Force USA G9 Review – Is This All-In-One Trainer Worth It?

Finding equipment for your home gym can be challenging and relatively expensive.

There are so many machines it can be difficult to know which ones you’re best investing your hard-earned money in.

What you need is a functional trainer like the Force USA G9.

In this detailed review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the G9 and why you should buy it for your home gym (or not).


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Experience Using This Home Gym

When I first stepped up to the G9 all-in-one Smith machine, I noticed the improvements to the frame from cheaper models in the G-series.

Its robust design made me test the power rack first, which was fantastic.

The power rack felt secure and even managed to help me when I failed during my last set, with the safety support arms catching the barbell.

If you’re new to lifting, it’s an ideal machine to learn the ropes without needing a spotter.

Next, I performed chin-ups on the multi-grip pull-up frame. The first thing I noticed was that the machine didn't rock side to side as much as I expected.

This shocked me as I thought the shallow depth of the G9 would cause slight instability issues, but I was wrong.

The pulley system was smooth, and the Smith bar felt effortless when unloaded (as it should feel).

All the attachments included left me feeling like a kid in a candy shop; I didn’t know what to go on next.

As the machine only uses Olympic plates, it’s easy to switch between exercises, and you don’t need additional equipment.

However, the cable system is missing weight stacks, which I feel could improve the machine further.

And, if I were being really picky, I would have loved an adjustable bench to be included in the price.

Overall, I found the G9 to be one of the best mid-range functional trainers I’ve used. You’ll struggle to find another which offers as much bang for your buck.

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Size & Dimensions To Plan For

FORCE USA G9 Dimensions

While the Force USA G9 all in one is a compact “space-saving” piece of equipment, it might not fit in your gym.

The machine is tall, with a height of 89”; this means you need your ceiling to be roughly 1-2 feet taller than the machine so that you can use the pull-up/chin-up bar without hurting your head on the ceiling.

Other than that, the machine takes up hardly any space.

Its width is average for a Smith machine all-in-one trainer (due to the Smith bar length), and the depth is smaller than most power racks.

The machine’s sizes are as follows:



External Width


External Height


External Depth


Internal Width (inside uprights)

48” (45” in between the spotter safety arms/J hooks)

Internal Width (Smith Machine)


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Design & Build Quality

Force USA's G9 all-in-one power rack has a brilliant design and excellent build quality. It's compact, robust, and offers a ridiculously high amount of exercise options.

I was also impressed by the safety features of the G9 Smith machine, the safety hooks are easy to adjust, and the counterbalanced Smith bar is excellent for all ability ranges, even beginners.

The machine felt stable even when the Smith machine was loaded with 200lbs, and it remained smooth throughout each rep.

The only issue I found was that it’s challenging to perform an incline bench press on this machine. This is due to the internal depth being too shallow to get the bench into the correct position.

This isn’t a massive issue, but I do love incline bench press, and it’s a shame I can’t perform it on the G9 functional trainer.

When it comes to build quality, the G9 has an upgraded frame compared to the G3 and G6, which were already stable machines.

As the frame is beefed up, it is more durable and can withstand higher demands, making it ideal for smaller commercial gyms or personal training studios.

However, I set mine up in my home training space.

I would have liked to have seen westside hole spacing to give you more control over the heights of the J hooks and safety spotter arms.

But, this is a more advanced feature that most of you won’t need.

For around $3000, this is one hell of a machine, and I think you’d struggle to find another high-quality functional trainer for cheaper. It packs a lot of value into a compact design.

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FORCE USA G9 Workout Chart

Workout Stations & Versatility

The Force USA G9 all-in-one functional trainer is a highly versatile machine. 

You get 10 different workout stations on which you can perform hundreds of exercises on.

With the G9, you won’t need any other gym equipment.

Here are some of the main exercises you can do:

  • The power rack lets you perform almost any barbell movement, such as squats, bench press, shoulder press, rack pulls, and more. There are way over 40+ exercises on the power rack alone.
  • The functional trainer cable pulley system provides you with over 75+ cable exercises you can perform. And with a 1:1 pulley ratio, you're lifting all the weight you load onto the machine.
  • The low row station allows you to perform over 10 exercises, including bent-over row, bicep curls, upright row, and more. Having a low-row station is a brilliant feature that many all-in-one trainers don’t have.
  • The counterbalanced Smith machine gives you over 30 exercise possibilities.
  • You can use the landmine/core trainer to perform 30 or more exercises (and that’s being conservative).
  • The dip station lets you perform wide and narrow grip dips. You can also use the handles for the inverted row, reverse shrugs, and more.
  • If you attach a suspension trainer, this opens you up to over 100+ exercises; however, you will need a TRX or suspension system (sold separately).
  • Lastly, the vertical leg press plate will allow you to perform narrow, wide, and regular leg press variations.

As you can see, there are hundreds of different exercises you can perform on the G9 all-in-one trainer. I would find it hard to believe that you need any other equipment in your home gym.

Weight Range

The G9 all-in-one trainer has a pretty high weight capacity.

The G9 power rack: Up to 990lbs.
G9 Smith machine: Up to 772lbs.
Chin-up bar: 772 lbs.

Lastly, the cable pulley system uses aircraft quality cabling that’s been tested to 2000lbs.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be using a heavier weight than that.

The pulley ratio is 1:1, allowing you to lift the true weight.

The entire machine is strong, and unless you’re a professional powerlifter looking to break records, it’s unlikely you’re going to lift more than these amounts.

It’s best suited for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and even beginners.

Assembling This Product

Firstly, when the machine arrived, it was a curbside delivery which was swift, but it left me with a dilemma… moving the item to my home gym area.

Luckily, I had a friend nearby who could help, and I highly recommend you have assistance from a friend or family member for not only moving the all-in-one trainer to your gym space but also assembling it.

The item is delivered in one large crate weighing around 600lbs, so help is recommended.

Once I began to build the machine, I found the Force USA G9 assembly challenging, and unless you're used to building home gym equipment, you might struggle at first.

However, once you get into the swing of things, the process speeds up.

It would be nice if Force USA could update the G9 manual slightly; it took me around 5 hours to build the functional trainer.[1]

I’d recommend you set aside between 4-8 hours with at least one other helper.

Once the machine is built, you'll be impressed; it takes up much less space than I initially thought it would.

Price Guide

The G9 all-in-one trainer with power rack will cost you around $3000 plus shipping (which varies depending on your location).

Even though $3000 might seem like a lot, this mid-range functional trainer gives you excellent value for money.

You save a massive amount compared to what you’d spend on separate pieces of equipment, sometimes saving you thousands of dollars… not forgetting the space you save.

If you can stretch your budget a little further, you should check out the G12; it’s one of the best all-in-one Smith machines Force USA produces.

Shipping and Warranty

If you live in the USA and want to order the G9 for your home gym, you’ll be paying around $350 for shipping, so be sure to factor this into your budget.

Force USA ships to 48 states and use a curbside delivery company.

For anyone in the UK, you’ll be pleased to know that you get free shipping to the mainland UK. It’s a bargain if you ask me.

Canadians, listen up. You can order your machine from; your shipping costs will vary depending on your location.

It ranges from $99-599, so be sure to figure this out before you order.

If you live in Australia, you’re in luck. The G9 all-in-one Smith machine can be shipped to your door for $130-480 (depending on location).

With each Force USA G9, you get a fantastic warranty included with your purchase.

You get a lifetime frame warranty, 2 years for moving parts, and a 90-day “wear and tear” warranty for all the attachments and accessories.[2]

Pros And Cons Of The Force USA G9

What We Like

  • It has a massive variety of exercises you can do.
  • Power rack is extremely stable
  • Commercial grade pulleys with a 1:1 ratio
  • Excellent dipping station
  • Barbell and plate storage
  • Fantastic warranty (including lifetime frame warranty)
  • Fairly compact compared to other brands
  • Better than most commercial gyms
  • Includes a vertical leg press attachment
  • Counterbalanced Smith machine

What We Don't Like

  • Assembly is challenging
  • Adjustable bench not included
  • Olympic barbell not included
  • No weight stack

Who Is The G9 Best For?

At first glance, the G9 doesn’t look overly impressive and seems like it’s just another functional trainer. However, it’s one of the best value machines in the G-series.

The machine is best suited for several groups of people.

  • Home/garage gym lifters looking to develop muscle & strength but don’t need to worry about advanced features like Westside hole spacing, resistance band pegs, or a weight stack.
  • Fire stations, police departments, or military bases- These places usually have limited budgets, space and already have weight plates from other machines. So spending $3000 on the G9 could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Plus, you get excellent warranties included.
  • Small fitness centers, rec centers, hotel or office gyms- Limited space, budget, and the need for multi-purpose equipment make the G9 a no-brainer. Plus, you don't need commercial-grade equipment as you only have a reduced volume compared to larger gyms, etc.
  • Personal Trainers- This is the perfect machine to train your clients; you can train all areas of the body without needing to buy multiple pieces of kit.

Other people who might want to buy the G9 are those of you who love training your back muscles.

The G9 has a brilliant low-row station you can use to develop your lats, traps, and rhomboids.

While the low row isn’t the main reason you should buy the G9, it could be the deciding factor if you're looking at the G9 and another system.

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Unique Features of the Force USA G9

Space-Saving Footprint

The Force USA G9 has a pretty small footprint compared to other all-in-one Smith machine options.

And, you'll save around a third of the space you'd need if you buy individual pieces of equipment.

If you’ve got a limited amount of space and love to train using a wide variety of equipment, you can’t go wrong with the G9.

With the G9, you get all the benefits of multiple pieces of equipment without taking up most of your home/garage.

A perfect example is the vertical leg press attachment; it prevents you from needing a bulky leg press machine.

As a personal trainer, this is the perfect piece of equipment to install in my garage/home studio so I can train clients without needing large pieces of equipment.

To help with space-saving, Force USA has included 6 weight holders and built-in storage for my Olympic barbell. This helps keep my gym space tidy and safer. 

However, even though the G9 is compact, it is incredibly tall. If you have tight ceiling space, it might not be suitable for you.

Ensure you’ve got around a foot or two higher than the 89” machine so you can use all the features properly.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

FORCE USA G9 Smith Hook

Force USA’s G9 Smith machine allows you to perform almost all barbell exercises you’d traditionally perform in the power rack.

Plus several others you can only do on the Smith machine.

The Smith machine is counterbalanced, meaning you only move the loaded weight.

This makes the Smith bar machine ideal for beginners looking to work out without worrying about the barbell being too heavy or needing a spotter.

The 0lbs starting weight is also beneficial for bodybuilders looking to perform multiple drop sets, allowing you to work your way down to the barbell only.

It’s a killer that’ll pump so much blood into your muscles.

Each side of the Smith bar has 12” loadable sleeves, which should be enough room to load the weight you need.

Even with bumper plates, you can get around 270lbs on the bar, which will be enough for the average user.

The weight capacity of the barbell is 770lbs, so if you have enough plates, you can load the Smith bar to ridiculous levels.

The G9 Smith machine has excellent safety catches that can be locked and unlocked with ease, and the overall action of the machine is smooth.

I found it moves a lot smoother than the Force USA G3.

Vertical Leg Press Attachment

The vertical leg press has never been a favorite of mine, but since testing it on the G-series machines, I’m starting to see why it’s so popular.

One of the main benefits of using the G9 vertical leg press attachment is that it doesn’t take up as much space (45-degree leg presses take up A LOT of room).

I also enjoyed using this feature as the positioning meant that I could load the vertical leg press with less weight than I would use on the traditional leg press machine while keeping the same level of intensity.

Attaching the leg press plate is simple and doesn’t require much effort, which is great when your legs are shaking at the end of your sets.

You simply release the two pins and remove the plate from the Smith machine bar.

When using the leg press plate, I found the plate's width (29.5”) adequate and allowed me to perform wide, narrow, and regular leg press easily.

Unlike some vertical attachments you see on other all-in-one systems, the G9 comes with safety spotter rails that you control using your hands.

This gives you added security while you perform this movement.

The vertical leg press is one of the key features of the G9 all-in-one system; it’s impressive if you ask me.

Multi-Grip Chin Up, Pull Up & Dip Station

Like calisthenics? Then you'll love the multi-grip pull-up and dipping stations.

The G9 multi-grip pull-up bar will become your best friend if you enjoy performing pull-ups.

The chin-up station has five grip positions, allowing you to perform wide, narrow, reverse, semi-pronated, and neutral grip (hammer grip) pull-ups.

The pull-up bar thickness is around 1.3”, and it feels comfortable to use. It’s thin enough to get a good grip but not so thin that it starts to dig into your hands.

Each end of the wide grip pull-up bar is covered with a rubber grip. However, the rest of the chin-up station is powder-coated steel.

It would have been a nice addition to have knurling on the other grip positions, but this isn’t the case with the G9.

Another attachment you’ll enjoy is the dual grip dipping station. It allows you to perform two types of dip:

  • Wide grip dips - Best for hitting your chest muscles or if you have a wider frame.
  • Narrow grip dips - Ideal for targeting your triceps or if you have a smaller frame.

You can also perform other non-dip-related exercises on these handles, such as inverted rows.

The handles are similar to the pull-up bars; they're "just right," not too thick and not too thin, making them comfortable to use.

One thing I love is the position of the dipping station. As it’s in the middle of the power rack, you don’t have to worry about bumping your head on the machine if you lean forward too far.

Spotter Arms, J Hooks & Hole Spacing

The G9 includes a set of good-quality safety spotter arms. They allow you to use the squat rack without needing a spotter.

This is ideal for anyone training alone in their home or garage gym, allowing you to lift heavier and not have to worry about failing.

Each safety arm has a protective rubber insert which helps reduce the noise of the barbell when you fail and helps to protect your bar from any damage from impacts.

The safety arms have 15" of usable length, which is enough for most people, but a few more inches would have been nice.

Most power racks have larger safety arms, so be sure not to step back too far, or you'll step outside the spotter arms.

Along with the safety arms are the J hooks; they’re the same design as the Force USA G12.

While they have excellent build quality, a small bolt protrudes from the back of the J hook, which can scratch your barbell.

I know it might seem trivial, but if you want to keep your barbell in pristine condition, it’s something you should know.

Both the spotter safety arms and J hooks slot into the upright hole spacing, which consists of 16 1” diameter holes. Each G9 hole is uniformly spaced at 3.75”, similar to the G6 machine.

One thing to note is that the top three holes are unusable as the pulley systems take up the space.

This means the highest the barbell can be set is 60" from the floor; this should be enough for most users unless you're over 6'5" tall.

If you are 6’5” or taller, you should check out the G6 or G3 Force USA models. 

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Accessory, Weight Plate & Barbell Storage

FORCE USA G9 Lat Pulldown

Force USA has pretty much thought about everything, including accessory storage.

The G9 comes with an excellent accessory storage panel for no additional cost.

It allows you to neatly store any additional attachments, such as cable attachments.

This storage panel helps you keep your garage gym safe and tidy.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the article, the G9 comes with 6 plate storage handles and barbell storage.

I was impressed with the plate storage, as its placement means you can push the G9 flush with your wall.

This is something many functional trainers lack as they place the storage on the back of the machine, taking up additional space.

I also noticed the plate storage didn't interfere with the cable pulley systems, which was nice to see.

Upon a closer inspection, I found you can remove the sleeves around the holders to reveal 1" plate storage; this is a nice touch from Force USA.

Useful Suspension Training Ring

If you enjoy using a suspension trainer during your workout, you’ll be pleased to know the G9 comes with a suspension training ring.

Adding a suspension trainer (purchased separately) to your all-in-one system will add even more exercise variety to your workouts.

You can use this to perform over 80 exercises, such as knee tucks, pikes, inverted row, chest press, tricep dips, and more.

You can get a full-body workout without needing to use any other exercise stations.

I like using a suspension trainer at the end of my workout as it allows me to increase my workout volume while using light weights.

Comparing The Force USA G9 With Alternative Home Gyms

Force USA G9 Vs G3

When comparing the G9 to the G3, the first thing that stands out is the difference in the pull-up bar.

The G3 comes with a "monkey grip" styled bar, which is set above the machine. This can be an issue if you've got a low ceiling.

The G9, on the other hand, has a traditional style multiple grip chin-up bar. This is level with the G9's top and doesn't add any additional height.

Both machines use weight plates as resistance (not included) which is great if you love strength training.

However, I did find the G3's Smith machine to have a slight resistance compared to the G9, which feels weightless when unloaded.

Another thing to note is that the G3 doesn't come with as many accessories, which is reflected in the below $2000 price tag.

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Force USA G9 Vs G6

The Force USA G6 is a robust machine that packs a lot of punch for its price tag, costing around $4000.

This price may be more expensive than the G9, but it does come with a weight stack on either side of the machine, making it perfect for general fitness and bodybuilding.

However, I found the weight storage less convenient than the G9, forcing you to place the machine further from the wall so you can easily store plates.

The G6 is somewhere between the G9 and the G12, in my opinion.

Force USA G9 Vs G12

The G9 is a fantastic machine suitable for most home gyms or small fitness centers. However, the G12 is a premium grade all-in-one, closer to something you'd find in a commercial gym.

The G12 is designed to be used a hell of a lot and comes with a built-in weight stack.

It also has premium features like Westside hole spacing, which is something the G9 doesn’t; this isn’t something everybody needs, but it is a nice feature to have.

The G9 is best suited for gym-goers who want to focus solely on strength training such as squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, etc., as it only uses Olympic plates.

The difference between the two machines is reflected in the price; the G9 is around $2000 cheaper.

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Force USA G9 Vs G10

When comparing the G9 to the newest model, the Force USA G10, the machines look and feel pretty similar.

The G10 has some upgraded features, such as the use of Westside hole spacing, but in exchange, you don’t get an inclusive vertical leg press which is a shame.

Both machines rely on Olympic weighted plates only and have excellent storage facilities for plates and a barbell.

At around $3000 each, your decision will come down to preference. However, I've got a feeling the G10 will soon take the G9's place.

Force USA G9 Workout Programs & Exercises

The Force USA G9 comes with a brief exercise guide that simply demonstrates some of the most common exercises performed on the machine.

It's a nice touch and is an excellent tool for beginners to get some ideas when it comes to using the G9.

However, to give you an additional helping hand here's a basic full-body workout you can do on the G9 machine:




Squats (Squat rack)



Overhead Press*



Low Row






Cable Curls



*Use either the Smith machine or Olympic barbell for the overhead press.

Note: Always use Olympic lock collars for your free weight barbell exercises to give you additional safety.

Common G9 Home Gym Questions

Where are Force USA products made?

Force USA products are manufactured in the US, roughly 20 miles away from Salt Lake City in Draper, Utah. So you can rest assured the Force USA G9 is a high-quality product.

Can I do Lat pulldowns on the G9?

Yes, you can perform lat pulldowns on the G9 functional trainer. It comes with a lat pulldown bar and knee pads so you can anchor your legs to support you while you perform the movement.

Is the G9 compatible with Olympic and standard barbells?

The Force USA G9 is compatible with Olympic and standard barbells. This includes storage for both types of bars and weight plates.

You can use both 1" plates and Olympic plates on the Smith machine and cable pulley system.

Can I do squats using the spotter arms or the smith machine?

You can perform squats with either the Smith machine or by using the safety arms. It's down to your preference.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of squatting with free weights, so I'd use the power rack.

Squatting on the Smith machine can be uncomfortable for some people as your body is forced to move along a fixed path.

What is the minimum ceiling height I need?

The height of the G9 functional trainer system is 89"; it's a tall machine.

However, you need to leave an additional foot or two so that you can use the multi-grip pull-up station without banging your head on the ceiling.

Did I find any missing features in the G9?

As with several other Force USA all-in-one trainer models, the G9 lacks bolt-down capability and resistance band peg holes.

While these aren’t deal breakers, it would have been nice to have these features available. Hopefully, Force USA will address this in the future.

Does Force USA provide any discount codes?

Force USA does occasionally offer money off their products.

There is a $500 discount at the moment, so take advantage of it while you can. The money you save can pay for your shipping costs.

Planning On Buying the FORCE USA G9? 

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If you’ve been looking for home gym equipment but are struggling to choose what machines you need, an all-in-one power rack could be the answer.

Force USA has created the G9, a brilliant machine on which you can perform over 300+ exercises.

Read through the review above and see if the Force USA G9 is the functional trainer for you.


Our Ratings

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Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


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