Force USA G12 Review – Is It The Best All-In-One Trainer?

If you’ve been looking for a way to train your entire body without buying multiple pieces of gym equipment, you need an all-in-one strength trainer.

However, it can be challenging to figure out which is the best. Luckily, I’ve tested one of the best all-in-one functional trainer machines around, the Force USA G12.

In this article, I’ll give you an in-depth Force USA G12 review so you can see why (or why not) this is the functional trainer for you.


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Our Experience Using This Home Gym

When it came to using the G12, I couldn’t believe how compact the machine was. It somehow managed to fit an entire gym into one corner of my garage.

There are plenty of exercise stations, leaving you with enough room for other equipment in your gym (not that you’ll need them).

I was impressed with the quality of the Force USA G12, particularly how sturdy it felt regardless of what accessory I used.

Switching between exercises was straightforward as everything was well within reach yet didn’t get in the way.

And I enjoyed being able to place my Olympic weights onto the storage rack included on the frame.

The Smith machine’s movement was smooth, and the counterbalance worked perfectly, making the empty barbell feel almost weightless.

This is perfect for beginners or if you’re looking to use the machine as part of a rehabilitation program.

The G12 all-in-one’s power rack looks and feels strong, and I had no issues squatting just under 400 lbs (well under the machine’s 990 lb rating).

And I must add, the safety spotter arms worked perfectly when I failed during my last set… but hey, that’s what safety spotter arms are for, right?

Overall, I found the G12 all-in-one trainer excellent and a pleasure to use.

It's suitable for anyone looking to add a premium all-in-one strength training system to their home gym, personal training studio, or physical therapy practice.

Size & Dimensions In The Home

FORCE USA G12 Dimensions

The G12 is as compact and “space saving” as it claims to be. It somehow manages to pack enough equipment into one machine to give you over 300+ exercise possibilities; it’s pretty special.

Personally, I found it fit at the back of my garage; it took up very little space and left me wondering what to do with the additional space I now had, which is a nice problem to have.

The fact I could store my Olympic plates and barbells on the machine made it even better, saving more space while making my workout space safer.

However, I want to note that the machine is tall, and if you have a garage or basement with low ceilings, you might not fit the machine in your gym space.

Design & Build Quality

Overall, the G12’s design is a positively magnificent sight. Think I’m being over the top? Ok, maybe a little, but it is incredible.

It’s made even better because you get a lifetime warranty included, so you know the design is good.

Force USA’s G12 machine is robust and suitable for most fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start out or a more advanced lifter looking to take your workout to the next level.

It has interesting features, such as the westside hole spacing, which allows you to adjust the height, so it’s suitable for almost all height ranges, making it ideal for tall and shorter lifters.

The G12 all-in-one also has excellent safety features, such as the smart, safe lock and releases that make you safer no matter your lift.

The only downside to the G12’s design is that its excellent quality comes at a price. However, I think it’s an amazing price to pay for a quality machine.

FORCE USA G12 Accessories

Workout Stations & Versatility

The G12 has up to 9 exercise stations covering almost every exercise variation you’d find in a commercial gym environment.

The only feature I found the machine to lack is band pegs to attach resistance bands, but other than that, you have everything at your disposal.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the exercises you can perform:

  • Over 40+ free weight barbell exercises using the power rack. These include squats, bench pressing, overhead press, deadlift, and more.
  • 75+ cable exercises such as lat pull down, hammer grip curls, tricep pushdown, and more. This utilizes the weight stacks.
  • Over 30+ Smith machine exercises, including using the leg press plate.
  • More than 30+ landmine/ core trainer exercises such as landmine squat, rotational torso training, landmine press, and many others.
  • Multiple pull-up variations, including classic grip pull-ups, neutral grip, and semi-supinated.
  • Dual handle dipping station, which can be used for a wide variety of exercises.
  • A suspension trainer ring so you can perform over 80 suspension trainer exercises. The TRX is a popular suspension trainer (sold separately).

Weight Range

FORCE USA G12 Weight Stacks

The machine comes with dual weight stacks.

The weight stacks total 400 lbs, which should be enough for most gym-goers.

You can use the weight stacks singly or in combination.

I tested the lat pull-down function, which can use one or both stack weights, it felt smooth, and the 1:1 pulley ratio made the weight feel as it should.

I also set the cable pulley system to the low setting and performed cable curls; the weight was more than adequate.

Having a weights stack available will save you from needing a lot of weighted plates, saving you money, plus it’s easy to adjust the weight mid-set.

When it comes to the weight rating of the power rack, the J hooks support up to 990 lbs, which is a lot of weight, so unless you’re a professional powerlifter who needs more weight, the G12 should be enough for you. The safety spotting arms also have the same rating.

Assembling This Product

When it came to assembling the product, I initially found it a little tricky.

The instructions were fine but could have benefitted from more detailed instructions, although if you're good with equipment building, you'll be fine.

There is also a wide range of installation videos on the ForceUSA website demonstrating the building of the machine…these helped a lot.

I highly recommend you have some assistance when it comes to building the Force USA G12 as it arrives in 2 wooden crates, one weighing 500+ lbs and another weighing 400 lbs.

While this might not seem like an issue, the shipping is curbside… so you need to haul it to your gym space yourself.

To assemble to G12 all-in-one machine, you need basic tools such as an Allen wrench and adjustable wrench.

It can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to assemble, depending on your experience building gym equipment.

If you're worried about installing the machine, Force USA offers an installation package that costs an additional fee from a third party.

Price Guide

The machine will cost you around $5000 plus shipping which is relatively expensive and might be out of your budget.

But, when you compare the price to the cost of single pieces of equipment, you’d actually save money by buying the G12.

You get to save money and space with one machine; it’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

However, if it’s outside your budget, you should check out other all-in-one systems in the G-series, such as the G9.

Shipping and Warranty

When it comes to shipping, there are a few differences depending on what part of the world you’re living in.

For the USA, you can order your Force USA G12 from the website. The site ships to 48 states, and shipping costs around $350.

For the UK, all orders over £500 are delivered to the mainland UK for FREE. This is a bargain if you ask me.

If you’re in Canada, you can place an order on Shipping costs will vary between $99-599 depending on where in Canada you are.

You can find more information on their shipping page.[1]

Australian readers, you're in luck; you can have the G12 all-in-one system delivered for around $130-480, depending on your region, from the website.

With each Force USA G12, your machine is covered by one hell of a warranty. I'm highly impressed by it if I'm honest.

Like all G series Smith machine all-in-one trainers, it comes with a lifetime frame warranty, a 2-year warranty for moving parts, and a 90-day “wear and tear” warranty for all accessories and attachments.

The machine is exceptionally well designed, and I highly doubt you’ll need the warranty, but it’s always nice to have.

Pros and Cons Of The Force USA G12

What We Like

  • Over 300+ exercise options
  • Compact footprint is ideal for small spaces
  • Smooth feeling smith machine bar
  • 1:1 pulley ratio, you lift what you put on
  • Excellent warranty
  • Comfortable multi-grip pull-up handles
  • The machine includes a leg press attachment
  • A lot of accessories and handles are included in the price
  • Better than most commercial machines
  • Strong and stable power rack
  • Comes with weight plate holders
  • Multiple users at once
  • Fantastic safety features

What We Don't Like

  • G12 price is expensive
  • Difficult to assemble on your own (assembly instructions could be better).
  • Bench not included.
  • Olympic barbell not included.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

The Force USA G12 functional trainer is suitable for many different people.

Whether you’re the average person looking to upgrade your garage gym or you’re a personal trainer with your own studio.

Firstly, the Force USA G12 is an excellent all-in-one trainer that offers you a vast amount of exercise versatility. If you’ve got a home gym, you won’t need any other equipment.

From personal experience using this machine, I know most gym goers will have an excellent workout using this high-quality machine.

I'd even say it's better than the machines you'd find in a commercial gym.

Its compact design means you don't need much space to fit multiple machines, so if your workout area is small, it could be an excellent option for you.

Due to its wide range of exercise options, the G12 all-in-one is brilliant for anybody looking to work their whole body without needing a lot of equipment.

On the other hand, high-performance athletes will love the machine's strength training options.

Outside the home gym, the G12 is suitable for small recreational centers, community fitness centers, and studios.

It has a robust design with a lifetime structural warranty to withstand a lot of usage.

The Force USA G12 has a 992 lb weight limit, so unless you’re an incredibly strong powerlifter who goes above that, it should be suitable for almost everyone.

The only person I’d say it’s not suitable for is somebody looking for a “cheap and cheerful” functional trainer, which this isn’t.

It’s a high-end all-in-one trainer with over 300+ exercises available.

Unique Features of the Force USA G12 Home Gym

Space-Efficient & Cost-Saving Design

FORCE USA G12 compact design

Compared to other Smith machine/power rack all-in-one trainers, the Force USA G12 is relatively compact, considering the number of stations you get.

I found the external depth of the machine a lot smaller than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

The machine is tucked nicely against my wall as its plate storage is located internally, but I’ll discuss that further down the article.

If you’ve been looking for a Smith machine/power rack all-in-one trainer for a small gym area, the G12 is the perfect solution and has an excellent space-saving design.

One of the best features of the Force USA G12 is how everything is stored and hidden away. Everything is within reach, yet far enough away, so it doesn’t hinder your workout.

With the Force USA G12, you get all the benefits of multiple strength training machines, but with one machine. What more could you ask for?

When it comes to the cost of the machine, sure, the Force USA G12 is the most expensive model in the G-series, but it’ll save you thousands of dollars compared to buying separate pieces of equipment with the same high-quality design.

I'd even go as far as saying this machine could be one of the best on the market and is better than most commercial gym equipment.

It's suitable for most people, so long as it fits your budget. If it's just outside of your budget, you can't go wrong with the Force USA G9.

Ability To Bolt It Down

While the Force USA G12 does look like it can be bolted to the floor… it can't. The holes visible on the feet are not the correct diameter for anchor bolts and aren't welded to the power rack frame.

This is a little disappointing as bolting it to my gym floor would have given the functional trainer additional stability, not that it needed it, but it would have been nice to have the choice.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

FORCE USA G12 Smith bar

Over the years, some "gym bros" have given the Smith machine a bad rep.

While it isn't always the best option for some people, many gym-goers could benefit from incorporating the smith machine into their workout routines.

Most personal trainers will add some Smith machine movements to their client’s workout programs so they can work out without needing a spotter.

While I used the G12 counterbalanced Smith machine, I found the barbell moved incredibly smoothly and didn’t wobble too much.

I felt incredibly safe and comfortable throughout all movements I performed.

The Smith machine locking hooks are smooth and easy to lock into position, eliminating the need for a spotter during your workouts.

I also set the Smith machine’s safety catches just below my range of motion, so if I failed, I could let the all-in-one trainer catch the barbell.

FORCE USA G12 Smith Safety

One standout feature of the G12 is the counterbalanced bar on this Smith machine.

It reduces the Smith bar to almost 0 lbs (when empty), making it perfect for beginners who can’t lift much weight.

This feature is incredibly useful for personal training studios as personal trainers can program the Smith machine into their client’s workout routines without worrying it’ll be too heavy.

However, I discovered one problem: You can’t perform an incline bench press on this functional trainer.

This is mainly due to the lack of depth the G12 Smith machine all-in-one trainer has; you can’t push the incline bench back enough to perform the movement.

While that is a shame, as I love incline bench, there are plenty of other upper pec exercises you can perform instead.

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Vertical Leg Press

FORCE USA G12 Knee Holder

The G12 functional trainer comes with a vertical leg press attachment, giving you a powerful way to overload your lower body muscles, such as your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

From using the Force USA G12 vertical leg press, I think it’s fantastic.

I found the vertical leg press attachment easy to assemble (you only need to use the pop-pins), and it feels extremely stable once it’s on the smith bar.

The pop-pins allow you to snap the leg press attachment to the Smith bar with minimal effort, and it’s simple to detach too, which is always a plus in my books.

When it comes to how it feels while using it, I’d say it’s comfortable for a vertical leg press attachment, which can often feel awkward.

However, I did notice that the vertical leg press was far more comfortable when I used a bench tall-in-one

If you don’t purchase a bench separately, you’ll have to perform this exercise on the floor. It’s not a problem, but if you don’t have a bench, I recommend using a thick floor mat for comfort.

One thing I like about the vertical leg press vs the traditional 45-degree version is that you can use lighter weight but maintain the same intensity.

However, this exercise can be tough to perform, and I'd only recommend it to someone with plenty of gym experience.

But, if you want to give the leg press a go, there are safety catches that will stop the weight when it reaches a certain level, preventing you from being crushed. There's no need for a spotter.

Overall, the leg press is smooth and will work all areas of your legs, giving you everything you need to grow impressive-looking legs.

Dip and Chin-Up Station


If you love calisthenics in your gym, you'll be pleased to know the G12 all-in-one functional trainer comes with a multi-grip dip station and multi-grip pull-up/chin-up station.

Firstly, the dip station is a nice addition to the Force USA G12.

Usually, dipping bars are something you’d have to buy separately, but with the G12, it’s included.

They are effortless to add to the frame; you basically attach them as you would J hooks, making it easy for you to remove them, even if your arms are exhausted…as mine were.

There are two handles that attach to either side of the power rack, each with two different grip widths to choose from.

  • 21” Narrow grip width: Better for targeting your triceps or if you’ve got a narrower frame.
  • 27.5” Wide grip width: Best for hitting your chest or for wider framed lifters.

I found the multi-grip dip handles comfortable to use as they’ve got a rubber coating that gives you a slip-free grip.

When it comes to bar thickness, I can be rather fussy, but I was pleased with the G12 multi-grip dip handles.

The thickness was in the Goldielocks zone…not too thin it's uncomfortable, but not too thick that you can't get a good grip. It was just right.

I also found the positioning of the dip station to be perfect, as you can lean forward without having to worry about your head hitting the all-in-one trainer frame.

Dips aren’t the only exercise I found I could perform on the dipping station. You’ll be able to do the following:

  • Inverted rows
  • Incline push-ups
  • Band-assisted dips
  • Scrap dips
  • Inverted dips
  • And more…

The multi-grip chin-up station is excellent; it provides 5 different grips that you can use to perform a variety of pull-up movements.

Both handles provide a rubber coating on either end of the handles, giving you a superior grip compared to other pull-up bars and frames I've used, especially when your workout is sweaty.

The handle thickness is similar to the dipping station, making it feel "about right."

However, I do feel the neutral grip, reverse grip, and semi-supinated grip handles could use some knurling.

While it’s not a significant issue, it would be an excellent addition to the pull-up station. Yet, this is nothing some lifting chalk can’t help with.

Weight Plate & Barbell Storage

FORCE USA G12 Bar Storage

One of my favorite aspects of the Force USA G12 is the weight plate holders and the barbell storage.

Sure, it might not be the most exciting feature of the all-in-one trainer, but it makes a massive difference to your home or garage gym.

Having an integrated storage system helps you keep your gym tidy and safe.

There are 6 Olympic plate holders on the G12 machine, which can support several bumper plates per holder (varies depending on what type of plates you’ve got).

But, it’s more than enough for most lifters.

Having your plates in an easy-to-access yet out-of-the-way position allows you to cut switch over time, making your rest periods more efficient.

FORCE USA G12 Weight Storage

I loved that the weight holders are angled forward slightly, allowing the Force USA G12 to sit flush against the wall of my home gym.

This saves you plenty of space compared to other strength training machines, which have weight storage on the sides.

One feature you’ll be pleased with is the hidden 1” diameter storage pegs located under the Olympic plate storage sleeves.

If you’ve got standard 1” plates, you’ll be able to store them on the G12 without any trouble.

Along with the plate storage is the Olympic barbell holder. This is located on the side of the all-in-one trainer and is a convenient place to keep your barbell when it's not in use.

As with the weight holders, the barbell holder also provides a smaller 1” sleeve, which will hold your standard diameter bar.

One thing to note is that you’ll need a ceiling of at least 7’11” tall to store your barbells.

Landmine / Core Trainer

FORCE USA G12 Landmine

The Force USA power rack has a neatly placed landmine attachment.

The landmine has a robust steel sleeve that'll hold a standard Olympic barbell.

However, it also comes with a second sleeve that can hold a 1" bar.

I think this is a great touch by Force USA.

The landmine is permanently fixed to the frame, so there’s no need to assemble and reassemble it.

I also found you can install the landmine on either side of the uprights, although I installed mine on the outside to keep it out of the way.

When I placed the barbell inside the sleeve, I found it sturdy, and I had no trouble performing a wide range of movements using the attachment.

Along with the landmine, you get a dual grip handle that can be placed on the end of your barbell. You can perform T bar rows to work your lats, traps, and rhomboids.

The dual grip nature of the bar allows you to perform neutral grip movements or overhand/underhand movements (using the straight bar), giving you a wide variety of ways to work your back muscles using a variety of grip positions.

While I tend to use the landmine to work my back, you can perform a full-body workout using this attachment.

Here are some of the exercises you can perform:

  • Neutral grip T bar row
  • Overhand T bar row
  • Single arm row
  • Shrugs
  • Landmine rotation
  • Landmine overhead press
  • Landmine crunch
  • Landmine squat
  • Lunges
  • Romanian deadlift

Comparing the Force USA G12 With Alternatives

Force USA G12 Vs G6

When comparing the G12 and G6 machines, the G12 comes out on top for several reasons.

The G12 is more compact than the G6 as it has less machine depth; this allows your G12 to hug the walls of your home/garage gym, giving you more space for other equipment if you need it.

The pulley ratio is also better on the G12 as it has a 1:1 ratio, whereas the FORCE USA G6 has a 2:1 ratio. On the G12, whatever you load on the weight stack is exactly what you’re lifting.

The only downside to the G12 is the price, it’s around $1000 more expensive than the G6, but I think it provides excellent value for the $5000 price range.

Force USA G12 Vs G9

Both the G12 and the G9 are fantastic machines; however, both are designed for different purposes.

The G9 is best suited for gym goers interested in strength training, such as squats, deadlift, bench press, etc.

It solely relies on using Olympic weighted plates, whereas the G12 has the inclusive weight stack.

On the other hand, the G12 is a commercial-grade machine designed to be used A LOT and has more stations than the G9.

When it comes to price, the G9 is half the price at around $2500, but I do feel it’s missing something the G12 has.

Force USA G12 Vs G20

The Force USA G20 is the daddy of all-in-one machines. However, it does come with a hefty price tag of almost $6000, nearly $1000 more than the G12.

The G20 is fantastic; however, unless you want to own “the most expensive” machine, the G12 will be better value for most gym goers.

Although, one thing I do wish the G12 had is the “booty builder” padded plank. It’s a brilliant feature of the G20.

Force USA G12 Vs Inspire Fitness FT2

If I were going to compare the Inspire Fitness FT2 to the G12, I feel like it isn't a fair competition. The G12 offers a fully functioning power rack, whereas the FT2 doesn’t.

While the FT2 does come with a plate-free system, I like being able to add more weight to the barbell rather than relying on only a weight stack.

For the same price ($5000), you’d be best choosing the G12; you get a lot more value for your money.

G12 Workout Programs & Exercises

Force USA’s G12 comes with a built-in exercise chart, which is located on the back of the machine. This is a great touch and will allow you to get inspiration for your workouts.

If you’re new to working out, having some example exercises you can perform on the machine can be a great help.

Here’s a quick example of a full-body workout you can do on the G12 machine.







Floor Press






Overhead Press



Tricep Pushdown



Cable Bicep Curl



Commonly Asked Force USA G12 Questions

Is the Force USA brand reputable?

Force USA is one of the most reputable fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. I’ve had no trouble with the company as they always make solid equipment with excellent qualities.

Does Force USA G12 come with weights?

The Force USA G12 comes with weight stacks up to 201 lbs. However, if you want to use the smith machine or the power rack, you’ll need to buy Olympic weight plates separately.

What's the minimum ceiling height for the G12?

The machine is 91” tall, but I must warn you to leave a few feet above the top of the machine so you can use the multi-grip chin-up station effectively without bumping your head on the ceiling. It’s a tall machine, but if you can fit it in your home gym, it’s worth every dollar.

What's the pulley ratio of Force USA G12?

The Force USA G12 has a pulley ratio of 1:1, meaning if you load 100lbs onto the machine, you’ll be lifting 100 lbs. This is a brilliant feature as it means you’re always lifting the weight you think you are.

Are there any missing features in the G12?

Yes, the Force USA G12 all-in-one is missing a few features that would have been nice to have. Firstly, the G12 is missing band peg holes, so you won't be able to add bands to your squats, etc. This all-in-one trainer is also missing bolt-down capability, which is a shame as I’d have loved to bolt the G12 to my gym floor for added stability. While the G12 does have holes in the feet, they aren’t suitable for bolting the machine to the floor.

Does Force USA provide any discounts?

Force USA offers discounts on their website from time to time, so always keep an eye on the price when you’re browsing. However, even at around $5000, you’re getting one hell of a machine and will save thousands of dollars from not having to buy multiple machines for your gym.   

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Conclusion - Should You Buy It?

Finding the best home or garage gym equipment can be tough, especially when there are so many on the market.

If you’ve been looking for the best all-in-one gym equipment for your gym, look no further.

If it's within your budget, the G12 all-in-one is a fantastic machine suitable for all types of gym-goer; whether you're new or more advanced, you'll get an excellent workout from this machine.

You won’t regret buying this one.


Force USA G12 - Our Ratings

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Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


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Last Updated on January 5, 2023