Working Out At Home Vs Gym (Workout Benefits Compared)

Deciding to start an exercise program is the easy part. Sticking to it is the hard part. When designing a successful workout plan, the first question you have to answer is where you're going to exercise and the benefits of working out at home Vs gym. 

Most people think of joining a gym, but which one is best? Or you could set up a home gym, but where in the world do you start and are they actually worth it? No matter what you decide to do, you have to commit yourself to your workout regime for it to be successful. 

When deciding whether you should work out in a gym vs at home, you have to weigh the pros and cons of both choices. To get started, we'll go over the pros and cons of working out at home. 


  • You Save Money 
    People who work out at home stand to save money vs. those who work out in gyms. When we compare gym memberships and home gyms, memberships can be expensive, and the costs add up even quicker if you don't live or work close to the gym. To figure out what you are actually paying for your gym membership, you need to add the actual cost of your membership to your traveling expenses and the wear and tear on your vehicle. These long-term costs are typically more expensive than building your home gym.
  • You Save Time 
    As we mentioned above, getting to and from the gym can take a lot of time, especially if you aren't close by. If you go to the gym during their busy hours, a lot of your time will be spent sitting in traffic, finding a parking spot, and waiting for your machine to open up. Having a long commute can also kill your motivation, and you might not go at all. When you set up a home gym, you are always a few steps away from a good workout.
  • You Have More Freedom 
    When you work out at home, the only set of eyeballs you have on you are yours. You set up your own rules and work out when and how you want, no questions asked. Want to scream as you lift that last rep? Knock yourself out. Want to blare corny music? Who's going to stop you? And you can wear whatever you want—no need to impress anyone at the gym with your latest workout attire.
  • You Have Access To Your Kitchen 
    Most people don't realize that your diet is just as important as your workout. That's why you need to put as much effort into what you eat as you do into your training. Having access to your kitchen right after your workout allows you to fuel your body with the proper nutrients and not be tempted by fast food on the way home.


  • Getting Motivated Can Be Difficult 
    Some people get really motivated to work out at gyms because they know others are watching them. Being in an environment where everyone else around you is working hard for their goals can work wonders for your motivation. When you work out at home, you don't have that extra bit of encouragement, and it can be challenging to flip the switch in your brain to give it your all. 
  • You Have Limited Equipment And Space 
    Spending the money on a gym membership means you'll have access to all the equipment and space you'll need. Some of these pieces of equipment could cost you thousands of dollars at home (although there's usually a dumbbell variation you could do instead.) Having an abundance of room and equipment gives you unlimited workout options, and you can always keep your routines fresh.
  • There's Little To No Accountability 
    In addition to motivation, it can also be hard to find accountability when you work out at home. Unless a significant other or a roommate is working out with you, you have to hold yourself accountable. Unfortunately, you won't have someone encouraging you to keep it up or helping you get that last rep up.

Home Workouts Summarized


  • You Save Money 
  • You Save Time 
  • You Have More Freedom 
  • You Have Access To Your Kitchen 


  • Motivation Can Be Difficult 
  • You Have Limited Space and Equipment 
  • You Have No Accountability 
Working Out At Home: Pros & Cons

Working Out At A Gym: Pros & Cons 

Like working out at home, there will be pros and cons to working out at a gym. 


  • You Get All Of The Gym's Amenities 
    Exercising is a lot easier when you have access to a lot of equipment. So if you like cardio, you'll be able to hop on a treadmill, assault bike, rowing machine, or an elliptical...the list goes on. And if you're into lifting, you'll have more than enough free weights to choose from as well as cable machines, bands, and more.
  • You Can Sign Up For Classes 
    Another major perk of signing up for a gym membership is the ability to sign up for fitness classes or work with personal trainers. You do have access to online fitness programs at home, but there's nothing like going to a gym and working out with others and getting personalized attention from a trainer.
  • It's Easier To Focus 
    Some people are admittedly married to their phones regardless of the situation. But, it's much easier to stay focused on your workout when you're at the gym. As long as you can put your phone away, the only thing to do at the gym is working out. There aren't any chores you'll be reminded of, or kids asking for help with their homework, or dogs that need to be walked. It's just you and your workout.
  • You Might Find A Workout Buddy 
    It's great having a workout buddy for an extra kick of motivation and accountability. And, it's just a lot more fun when you have someone working out with you. When you work out at home, there's no chance you'll run into someone who is also looking for someone to work out with. And even if you know of someone looking for a workout buddy, you probably won't have room for them.


  • Gym Memberships Are Expensive 
    Membership costs will vary depending on the gym you join, where you live, and the type of workouts you're interested in, but gym memberships usually aren't cheap. And when you add in travel expenses and the wear and tear you put on your vehicle, the costs add up quickly. Once you've paid for the equipment in your home gym, it will be free to work out for the rest of your life.
  • You Have To Commute 
    For many people, the most challenging thing about working out at a gym is leaving their house. Getting the motivation to put their gym bag together, get in their car, drive to the gym, find parking, and finally go inside is enough to make them not want to work out. And if you have kids, finding someone to take care of them or paying for childcare at the gym is an extra hassle and expense. Throwing on a pair of shorts and working out at home is often much easier.
  • Gyms Can Get Really Busy 
    Gyms can be very busy at times, making it hard for introverted people to make it to the gym. Even if you aren't really introverted, it can still be hard to get to the gym and be around even more people after a long day at work. Sometimes putting in headphones and trying to ignore everyone around you isn't enough. Of course, this is never an issue if you work out at home alone.

Gym Workouts Summarized


  • Amenities 
  • Classes 
  • Easier to focus 
  • Workout buddies 


  • Expensive 
  • You Have To Commute 
  • Gyms can be busy 
Working Out At A Gym: Pros & Cons

Working Out At Home Vs Gym: Which Is Better? 

We just found out that there are several benefits and drawbacks to working out at home and working out in a gym. Which is better for you ultimately comes down to things like your budget, personal interests, and how you motivate yourself.

Let's go over a few points comparing the two to help you determine which might be best for you. 


When deciding where/ how to work out, most people are going to start with the cost. There are costs attached to both options, but they are very different. When you join a gym, you typically have a monthly or yearly fee that you pay as long as you're a gym member. Then you add additional costs like additional classes and gas to get to and from the gym. But, again, you pay those costs as long as you're a member of that gym. 

When you work out at home, you have to pay for all the equipment you're going to use. You'll have to pay for things like dumbbells, a treadmill, a weight bench, and whatever else you may need to complete your desired workouts. Although these can be expensive, they are all one-time purchases. You also won't have to pay for gas or other travel expenses. 

The upfront expenses of working out at home are generally much higher than working out at a gym, but the long-term costs of gym memberships are usually higher. 


Working out in a gym is far and away the best option for you if you plan on using a lot of equipment. When you work out at a gym, all of the equipment is there for you, and you don't have to worry about its upkeep. You'll have access to things like kettlebells, cable machines, treadmills, free weights, and even things you can use for recovery, like a sauna.

When you work out at home, you have to purchase all of the equipment you want to use upfront, and then you are responsible for its upkeep. If you plan to use a lot of equipment or don't want to be bothered taking care of it, joining a gym may be best for you. 


There are very few people who would be more comfortable in a gym than they would be. However, you will come across the occasional lifter who feels right at home among the barbells and weight machines at the gym. For many people, though, at least initially, it can be very intimidating and nerve-racking working out in a gym in front of other people.

Nevertheless, there's a certain level of comfort that comes with working out in the comfort of your own home, on your own machines, with your own equipment, with no one else watching you or waiting for the machine you're working with. 

Accountability & Motivation 

How someone holds themselves accountable and stays motivated can differ significantly from person to person. We all know someone who can wake up at 5 AM, work out by themselves, eat a healthy breakfast, and then head to work every day with no problem.

Other people are better if they have someone in their corner cheering them on, or at least other eyeballs on them holding them accountable.  

Confidence Or Embarrassment 

Many people don't like trying new things in front of strangers, no matter the situation. Trying a new fitness routine can be very intimidating, even if you're doing it alone. Messing up on a lift or not being able to keep up on the treadmill in front of others can be very embarrassing, and it could make you want to quit working out altogether. 

However, some people have enough confidence to try something new until they get it right, no matter how many times it takes them. Having people around makes no difference. If you're the type that gets nervous in crowds, working out at home is definitely for you. 


When it all comes down to it, where you workout is irrelevant unless you get results. Some people that have gone to gyms their whole life will swear up and down that you can't get the same workout at home that you can get in a gym. So, are home workouts as effective as workouts in the gym?  

Yes, they most definitely are. You can get an effective workout in just thirty minutes with absolutely no equipment as long as you give 100% effort. Someone could spend two hours in a gym and not get as good of results as someone who workouts for thirty minutes at home if they aren't giving it their all. Your results ultimately come down to the effort you put into your training, no matter where you decide to do it. 

Working Out At Home Vs Gym

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do you really need a gym to get fit? 

You don't need a gym or even equipment to get in shape. If you have a tiny bit of space in your house, there are plenty of bodyweight workouts you can do that can help you lose weight and get strong. 

Can outdoor gyms be a good workout solution? 

Even if you enjoy going to the gym, there are a few extra benefits of outdoor gyms. When you workout outside, you get an extra dose of Vitamin D. You also get to enjoy the fresh air and a dose of nature as you grind through your workout. 

Can you bulk up without weights? 

There's a big misconception out there that you need big heavy weights to bulk up. While weights may be necessary once you hit a certain fitness level, it is possible to add bulk by doing bodyweight exercises and eating the right foods. 

How much does A full home garage gym cost? 

The cost of a home gym will vary from person to person. You may need more or less equipment than the next guy, which can raise or lower the cost of your garage gym. Your basic home gym can cost between $1,000-$2,000, but again, it can be much less or much more depending on your needs. 

How can I find the best gym to join? 

The best gym for you will be a matter of preference and what you're looking to accomplish. But, no matter what type of gym you're trying to join, you should research things like their location, hours, cost, equipment, and amenities offered to decide what gym you should join. 


Working out in a gym or at home can both achieve outstanding results, and what's best for you ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget.

If you can motivate yourself and you don't need an accountability buddy, you can save money by working out at home. But if you're easily distracted, need an extra bit of motivation, and don't mind the commute, gyms are right up your alley. 

Paul J