Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym Review (Is It Worth It?)

Body-Solid is a well-established name in the home workout space. One of the most reviewed and popular home gyms is the Body-Solid BSG10X. 

Even though it is an older model, it still stands the test of time with durability, performance, and reliability. 

Body-Solid hasn’t stopped making improvements or making each new model even better. The BSG10X is one of the models used for an example of the newer home gyms. 

This article will examine the Powerline BSG10X home gym benefits and drawbacks, and we will rate, review and compare it. 

If you are looking for an affordable home gym with full-body workout capabilities, the Body-Solid BSG10X is a model worth a closer look. 

woman using low row bar on BSG10X Home Gym

The Powerline BSG10X home gym is defined as full-body workout apparatus. 

It is a 5-station home gym set up that allows you to perform over 40 exercises.

The simple assembly and no-cable change setup make it fast and easy to go between activities without cooling down while you change configurations.[1] 

The Powerline BSG10X home gym has a small footprint which will fit in most homes. 

You don’t need a specific gym area in your home or basement for the unit to fit. 

It is advised to have at least 9 feet of clearance around these home gyms for a full workout, but tighter areas have been used successfully such as basements with low ceilings.

With a 160 pound adjustable weight stack offering up to 300 pounds of resistance training, a 4-foot lat bar, row bar, and ab harness, you can get the workout you want and the results you are after—all of this with a 10-year warranty to protect your investment.

Our Review Of The Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


 Product Specifications 

Assembled Dimension 

66L x 47W x 80H inches 

Assembled Weight 

316 Lbs 

Floor Space Dimensions 

70L x 47W x 80H inches 

Weight Stack 

160 Lbs

Weight Capacity 

400 Lbs 

No. of Exercises 



10 years 

The Powerline Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X is a complete workout machine for your home. 

So whether you are turning your garage into a gym or just want a full-range system in your home so you don't have to find a gym, the answer may be this model. 

There are a lot of benefits of owning the Powerline BSG10X home gym, and each one builds on the last. The 11-gauge steel frame is sturdy, reliable and powder coated to last a long time. 

It also holds the military grade aircraft cables that roll effortlessly through the pulleys. 

Unlike many other home gyms, the BSG10X doesn’t require you to change pulleys or cables mid-workout. 

It features a high, middle, and low pulley and cable system so you can move from one exercise to the next. No transition is needed. 

The seat also adjusts to four positions, ensuring you have the correct height and angle at all times for proper body positioning. 

The seat will be comfortable and perfectly adjusted whether you are performing leg lifts or need to lock in your thighs for higher weight lat pulldowns. 

The multi-grip press bar allows you to use a close or wide grip when pressing and allows you to fully expand and maximise chest concentration to develop your pectoral muscles.  

This wider range of motion provides incredible muscle building workouts. 

With this home gym, you don’t have to spend your entire weekend putting it together, either. 

It comes in a single box 90% pre-assembled. It should only take you a couple of hours to put it together, set up, and start working out. 

As long as you follow all of the instructions during assembly (and only use if for non-commercial use), it is backed by the Powerline 10-year warranty that covers all their home gyms against defects, binding, improper movement, and damage.[2]

The Powerline Body-Solid BSG10X home gym may not be the newest model on the market, but it is one of the most reliable and sturdy workout centers for full-body home gyms.

If you need a space saving design with high weight resistance, you won't be disappointed. 

What Makes The BSG10X Home Gym So Unique? 

The Powerline Body-Solid BSG10X home gym has a lot of features worthy of covering here.

Each aspect is another reason to make a purchase. If you aren't sure this model is right for you, read on to see if we can change your mind. 

Durable Built/Design 

Body-Solid BSG10X Dimensions

The Powerline BSG10X home gym isn’t the most durable system made by Body-Solid, but it is a reliable and durable piece of exercise equipment. 

Made from 11-gauge steel that is electrostatic powder-coated, the system is strong enough to handle up to 400 pounds of user weight. 

The aircraft-grade steel cables and strong pulleys also add to the durability of the entire system.

On top of the frame and cables, you will also find impact resistant fiberglass-reinforced nylon and machined steel ball bearings.

Smooth operation and durable performance are at the heart of the gym equipment. 

Compact And Easy To Assemble 

The overall footprint of the unit is smaller than most home gyms less than 4 feet wide, gives you ample room for a full press bar, and an 80-inch height means it will fit in almost any room of the home or basement. 

The system also ships in one box and comes 90% assembled.

Unlike other Body-Solid home gyms that take several hours to put together, you can open, assemble and use the BGS10X in only a couple of hours. 

160 Lbs. Adjustable Weight Stack 

Body-Solid BSG10X 160-pound Weight Stack

The 160 pound weight stack is already put together for you and offers up to 300 pounds of resistance.

With the selector weight stack instead of plate-loaded, there's a smooth adjustment as you move between weights.

Upper, Mid And Low Pulley And Press Station 

The system uses a 1:1 ratio press station with upper, lower, and mid pulleys so you can do all workouts with proper body positioning. 

There's an easy to use smooth adjustment handle so you can alter the angle and intensity of your muscle building workouts to meet your exact needs. 

It also has a leg developer station (for leg extensions), and the pec fly station to help you build your upper body. 

With these workout stations, you don't have to change pulleys or handles during your workout and can keep working your entire body until your sets are complete. 

Traditional Press Bar 

Body Solid BSG10X Home Gym Adjustable Arm Press

The press bar is designed for maximum movement, maximum chest concentration, and muscle development.

With a better range of motion, you can concentrate the weight and movement to get the range and workout desired. 

Adjustable Seat 

The cushioned seat rests on a telescoping, chrome-plated adjustable seat post.

This adjustable seat post allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the seat for various exercise needs.

During the workout, it minimizes the time between sets or reps and gives you the perfect height at all times for all the exercises you need to do. 

A Few Pros & Cons Of The Body-Solid BSG10X Home Gym System

The BSG10X model has a lot of benefits for lower budget and beginner home gym setups. 

Unfortunately, it also has a few negative sides. Let's look at both and see if one or more can make or break your purchasing decision. 


  • 90% pre-assembled 
  • Space-saving, compact design 
  • Maximum range of motion with biometrically designed press bar 
  • 2200 lb tension strength aircraft-grade steel cables 
  • Leg press attachment and handles available 


  • Not as many exercises compare to newer models or other brands 
  • Cannot add additional weight stacks 

Accessories & Add-Ons For The Body-Solid BSG10X 

The Powerline BSG10X has a few optional accessories that you may be interested in.

Unlike some of the newer models, this model comes with almost everything that works with it. Therefore, there aren’t a lot of extras needed. However, there are a few worth mentioning here. 

  • Leg Press Attachment 
    With the optional leg press attachment, you can add an additional 5+ exercises to leg day. This makes it much more of a leg developer, and the small footprint allows for easy integration to the existing system.
  • Adjustable Nylon Handle 
    The Body Solid nylon handle is ideal for pull downs, side pulls, and other gripped exercises when you need that extra pull.
  • Adjustable Ankle Strap 
    The Body Solid ankle strap is a perfect leg developer as it allows you to add in cable glute exercises and other lower body movements.

Body-Solid Home Gym Models Compared 

Body-Solid is not without systems, machines, or equipment. They have made high-quality apparatuses for a long time, and the BSG10X is but one option.

How does it compare to some of the more popular models? Let’s find out. 

Body Solid BSG10X Vs EXM1500S 

Body Solid EXM1500S Single Stack Home Gym
  • Includes lat bar, low row bar, utility strap,...
  • Exercises include chest press, high and low...
  • Gym is centered on a 160-Pound weight stack,...
  • Measures 36 x 83 x 49-Inch (width x height x...

The EXM1500S is one of the most popular Body-Solid home gyms of all time. It has some of the highest reviews and purchase numbers of any model, and for good reason. 

With 5 workout stations, no-change cables, and set transition ease, it is not only easy to use but fun as well. 

The EXM1500S is the base design model for a lot of the newer releases, including the G1S and the EXM2500S models.

Compared to the BSG10X, though, they are almost identical. Noticeable differences include the color and size. 

The EXM model is slightly larger when fully assembled and weighs a bit more but offers a broader range of motion for the exercises.

The other significant difference is the warranty. While the BSG10X has the standard 10-year warranty, the EXM model comes with a full residential lifetime warranty. 

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Body Solid BSG10X Vs G1S 

Body-Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym
  • INDUSTRY LEADER: For 30+ years, Body Solid...
  • VERSATILE AND SPACE-SAVING: The all-in-one...
  • EXERCISES: Use this home gym to complete a...

As mentioned above, the G1S is an improvement over the EXM1500S, which was the base design for the newer models.

The G1S might be the most popular home gym ever created by Body-Solid. 

It features high-quality parts, including a few different types of bushings, smooth cable pulleys with an all-aluminum upgrade option, and a full lifetime warranty. 

Every aspect of this system is an upgrade over previous units, including the Powerline BSG10X. 

The G1S has a better seat with more seat adjustments and roller cushioning, stronger cables, a thicker steel frame, and a better powder coating. 

It also costs about $1000 more than the BSG10X, which is also strong, durable, and reliable. 

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Body Solid BSG10X Vs P2X 

Powerline by Body-Solid (P2X) Multi-Station...
  • INDUSTRY LEADER: For 30+ years, Body Solid...
  • 6 UNIQUE WORKOUT STATIONS: Multi-Press Arms...
  • INCLUDED ATTACHMENTS: Fully adjustable...
  • EXERCISES: Use this home gym to complete a...

If the G1S is the upgraded version of the EXM1500S, the P2X is the upgraded version of the BSG10X.

The equipment style of both of these models is similar and they have lot of the same features, including the weight stack, and the optional attachment for leg presses. However, the P2 home gym can mount the optional leg press in 2 locations instead of one. 

You will also find that the P2 model (as well as the discontinued P1X) has a brushed steel finish, a stronger steel frame, and a smoother bearing pivot point for smoother transitions.

The Body Solid Powerline 10-year warranty applies to both home gyms, but the P2X is more expensive. 

Even with the stronger frame and better bearings, the P2X takes up much more space, isn't as compact, and doesn't come 90% pre-assembled like the BSG10X model.

If you need to save money or have limited room for a home gym, the Body Solid Powerline BSG10X is your choice. Otherwise, go with the stronger, sturdier P2X. 

Comparing The Body-Solid BSG10X To Other Home Gym Brands 

With the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X being compact, basically pre-assembled, and at a low price point, it has to be the best out there, right?

Let’s see how it compares to other well known home gym models from Bowflex, Marcy, and Weider to find out. 

Body Solid BSG10X Vs Bowflex Revolution 

BowFlex Revolution Home Gym
  • PLATES: Plate technology works independent of...
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Over 100 exercises with...
  • MOVING ARMS: Independently moving arms with...
  • RESISTANCE: Work with up to 600 lbs of...

The Bowflex Revolution home gym is just what it claims to be, a revolution. It offers a full-body workout, workouts targetting specific muscle groups, and a space-saving compact design. 

While this home gym isn't pre-assembled as much as the BSG10X model, it doesn’t take forever to put together. 

Once it is assembled, though, there is no real comparison. 

The Freedom Arms, row capable bench and seat, and SpiraFlex non-inertia resistance disks give you over 100 exercises, compared to the Body-Solid’s 40. 

You get a 10-year warranty with both models, but the Bowflex is built better, lasts longer, and has lower maintenance needs.

Unfortunately, the Revolution home gym also costs almost double that of the BSG10X home gym, which is the biggest negative to the system. You can read our full review of the Bowflex Revolution here. 

Body Solid BSG10X Vs Marcy Stack Pro 988 

On Sale Today
Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym...
  • WEIGHT STACK LOCK – This gear comes with a...
  • DUAL ACTION PRESS ARMS-Designed with dual...
  • REMOVEABLE CURL PAD – This home gym machine...

Like the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym, the Marcy Stack Pro 988 features a no-cable change system with low, medium, and high pulleys for lower and upper body. 

It isn't as compact as the Body-Solid unit, but it does feature more exercises and capabilities. 

There are more workout stations, and the preacher curl attachment and leg press are included. Pro Stack 988 home gyms also have a multi-function high bar, curl and chain, and dual-function traditional press bar.

The 14-gauge steel construction and professional appearance make this unit stand out in any home. 

It also costs less than the Body-Solid and is, in fact, one of the least expensive home gyms available.

The one downfall is that the weight stack is not the most resistance at only 150 pounds, where the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym (and most others) has 160 pound stacks. 

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Body Solid BSG10X Vs Weider Pro 6900 

When it comes to exercise equipment, the Weider name is almost as well known as Gold’s Gym. 

It is no wonder, then, that home gym apparatuses like the Weider Pro 6900 Weight System are among the most well-known and widely used in the industry. 

Compared to the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym, though, there are a few similarities. Both are compact, easy to use, and feature full-range motion exercises.

Smooth pulleys, strong cables, and effortless transitions are also common on both machines. 

The Weider, though, only has a 125 weight stack, compared to the 160 pound BSG10X.

However, the Weider 6900 comes with a preacher curl pad, butterfly press arms, and a multi-pivot leg press system.

For the price, the workout is excellent for beginners and most intermediates but it is a pretty basic model. If you need a more versatile home gym, the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym is there to give you that extra little lift. 

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Assembling & Unboxing A Body-Solid BSG10X Gym 

It is true that the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym comes 90% assembled so you can put the machine together fairly quickly. However, that does not mean that the final assembly of the gym equipment going to be effortless. 

It is imperative that you read the owner’s manual and all of the assembly steps before you begin at all.

Each step is clearly outlined, but all are important, and there are things you need to know before you begin (such as when to remove the packing strap). 

There are also many little pieces that need to be measured to ensure you have the right one for each step.

After reading the instructions, you will know what it entails and what you are in store for. The process should take 2 to 3 hours. 

You can find the owner’s manual in the packaging. However, you can also find the manual online through the Body-Solid website. In short, though, the assembly process will look like this: 

  1. 1
    Stand the assembled section of the gym up and attach the rear legs. 
  2. 2
    Secure the lower frame and install the lower flat plate. 
  3. 3
    Install the press arms into the press arm frame. 
  4. 4
    Install the shaft collars, weight selector pins, and guide rods. 
  5. 5
    Install the seat assembly and backrest assembly. 
  6. 6
    Assemble and attach all foam rollers and chain extensions. 
  7. 7
    Ensure all bolts are tightened and secure. 

Disassembling, Moving & Storing The Unit 

As with most Body-Solid units, the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym is not designed to be moved, disassembled, or transported. 

However, if you need to move the unit for long-term storage, moving to a new home, or other reasons, it can be done. 

You will need to reverse the assembly instructions, taking care to remove the cables as they will have tension on them.

It is also important to note that you will not be able to restore the base of the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym to its pre-assembled state unless you have a compression machine and binding to hold it down. 

Home Gym Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is a crucial part of home gym ownership. In the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym owner's manual, there is a detailed outline of daily and weekly maintenance routines to follow. These are not suggestions.

Proper maintenance will maintain the warranty and keep your machine working correctly. 

This will include dusting, cleaning, and inspecting the unit. Before every workout, you need to check the cables, especially around the pulleys.

If the coating is broken, swollen, or missing, it is an early warning sign the cable is going to break. 

Check and wipe down the upholstery, frame, and chrome. You also want to clean it weekly, including the sleeves, adjustments, locking pins, weight stack pins, and guide rods.

All hand grips, rollers, and anti-skid pins also need to be wiped and cleaned, and you also need to vacuum the floor around the system to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the machine. 

Body Solid BSG10X Workout & Exercise Programs 

Exercises with Body-Solid BSG10X

The Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym is capable of performing over 40 different workout exercises. 

You can focus on any major muscle group or perform a full body workout. 

With this model, you can focus on abs, biceps, lats, obliques, pectorals, quads, shoulders, traps, or triceps. 

The exercises you can perform include the following list, though, with the leg press attachment, there are more to perform as needed. 

The Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym comes with an exercise chart which provides a full guide on how to use it to build maximum strength.

  • Push-ups 
  • Bench and incline press 
  • Pec fly 
  • Pullover, crossover upright rows 
  • Wide and close grip lat pulldowns 
  • Bent over and seated rows 
  • Ab crunch/ oblique bends 
  • Bicep and triceps curl 
  • Triceps press, extension, and kickbacks 
  • Glute kicks 
  • Standard and standing leg curls 
  • Seated calf raises 
  • Outer and Inner thigh abduction/adduction 
  • Standing Shoulder Press

Frequently Asked Body-Solid BSG10X Questions

How much is a Body-Solid BSG10X home gym? 

The Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym has an MSRP of $1771. However, with additional accessories and add-ons, the price may be higher. 

How much clearance is required behind the machine? Can it go up against a wall? 

You will need clearance on all sides of the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym, including the rear. In contrast, the rear legs will provide the clearance needed. 

You can push the unit up against the wall, but it is best advised to leave at least an extra foot behind the machine. 

Can I add weight to my Body-Solid BSG10X home gym? 

No. The 160 pound weight stack on the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym cannot be added to. However, you can add additional stack adapter weight plates, which come in 2.5 and 5-pound sizes for incremental weight increases.  

Where can I buy Body-Solid BSG10X replacement parts? 

You can find replacement parts through the Body-Solid website or their web-front store on Amazon. Both options offer low prices, full supply lines, and expedited shipping. 

Can you do military presses with this machine? 

With the BSG10X model, you can use the middle cables to perform a modified military overhead press.

A perfect military press is impossible because of the cables and their position, but you can do overhead lifts on a minimized scale. 

Are the pulleys smooth and quiet while in use? 

The pulleys are smooth and quiet while in use, and as long as you perform proper maintenance and daily inspections, you won't have any complications with the cables, pulleys, or their binding. 

Is it appropriate for women? 

Weight training has no gender preference, and anyone can use the home gym system.

Women who do not wish to bulk up or add muscle mass can still use the system to tone, train and improve their muscle health. 

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating



The Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym is a full-body home gym system. It is compact and has a small footprint compared to other brands.

The machine can be installed and set up in a couple of hours. 

With the leg press attachment, you can perform over 50 exercises and get a full-body training session any time you need. 

While the weight stack isn't enough for professional lifters, This home gym is ideal for those that want a home workout or those that can't get to a gym regularly. 

With the Body-Solid Powerline BSG10X home gym, you can have the workout you need on your schedule, from every major muscle group to full lower and upper body workouts, any time, at home. 




Last Updated on December 17, 2022