Home Gym Equipment Review Guide: What To Buy & Avoid?

Our fast lifestyle today does not allow us to devote some time for ourselves. More and more often we hear from people that they do not have much time to go to the gym in order to exercise. Many of them have the desire but unfortunately they do not have the time.

If you are one of these people, this is the perfect place for you to be. On our site you can find the best home gym equipment for your home. There is a set of information with pros and cons about each home gym set that you can find here.

Bodybuilding is type of sport that has created many great athletes in the world. It is a very demanding sport which requires full commitment. Apart from the desire for workout, you must have proper at home gym equipment in order to achieve certain results.

That is why you must find the best home gym equipment for your home. Having your own home gym equipment is a privilege. Our home gym review section will help you choose the best home gym for you.

Quality & Sturdiness Are Important Features

When it comes to looking for the best home gym fitness equipment, it is crucial to mention that the quality of the materials and the construction by itself must be considered.

We have spent many hours searching for the best home gym racks and other equipment. We have also reviewed them all in order to make it easier for you to make a decision.

So, if you are determined to buy home gym equipment, do not hesitate. Take a closer look to the options that we offer. With all these pros and cons you will easily find the most suitable equipment for your home.

Home Gym Equipment Guide

Home Gym Equipment Reviews

Here we are going to offer you a list of several very good and useful home gym tools and machines. Enjoy.

1) Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

On Sale Today
Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym
  • 25plus exercises that cover the entire body
  • Over 200 lb. Power Rod resistance
  • Multiple cable pulley position allows you to...
  • Bench converts to a rolling seat for aerobic...

If you’re on the hunt for a system that will allow you to completely work out your entire body, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym might just be the perfect fit.

This home gym requires a 100 x 78-inch workout area at the bare minimum, but the amount of things you’re able to do with this machine is truly fantastic.

With an included rowing machine rail, resistance levels between 5 and 210 pounds, 30 different possible exercises, a horizontal bench press, and so much more, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym really does have it all.

2. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

On Sale Today
Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine, Full Body...
  • Premium Workout Equipment: Marcy’s Smith...
  • All-in-One Gym Equipment: This versatile...
  • Multi-functional Smith Machine: Our power...
  • Leg Developer: This gym equipment also has a...

When you think of home gym equipment, you might think of machines that allow you to do a few little exercises here and there, but not allow you to do anything too strenuous or extreme.

However, some of the best home gym equipment is able to pack most everything you could want out of an entire gym into one single machine.

One such piece of equipment comes in the from of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings. Right off the bat, some of the most notable inclusions are the Smith machine, precision linear bearings, cable routed pulley system, and an Olympic rack that’s of a free-weight nature.

Because there are essentially three unique machines built into this, you are able to perform over 100 exercises on this one bit of home gym equipment. Other notable features include a weight bunch with multiple functions, bicep preacher curl, Smith bar catches that are adjustable, cable routed pectoral fly station, and so much more.

If you’re looking to get one of the most powerful and capable machines out there for your home gym setup, this could very well be the perfect one for you.

3. Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower with 4 Workout Stations...
  • Learn How to Strength Train with iFIT; Gain...
  • Push-up and Dip Stations; Lock in your form...
  • Knee-Raise and Pull-up Stations; develop...
  • Ergonomic Padding; Hand grips, back padding,...

While all of those machines are find and dandy, what if you’re on a bit of a budget? There’s no doubt that you can get some rather impressive home workout machines by spending a lot of cash, but what if you want to be a little more frugal with your spending?

If this is your case, the Weider Power Tower could make for a great addition to your home gym. Included are multiple stations, such as one for pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and vertical knee raises.

Additionally, the Weider Power Tower comes equipped with sewn vinyl cushions, which won’t only make your workouts more comfortable, but will also add greatly to the durability level of this machine.

4. Marcy Roman Chair

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair /...
  • VERSATILE EQUIPMENT – This training bench...
  • HYPEREXTENSION BENCH – The Marcy Roman...
  • INTEGRATED PADDING – This gym equipment...

Finally, the last item on our list is a bit more specific based on the type of workouts you’re into.

The main focus of the Roman Chair is to help you strengthen all of your lower back muscles, including your hamstrings, abdominal, and glutes. It’s constructed out of a 2 x 2 -inch heavy duty frame, comes with very comfortable boxed upholstery, and even includes a manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty.

It’s definitely the most affordable option on our list, and if you’re looking to simply target your lower back muscles, this is a great addition to any home gym.

Whether you’re looking for home gym equipment that will help you target one specific area, or you’re in the market for something a bit more general, all of the items on our list are some of the best options on the market. And, no matter which you end up choosing, we think you’ll love it.

5. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works Black/Red,...
3,781 Reviews
Weider Ultimate Body Works Black/Red,...
  • Dimensions: 59" L x 27.5" W x 48" H
  • Max. Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Cushion material: Foam
  • Cable-and-pulley system allows for greater...

Being able to get a full and complete workout of your entire body is an amazing thing. The human body consists of an absurd amount of various muscles that all need to be worked out at some point, but be able to do so in an efficient manner isn’t always the easiest thing – especially with home gym equipment.

You see, home gym style equipment that allows you to workout your entire body usually costs a very pretty penny. In other words, they’re often quite expensive. And, along with being pricey, these home workout stations have a tendency to take up quite a bit of room in your home, making them a bit less convenient and compact than you may like.

So, if you’re someone who wants to be able to workout their entire body, but also wants to be able to do so on a budget and with a machine that won’t take up an enormous amount of space, what are your options?

Although they can be a bit limited, that’s not to say that they’re aren’t well-made machines out there that will do the trick. In fact, there’s one particular machine that actually fits the bill quite nicely.

The machine goes by the name of the Weider Ultimate Body Works, and it’s packing quite a punch for not a lot of money.

Home Gym Ideas - Creating a Workout Space

Home gym equipment is perhaps one of the most interesting markets out there. It’s a billion dollar industry that’s feel with numerous products, and some of these said products can easily cost over a thousand dollars.

What often happens in this field is that people shell out a lot of money for nice pieces of equipment, workout for a few days, and then stop. But why do they stop?

While time constraints are certainly a possibility, one of the biggest reasons is because they didn’t have a proper setup for their home gym before they started buying equipment.

Creating your own home gym is so much more than simply buying workout machines on Amazon, and today we will be looking at some of the best home gym ideas to help you make the most out of your space.

Dedicate one area to nothing but working out

It can be so tempting to simply do your workouts in a room of your house that already has stuff in it, but this is not ideal at all when it comes to creating your own home gym area. What you need first and foremost is a space that is dedicated solely to working out. This space needs to be a place that will keep you motivated, energized, and free of any and all possible distractions.

The power of a power rack

There are many different types of equipment you can buy to add to your home gym, but one of the most useful and functional ones is a classic power rack. Power racks are incredibly useful tools, and are essentially the heart of any well-established home or garage gym.

Power racks allow you to do lifts, dips, pull-ups, squats, and pretty much any type of free weight activity that you can think of. And, along with their insane functionality, solid power racks can be found for as low as a couple of hundred dollars.

Don’t underestimate the dumbbell

Dumbbells are perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of equipment that comes to mind when you think of a home gym setup, and that comes with very good reasoning. Dumbbells allow for a very nice variety of possible workouts, and when combined with a bench, can create for even more uses.

When looking at dumbbells for your home gym, there are actually quite a few options for you to choose from. However, the best, and most affordable, option comes in the form of dumbbells with standard handles. Along with being easier on your wallet, these also provide for better comfort and safety than that allow you to adjust the weight.

This certainly isn’t it when it comes to considerations to keep in mind when creating your own home gym setup, but it should get you started in a very solid direction.

Home gyms can be excellent additions to any house and lifestyle, but they are only their most useful when a lot of time and careful planning is put into them. It might seem tedious at first, but the end result will be well worth the effort.

The Most Popular Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

Having a great muscular body is not just about the looks. Exercising every day is extremely beneficial for your stamina, health and even your sex life. With that in mind, getting your daily gym fix is a must.

However, in our busy lives we rarely have time to put into going to a gym. That’s why most enthusiasts look for easy home gym solutions. If you are new and don’t want where to start, we have gathered a list of the most important and popular home gym equipment today.

Without further ado, here are the top home gym equipment products you must definitely own.

Cross Trainer

You can’t start an exercise without doing a proper warm-up first. The best way to do so is a cross trainer. That makes it a must for your home gym.

Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, the cross trainer gives you a perfect intense cardio workout. What’s more, a cross trainer is an easy and affordable way to start your home gym collection.

The Cross-Trainer, also known as an elliptical trainer has a number of health and fitness benefits. Just some of its health benefits are cardiovascular conditioning, increased lung capacity and bone strengthening.

Dumbbells Set

You can’t start a home gym equipment collection without having a proper dumbbell set. Able to help you out in a huge number of exercise, generally for muscle-building, the dumbbell set is also quite affordable.

With a dumbbell set you will be able to achieve the muscular shape you’ve always wanted, even before you invest in some more exercise-heavy equipment.

What’s more, a set of lighter dumbbells is perfect for intensive fat-burner exercises and will definitely help you out with shaping your body.

Rowing Machine

While not extremely popular, rowing machines can vastly improve your fitness level in a variety of ways.

A great all-in-one exercise machine, the rowing fitness products will help you build and tone your muscles, while at the same time improving your endurance and strengthening your cardiovascular function.

Furthermore, if you want to burn some calories up, the rowing machine should definitely be part of your daily routine.

Weight-Lifting Bench

If you want to have strong arms, back and chest, then you won’t be wrong with purchasing a weight-lifting bench. With it you will be able to get your full workout.

When buying a weight-lifting bench, be sure to purchase one that lets you switch positions.

Furthermore, if it has leg exercise extensions, you will be able to fully work your body muscles.

Medicine Balls

If you prefer keeping your home gym set machine-free, then be sure to purchase some medicine balls.

A valuable asset, medicine balls let you involve your whole body at an extremely affordable cost.

With it, you’d be able to perform a great workout for your body.

With medicine balls you will be able to add that extra bit in your lunges, crunches and more, in order to achieve a greater effect and tone your body just the way you want.


The best type of workout is running. However, most of us don’t want to go outside on the busy streets and let everyone see their sweaty workout.

If you prefer to run inside, your best bet would be to purchase a treadmill.

While on the more expensive side of home gym equipment, treadmills are a great way to build your habit of working out regularly at home just by running a few miles per day.

This will also help you tone your body, especially your abdominal muscles. For those who prefer more budget-friendly options, be sure to search for the so-called minimalist treadmills.

While they are fairly narrow and don’t include the many options of their more expensive counterparts, the minimalist treadmills will still give you the same functionality, while allowing you to save up a few bucks.

An Air Bike

An alternative to the treadmill and a great way to stay in shape, the air bike is a great way to start your home gym collection.

Being some of the most popular home gym equipment products, air bikes are perfect for high-intensity interval training routines.

Furthermore, with so many options available on the market, you will be able to choose just the right one for you. Today, there are even air bikes, which have moving handles, which let you work on your upper body muscles, while biking at home, as well.

Punching Bag

You can never go wrong with a punching bag!

A perfect product for your home gym, the punching bag lets you get full-body cardio workout without much hassle. 

What’s more punching bag exercises often help people relieve their stress and also help people with anger issues.

So if you are mad at someone, just purchase a punching bag and start exercising.

Pull-Up Bar

If you are looking for more budget-friendly home gym equipment options, the pull-up bar is definitely the way to go.

Especially great for starting fitness enthusiasts, the pull-up bar lets you train your upper body and abdominal muscles.

Furthermore, with a pull-up bar you won’t need much research on how to properly do the exercises, like you usually do with most fitness machines.

Instead, you just get on the pull-up bar and start doing pull-ups, it’s as easy as that!

Ab Wheel

One of the most common people have with their fitness is their belly.

Helping you get rid of the excessive fat in your abdominal area, the ab wheel is the perfect home gym equipment product for flattening your stomach.

Furthermore, most ab wheels are extremely affordable, so you will be able to start exercising like a professional even on a budget.

Jump Rope

While a jump rope might seem a toy to you, it is an extensive training equipment used by thousands upon thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

An extremely affordable way to get into fitness, a jump rope will allow you to get your blood flowing quickly.

What’s more about ten minutes of continuous jumps will help you gain the same effect you get from about 30 minutes of running. That being said, the jump rope is a perfect way to get your exercise fix without spending too much time exercising.

Exercise Mat

Whether you are into pilates, want to do some pushups or crunches, the exercise mat is a must.

Important for every fitness enthusiasts that wants to start working out more regularly, the exercise mat will give you the extra bit of cushion needed that will free you up from the usual soreness that comes hand in hand from working out on a hardwood floor.

Foam Roller

Perfect for warm-ups, the foam roller will help you increase your flexibility.

Rather affordable piece of home gym equipment, the foam roller is definitely a worthy product that every fitness enthusiasts should own.

Furthermore it is the perfect equipment that will let you stretch out comfortably and properly, relieving any pain or stress in your body you’ve gathered throughout your busy day.

Fitness Trampoline

If you are more of an outside person and you want to have some fun, while doing your workout, then purchasing a fitness trampoline would be the right way to go.

While this might not be the first piece of fitness equipment when you’ve thought of building a home gym products collection, the fitness trampoline is definitely the perfect device for improving your heart rate and circulation, as well as lowering your blood pressure with the help of gentle and joyful aerobic exercises.

What’s more, in some situations, you will still be able to use it indoors.

Combined Trainer

Those looking for more intensive-heavy machine fitness equipment and can afford spending a few bucks over the top should definitely look for purchasing a combined trainer.

Usually implementing a number of fitness machines into one and cramping it up in size so they can fit into your home, the combined trainers are a perfect addition to any home gym.

What’s more most of them come with instructional DVDs that further help you out and give you information on just how to achieve the body you want.

However, they are definitely not for everyone, not only because of their price, but also because of the fact that most things they provide you with exercise-wise are easily achievable without such expensive equipment.

Gym (Exercise) Ball

A balance exercise ball is a must for those who want to tone their muscles and achieve greater flexibility in their bodies.

Especially good for strength and cardio workouts, gym balls are suitable for all ages and are a great way to do your daily exercise fix.

There is a huge array of fitness equipment that is perfect for the home.

Furthermore, while most believe that having a home gym collection is expensive, there are a number of exceptionally good exercise products that are affordable.

From exercise balls to treadmills, you won’t be wrong with purchasing just the home gym product you desire.

Factors to Consider When Buying Home Gym Equipment

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re been thinking about purchasing some home gym equipment for yourself. Staying in shape and getting healthy is important no matter who you are, but we understand that it isn’t always convenient to take time out of your day to drive to the gym for a solid workout.

Because of our increasingly busy schedules, a lot of people have been turning towards the use of home gym equipment to keep themselves fit and active without having to drive to or pay the monthly cost of a gym membership.

Adding this kind of equipment to your home can be an incredible convenience and benefit to your overall health, but there are most definitely a few things that need to be taken into consideration before throwing down your hard-earned cash. Here are the top factors and features that you need to consider when buying home gym equipment.

How much are you willing to spend?

Before you make any type of big purchase, you need to really think about how much money your budget will allow you to spend. It’s certainly possible to pay thousands of dollars for an incredibly powerful, top-of-the-line workout station, but there are also some very good offerings that are much easier on the wallet.

What kind of workouts do you want to do?

When it comes down to what these products are capable of, home gym equipment varies drastically. Treadmills are your best bet if you’re looking to jog/run, weight benches are ideal if your focus in on your upper body, rowing machines offer a great full-body workout, and so on.

Some machines allow you to partake in a wide array of activities, while others are more specific in regards to what they’re made for. First determine what it is you want to do, and then you can begin your shopping!

How much space do you have available?

This is often a factor that goes unnoticed, but it’s also one of the most critical ones to keep in consideration. Serious home gym equipment takes up much more space than your old resistance bands and jump rope that you’ve been using to condition yourself. Having an ample amount of room to keep your equipment isn’t only crucial when you’re using it, but also if you ever need to put it in storage.

A lot of people use their garages as home workout areas, but what about when you have a lot of people over and need to make use of that space? Where’s your equipment going to go then? Always keep this thought in the back of your mind when shopping around.


While there are certainly other factors to take into consideration, such as user reviews, materials used on the equipment, etc., these are the three most important ones to keep in mind during your buying process.

Keeping your purchase within your budget, buying a machine that is built for the workouts you want to do, and ensuring you have lots of free space at your house will make your home gym equipment purchasing considerably more stress free and enjoyable.

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