Weider Pro 6900 Review (Home Gym Weight System Compared)

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of driving to the gym every day, but you still want a full-body workout, an all-in-one home gym is just what you need.

All-in-one home gyms are great space savers that still allow you to work out your entire body. 

The Weider Pro 6900 System is an excellent piece of equipment that allows you to do a wide variety of exercises from the comfort of your home.

With the Weider Pro 6900, you can do lat pulldowns, chest presses, chest flys, preacher curls, rows, and more.  

It also has a high and a low pulley so that you can perform additional exercises.  

The Weider 6900 is an excellent all-in-one home gym, and we've scoured the internet for the best Weider Pro 6900 weight system reviews to put together the guide below.

The Weider 6900 Weight System is an all-in-one home gym designed for people without much space for gym equipment.

The home gym measures 43 inches by 77 inches and stands 82.5 inches high. This makes the Weider Pro 6900 very compact compared to similar all-in-one home gyms. 

Its design is also very appealing with sleek silver metal construction and bright red vinyl padding.

And because it includes several different exercise options, this Weider all-in-one home gym is perfect for beginners and more advanced weightlifters alike. 

Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym Reviewed 

Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym System

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


Product Specifications 

Assembled Dimensions

82.5 x 77 x 43 inches 

Assembled Weight 

581 lbs

Maximum Capacity 

330 lbs

Stack Magnitude 

125 lbs




Red And Black 

Assembly Required 



Full 90-Day

The Weider Pro is an excellent home gym system you can use to complete a full-body workout without having to drive to a gym or fill your home with dumbbells and other equipment. 

This Weider weight system leverages industrial-strength pulleys and bushing around six different stations to provide excellent versatility. 

The Weider 6900 Pro comes with a 125-pound weight stack at the back of the main station. The pulley system allows for 330 lbs of total resistance. 

This is more than enough if you're working out for general fitness and health and you aren't trying to become a professional bodybuilder. 

You will be able to perform 55 different exercises on the Weider Pro 6900 that work out various muscle groups. 

For example, you'll be able to do squats, leg curls, shoulder shrugs, front raises, overhead extensions, pull-ups, triceps extensions, hip abductions, just to name a few. 

The multi-grip chest press and fly station is ideal for gowing your chest and rear delts. The included preacher curl pad allows you to train your biceps and help build those awesome peaks. 

The leg developer is a rare sight on most home gyms, so I thought it was a welcome addition. 

This model even comes with the popular lat pulldown, which is excellent for building one of the largest muscles in your body; your back.

The Weider Pro 6900 is a complete home gym system that can deliver an intense full-body workout from the comfort of your own home.

The way the system is designed allows you to create balance by assisting you in building opposing muscle groups and creating a solid base for muscle gain. 

So whether you're trying to bulk up or get in shape for your favorite sport, a complete workout can start at home with the Weider 6900 Pro. 

Add Ons & Accessories 

The Weider Pro 6900 home gym is true to its all-in-one name; you don't really need any add ons.

The 330lbs of total resistance is all you get with this Weider home gym, and you can't buy any add ons to increase that resistance.  

However, that's more than enough resistance for most people.

And with the included lat pull down, 4-roll leg developer, preacher curl pad, and more that's already included, you likely won't feel a need for any add ons. 

Unboxing & Assembly

Weider Pro 6900 dimensions in the box

As soon as you've opened the box to your Weider Pro 6900, you need to read the safety guidelines and become familiar with all of the warnings and precautions.[1]

Then, grab all the tools you need, and make sure you have a big, open space to work in for easy access. 

Make sure you have a protective covering for your floor where you'll place the Weider machine, and the floor needs to be flat and solid. 

Once you have the machine put together, you need to ensure all fasteners are tightened but leave room for adjustments. 

The key to long-lasting fitness equipment is proper maintenance. Well-maintained equipment saves you and keeps you from getting injured.

Clean your all-in-one home gym after each use, wiping handles, bars, and upholstery with a cleaning solution.  

Once you're ready to work out, select the desired resistance plates. Be sure not to lift too heavy at the beginning to avoid injury.

Then you'll need to position the adjustable arms to the correct setting and attach the cable clips to the appropriate location. Now you're ready to exercise! 

Disassembling, Moving & Storage

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to move your Weider Pro 6900 if you ever need to, especially if you installed it yourself. That's one of the benefits of all-in-one home gyms.[2]

However, exercise equipment is heavy, so be sure to have a helper with you just in case.

If you didn't put the machine together yourself and you don't have disassembly instructions, check with the manufacturer of your equipment. 

The first part of dissembling your Weider Pro is to remove the cables. Then, roll them up and put them in plastic bags. 

Next, remove all of the attachments, and secure any moving parts. Now you're ready to move the frame and all of its parts.

Once everything is broken down, you should be able to pass it through any doorway in your home and get it to the moving van. 

Weider 6900 Pro Maintenance Tips 

Home gym maintenance is necessary, and thankfully it's much easier than you may think.

As long as you take a few seconds here and there to make sure everything is kept in shape, your machine should last for years to come. 

First, make sure you wipe down padded surfaces after each use with a sanitizing spray of your choice. 

Next, wipe down all other parts of your Weider Pro every two weeks to keep them dust-free and in proper form.

You should also apply oil to the weight tracks every month or twice a month if you use your machine often.  

Finally, perform monthly checks of your machine for cracks, bends, and imperfections. 

Check the various weld points on the machine every once in a while to make sure nothing has cracked under the strain of use. 

Workout & Exercise Programs 

All of this is fine and good, but I know many of you are wondering if you can build muscle with a Weider Pro 6900.

As long as you don't want to be the next Mr. Olympia, you can build the muscle you need with this machine.  

The Weider Pro 6900 is great for circuit training.

For an easy full-body circuit, you can do an upper-body exercise like a lat pulldown and a lower-body exercise like a leg extension. 

And after that, you can choose an abdomen workout.

Weider Pro 6900 exercises

With 55 available exercises, you can do something completely different the next day, like tricep pushdowns, preacher curls, forearm training and ab exercises. 

Weider Pro 6900 Pros & Cons

What We Like 

  • It's Compact. The Weider Pro 6900 is a very compact piece of exercise equipment that can provide countless exercise options. 
  • Multiple Uses For Each Station. You can use many stations for multiple exercises. 
  • Variety of Exercises. This machine has six stations that allow you to do 55 different exercises. 
  • Accessories. It's easy to attach other accessories so you can quickly expand your exercise opportunities. 
  • Low Maintenance. This machine is virtually maintenance-free, aside from removing sweat buildup. 

What We Don’t like 

  • Somewhat Expensive. It's not the most expensive all-in-one we've seen, but it's somewhat costly for its small size. 
  • Small weight stack. The limited weight stack may be enough for beginners, but it can make it hard for others to get a challenging workout. 
  • Non-moveable cables. The high and the low cables offer some versatility. But it would have much more variety if it had moveable cables. 

Unique Features Of The Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, the Weider Pro 6900 will be a great addition to your home gym.

It comes loaded with six individual workout stations, so you know you will be able to work your entire body without ever leaving home. 

125-LB Weight Stack

This machine has a 125-pound vinyl weight stack and a unique pulley system that can deliver up to 330-pounds of total resistance. 

It's a selectorized weight stack, which makes changing the weight for supersets easy and fast. 

Weider Pro 6900 Weight Stack

Tough Steel Tubing And Durable Vinyl Seats

The Weider 6900 Pro is built to last, constructed with rugged steel tubing. It also has high-quality, durable vinyl seats so it can resist rust and wear and tear.

This helps ensure that the Weider weight system will keep working as long as you do. 

Integrated Preacher Curl Pad 

We love the integrated preacher curl pad. It allowed us to isolate our biceps and lock in our form while executing controlled reps targeting our muscle peak.  

Also See - Standalone Preacher Curl Benches

Industrial-Strength Pulleys And Bushings 

The high-quality, industrial-strength pulleys and bushings allow for 330 pounds of total resistance.

As long as you aren't training to be a bodybuilder, this should be more than enough resistance to give you a good workout. 

4-Roll Leg Developer 

The included 4-roll leg developer let us get an excellent leg workout in. This system will allow you to build and develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. 

Multi-Position Lat Bar 

What we really loved about the Weider 6900 Pro is the included multi-position lat bar. So many all-in-one home gyms, especially in this price range, lack a lat pull down. 

We took full advantage of it and used it to build strength in our lats and back.

Multi-Grip Pec Deck & Rear Delt Station

It's not very often that you see a home gym with a versatile pec deck station included. This machine alone will allow you to work your your chest, rear delts, traps, and upper back.

The pec deck comes with multiple grips to hit your chest from all angles. While the rear delt station works to build those hard-to-grow areas such as your rear delts. 

Low Row Pulley & Plate

Seated cable row machines are expensive, and I was surprised to find a low row pulley and plate on the Weider 6900 Pro.

Low pulleys are super versatile allowing you to add different attachments for low cable rows, bicep curls, overhead rope extensions and much more.

Keep in mind, you'll have to buy these accessories separately. 

Weider Pro 6900 Low Row Pulley and Plate

55 Exercises In One machine 

You'll never be bored using the Weider 6900 Pro. It allows you to do 55 exercises so you can work out a variety of muscle groups.

We can do squats, leg curls, shoulder shrugs, front raises, overhead extensions, pull-ups, triceps extensions, hip abductions, and more with just this one machine. 

There's no major muscle group you can't strengthen with the Weider Pro 6900. That makes it a solid full-body workout station. 

Comparing Different Weider Home Gym Models 

Weider Pro 6900 Vs 2980

Both the Weider Pro 6900 and the Weider Pro 2980 are high-quality home gym systems made of sturdy steel with powder coating.

They are both very durable and convenient and are perfect for home use. 

The 6900 is a little bigger than the 2980, so if space is an issue for you, it might be worth checking out the 2980.

However, if you want the most accessories, most weight resistance, and a preacher's bench, then the Weider Pro 6900 is the choice for you. 

Read our full review of the Weider 2980 Home Gym here!

Weider 2980 X Home Gym
  • Features. Preacher Curl. Low Pulley Station.
  • 80 Lb. DuraStack Weight Stack. Made of...
  • High Pulley with Lat Bar. Model Number:...

Weider Pro 6900 Vs XRS 50

Both of these systems have a lat pulldown bar for your back, shoulders, and lats. They both have an armbar for bench presses that folds in the center for chest flys.

The Weider Pro 6900 Weight System has a preacher's pad that the XRS 50 doesn't have if you like doing preacher curls.

But, the Weider XRS 50 Home Gym has an EZ bar for pulldowns rather than the straight bar offered by the 6900. 

Both machines are very similar, so it's hard to pick a clear winner. If you want the ability to do preacher curls, then the Weider Pro 6900 Weight System will be great for you.

But if you like the EZ bar, you should consider the Weider XRS 50 Home Gym. 

Weider XRS 50 Home Gym
83 Reviews
Weider XRS 50 Home Gym
  • Combination Chest Press/Fly Station
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer
  • High Pulley with Lat Bar
  • 112 Lb. Vinyl Weight Stack Up to 280 Lbs. of...

Comparing Weider Pro 6900 With Other Home Gyms 

Weider Pro 6900 Vs Gold's Gym XRS 50 

The Gold's Gym XRS 50 and the Weider 6900 are both excellent home gyms that can provide a lot of resistance.

They are both designed to give a full-body workout, and the Weider Pro 6900 comes with a preacher pad to provide you with a few more exercises. 

The Weider Pro also has 50lbs of more resistance if you're looking to lift heavier.

You can't go wrong with either of these machines, but you can do a little more with the Weider Pro 6900 than you can with the XRS 50. 

Weider Pro 6900 Vs Bowflex Revolution 

The Bowflex Revolution is a solid option, especially if you have the available budget.

With its piraFlex® resistance technology, every exercise done on the Bowflex Revolution delivers smooth and consistent resistance through the entire range of motion.  

The Bowflex can support over 100 exercises, much more than the 55 you can do on the Weider Pro 6900.

With the Bowflex Revolution, you can perform several different exercises with one piece of equipment, with minimal changing of cables and adjustments.

The Bowflex can do everything the Weider can do, plus more, so it's a great machine if you have the extra money. 

For a full review, head over to our guide on the Bowflex Revolution home gym.

BowFlex Revolution Home Gym
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  • FULL BODY WORKOUT: Over 100 exercises with...
  • MOVING ARMS: Independently moving arms with...
  • RESISTANCE: Work with up to 600 lbs of...

Weider Pro 6900 Vs Marcy Stack MWM-988 

The Marcy Stack MWM-988 has six available stations, but it doesn't have a mid-pulley station for ab crunches or baseball bat swings.

It's equipped with a 150 lbs weight stack with 14 weight plates that are 10 lbs each. The top stopper plate also weighs 10 lbs. 

This Marcy home gym offers the possibility to perform over 36 exercises. If you're looking for more options, the Weider Pro 6900 might be better for you.

The Weider Pro offers over 300lbs of resistance and has 55 available exercises. 

Full Review - Marcy Stack MWM-988

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Frequently Asked Weider Pro 6900 Questions

Who owns the Weider home gym? 

Joe Weider founded Weider Health and Fitness. Weider Health and Fitness grew into an industry leader based on Joe Weider's hard work and sweating-in-the-gym philosophy.

However, the new CEO sees the company closer in spirit to lifestyle maven Martha Stewart. 

Where can I buy Weider Pro 6900 replacement parts?  

Weider Pro 6900 replacement parts can be found online and in some fitness equipment stores. However, the best place to find them is on Amazon.com.

Is Weider Pro 6900 good for seniors? 

The Weider Pro 6900 is good for seniors because all necessary equipment is contained in one machine.

It's also safe to use without a spotter and is much less likely to cause injury to achy or stiff joints. 

Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym System

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating



The Weider 6900 is an excellent all-in-one home gym. If you want a good, full-body workout that you will feel the next day without going to the gym, the Weider Pro 6900 is for you.

With the Weider Pro 6900, you can lose fat, build muscle, and look your best. 


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Last Updated on January 2, 2023