Incorporating resistance workouts into your fitness routine is a great way to build muscle endurance and define muscle tone.

A Weider home gym makes it easy to target different muscle groups using a unique resistance system.  

In order to see the best results with your Weider Ultimate Body Works, Weider Pro 4300, or another model, you first need to study up on the best Weider Home Gym exercises.

Knowing how to properly use your piece of equipment will improve your results and keep you safe in the process.  

Each Weider Home Gym model will come with an exercise giving you details on which exercises the equipment is suitable for and how to properly do them.

If you prefer a digital Weider Home Gym exercise chart PDF, check out the links below for each home gym model. 

*Note: In addition to the Weider models mentioned down the page, this list also includes manuals and charts to some of the manufacturer’s older models:  

7 Types Of Weider Home Gym Exercises You Can Do

The exact exercises you can do with your Weider Home Gym depend on the specific model you’ve installed in your home gym.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the most popular models and the equipment included with each:  

1. Weider 2980

The 2980 model comes with high and low pulley stations that allow you to target the arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and back. 

The preacher curl bench is perfect for strengthening your biceps while practicing good form, and a 4-foam padded leg developer allows you to comfortably tone your quads. 

You can focus on your pecs with chest press and pectoral fly exercises, and the 80-pound adjustable weight stack allows for personal growth as you build muscle and strengthen your body. 

When used with specific pulleys, this model offers up to 214 pounds of total resistance. 

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2. Weider 8530

This model is a total home gym system that has 2 weight stacks and a pulley system that delivers resistance up to 270 pounds. 

It includes several stations to work all the major muscle groups. Press arms are connected to the front weight stack, and butterfly arms connect to upper and lower pulleys. 

Then there is a weight stack at the rear that is connected to a squat arm.

It comes with a lat pulldown bar that can be attached to the high or low pulley system, as well as a leg lever that can be attached to the low pulley system.

weider home gym exercises chart

3. Weider Pro 6900

This system's design helps you create balance by assisting you in building opposing muscle groups efficiently.

It includes a weight stack of 125 pounds and up to 330 pounds of resistance, 6 separate stations, industrial-strength pulleys and bushings, high and low pulleys for a combined 55 exercises, a row plate, an adjustable preacher pad, a multi-position lat bar, and a 4-roll leg developer. 

4. Weider XRS 50

The XRS 50 model is a complete workout unit that includes everything you need to engage your entire body for better health and more powerful, lean muscle growth.

It includes high and low pulley systems that power up to 280 pounds of resistance and can build strength across all major muscle groups in your body. 

There’s a combined chest press and fly station that can sculpt your pectoral muscles and a pulldown bar that enables you to engage and define your lats.

It also includes a comfortably padded 4-roll leg developer that allows you to target and train your lower body.

5. Weider Legacy

The Legacy model includes a high and low pulley system with up to 280 pounds of resistance. 

It has a combination chest press/butterfly arm station that allows you to develop upper body strength and a 4-roll leg developer to target a wide range of leg muscles for lower body strength. 

There’s a high and low pulley with a lateral bar for the total body workout.

6. Weider Ultimate Body Works

This model is focused on an adjustable incline bench that allows you to train your upper and lower body.

It features an inclined platform that can easily adjust to suit your workout goals, body size, and existing strength.

The addition of resistance bands provides the option to increase the weight up to 50 pounds beyond your own body weight.

The durable cable and pulley system allows for greater workout versatility and range of motion.

7. Weider Pro 4300

The Pro 4300 offers up to 195 pounds of resistance. It has customizable features like an adjustable preacher pad, chest press, and lat pulldown. 

This system combines a 125-pound weight stack with Precision System™ bushings and bearings and a total of 6 different body-sculpting stations. 

weider home gym weight stack

Overview Of Weider Home Gyms (Older & New Models)

Weider Home Gyms are designed to give you everything you need to start strength training at home.

Depending on the model you go with, you’ll have access to a high pulley for lat pulldowns, chest press, chest flys, leg developer, preacher curl, and low pulley station. These tools are pretty much all you need to target all of your major muscle groups. 

Because this machine is basically an all-in-one solution to at-home strength training, it eliminates the need to buy multiple pieces of expensive equipment.

Thanks to Weider, it’s possible to engage your entire body and build lean muscle with one home gym purchase.

man in gray tank top working out on a weider home gym

3 Weider Home Gym Exercise Programs

Because Weider home gyms are designed to give you a total body workout, it’s possible to engage in lots of different exercise programs. 

Regardless of the program you’re doing, any of the company’s models can give you results.  

Here’s a quick breakdown of each exercise program category that can be done with a Weider Home Gym:

1. Warming Up & Cooling Down 

No matter which model you’re using, warming up before a workout and cooling down at the end is essential.

To start, work to gradually raise your heart rate through light resistance movements before building up to more challenging exercises. 

Before finishing for the day, gradually bring your heart rate back down by cooling down with stretching. This will reduce muscle soreness and stiffness. 

2. Muscle Building & Muscular Endurance 

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a Weider Home Gym is to build muscle and increase muscle endurance.

Any of the models are suitable for these programs, but if you want more of a challenge, opt for a model with greater resistance, like the Pro 6900. 

Within your workout plan, do your best to perform one or two sets of lifts using 60 to 80 percent of your maximum resistance, then move on to two to three sets using your maximum. 

3. Aerobic Exercises

While Weider Home Gyms are mainly geared towards strength training, it’s also possible to get in aerobic workouts.

The key is to perform your exercises at a faster pace, which can ultimately increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular capacity.

You can take short breaks between exercises if needed, but try to keep moving nonstop for at least 30 minutes to elevate your heart rate. 

personal trainer assisting an elderly man with lat pulldowns

Things To Keep In Mind Before Planning A Workout

Before planning any workout, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

This is especially the case for building a Weider Home Gym exercise program; this is a large, versatile piece of equipment, so proper planning ahead of time is key.  

Here are the 2 main things to keep in mind before using your Weider Home Gym: 

  • Health Goals
    The two biggest health goals that a Weider Home Gym can help you to achieve are improved blood cholesterol levels and improved cardio capacity. Keep in mind; these are different from fitness goals, which are specifically geared towards improving your overall fitness. Health goals, on the other hand, are aimed at improving the inner workings of the body to help you live longer and, well, healthier. 
  • Fitness Goals
    Weider Home Gyms are great because they allow you to target a variety of different fitness goals. This piece of equipment allows you to lose weight, build muscle mass, improve cardiovascular endurance [1], enhance flexibility, improve stability and balance, and more. Because there’s such a wide variety of different fitness goals to target, it’s important to plan ahead of time so that you can do the right exercises to achieve those goals. 

Frequently Asked Weider Home Gym Exercise Questions

How much does a Weider home gym cost? 

This depends on the specific model you purchase. Some models cost less than $300, and you can even get the Ultimate Body Works for around $250. 

Is Weider Ultimate worth it? 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to strength training, then yes, a Weider Ultimate Home Gym is worth it.

However, if you’re looking for a Weider model with a weight stack included, you might consider another model instead.  

Who owns the Weider home gym? 

Weider Home Gyms are currently owned by Bain Capital Incorporated. Weider Health and Fitness, Inc. was sold to Bain back in the 90s for over $370 million [2].

Can you build muscle with Weider Ultimate Body Works? 

Yes! Building muscle mass as well as muscular endurance is one of the biggest benefits of using a Weider Home Gym.

These systems are specifically designed to help you build muscle throughout the entire body.  


There you have it - the complete Weider Home Gym exercise guide!

No matter which Weider model you’re using, this complete guide can help you to use your Home Gym to the best of its ability. 



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