Weider 2980 Home Gym Review (Is This Budget Gym Worth It?)

The Weider Pro 2980 Home Gym is an affordable home gym addition that can help you work out every muscle in the body. Featuring a sturdy and durable frame along with adjustable built-in weights, this machine lets you get a great body workout from the comfort of your own home. 

If you're looking for a high-quality piece of fitness equipment but have limited space at home, the Weider 2980 home gym is the perfect buy. This powerful multi-gym comes with a set of high quality weight plate stacks to help you sculpt your body without a trip to the gym. 

Let's look at the Weider 2980 home gym review and see if it's the right choice for you. 

The Weider Pro 2980 home gym is a piece of equipment that is designed to provide you with a complete full-body workout from the comfort of your own home.

It features a wide range of different attachments, which allows the user to work out all of their major muscle groups and maximize total weight resistance for strength building.  

Weider Pro 2980 Pros & Cons 

The Good 

  • A full-body workout at home
  • Affordable
  • Multi-function cable pulley system that allows you to do a variety of exercises from one machine 
  • Loads of versatility in exercise choices 

The Bad 

  • The warranty is low at 90 days
  • The machine is noisy
  • Some parts are made of plastic instead of metal 

Unique Features Of The Weider Pro 2980 

If you're a fitness buff or simply want to get in better shape, the Weider Pro 2980 is a great product that won't break the bank. With a wide variety of weight options at your disposal, this piece of equipment can help you tone up and get into shape faster than ever before. 

Built With Durable Materials 

Weider 2980 X Home Gym is the ultimate workout machine.

It's made from a high-grade steel frame that features an adjustable weight bow for maximum stability.

With its wide variety of weight stacks and resistance settings, you can push yourself to your limits and achieve your healthiest physique yet. 

Weider 2980 Weight System

High Pulley With Lat Bar 

Weider 2980 X Home Gym comes with a high pulley and lat bar. A high pulley lets you perform a variety of upper back, chest, and shoulder exercises to build muscle and burn calories. The lat bar works like your own personal trainer to guide your form and ensure that you're exercising safely. 

Wide Lat Bar 

The Weider 2980 X Home Gym comes equipped with an extra-wide lat bar, which allows you to have an extensive range of motion during your workout. It's made of rubber, so you won't have to worry about slipping or sliding. The large cushioned pads and molded handgrips allow for a strong workout. With a wide lat bar, you can perform close and wide grip lat pulldowns to build a well-rounded back.

Integrated Leg Developer 

The Weider 2980 X Home Gym is one of the best leg developer options for people that want to target their quads, hip flexors, and core. The padded seat pad and back support are comfortable so that you can exercise comfortably for longer periods. There isn't a leg press attachment, but you can perform leg extensions to target your quads instead.

Integrated Preacher Curl Pad 

The 2980 X Home Gym Comes Equipped with a Preacher Curl Barbell pad. Preacher curl bars are used for isolating your biceps by locking in your form while you perform controlled reps that target your muscle's peak. This attachment allows you to target your biceps in different ways including hammer and standard bicep curls.

Exercise Chart Included 

With 29 different stations, this Weider gym provides an excellent workout for any experience level — from beginner to advanced. The easy-to-follow exercise chart can help you fit in a full-body workout, improving muscle tone and stamina. 

Multi-Grip Chest Press Station 

The Weider 2980 X comes with a Multi-Grip Chest Press Station.

This practical attachment builds chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles while also working core stability.

With a variety of grips and positions, you can perform a wide range of exercises to target your chest muscles from different angles for more effective results. 

Weider Pro 2980 workout stations

Comfortable Padded Seat 

The Weider 2980 X Home Gym comes with a padded seat so that you can stay comfortable even as you work up a sweat. 

Weider Pro 2980 Home Gym Review


Assembled Dimensions

65 x 37 x 76 inches

Assembled Weight 

180 lbs 

Weight Resistance System 

Weight Stack And Pulleys 

Maximum Weight Resistance 

214 lbs 

No. Of Exercises 


Assembly Required 



90 Days 

Whether you're looking to build muscle, cut weight, or simply get in shape, the 2980 X Weight System is exactly what you need to achieve your fitness goals. This machine is built to be durable and long-lasting, so you'll never have to worry about replacing it.  

The 2980 X has everything you could want from a home gym, including dual-function chest press and fly station, high and low pulleys, a wide grip lat bar for doing bent-over rows, and military presses. All of this is protected by a durable steel frame with comfortable padding. 

weider 2980 home gym with 214 lbs of resistance

This commercial-grade home gym features 80 pounds of weight plates for a total of 214 pounds of resistance.

Plus, you also get dual function chest press and fly station for hitting your upper body from every angle, including a preacher curl pad for hitting your biceps.  

A leg developer is included as well. High and low pulleys allow you to perform seated rows or lat pulls, while the multi-grip high lat bar takes care of your back development. 

A comfortable seat and padding in all the right places make this piece easy to use and hard to put down. 

Add Ons & Accessories For The Weider Pro 2980 

The beauty of cable clips is that the possibilities for adding on accessories are endless. You can easily switch attachments and place them on your existing cable ropes, tricep press downs, and bars to further personalize and maximize the potential of the Weider Pro 2980.  

The Weider Pro Gym Mat can double as an exercise mat and provides you with a comfortable place to lie on, catch sweat before it falls on your floor, and also makes for easy clean-up. Get creative with accessories like yoga balls, medicine balls, a bar for dips and push-ups, and more. There is literally something for everyone. 

Comparing Different Weider Home Gym Models 

Weider Pro 2980 Vs Weider Pro 6900 

Weider Pro 2980 and Weider Pro 6900 are extremely durable, made of sturdy steel with powder coating. Both machines offer users versatility in exercises and a full-body workout, but Weider Pro 2980 has a much lower price point. For those wanting a home gym, it is important to note that Weider Pro 6900 has a bigger footprint at 77” x 43” x 82.5” (LxWxH) compared to Weider Pro 2980 at 65” x 37” x 76” (LxWxH). 

That being said, the Weider Pro 6900 may be of interest to heavy lifters as it comes with a 125 pounds vinyl weight stack and has a total weight resistance of 330 pounds.

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Weider Pro 2980 Vs Weider XRS 50 

Weider Pro 2980 and Weider XRS 50 have comparable price tags, size footprint and offer very similar workout options. Both machines offer users a wide variety of exercises to achieve a full-body workout.

The Weider XRS 50 comes with an adjustable 125 pounds vinyl weight stack, with a total resistance weight of 280 pounds compared to the 80 pounds weight stack, with a total resistance weight of 214 pounds of the Weider Pro 2980.  

The main structural difference is that the Weider Pro 2980 comes with an integrated Preacher Curl Pad that assists users in performing a bicep curl with proper form, ensuring that muscles are isolated for optimum strength building.  

Weider XRS 50 Home Gym
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Weider XRS 50 Home Gym
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Comparing Weider 2980 With Other Home Gyms 

Weider Pro 2980 Vs Gold's Gym XRS 50 

Weider Pro 2980 and Gold's Gym XRS 50 are both durable machines at an affordable lower price point. They are versatile machines that will provide users with a full-body workout and perform exercises to target specific muscle groups. Neither machine allows extra weight plates to be added, which may not be preferential to heavy lifters.

It is important to note that the backrest and seat are non-adjustable for both machines, making it uncomfortable for users who are shorter or taller in stature. The Gold's Gym XRS 50 is known for having a time-consuming assembly process with many pieces to attach but is easy to use once set up. The Weider Pro 2980 comes with a Preacher Pad, and the Gold's Gym XRS 50 does not.  

Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System
  • 112 lb. Vinyl Weight Stack, 112 lbs. of...
  • Combination Chest Press/Fly Station, 4-Roll...
  • Multi-grip lat bar, Sewn vinyl seats with...
  • Exercise Chart designed by a Certified...

Weider Pro 2980 Vs Bowflex Revolution  

The Bowflex Revolution has a mid-high price point compared to the Weider Pro 2980 but is it justified? The Bowflex Revolution boasts over 100 exercises that you can perform, including abs and core exercises, which the Weider Pro 2980 does not support. 

With its SpiraFlex® resistance technology, the Bowflex Revolution promises users the most smooth and consistent resistance when working out. However, some users have complained about the durability of the weights, observing cracking after a few uses.

Contrastly, the Weider Pro 2980 features cement weight plates encased in vinyl, ensuring they are durable with a very low chance of cracking.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym (Discontinued)
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  • SpiraFlex technology works independently of...
  • Independently moving arms with 10 positions...
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Weider Pro 2980 Vs Marcy Stack MWM-988 

The Marcy Stack MWM-988 carries a higher price tag with a compact design and heavy 150-pound weight stack, perfect for avid gym-goers looking to have a durable home gym. Similar to the Weider Pro 2980, additional free weights cannot be added. 

Both machines offer users a full-body workout and a wide range of exercises to do targeted workouts. For beginners or users looking to supplement their gym workouts, the Weider Pro 2980 is one of the most affordable machines on the market.

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Unboxing & Assembling The Weider Pro 2980 

For your own safety, please refer to the instructions and owner's manual before and while using it. Before unboxing and assembling, ensure you have a cleared space with even ground. Due to weight and size, assemble it in the room of use. Assembly will require at least two people.  

To assemble the Weider Pro 2980 Gym, refer to the manual for step-by-step instructions and a pictorial guide. This section will outline important information about how to position, adjust and attach different components of the Weider Pro 2980.  

Select The Desired Resistance Plates 

Due to the cables and pulleys, the amount of resistance at each exercise station may vary from the weight setting. Refer to the Weight Resistance Chart on Page 20 of your manual to find the approximate amount of resistance for each weight station.  

To change the setting of the weight stack, insert the Weight Pin (26) under the desired Weight (22). Insert the weight pin so that the bent end touches the weight stack. Then, turn the bent end down.  

Position The Adjustable Arms To The Correct Setting 

To use the Arms (9, 10) as butterfly arms, insert the Arm Pins (40) into the holes in the Upright (3) and the Pivot Frame (5). To use the Arms (9, 10) as press arms, insert the Arm Pins (40) into the holes in the Pivot Frame (5) and the Arms. 

Attach Cable Clips To Appropriate Location 

The Lat Bar (35) can be attached to the High Cable (55) at the High Pulley Station with a Cable Clip (37). Depending on the exercises, the chain (19) should be attached between the Lat Bar and the Cable with two Cable Clips. The Lat Bar or the Handle Strap can be attached at either pulley station in the same way. 

Disassembling, Moving & Storing A Weider Pro 2980 Home Gym 

Before disassembling, moving, or storing a Weider Pro 2980, please refer to the owner’s manual for proper steps and safety precautions. Due to the weight and size, it is best to have at least two people.  

Disassembling The Weider Pro 2980 Home Gym 

Before disassembling the Weider Pro 2980, please familiarize yourself with the steps using the owner’s manual. Keep all parts for the frame, arms, seat, and cables separate for easy reassembly.  

  • Step 1: 
    Start by disassembling and removing all the cables, keeping them safely in a bag.
  • Step 2: 
    Remove all attachments such as the chains, pulleys, bars, seat, curl pad, leg pads, etc. 
  • Step 3: 
    Remove the weight plates, placing them sturdily on even grounding to avoid falls and cracks. 
  • Step 4: 
    The remaining structure should be the frame. To disassemble the frame, refer to the owner’s manual and work backward. Collect all small parts, nuts, and bolts in a small bag to ensure they are all safe for reassembly.

How To Move A Weider Pro 2980 Home Gym 

Moving the Weider Pro 2980 is not an easy feat due to its weight and size. For your safety, please ensure at least two strong persons are assisting.  

To support the safe movement, it is best to remove the cables and weight stack to reduce the weight of the machine and the risk of any injury caused by falling weight plates. Remove any parts that might move, such as bars, pulleys, and additional attachments.  

The key is to make it as light as possible and reduce bulk to navigate doorways and narrow corridors. The Weider 2980 does not fold up and can not be easily moved to be stored. It is advised to have it in an open space where the gym can be left undisturbed when not in use

Weider Pro 2980 Maintenance Tips 

Keep it Clean 

Wipe down all padded surfaces with a sanitizing spray after every use. Sweat dries out the padding, causing cracks and fading to start earlier than they should. This keeps your equipment in good condition and prevents the spread of germs. 

Keep It Lubricated 

Use a silicone spray on a rag to wipe down weight tracks (the vertical bars that the weight stack slides on) every month. Wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth and check them regularly. Some machines may have grease fittings located on pivot points, though most are sealed. 

Check Your Equipment Regularly 

Cables and resistance bands are some of the most frequently used pieces of training equipment in a gym, which means they’re also the most likely to experience heavy wear and tear. By inspecting your cables at least once a month, you can keep them operating like new and stave off any unexpected breaks or fraying. 

Weider Pro 2980 Workout & Exercise Programs 

The Weider Pro 2980 is an excellent versatile machine that can provide users with a full-body workout with over 36 targeted exercises for optimum muscle and strength building. This section will outline a few movements for targeted muscle workouts.  

Upper Body Exercises

The lat pulldown bar and butterfly arms of the Weider Pro 2980 will help you achieve a muscular upper body physique. While sitting down on the upright bench, use the lat pulldown bar with a wide, overhand grip to activate and target your back, biceps, and shoulder muscles.  

Lower Body Exercises

The leg developer will enable you to target your quadriceps. Place your ankles behind the lower foam rollers while sitting on the upright bench. Lift your lower legs until they are almost parallel to the ground before lowering again to the starting position.  

Bicep Exercises 

Attaching the straight bar to the low pulley will give you options for bicep exercises using the preacher curl pad. Sitting on the upright bench, place the back of your upper arms on the curl pad. Curl the weight up towards you while keeping your arms against the curl pad. Alternatively, the exercise can be performed standing, facing the front of the machine.  

For Chest Workouts

The butterfly arms offer two exercises using the chest press and chest fly stations to work out your deltoid and pectoral muscles, respectively. To complete a chest press, hold the handles so that your palms are facing forward, then press your arms together in front of your chest. Pause for a second before returning to the starting position.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can I add weight on my weider 2980 pro home gym? 

No. Unfortunately, the Weider 2980 Pro Home Gym does not allow for extra weight plates to be added on. Instead, the machine comes with an 81 pounds adjustable weight stack and has a total resistance weight of 214 pounds depending on your exercise and attachment used.  

Where can I buy weider pro 2980 replacement parts? 

The best place to buy Weider Pro 2980 replacement parts is on Amazon. They offer fast shipping, competitive prices, and free shipping on qualified orders. Amazon is the best choice for anyone looking to buy Weider Pro 2980 Replacement Parts. 

Does weider 2980x include weights? 

Yes. The Weider Pro 2980 X comes with an 81 pounds adjustable vinyl weight stack and offers up to 214 pounds of total resistance. Unfortunately for heavy lifters, you can not add extra weight plates to this machine.  

Are all in one home gyms worth it? 

An all-in-one home gym is a great investment if you don't have a lot of space to work with. This is because you only need to buy one piece of equipment to get a full-body workout. There are many different brands and types of all-in-one home gyms, but many of them are basically the same piece of equipment. 


The Weider Pro 2980 is an excellent low price point versatile machine for beginners or someone interested in supplementing their gym workouts, with over 36 different targeted exercises for a full-body workout.

The steel tubed frame, rubberized stabilizers, and vinyl encased weight plates make this machine durable and stable during workouts. The only downside of this machine is its inability to add extra weight to its existing 81-pound weight stack, which may be favored by heavier lifters. 

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