • Oblate reinforced steel frame
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple assembly
  • Huge cushioned back-pad
  • Lacks push-up / sit-up bar at the bottom
  • Narrow base

Our rating: 4.3 stars 4.3 / 5

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5) Livebest Adjustable Power Tower

5th on our list is a tower made by LiveBest.

Livebest Adjustable Power Tower


As with most power towers out there, this one’s frame is also made of sturdy steel. The entire base is supported by rubber feet, which provides better stability and also does not scratch the floor. The wide-angled pull-up bar has rubbed ends and the tower also comes with horizontal narrow grips. The height of the power tower is adjustable with 8 settings. The back pad and armrests are quite comfortable and cushioned.

The maximum weight support is 660 lbs and the assembled dimensions at max height are 84.5″ H x 24.8″ L x 39.4″.

  • Great user support of 660 lbs
  • 8 adjustable height settings
  • Pull-up bar and front grips
  • Good price
  • Missing sit-up / push-up bars
  • Narrow base (wide would be better for stability)

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

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That’s it. Our list of the 5 best power towers on the market. If you are ready to purchase one of these fellas, don’t forget to check the pros and cons and also the dimensions, if it fits your personal needs. Hopefully, my guide was helpful to you and good luck with your training! 🙂