Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Review – Is V2 Any Good?

By now, we all know what a pre-workout is made for: adding vitamins, minerals and branched-chain amino acids to your system, along with stimulants to help you perform better and at higher levels.

While working out or preparing to work out, our inner child feels a bit neglected. Enter Ghost Legend pre-workout powders.

Not only are they developed with the highest quality ingredients, but they also shun the common flavors. Instead, they appease that kid inside.

Does the pre-workout go beyond the gimmick of flavors?

In this Ghost pre-workout review we will look at the claims, flavors, and ingredients to determine if the Lifestyle sports nutrition brand is the right choice for you!

Ghost isn't a brand that is well-known for their supplements. That will soon change. However, they got their start making and selling products for gym enthusiasts, like apparel and gear.

This included workout clothing, shaker bottles, hats, and even Hawaiian shirts. Not too long ago, though, they added supplements to their mix, and the Ghost pre-workout was born.

Tired of the gross flavors and a focus only on results, Ghost took a different route.

They created a pre-workout powder that dissolved easily, had only the highest quality ingredients, and tasted great.

Their claim to fame is not only in the results but in the crazy yet incredible flavor options. Finally, a pre-workout you look forward to taking!

When you take this supplement, you will get a boost of energy, better endurance, and possibly even more reps or sets in your workout.

You may also get a super sour puckered face, if that is your thing.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout







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My Experience Taking Ghost Legend V2

I tested out a few of the Ghost lifestyle flavors to see if their taste was as good as their marketing.

I also tested the performance results, of course. This pre-workout review will show you my results.

Flavor & Taste

You can’t talk about living the Ghost lifestyle without talking about their flavors.

I opted to try three different flavors, including the Ghost Legend X Bubblicious, Swedish Fish, and the Ghost Legend All Out X Warheads Sour Green Apple.

There are a lot of flavors you enjoyed as a child (sadly, no fruit punch flavors), with three types of pre-workouts to choose from.

The original Ghost Legend, Ghost Legend X and Ghost Legend All Out/X.

Ghost Legend Flavors
  • Peach
  • Blue Raspberry
Ghost Legend X Flavors
  • Swedish Fish
  • Warheads Sour Watermelon
  • Sonic Ocean Water
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade
  • Sour Patch Kids RedBerry
  • Bubblicious Strawberry Splash
  • Bubblicious Cotton Candy
  • Maxx Chewning Strawbango Margarita
  • Ghost TMNT Pre-Workout (Turle Ooze)
Ghost Legend All Out/ All Out X Flavors
  • Warheads Sour Green Apple
  • Blue Raspberry

Note that you will need to do some searching as the most popular flavors sell out quickly. 

For those that I tried in this Ghost Legend pre-workout review, though, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Ghost Bubblicious flavor held true to the actual bubble gum. The flavor was almost spot-on but a bit watered down.

And like the gum it is named for, the flavor didn't last long. There wasn't any lingering aftertaste, though.

The Ghost Swedish Fish was probably my least favorite flavor that I tried. It wasn't bad, but it was pretty far off the flavor mark.

It was more just strawberry to me than that absolutely delicious candy flavor.

The Warheads Sour Green Apple, though, all I can say is wow. It was tart, it ended sour, and it did make me pucker in the most reminiscent and wonderful way possible.

I'll call it the best Ghost pre-workout flavor.

I always mix my powders with water. And true to claims, these dissolved almost instantly with little stirring needed. There were no bits, clumps, or pockets of powder, which was nice.

Many other brands have flavors, like fruit punch, that you need to dilute or remove. Adding fruit or mixing it with milk is the preferred option.

However, with Ghost, there is no need. Water only is ideal.

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Performance Increase

For this Ghost Legend review, I took the pre-workout mix about 25 minutes before I started my warm up sets.

I could feel a slight tingle when the beta-alanine kicked in. It wasn’t as harsh as some of the other brands I have tried, but I am also quite accustomed to it.

I was able to put in a couple of extra reps over the course of my entire workout, but I must be honest.

I can’t tell you if it was the pre-workout itself or me thinking about testing it out that made me push that extra bit harder.

Woman in Gym Clothes Holding Ghost Pre-Workout


Another common desire from a pre-workout is the coveted muscle pump. The vasodilators, nitric oxide, and blood flow increasing ingredients in pre-workouts help achieve that.

Ghost Legend V2 is no different and the pump showed up on time and as expected. It wasn't very long-lasting like I've had with other brands, but it wasn't horrible, either.


I did notice the eagerness to begin, and I made it through more than half of my workouts before I needed a real rest.

Pushing hard and finishing strong was amplified, and I can surmise it was because of the pre-workout.

However, if it is the same for more serious lifters, you may find Ghost somewhat lacking in mental focus, cognitive function, and awareness area.

For example, I found that I was fiddling with my music and watching others lift while I was resting between sets.

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There is little point in taking a pre-workout if it doesn't offer you an energy boost. With 250 mg of caffeine per serving, the original Ghost Legend formula definitely gives you that boost. 

When I took these pre-workout supplements, I did it over the course of two full weeks. This included two full-body workout sessions and four leg days.

Ghost helped me suck it up and get through the entire workout. I was energized for the entire session, with a great deal of focus and determination through at least half of my sets.

The energy levels didn’t affect me late into the night or long after the workout like other brands.

If you are a late-night gym rat, the higher levels of caffeine can keep you from going to sleep right away.

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Side Effects

With Ghost Legend pre-workouts, I didn’t have any major side effects. There was the tingling sensation and flush, of course, but I expected those.

The first few doses also gave me slight pre-workout jitters that presented in bouncing knees while resting between sets.

Beyond this, though, I didn't notice any drop-off, post-workout crashes, heart rate issues, or anything else.


The post-workout feelings are about average. This is a good thing.

I have tried some supplement formulas that have you so energized and pumped you end up feeling like you need another workout.

With Ghost Legend this wasn't the case, at least not for me. I left the gym on a high, feeling good (and a little sore) but not overly anxious.

There was no post-workout crash here. It was an ideal mix of energy and performance boosts without a drawn-out jittery feeling.

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Cost & Availability

Ghost Legend, especially the All Out and All Out X formulas are sold as a premium supplement.

Whether they deserve to be is a personal preference, but you can expect the cost to reflect that evaluation.

On average, you can buy Ghost pre-workout in the standard formula for about $1.50 to $1.60 for one scoop, and the All Out X formulas will range between $1.90 and $2.20 per serving.

Not only does it taste great and has a cost that is similar to the other brands on the shelf next to it, but it is highly popular.

Finding your desired flavor in stock can sometimes be a challenge.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout







Overall Score



  • Amazing flavors
  • Easy dissolving formula
  • Caffeine levels
  • Various formulas for different caffeine levels
  • High-performance levels


  • Not always in stock
  • Premium pricing
  • May not last through HIIT sessions

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Nutrition & Ingredients

The transparent ingredient label on Ghost pre-workout supplements are clear cut.

What you see is what you get, and they don't hide behind proprietary blends.

It is important to note that all Ghost Legend formulas are vegan-friendly, soy, gluten, and sugar-free.

L-Citrulline (Vegan Fermented) – 4000 to 6000 mg

Full-yield citrulline supplementation is a newer combination.

In most pre-workouts, you will find that L-citrulline is mixed with citrulline malate, which can cause digestive issues if you take pre-workout on an empty stomach.

Ghost mixes their L-citrulline with citrulline nitrate which has many of the same benefits as malate but without the digestive upset or muscle cramps.

Beta-Alanine – 3200 mg

Beta-alanine has been studied almost as much as creatine monohydrate. Proper dosing studies state that 3.2 grams of beta-alanine per day is an optimal value.

When taken regularly, beta-alanine can help improve endurance and output performance. The primary function of beta-alanine, though, blocks the production of lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

With less lactic acid, the muscles can more freely lift heavy for longer periods. Beta-alanine is helpful for muscle preservation during workouts.

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Nitrosigine® – 1500mg

Nitrosigine is a registered trademark branded supplement that works in a lot of similar ways to L-citrulline.

As an endothelium-dependent vasodilation nitric oxide supplement, it increases blood flow to the muscles.

By doing so, nutrients, other supplement ingredients, and hydration all make it to the muscles being worked quickly and help prolong workout sessions.

The main problem with this ingredient is that it hasn't been studied hardly at all.[1]

Senactiv® – 50 mg

Senactiv, another registered branded ingredient, is a plant-based supplement. 

It's design is to promote muscle growth, energy and boost athletic performance in endurance training.

Ideal for those who enjoy Crossfit, HIIT, and endurance sports, this smart energy blend can lead to longer training sessions, more energy, and boost strength without fatigue. 

This ingredient is always a welcome one in my opinion.

Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

L-Tyrosine – 1000 mg

Your mental focus is tested every time you start to lift. Our brains produce chemicals such as dopamine and epinephrine that help keep us focused on tasks. 

L-tyrosine is a free-form amino acid that crosses the brain-blood barrier to promote the release of these chemicals and to keep you focused on the job at hand.

Taurine – 1000 mg

Another amino acid, Taurine, is commonly found in sports drinks, energy drinks, and pre-workout supplements.

It helps improve blood flow to working muscles and get hydration and nutrients where they belong.

Higher endurance levels and shorter recovery times are possible because of Taurine. The amount found in Ghost Legend formulas is enough to see results almost immediately.

Alpha-GPC – 300 mg

Alpha-GPC, also known as Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline, is a mouthful. It is also one of the few all-natural smart energy compounds found today.

You can find this newer ingredient in most premium supplements and even stand-alone in gummy or capsule form.

Like other ingredients on this list, though, it isn’t very well studied as of yet.[2]

While the results look promising, it is still up in the air about the long-term effects or side effects of taking Alpha-GPC daily.

Natural Caffeine – 250 mg

Natural caffeine is the primary energy-supplying ingredient in almost every pre-workout, whether that comes from coffee beans, teas, or other stimulants.

In the case of Ghost, it comes in the form of dehydrated caffeine powder, or caffeine anhydrous.

As with all high-stim supplements, it is highly recommended you stay below 400 mg of caffeine per day, or the equivalent of about 4 to 5 cups of coffee.

With Ghost, you get about 250 mg per serving, which puts you over halfway to the daily limit.

Theobromine – 100 mg

Theobromine is the alkaloid in the cacao bean and is in everything chocolate, including candy, cocoa, and baking chocolate.

As an alkaloid, it bonds to caffeine and helps give it better absorption and offers a slightly higher kick.

This is why it is popular in pre-workouts. You may not realize, though, that it doesn't filter as quickly as caffeine in our bodies, so you can maintain energy levels a little bit longer.

AstraGin® – 50 mg

AstraGin is another registered brand product used as a delivery system for multiple other nutrients.

The compounds include branched-chain amino acids, omega-3s, and even creatine.

While science is still debating the benefits and risks, there have been some benefits of short-term use with minimal to no side effects in a few clinical trials, while it is deemed safe for use and ingestion, even on a daily basis[3].

Rauwolfia – 1.5 mg/ Bitter Orange Fruit Extract – 60 mg

Depending on the flavor and formula you choose, you may see one of two ingredients on the list. There will either be Rauwolfia root extract or Bitter Orange Fruit Extract.

Rauwolfia is an herb that contains alpha yohimbine, which has fat loss benefits.

The other option, Bitter Orange, is found in the UK and Canada blends. Because it is also used as a fat loss property, similar to ephedrine, it is looked upon with a skeptical eye.

Ephedrine has been banned by the IOC and most professional athletic associations.

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Different Flavors of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

Should You Try Ghost Pre-Workout?

One question I hear a lot is, "should I take a chance on a new pre-workout supplement when I already have one I enjoy?"

The answer is tricky because if you find one that provides you with everything you need, there may not be a reason to change.

A small change to your routine can make a huge difference. I would also ask what you dislike about your current pre-workout drink.

A lot of the answers are about flavor, taste, or changing the flavor to make it easier to drink.

With Ghost Legend, the flavor is not an issue. With over a dozen options and all bearing childhood memory, the tastes are incredible considering the competition.

If you are still on the fence about making a change, you don't need to buy a whole container.

Ghost Legend sells "sticks"  that are single servings of their flavors and formulas. For a couple of bucks, you can try their flavors and styles for a day or two to see how you like them.

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Who Should Avoid Ghost Legend Pre-Workout?

There are two types of gym enthusiasts that may want to pass on Ghost Legend pre-workouts. The first type are those that are caffeine-sensitive.

With 250 mg of caffeine, those that want to avoid high caffeine levels will want to steer clear.

The other type are those that are worried about possible banned substances or taking ingredients that are not completely studied and evaluated.

With Bitter Orange, a lot of professionals will want to stay clear. For the casual gym goer and weekend warriors, there is no reason not to try or buy Ghost Legend.

Ghost Legend Vs Alternative Pre-Workouts

How does Ghost Legend stack up against other well-known and popular brands? We compare it to Cellucor C4 and Gorilla Mode pre-workouts to find out.

Ghost Legend Vs C4 Pre-Workout

C4 by Cellucor is one of the most popular brands on the market.

They have a moderate amount of caffeine, but they also include other well-backed ingredients that help with recovery, performance, and no crash when you are done.

The main difference with C4, though, is that it includes creatine and not at the daily recommended levels. You will still need to supplement with additional creatine and BCAAs.

With Ghost not having any creatine, you can dose your additional supplements properly. However, C4 flavors aren't as bad as most, and this is the one thing Ghost has only a slight advantage on.

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Ghost Legend Vs Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Gorilla Mode pre-workout products are known as the bulk and pump pre-workout. Gorilla focuses on muscle pumps, with over 4500 mg of L-citrulline per serving.

Gorilla also includes other vasodilators and creatine, which is not found in Ghost Legend. Gorilla Mode is your formula if you want the pump and a naturally bitter flavor.

However, if you want better flavors and a higher focus on energy and endurance, Ghost is for you.

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Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Questions Answered

How long does Ghost Legend take to kick in?

Ghost pre-workout kicks in the standard 25 to 35 minute waiting period. If you take it on the way to the gym it will be kicking in as you get ready for warm-ups. On average most users find the tingles start about 20 minutes in and subside 10 to 15 minutes later.

Does Ghost pre-workout make you gain weight?

In a sense, yes, pre-workouts, can cause weight gain including Ghost Legend. The first few pounds may be attributed to water weight, but beyond that, it is more likely due to increased lean muscle mass and lower weight due to your workouts.

Does it have creatine or not?

The Ghost pre-workout supplement formulas do not have creatine. However, a different product, known as Ghost Size, does have creatine. You can combine the two or supplement creatine separately from the pre-workout product if you prefer.

Can I stack Ghost Legend V2 pre-workout with other supplements?

Yes, recommended values for most of the Ghost Legend V2 ingredients are already included, but not every workout supplement is listed. For additional BCAAs, creatine or proteins, you can stack with your good pre-workout supplement to get the most significant benefits. Always make sure to read the nutrition label.

How long does Ghost pre-workout last?

Ghost Legend has a half-life of about 6 hours. High-intensity exercise, endurance sports, and exercise performance will cut the effectiveness to a couple of hours. In almost every case, though, you can boost energy, endurance, and motivation to reach your fitness goals.


Ghost Legend pre-workout is one of the newer brands on the market, and it is effectively dosed.

Though they are having some supply issues keeping their most popular flavors in stock, it is worth the wait.

Ghost offers higher levels of caffeine content than some brands, which can give you a much-needed boost to your energy levels.

They also offer a lot of branded ingredients that possibly have huge benefits to your performance output.

If you are tired of bland or gross flavors you have to chug down before your workout, Ghost Legend has the answer. Feel like a kid again while getting the desired effects to train like a beast.

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