Gorilla Mode pre-workouts come in a wide variety of flavors. Deciding which is best for your taste buds can be a difficult task.

You do not want to end up buying a Gorilla mode flavor that leaves a 'bad taste in your mouth' as this won't help you get the pre-workout kick you need.

I ordered, tried, and tested every flavor available, and have ranked them below to help readers find the best-tasting options.

After all 11 flavors of Gorilla Mode pre-workouts arrived, I could begin testing to grade and rank them subsequently.

Gorilla Mode comes in many flavors, significantly more than most competitors’ products, so I took my time.

You can find out how each flavor ranks on my scale from 1 to 10 and what to expect from them. Here’s my pre-workout review based on flavor.

1. Tiger’s Blood

Tiger's Blood shaved ice syrup flavor is my favorite for its sweet and well balanced flavor.

The combination of coconut, watermelon, and strawberry sounds nice, but I didn't know what to expect.

To my surprise, this turned out to be the best flavor of Gorilla Mode pre-workout. Coconut, watermelon, and strawberry are perfectly balanced. Neither one is dominant, and that's why I think you can't get sick of Tiger's Blood quickly.

The taste will, of course, be affected by how much you dilute it with water. It is very refreshing, which, after all, is most important for pre-workout.

2. Firefly Lemonade

I was looking forward to trying Firefly Lemonade for two reasons.

The first reason is that I love everything that contains lemon, and the second is the rave reviews on Amazon for this flavor.

It did not disappoint. Firefly Lemonade is a hard-tasting sour lemonade, as the manufacturer emphasizes on the official website, but peach gives just the right level of sweetness.

Many will not even notice the peach, but it prevents the taste from being too sharp for those who can only drink lemonade with sugar or honey.

3. Cherry Blackout

Do you remember the reaction of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper every time he eats cherry pie and drinks coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night) at the Double R Diner?

The moment I took my first sip of Cherry Blackout pre-workout, I was close to saying, "Damn good pie," or "pardon me, pre-workout."

All jokes aside, what I liked the most about Cherry Blackout was the naturalness of the taste. The artificial cherry flavor is usually terribly recognizable, and I'm not too fond of it, but not this one.

For those expecting a sour cherry, keep in mind that this is significantly sweeter than that, much more like a cherry pie than fruit.

4. Mojo Mojito

Mojito is my all-time favorite cocktail. Even virgin Mojito is fantastic, not to mention drinking an authentic Mojito made with white rum, lime, and mint on the beach.

Unfortunately, artificial mojito flavors are generally not great. Ernest Hemingway would undoubtedly be horrified to try any of them, but some are just fine.

Gorilla mode Mojo Mojito is one of them. It is refreshing and not very sweet, which I find very important. It is relatively similar to the Lime Lemon flavor, but there is also mint.

Realistically speaking, Volcano Burst is probably the better flavor, but Mojito lovers will prefer this one.

5. Volcano Burst

Volcano Burst is significantly tastier than Jungle Juice, which also contains mango and pineapple. The addition of orange makes Volcano Burst fresh and flavorful instead of too sweet.

Once again, kudos to the manufacturer for making flavors feel so natural. If you squeeze orange, mango, and pineapple now, the taste would be very similar to Volcano Burst.

I can't say that this is my first choice because I'm not a huge fan of mango and pineapple, but there's no doubt that it's great and that many customers will choose it.  

My Rating = 8.5/10.

6. Orange Krush

I don't have much to say about Orange Krush. It is the orange flavor that many supplement manufacturers have. It's not too sour or too sweet.

This probably won't be anyone's favorite flavor, but I don't think anyone can find it unpalatable too.

7. Mango Peach

Maybe I need to be more objective when it comes to Mango Peach. The taste is incredibly natural, and everything is perfectly balanced as far as the perfect blend of mango and peach.

However, I didn't like the combination of mango and peach before training.

I'm sure I'll try this flavor a few more times because maybe I didn't like it that day, but I would on some other occasion. I can't dispute that Gorilla Mind did a good job with it.

My Rating = 7/10

8. Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is the part where the flavors that I liked less began.

Therefore, before I say anything more about them, I want to emphasize that practically all the flavors are fine, and there is not a single one that I could not consume.

Still, the next four don't fit my taste, especially when discussing pre-workout supplements.

Fruit Punch is a generic flavor of candies, sodas, and gummies. It varies from very sweet to mildly sour.

This one is too sweet for me. In general, I can't say it's awfully sweet, but before a workout, I always want something more refreshing. On the other hand, this will likely be the first choice of many who like sweet tastes. 

9. Watermelon

Watermelon flavor is usually hit or miss. In this case, it's certainly not a miss, but the taste is average, far from "mouth-watering."

It's relatively natural, which is a plus, but it's kind of neutral. 

10. Jungle Juice

I already mentioned Jungle Juice when I analyzed Volcano Burst. While I liked Volcano Burst, that was not the case with Jungle Juice. It is just too sweet.

Mangoes and pineapples are generally very sweet, and the orange made the Volcano Burst excellent.

In Jungle Juice, there is coconut instead of orange, and I wouldn't say I like that combination at all.

11. Bombsicle

Cherry, lime, and blue raspberry should be an excellent combo, but this flavor failed to meet my expectations.

It resembles the Bomb Pop, which was the intention of the producers, but it is less tasty. And to be honest, the Bomb Pop is not high on the list of my favorite confections.

However, compared to some other pre-workout supplements, Bombsicle is just fine, but in my opinion, worse than other Gorilla Mode flavors.

How We Decided Our Order

Since as many as 11 flavors are available, deciding the order required much work.

It took me a few weeks to try all those pre-workouts because I wanted to try several in a row and try every multiple times.

Of course, when taking Gorilla Mode, I only drank a few sips with each taste test, not the whole shaker. Otherwise, I would be sleep deprived.

I primarily paid attention to the Gorilla Mode taste, the aftertaste, and how each one dissolves in water.

Gorilla Mode ingredients were not my focus this time since ingredients are part of a separate Gorilla Mode pre-workout review and usually don't influence the taste.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Flavors

Is Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Good? (Benefits Explained)

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout powder offers a physical performance increase.

Every additional rep and set you do will later translate into muscle growth and fat burning with these pre-workout benefits.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Benefits

Considerable Energy Boost & Performance Increase

Gorilla mode contains ingredients that will give you a stable energy boost and performance increase without making you jittery.

Creatine monohydrate, malic acid, and betaine anhydrous should prolong your workout and make it more intense due to improved muscular endurance and muscle strength.

A Skin-Splitting Muscle Pump

You’ll experience noticeable muscular pumps. 4500mg of L-citrulline per scoop, a non-essential amino acid, stimulates blood flow (increase in nitric oxide levels.)[1]

Intense Focus

Thanks to plant extracts, like black pepper extract (cognitive enhancer), Gorilla Mode will improve cognitive function and mental sharpness.

Enhanced focus means always remembering to count reps and paying attention to the mind-muscle connection.

Are There Any Side Effects To This Popular Pre-Workout?

If you follow the recommended doses, you will not experience any major side effects with this pre-workout formula.

Also, those with caffeine sensitivity should not take Gorilla Mode pre-workout after 5 PM, or they are putting their night's sleep in jeopardy.

It does not contain beta-alanine, so the well-known tingling sensation is absent. All in all, all side effects for healthy individuals are minor and not worth mentioning.

Common Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Questions

Can I Take Gorilla Mode Every Day?

You can take Gorilla Mode every day, although it contains a high dose of caffeine anhydrous - 350mg (two scoops).[2] For days off, there's no reason to take Gorilla Mode energy pre-workout.

Does Gorilla Mode Pre Have Creatine?

Yes, Gorilla Mode pre-workout contains creatine monohydrate - the safest and most effective type of creatine.[3]

If you take two scoops, you will ingest 5g of creatine, which is the daily dose that will provide intramuscular hydration.

Therefore, do not take creatine monohydrates separately on the days you use this pre-workout.

To get to the full dose, if you are taking a single scoop, take a smaller dose of 2.5g of creatine on an empty stomach.

Is Gorilla Mode Worth The Money?

Gorilla Mode pre-workout is worth the money.

It is a potent pre-workout supplement with all the necessary ingredients to increase performance, pump, overall mental sharpness, and energy levels, especially for doing some anaerobic exercise.

Is Gorilla Mode FDA-Approved?

Your cardiovascular health is not in danger from any of those active ingredients, but Gorilla Mode is not FDA-approved.

The reason is simple - the FDA does not approve supplements or pre-workout ingredients.

The FDA only gets involved when there is a potentially dangerous ingredient. It's up to you to check the Nutrition Facts label.[4]

Our Verdict - The Best Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Flavor Is Tiger’s Blood

The best Gorilla Mode pre-workout flavor is Tiger's Blood which I found to be delicious and refreshing. I am confident you will love it too!

I also enjoyed Firefly Lemonade and Cherry Blackout. For best results, choose the flavor mix that suits your taste buds and mood.

Let me know which is your favorite Gorilla Mode flavor!


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4. https://www.fda.gov/food/nutrition-education-resources-materials/new-nutrition-facts-label

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