Looking at trying a Total War pre-workout? Not only do their offerings come at the best price, but they also help with focus and endurance.

When it comes to choosing, however, you could be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of flavors out there.

Here, we've ranked all the flavors - including the popular Total War flavors and more.

Total War is one of the most popular pre-workouts, and it's not hard to see why. They have a wide array of flavors to choose from, and deciding which one to try first can be challenging.

Let’s get these flavors ranked!

1. Blue Lemonade

As someone who enjoys drinking Gatorade and Powerade, this is one of my favorite flavors. It's like a cross between lemonade and berries and has a refreshing taste that's incredibly palatable.

Great for first-timers, and if you're new to pre-workouts, I'd say that this is definitely a flavor to go for.

Total War Pre-Workout Blue Lemonade

My Flavor Rating


2. Tiger's Blood

While certainly an interesting name for a product, Tiger's Blood has a coconut cherry flavor that'll transport you to an island paradise.

Those who aren't huge fans of coconut, however, might find this flavor overpowering, but if you're someone that loves coconut, you'll definitely enjoy the Tiger's Blood flavor - it has also been likened to a white Lifesaver candy.

Total War Pre-Workout Tiger's Blood

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3. Vice City

Another intriguing flavor, the Vice City Collection reminds me of an island cocktail that's a mix of Pina Colada and strawberry.

If you like tropical flavors, this one's for you.

I'd say that the sweetness definitely comes through from the berries, but the pineapple brings a balanced tartness.

Total War Pre-Workout Vice City

My Flavor Rating


4. Patriot

Head down memory lane with this Smarties-inspired flavor and look no further than Patriot.

This limited edition creation is hard to find as only 1,776 units were produced as a nod to America's independence, but it's a total hit.

It has a sweet treats-like flavor similar to gummy bears and is definitely a flavor that I'll be able to drink often and not get bored of.

Let's hope that RedCon1 permanently adds this one into the rotation.

Redcon1 Total War Pre-Workout Patriot

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5. Orange Crush

If you’re looking for a more natural taste, Orange Crush is sure to satisfy your needs. It tastes like a freshly squeezed beverage - thanks to its bright and citrusy taste.

Since it also has a sweet yet tangy combination, this is the perfect way to start your day.

Total War Pre-Workout Orange Crush

My Flavor Rating


6. Sour Gummy Bear

We have yet to find someone who doesn't enjoy the sour gummy bear flavor and is exceedingly popular - likely because it's reminiscent of those favorite childhood candies.

Since I usually like candies such as Sour Patch Kids, I'll have to give a thumbs up for this one.

Total War Pre-Workout Sour Gummy Bear

My Flavor Rating


7. Green Apple

Ever wanted your pre-workout supplements to taste like you're biting into a juicy green apple? If so, you'd definitely want to give this one a shot.

It's refreshing, not overly sweet, and will give you a good pump - what more do you need?

Total War Pre-Workout Green Apple

My Flavor Rating


8. Watermelon

This particular flavor is an absolute hit during the summer because what's better than a juicy watermelon to quench your thirst during the summer heat?

While it's sweeter than the watermelon fruit and more like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, it's still delicious, refreshing, and easy to drink.

Total War Pre-Workout Watermelon

My Flavor Rating


9. Icy Lemonade

Like sour, tart flavors? If so, this is for you. What's interesting about this flavor is that it doesn't just taste like lemon; it actually tastes like authentic Italian ice-cream.

It's great for summer, will provide you with some great energy, and is absolutely refreshing.

Total War Pre-Workout Icy Lemonade

My Flavor Rating


10. Blue Raspberry

This flavor is typically confused with Blue Lemonade, but they're so different.

The best way to describe this flavor would be to imagine adding some blue Powerade or Gatorade to a raspberry beverage.

It's no surprise that this is one of the most popular flavors out there - thanks to the combination of the tart berry flavor and sweet blue raspberry flavor. 

Redcon1 Total War Pre-Workout Blue Raspberry

My Flavor Rating


11. Grape

One of the best Total War flavors out there, Grape is an absolute hit because it's sugary and is a flavor that most individuals are familiar with.

Perhaps the only thing with the Grape flavor is that if you're not someone that enjoys an overly sweet beverage, there's a high chance that you wouldn't enjoy it as it sits quite high on the sweetness scale.

Total War Pre-Workout Grape

My Flavor Rating


12. Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi is an interesting mix but a safe bet nonetheless. You definitely can't go wrong with the delicious flavors of strawberry and kiwi.

It's refreshing, delicious, has a touch of sourness but is still sweet, and is easy to consume - it's no wonder this is one of the most popular flavors out there with customers.

Redcon1 Total War Pre-Workout Strawberry Kiwi

My Flavor Rating


13. Rainbow Sherbert

Rainbow Sherbert is exactly what the name suggests... like you're eating the real thing! It's a burst of a myriad of flavors, whether that be orange, grape, berry, and more.

If you're a fan of Skittles or Starburst candies, this will be the supplement of choice for you.

Total War Pre-Workout Rainbow Sherbert

My Flavor Rating


How We Decided Our Picks

We started by ensuring that we've listed all of the available flavors. While what is available changes frequently, the list encompasses everything currently listed on their website.

With that, we then ranked them based on how popular they are, followed by their availability, overall reviews on Amazon and the product site, and of course, personal opinions.

Total War Pre-Workout Benefits (Is It Good For You?)

Total War generally has some pretty good supplement choices.

Whether you're going for the Orange Crush, Vice City, or the Sour Gummy Bear, they all come with plant extracts, caffeine, and beta-alanine to ensure you get the right amount of energy, endurance, and focus while you're at the gym. You can learn more in our article: Total War Pre-Workout Review [1].

REDCON1 Total War - Preworkout Benefits

You'll be able to hit your exercise goals - thanks to the amino acids and other stimulants, and it'll also help with mental clarity and muscle soreness.[2]

It's also packed with nutrients that are great for exercise, and since there are so many different flavors to choose from, drinking it is also easy.

This is intended to be had 30 to 60 minutes before your exercise for the greatest effects, and it's beneficial to take it earlier during the day so the stimulants don't affect your sleep.

Are There Any Side Effects To This Pre-Workout?

Since caffeine and beta-alanine are within the product, you should consume them earlier during the day, I'd say before 3 pm.

With the beta-alanine, you might also feel a mild tingling sensation called paresthesia - especially if you're taking larger doses.

Since it does have a high dose of stimulants, including 325mg of caffeine, you could also have increased heart rate, stomach cramps, jitters, and headaches. 

Total War Pre-Workout Flavor FAQs

How Can You Make Total War Pre-Workout Taste Better?

You can always mix it with other ingredients such as juices, coconut water, milk, flavored water, and more. I find that adding a lot of ice gives the flavors a boost.

Does Total War Pre-Workout Have Testosterone?

No, Total War pre-workout doesn't have testosterone. RedCon1 lists all of the ingredients they've got on their website, including Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Green Tea Extract, and more.

Does Total War Make You Tingle?

Yes, Total War can make you tingle, as it does have Beta-Alanine, the tingling sensation in the skin could be caused by that specific ingredient.

Will Total War Pre-Workout Break A Fast?

No, Total War will not break a fast as they generally don't contain any calories. Typically, your fast is only broken if you're consuming something with calories.

Our Takeaway - The Best Total War Pre-Workout Flavor Is Blue Lemonade

Total War supplements come in a wide array of tastes to choose from. Once it comes to the most popular pre-workout supplement from Total War, however, I'd have to go for the Blue Lemonade.

Not only is it the best flavor out there as it's tasty, but it's also easy to drink and comes with the perfect mix of sweet and tangy.


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