Maggie Q Workout Routine & Diet (See Her Veggie-Fueled Plan)

We all love Maggie Q’s kick-ass fight scenes and stunning acting from her roles in Nikita and Mission: Impossible III.

While watching her destroy her enemies in combat, you can’t help but wonder what Maggie Q’s workout routine looks like.

We have all the facts on how Maggie Q’s workout routine and diet keep her so energized and strong down below.

Maggie Q is a renowned action star who has been in the acting game since her appearance in House of the Dragon in 1998.

After her iconic debut, it is no wonder that she has risen to the upper echelons of action stars.

The vegan celeb not only does her own stunts[1] but trains every day to maintain her strong figure and flexibility.

While many other celebs have been seen lifting weights in the gym, Maggie Q prefers to stay home or head outdoors for her training.

She starts each day with a stretch session and walks before getting on with her schedule, following this set routine down below.

This regular workout routine and diet have kept her strong for decades, even with a busy schedule.

Monday (Full Body): Yoga and 10k steps

This action star has been practicing yoga for years and can do challenging poses like the crow pose.

She loves ensuring that she stays lithe and flexible through walking and stretching throughout the week.

If you don’t want to join a class, there are plenty of yoga resources and classes online to get you started in your practice.[2]

Be careful and try to build yourself up to deeper stretches and more difficult poses.

Tuesday (Thighs, Glutes, Calves, Core, Arms, Cardio): Spin class

We love a good spin class, and so does Maggie Q. Spin classes are a great way to get in some more full-body cardio with others.

If you don't want to attend a spin class, we would recommend cycling through your local area.

Wednesday (Full Body): Yoga and 10k steps

Thursday (Full Body): Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to exercise while having a little bit of fun. Try getting some laps in at the pool for a change of pace and strong lean muscles.

Friday (Full Body): Yoga and 10k steps

Saturday (Varied, Cardio): Spin, Swim, or Run

As she enters the weekend, Maggie likes to choose a cardio workout based on how she feels rather than sticking to a rigid plan.

Sunday (Full Body): Boxing, MMA, Hiking, or Sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer

Depending on her schedule, Maggie Q likes to get a little more intense with some team sport or boxing to keep her strong and ready for fight choreo.

Who Exactly Is Maggie Q?

Maggie Q in her workout outfit

Born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in May 1979, Margaret Denise Quigley is a model, actress, entrepreneur, and animal rights advocate.

She boasts a Vietnamese and Irish background and spent her youth training to be an athlete and vet.

Her athleticism even won her a partial scholarship, but Maggie Q modeled in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong to make up the rest.

While she was modeling in Hong Kong in the nineties, she caught the eye of Jackie Chan.

At the time, he needed actors for movies that he was producing and convinced her to join him. 

After this, Maggie Q went on to star in House of the Dragon in 1998 and moved on to other iconic franchises like Mission: Impossible III, Priest, and Live Free or Die Hard.

In the 2010s, Maggie Q starred in multiple iconic works, including Nikita, Designated Survivor, and the Divergent trilogy.

In her twenties, Maggie Q began having digestive issues that led to her needing probiotic supplements.

Inspired to help others after struggling for so long, she founded the supplement brand ActivatedYou[3] with Dr. Frank Lipman, a renowned gut diet and health specialist.

Maggie Q is also a noted animal cruelty detractor and animal rights activist who cares deeply for the environment.

Current Body Stats

Maggie Q is a healthy and strong person who trains every day for both her own health and for her roles.

While these stats may change over time due to age or other factors, these are the current stats we have for her.






112 lbs




23 inches


33 inches

Maggie Q working out at home with a yoga mat

Maggie Q’s Training and Workout Principles

For Maggie Q, it is vital to remain active every day. Each morning begins with a stretch and walk session before even touching her workout routines.

As Maggie Q does not spend time lifting heavy weights, she can afford to spend time working out each day as she does not need to worry about repairing old muscles.

Another key aspect of her training is to always try new things. Maggie is always challenging herself to try new things and shake things up.

Whether it's swimming, yoga, martial arts moves, spin classes, boxing, or sports, she always gives her all.

A final element of her routine is very mindful.

Maggie Q is a big fan of Katonah yoga classes as they use they discuss the how and why of each movement to help combine physiology and psychology.

Maggie Q loves using these classes to connect with her body and the meditation to recharge.

This very active lifestyle, combined with her vegan diet choices, means that it is highly unlikely that Maggie Q will experience extreme weight loss or gain.

Her focus on complex carbs, gut health, and activities are all key factors in how she stays strong and healthy.

Accomplishments Awards and Nominations


Throughout her career, Maggie Q has won multiple awards for her performances.

Awarding Body




Asian Excellence Awards

Mission: Impossible III

Supporting Film Actress


Hawaii International Film Festival

The Warrior and the Wolf

Maverick Award



We cannot win it all, even if you are a badass action star. Here are the Maggie Q works that missed out on awards.


Number of Nominations

Number of Nominations







Fantasy Island



The Protege



Another notable accolade is that Maggie was voted Peta’s Sexiest Vegan in 2017.

Maggie Q's Diet Plan

Before diving into Maggie Q’s strict diet plan, we want to emphasize that she is a vegan celebrity.

This means that she has plenty of access to expensive ingredients and professional help to maintain such a lifestyle.

We would recommend consulting with your doctor and considering cheaper options if veganism sounds appealing to you.

A typical day for Maggie Q’s plant-based diet meal plan can look like the following.


For breakfast, Maggie Q loves to eat:

  • Acai bowl with coconut meat, goji berries, coconut oil, mixed fruits, cashew milk, fresh mint leaves
  • Wheatgrass, turmeric, ginger, and lemon shot
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Green juice

Morning Snack

After her morning stretch and walk session, for her diet plan Maggie loves to make a:

  • Smoothie with fruit, maca powder, flax seeds, and almond milk


Maggie Q has a few lunch options depending on her schedule:

  • Salad with lettuce leaves, spinach, kale, mustard seeds, sea salt
  • Wholegrain bread with almond butter
  • Brown rice with lentils, ginger, edamame beans, and hot sauce
  • Smoothie with banana, peaches, pea protein powder, almond butter, maca powder, cashew milk, mint leaves, and ice

Evening Snack

If a late dinner is on the menu, she snacks on:

  • Sprouted and dehydrated mixed nuts
  • A veggie platter with hummus and vegan feta


There are plenty of delicious options in this diet plan:

  • Kitchari with vegetable stock, mung beans, basmati rice, coriander powder, sea salt, turmeric, ginger, and cumin
  • Green leafy vegetables with beans
  • Good vegan desserts
  • Fruit
  • Granola

Maggie Q's Diet for Nikita

The Maggie Q Nikita workout routine really needed a solid meal plan to keep Maggie Q energized. She would start her day with a blended green juice before heading on set.

There, Maggie Q would get healthy vegan food every two hours as prepared by a hired chef.

This would often be hot and spicy vegan meals like kitchari but could also be protein shakes or an almond butter snack.

Maggie's Diet in Divergent Trilogy:

Maggie Q continued her plant-based vegan diet while filming the Divergent trilogy. Her focus on nutrition-rich foods in-between takes meant that she would often have things like:

  • A black, brown, and red rice mix with lentils, beans, flax seeds, seaweed, and liquid aminos
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Sprouted and rehydrated nuts
  •  Lemon cake with vegan cream cheese frosting

Foods To Avoid

The Maggie Q diet is very clear on what foods need to be avoided. After all, if there are no healthy vegan options for Maggie Q to eat, then she simply fasts until she can eat something later.

As it is focused on healthy foods, you should avoid things like:

  • Processed foods
  • Fast food
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Junk food
  • Animal byproducts
Maggie Q morning breakfast

Maggie Q Workout Routine & Diet FAQs

Why is Maggie Q vegan?

Over 20 years ago, Maggie Q met a vegan PETA animal rights activist outside a concert. Maggie Q spoke with them and quit cold turkey on all animal products.[4] Her focus for this lifestyle change was on animal rights and environmental impact, meaning that she has never fallen off the wagon.

Is Maggie Q a martial artist?

Maggie Q did not grow up practicing martial arts but does perform various martial arts moves in fight choreography for movies. For example, you can see her use mixed martial arts and krav maga moves on her enemies in Mission: Impossible III.

What supplements does Maggie Q take?

Maggie Q’s supplements tend to include probiotics, bone support, and vegan omega supplements for her health.

What is Maggie Qs favorite food?

While Maggie Q tends to eat food that is healthy and focuses on holistic health, she does have a weakness for vegan doughnuts.[5]

Does Maggie Q own ActivatedYou?

Maggie Q founded ActivatedYou with Dr. Frank Lipman, a renowned gut health expert, after experiencing gut health issues in her twenties.


The Maggie Q workout routine is a highly regular and intense one, focusing on high-intensity cardio to improve cardiovascular fitness and growing lean muscle mass.

It can be quite intense, but its ever-shifting nature means you can take inspiration from it, building yourself up to slowly grow lean muscle mass.

We recommend taking this spirit of welcome challenge and keeping this Maggie Q workout in mind when pondering a spin class day.

It is also vital to note that Maggie Q’s meal plan focuses on whole foods and vegan cooking, often using expensive and difficult-to-get ingredients prepared by professional chefs.

This is an incredibly privileged position to be in and one that is difficult to maintain for most. We would recommend taking inspiration and trying to maintain a proper diet in your everyday life.

Try to eat green leafy vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains alongside a healthy sleep pattern for good results in training.

A plant-based diet is not for everyone, but the Maggie Q diet plan could help you lose weight or at least appreciate how good vegan desserts are.



Jo Taylor

Last Updated on January 16, 2023