Schwinn IC3 Review: Indoor Cycling Bike Rated & Compared

When choosing the best cardio equipment for low impact exercise, you can't go wrong with either a treadmill or an exercise bike.

Here at Garage Gym Pro, we favor the latter, and when it comes to exercise bikes, the almighty Schwinn brand takes some beating.

In this series of articles, we'll be pitting various Schwinn models against each other to determine which model deserves a place in your home.

Generous LCD Console

The Schwinn IC3 offers an LCD console that monitors your heart rate and your typical metrics such as the time elapsed, distance traveled, calories burned, and RPMs (revolutions per minute). Easy to use and read, you'll have no trouble keeping a close eye on your workout.

Maximum Adjustability

The seat and handlebars' height are easily adjustable to suit users big and small, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Multiple Grip Positions & Padded Handlebars

With its U-shaped padded handlebars, the Schwinn IC3 offers unlimited grip positions for ultimate comfort, helping you to stay on the bike for longer.

Ventilated Race-Style Seat

Say goodbye to saddle soreness with the IC3's molded and ventilated seat.

5 kHz Wireless Heart Rate Tracking

While many exercise bikes come with a pulse monitor that tracks your heart rate, it's generally located in the handlebars restricting the movement of your hands. The Schwinn IC3 supports wireless heart rate tracking, although you'll need to pick up a strap separately.

Dual SPD Pedals

To ensure that your feet stay in position, the Schwinn IC3 comes with dual SPD pedals, which offer both standard toe cages or SPD clips, depending on your preference.

40 Lbs. (18 kg) Flywheel

Worried about the noise of your new bike? The Schwinn IC3 boasts a smooth and silent drive, despite its durable infinite resistance wheel.

Infinitely Variable Resistance

Ready to push yourself to the next level? The Schwinn IC3 offers infinite levels of resistance, perfect for beginners through to advanced cyclists.

Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike Reviewed

Bike Specifications

Exercise Bike Type

Indoor Spin

Dimensions (While in Use)

45" L x 23" W x 49" H

Levels of Resistance

Infinite Resistance Levels

User Weight Limit

300 lbs.


31 lbs.

Bike Weight

100 lbs.

Looking for a spin bike that offers an infinite challenge, incredible adjustability, superb comfort without compromising on safety? Take a look at the Schwinn IC3, an indoor cycling bike seriously worth investing in.

Unlike some exercise bikes that use magnetic resistance to put a cap on the intensity, the Schwinn IC3 gets its resistance using an ultra-silent flywheel that gives you an infinite level of resistance. When you're ready for a more intense ride, simply pedal faster.

This makes the Schwinn IC3 an excellent choice for spin classes, saving you the hassle of messing around with dials or buttons.

But what use is an indoor exercise bike if it offers all the comfort of a camel? Well, not only is the Schwinn IC3 challenging, but it's also incredibly comfortable. By providing an adjustable seat and pedals, padded handlebar, and ergonomically designed seat that wouldn't look out of place on an expensive racing bike, you can completely adjust the cycle to suit your preference.

To increase the effectiveness of your workout, the Schwinn IC3 offers dual SPD pedals. Choose between toe cages or clip-in pedals to keep you glued to your seat and laser-focused on your ride.

Better still, as the Schwinn IC3 uses air-resistance, the bike is effortlessly quiet. This makes it a fantastic choice for those who share their home with others.

When it comes to build quality, the Schwinn IC3 is a sturdy spin bike with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. This makes it an ideal choice for most users of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to its premium construction, the Schwinn IC3 will continue to perform over many years, with little in the way of maintenance.

Assembling the bike was an absolute dream - it couldn't have been easier! With an extra set of hands, you'll have no trouble putting the bike together in under 30 minutes.

Pros & Cons Of The Schwinn IC3 Spin Bike


  • Versatile and sturdy
  • High-quality frame construction
  • Infinite resistance levels
  • Affordable
  • Silent flywheel


  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor (slightly less than some other brands on the market)
  • Lacking in built-in training programs which some other bikes offer

All About The Schwinn Exercise Bike Brand

The Schwinn brand goes all the way back to 1860, and Schwinn was the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles throughout the 20th century. Today, they're well known across America (and the world) for providing affordable, at-home solutions for gym-goers. Their product range includes upright and recumbent bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.

Comparing The Schwinn Range Of Indoor Cycling Spin Bikes

Got your sites set on a Schwinn but not sure which model is for you? Check out our comparison of the IC3 against some of Schwinn's other top-selling exercise bikes.

Schwinn IC3 vs. IC4

On Sale Today
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
5,205 Reviews
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Includes 1-Year JRNY Membership (149 dollars...
  • The JRNY experience assesses your fitness...
  • Use with popular third party cycling apps...
  • Explore destinations around the world and...

Working with a bigger budget? We think you'll love the IC4. While the IC4 boasts many of the same basic features of the IC3 (dual SPD foot pedals, adjustable frame, and display), the IC4 comes with a completely upgraded magnetic flywheel that requires far less maintenance than the IC3.

The most significant selling point of the IC4, however, is its connectivity. If you're a fan of Peloton or Zwift, the IC4 can seamlessly integrate with both apps for an immersive workout from the comfort of your own home.

It should come as no surprise that the IC4 is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the IC3. Whether it's worth it is an entirely personal decision, but if you're a gym-tech fan, we think the upgrade to the IC4 is well worth it.

Schwinn IC3 vs. IC2

Schwinn Fitness IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Infinite resistance levels with a 31 pounds...
  • BioFit comfort multi-position handlebars
  • Easy to use LCD screen displays speed, RPM,...
  • Oversized, corrosion-resistant steel tubing...

Although it looks rather basic, the IC2 shares the same generous LCD monitor that tracks your heart rate and other metrics, as well as offering infinite resistance levels. It does, however, lack a media shelf and much of the connectivity of the newer models.

If you're looking for an entry-level bike that ticks all the boxes at a more affordable price point than the IC3, consider the IC2. In our opinion, the difference in price point is not drastic enough to pick this model over the upgraded IC3.

Schwinn IC3 vs. Schwinn A.C Sport 100176

Schwinn A.C. Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer
  • Entry-level indoor cycling trainer with...
  • Uses magnets and aluminum disk to generate...
  • Dual-density saddle for comfort and...
  • SPD toe-clip pedals; dual oversized water...

Thanks to its incredibly affordable price point, the Schwinn A.C Sport is one of Schwinn's bestsellers. It comes with a magnetic resistance that's reasonably quiet, as well as a sturdy and adjustable frame. The A.C. Sport is missing many of the bells and whistles that some of the other models offer, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a no-frills ride.

The A.C Sport prides itself on being an entry-level indoor cycling trainer, unlike the Schwinn IC3, designed to have progressively challenging resistance levels.

Schwinn IC3 vs. IC7

Designed with the more advanced cyclist in mind, this model is definitely not for the beginner. While it's design sets it apart when it comes to style, it possesses much of the same feature as the IC3.

Unless you're particularly concerned with style, or are a wannabe pro-cyclist, stick to the IC3.

Schwinn IC3 vs. IC8

If you're looking to make a statement with your indoor exercise bike, the IC8 comes with everything you could ever need and more. Complete with various training programs and a training app, not to mention its ability to connect to pretty much every fitness app out there, this is one for the serious cyclist. But beware, the IC8 comes with an equally serious price tag.

Schwinn Comparisons With Other Spin Exercise Bike Brands

Schwinn IC3 vs. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

On Sale Today
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive...
3,206 Reviews
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive...
  • HEAVY-DUTY FLYWHEEL: Intensify cardio w/ 44...
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: 4-way adjustable seat &...
  • DEVICE HOLDER: Improve your fitness...
  • SAFETY & CONVENIENCE: Transportation wheels...

Sunny Health & Fitness is a brand synonymous with quality health and fitness equipment. That can be seen in their spin bike model, the SF-B1805, a strong competitor against the Schwinn IC3. It comes with a 44 lbs. flywheel, 10 pounds heavier than the Schwinn IC3, offering a more challenging workout. We favor the Schwinn design, but that's a personal choice.

Schwinn IC3 vs. XTERRA Fitness MB550

XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle Trainer...
38 Reviews
XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle Trainer...
  • Felt pad push brake resistance for a quiet...
  • 48.51 lb precision balanced flywheel system...
  • 3-piece quality pedal crank provides...
  • Knob resistance with unlimited levels of...

XTERRA is another quality manufacturer of at-home fitness equipment. The MB550 offers a challenge equal to the Schwinn IC3 but comes in a striking white color, which can add a touch of vibrancy to any home gym.

Schwinn IC3 vs. YOSUDA L-001A

On Sale Today
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Cycle...
20,288 Reviews
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Cycle...
  • 【Smooth Stationery Bike】35lbs flywheel...
  • 【Personalized Fit Exercise Bike】2-ways...
  • 【LCD Monitor and Ipad Mount】The LCD...
  • 【Safe to Use】The adjustable cage pedals...

YOSUDA comes with the same infinite level of resistance as the Schwinn IC3. It keeps the right track of your standard metrics such as time, speed, and calories burned as you exercise. The downsides? It doesn't have a pulse sensor or any wireless heart monitor to track your heart rate, something that the Schwinn IC3 does.

Schwinn IC3 vs. Peloton

Peloton Bike Plus

Peloton Bikes

  • 22 Inch touchscreen display
  • Built in sound system
  • 12 Month limited warranty
  • Worldwide bestseller

The Peloton is a brand of spin bikes designed for home gyms. Peloton bikes come with plenty of outstanding features, but their drawback is its bulky design and very high price.

Compared to the Schwinn IC3, which provides the same features for nearly a quarter the price, the IC3 certainly gives Peloton a run for its money.

Schwinn IC3 Assembly Guide

Putting together the Schwinn IC3 is relatively simple and shouldn't cause many issues. The bike comes with everything you need to get started, and providing you can follow basic instructions, it won't take you more than an hour.

Have you lost your instructions? Follow this link for a downloadable version.

Schwinn IC3 Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide

Regular maintenance of your new bike is the key to ensuring its longevity. The good news is the IC3 requires very little in the way of ongoing care. Still, follow these simple tips to keep your bike looking good as new.

After use, wipe down the frame with a damp cloth, paying particular attention to the seat and handlebars. After wiping, ensure you dry off your equipment to prevent any rusting.

Noisy bike? There may come a time when you need to lubricate your flywheel. For this, you will need to use a chain lubricant. To apply, there's a small port in the back of the chain guard of the exercise bike. As you apply the spray, you need to turn the pedals to ensure the chain is fully coated.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is the Schwinn IC3 magnetic?

No. Although the IC3 does offer infinite resistance levels.

Does Schwinn IC3 have bluetooth?

Yes. It can use Bluetooth to track your heart rate (but you'll need to pick up a strap separately).

What are some Schwinn IC3 accessories that can enhance my cardio workout?

Given the IC3 is compatible with wireless heart rate monitoring, a wireless strap (available on Amazon) is a great accessory to use alongside your new bike. Using the heart rate monitor, you can ensure you remain in the fat-burning zone.

Is using the Schwinn IC3 for indoor cycling effective for losing weight?

Regular and consistent exercise is one of the key building blocks to weight loss. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are also two fundamental pillars to shedding those pounds.

Where's the best place to look for the Schwinn IC3 for sale?

Amazon and Walmart are the two best places to buy the Schwinn IC3. If you're not in a rush, try to hold out for significant sale events such as Black Friday, where exercise equipment prices can be slashed significantly.


On Sale Today
Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike
5,202 Reviews
Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike
  • 40 pounds flywheel powered by a smooth and...
  • Dual SPD pedals come standard with toe cages...
  • Urethane-dipped handlebars with fore/aft...
  • Fully adjustable ventilated race-style seat

With infinite fitness levels and the promise of a comfortable ride, the Schwinn IC3 is an excellent entry model for any at-home gym. Not convinced? Check out our review of the other Schwinn models before making your decision.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021