The Ghost Pre-Workout supplement is one of the hottest on the market right now, popping up everywhere, from bodybuilding shops to your local Walmart.

With clinically-studied ingredients and catchy marketing, it's easy to see why so many find that Ghost lifestyle appealing.

However, aside from its effective pre-workout formula, its wide variety of unique flavors really sets it apart in this oversaturated market.

Let’s dive into which delicious flavors will suit you and your workouts best!

In the past, pre-workout supplements definitely didn't taste as good as they do today. Even today, plenty of brands and flavors out there don't taste as good as others.

Ghost is known for having flavor collaborations with instantly-recognizable brands as well as some of their own delicious interpretations.

What's the best flavor of Ghost pre-workout, though? We're about to dive in for a deep flavor review!  

1. Warheads Sour Watermelon

Hands down, the most popular, best Ghost pre-workout flavor out there (by majority preference) is the Warheads Sour Watermelon.

In fact, the only situation in which we wouldn't recommend it is if you just don't like sour things.

It offers a charming watermelon profile sweeter than the Sour Green Apple and truly tastes as if they'd liquified the candy into a legendary pre-workout formula.

For standout energy and flavor, it can't be beaten. If you have to pick any one Ghost products flavor, we recommend this one. For best results, mix it with ice-cold water.

*Unfortunately this one goes in and out of stock so it may not always be available

Ghost Pre-Workout Warheads Sour Watermelon

My Flavor Rating


2. Sour Patch Kids Redberry

Of all the "red" flavors from the Ghost Legend pre-workout energy powder line, the Sour Patch Kids Redberry is the tastiest.

As you can probably guess from the brand collaboration, it is sour, but also sweet. It's not cherry or strawberry but definitely has that "red berry" flavor.

In fact, the only thing we weren't absolutely on board with was the slight vitamin-y smell that hits you on the first sip.

Even if it didn't offer all the Ghost pump and energy focus benefits, we might still drink it for the flavor alone.

*Unfortunately this one also goes in and out of stock so it may not always be available

Ghost Pre-Workout Sour Patch Kids Redberry

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3. Welch’s Grape

Ahh, Welch's Grape Juice - we all know the commercials or at least remember drinking it at a friend's house on a hot summer day.

If you're someone who loves that sweet-yet-tart flavor, you really will enjoy this Ghost pre-workout flavor.

However, if you're someone who typically doesn't like grape flavors, it could be a hit or miss with you.

We will say that even if you aren’t a huge fan of other grape pre-workout supplements, it’s possible you’ll like this one.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say it’s the best-tasting grape pre-workout supplement currently on the market.

Ghost Pre-Workout Welchs Grape

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4. Blue Raspberry

This icon of a flavor made this pre-workout review so much more enjoyable, and this one is the favorite of many.

The Blue Raspberry flavor fits seamlessly into the premium active lifestyle brand selection, and will certainly help you reach your fitness goals.

You actually look forward to drinking the perfectly-sweet beverage full of vitamins and amino acids to help you reach peak performance.

We also appreciated the fact that it didn't turn our mouths/tongues/teeth blue like many other blue-hued pre-workouts tend to do!

It's hard to believe the Blue Raspberry flavor mix is sugar-free, truly earning the title of "Ghost Legend."

Ghost Pre-Workout Blue Raspberry

My Flavor Rating


5. Sonic Cherry Limeade

Here's yet another one of the best-tasting Ghost Legend pre-workout flavors, and the first of their Sonic collabs.

The Sonic Cherry Limeade is one of the most "genuine" flavors, without that weird chemical aftertaste or chalky feel some other pre-workouts have.

Don't tell anyone, but it may even taste better than the real thing. You no longer have to struggle with weird tastes for improved performance at the gym and can actually enjoy your pre-workouts!

Ghost Pre-Workout Sonic Cherry Limeade

My Flavor Rating


6. Swedish Fish

The Swedish Fish Ghost Legend pre-workout tastes just like the candy but sugar-free. It's sweet, but just the right amount - not like if you actually ate the gummies before heading to the gym.

There's no sour or bitter aspect at all, but interestingly, it features a mild vanilla note.

If you like that fruity, sweet mix taste, then it's one of the best and is an excellent alternative to the Red Frogs flavor.

It's not quite a tropical fruit punch or strawberry flavor, but rather, the popular Scandinavian lingonberry.

To be honest, we didn't expect it to taste as good as it did!

Ghost Pre-Workout Swedish Fish

My Flavor Rating


7. Sonic Ocean Water

There's almost nothing better than grabbing a Sonic burger and Ocean Water on a nice summer evening.

Of course, depending on your goals, you may not be doing the whole burger thing, and their Ocean Water is pretty high in sugar.

You don't have to miss out, though, because this Ghost Legend pre-workout flavor tastes exactly like it!

That's right; you can enjoy that classic Ocean Water deliciousness and light blue look with serious energy focus benefits, improved blood flow, a vegan-friendly pump, and much more!

Oh, and did we mention it's all sugar-free?

Ghost Pre-Workout Sonic Ocean Water

My Flavor Rating


8. Peach

As far as the Ghost Legend pre-workout supplement goes, if you don't like the red flavors or sour flavors, go with the Peach flavor.

It's deliciously sweet and refreshing and has a more "natural" taste than their other offerings.

If you think you may experience potential stomach discomfort from a more sweet/sour flavor, then we highly recommend the Peach.

Ghost products feature candy collaborations, typically, and we really appreciated that they went a different route with this one. It just goes to show that vegan-friendly Ghost is all about offering something for everyone.

My Flavor Rating = 7.5/10

9. Sour Green Apple

It takes a special kind of person to prefer green apple flavors to others, in our experience, because they can be overwhelmingly tart or too sweet.

However, the Ghost Legend pre-workout supplement once again knocks it out of the park with its perfectly sour performance.

It's by far the best-tasting green apple of pre-workout flavors out there, currently.

Trust us when we say it's hard to just have one serving.

My Flavor Rating = 7.5/10

10. Red Frogs

Allen's Red Frogs certainly are an Australian favorite. The delicious raspberry gummies may be perfect for road trips or when watching your favorite Netflix series.

However, it's perhaps not as well-suited for getting mentally prepared for hitting PRs. While we love the concept, the taste combination doesn't translate as well. It's like a less-tasty Redberry.

My Flavor Rating = 7/10

11. Muscle Marshmallow

The market today typically has the same flavor profiles. However, this Ghost pre-workout flavor really sets itself apart - we're not sure if in a good way, though.

We appreciate that they went bold with this one, and if you really like an in-your-face flavor, you may enjoy it.

However, we felt this pre-workout was overly sweet with a bitter/sour aspect that seemed out-of-place.

My Flavor Rating = 6.5/10

How We Decided On Our Top Tasting Picks

Taste is an interesting thing. We, as humans, tend to agree more or less when something tastes good or not.

However, it's also a bit subjective in that someone may prefer sweet to salty. One person may love the taste of watermelon, while the next can't stand it.

So, while we took our collective favorites, we also took the general consumers' opinions into consideration.

The legendary pre-workout comes in a ton of different flavors, which is cool but also makes it harder to choose!

After all, you don't want to be stuck with a full tub of pre-workout powder that you don't enjoy or that could cause you potential stomach discomfort. As fitness enthusiasts, we have undoubtedly tried many bizarre-tasting supplements over the years.

However, our standards have been raised along with the demand for better-tasting alternatives. We can honestly say that most of Ghost products' flavors are ahead of the game.

Ghost Pre-Workout Flavors

Ghost Pre-Workout Benefits (Is It Healthy?)

The Ghost Legend pre-workout energy powder set itself apart from most top brands in many ways. Just take a look at these benefits below.

Then, for more information on the product, check out our complete Ghost Pre-Workout Review.

Why Use Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

No Proprietary Blends

Let's start with the fact that it contains zero proprietary blends. Proprietary blends mean you're kind of left in the dark about what exactly is in the product.

The quantities and ratios of ingredients are marketed as a "trade secret" when many times, it's just an easy way to camouflage a sub-par product.

When it comes to sports supplements, this is particularly important, as you could be consuming ingredients/quantities that are potentially detrimental to your health if the label doesn’t list what is in it. That’s not the case with Ghost Legend Pre-Workout.

Standout Energy Supply

Have you ever taken a workout that gives you that kind of uneasy shot of energy, leaving you feeling more drained than before you took it?

The Ghost Smart Energy formula provides a clean and even energy boost.

Aside from the 237mg of natural caffeine, the inclusion of taurine, bitter orange, theobromine, and olive leaf extract helps produce some serious energy to push you through even the toughest workout session.[1

Premium Pump Ingredients

Premium pump ingredients like agmatine and 4 grams of pure l-citrulline help increase muscular endurance and improve blood flow and power output.

The Ghost pump is no joke, and with 1.5 grams of nitrosigine and vegan-fermented l-citrulline, everyone can experience it!

Their focus formula includes the natural nootropic, Alpha-GPC for improved cognitive benefits (no more brain fog?!) and muscle growth that will elevate your aesthetics and exercise performance.[2]

The non-essential amino acid beta-alanine blend has been shown to improve athletic performance, and with 3.2 grams of it, you will be getting the full clinical dose.[3]

There are many other beneficial ingredients in these pre-workouts, but with a transparent label that lists every active ingredient, you know exactly what you're getting in that one scoop.

Sugar-Free Supplement

Aside from all that, many of us are watching our sugar intake. Ghost Legend Pre-Workout is truly sugar-free, which is great for everyone, from diabetics to keto dieters.

It's also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free. So unless you're super sensitive to caffeine, we would absolutely say that Ghost Pre-Workout is safe.

Are There Any Common Side Effects Of This Brand’s Pre?

With just about any pre-workout, there are going to be some people who experience side effects. With the Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Energy Powder, some consumers may experience headaches or shakiness.

This usually only occurs in those already sensitive to stimulants or those who decide to drink a coffee along with their pre-workout (not recommended).

Their beta-alanine blend is fantastic for keeping the reps coming, but it can also make your skin tingle a bit. [4] It’s not something to really worry about - in fact, many people even like it!

Aside from that, their serving size is actually two scoops. That means that you can start out with 1 scoop to test your tolerance levels and assess how you feel from there.

We will say that if you've never tried a pre-workout before, then Ghost Legend pre-workout is a great starting point. It's not the hardest-hitting but is a more sustainable, long-term product that brings you back down to your "baseline" energy levels smoothly afterward.

Ghost Pre-Workout Related Questions

Does Ghost Pre-Workout Taste Good?

Ghost pre-workout tastes delicious! Of course, some flavors are better than others, such as Blue Raspberry, Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple, and Redberry.

How Long Does It Take For Ghost To Kick In?

It'll take about 15 to 30 minutes before the maximum focus formula and Ghost pump effects kick in. S

ome people may start feeling effects in as little as 10 minutes, and you may feel an energy boost for many hours after consumption.

How Much Sugar Is In A Ghost Pre-Workout?

Ghost pre-workout energy powder is completely sugar-free, so there are literally zero grams of sugar in the product per serving.

Instead, the vegan-friendly, gluten-free pre-workout powder is sweetened with sucralose.

Who Owns Ghost Supplements?

Ryan Hughes started out as a sponsored athlete by many reputable brands like Gaspari Nutrition and Glanbia.

However, in 2016, he founded Ghost, using his expertise and exposure as a fitness model to create and promote the products.

Our Verdict - The Best Ghost Pre-Workout Flavor Is Sour Watermelon

The best Ghost pre-workout has to be Sour Watermelon, though there were a few other flavors that didn’t make it very easy for us to decide!

The classic watermelon taste offered just the right amount of sweetness, while the War Heads' sour aspect makes it multi-dimensional and truly tasty.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a tub of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout and try it for yourself!



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