Body Solid Dumbbells Review (Are These HEX Sets Any Good?)

Dumbbells are, without a doubt, an essential addition to any home gym. Dumbbells are the gold standard in building muscle and shredding fat in gyms across the planet. But what kind of dumbbells are the best? Iron dumbbells can be risky to work with, so we prefer rubber dumbbells. And we like hex dumbbells because they allow us to do more exercises than round dumbbells. 

Body Solid Dumbbells are excellent and allow us to perform high-intensity strength training safely because of the rubber coating for enhanced performance. These dumbbells play a crucial role in enhancing total body fitness, and they should be included in every home gym. This Body Solid Dumbbells review will explain why. 

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Everyone who wants to get in shape and lose weight needs a set of dumbbells. There isn't a home gym in the world that shouldn't have a dumbbell in it. The Body Solid Dumbbells are loved by fitness enthusiasts who want to build their bodies with precision. 

If you need an easy workout on your joints but improves strength and flexibility, the Body Solid Dumbbells are for you. 

What We Like 

  • Great grip 
  • Durable build 
  • Heads won’t rattle 
  • Safe rubber coating 
  • Hex design avoids rolling 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Somewhat strong odor 
  • A bit pricey for some 
  • They need to be kept clean 

Unique Features Of The Body-Solid Dumbbells   

We loved these Body Solid Dumbbells. First of all, they are hex dumbbells, which are some of the most reliable dumbbells that you can find at the moment. And they have a premium rubber coating, making them safer to use than iron dumbbells. And if all you have is a couple of sets of these dumbbells in your home gym, you will still be able to get a great workout. 

Here are a few other things we really liked: 

body solid dumbbells review

Premium Quality Rubber Encasing

The first thing you notice about these dumbbells is their rubber encasing.

The rubber coating keeps the dumbbells from rusting and protects your floors and other equipment from nicks if you drop the weights. 

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Steel Alloy Machine Chromed Handles  

These handles are some of the most comfortable we've used. The handles are knurled and arched in the middle for a secure grip and maximum comfort.

They also have steel inserts, are pinned, press-fitted, and welded, so the weight heads won't fall from their axles.

They also have a chrome finish which prevents corrosion. 

body solid rubber hex dumbbells

6-Sided Anti-Roll Design  

The six-sided anti-roll hex design offers superior stability for certain exercises like pushups.

When you do pushups with these dumbbells, you won't have to be extra careful or focus on holding them still.

Because of the hex design, they won't roll over or slide on your floor. 

body solid rubber dumbbell set

Stylish & Durable  

Something not as important but something we still appreciate is how stylish these dumbbells are. These weren't an eyesore when they were set up in our home gym. But they are also very durable, and they felt solid in our hands. These dumbbells should last for a long time. 

Body Solid Dumbbells Review 

Product Specifications


5 lbs 

Weight Range 

3 - 120 lbs

Hand Grip 


Material Type

Rubber coating 


Yes, Lifetime warranty 

These Body Solid dumbbells are perfect for people who want to perform a variety of exercises in their home gym. They offer unparalleled performance even on a tight budget. In addition, there is no assembly and very little maintenance required.  

The dumbbells are available in weights from 3 to 120 pounds. There is a dumbbell for lifters of all sizes and any dumbbell workout you can think of. 

The Body Solid dumbbells feature a rubber coating that's very easy to clean and keeps them from rusting. The rubber coating also offers superior stability for certain exercises. In addition, the hexagonal design prevents it from rolling to avoid damage due to imbalance and improper use. 

The weight heads on these dumbbells have a secure connection to the handles. They are press-fitted and welded, so you don't have to worry about the heads falling off in the middle of an exercise. No matter how much they're abused, they won't break.

Our favorite part of the Body Solid rubber hex coated dumbbell is the grip. The knurling is very comfortable, and it evenly distributes the weight in your hand. We didn't like the rubber smell that might not be good for people who have allergic reactions towards rubber. But that should go away with time. 

We also loved the available Body Solid Dumbbell Rack. This gives you the perfect place to store dumbbells to your home gym. The rack is great for storage and the coated rubber feet will protect your floors. If you're looking to buy multiple sets of dumbbells, we highly recommend this. 

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Comparisons With Body Solid Dumbbell Alternatives

Body Solid Vs Weider Dumbbells

Rubber Hex Dumbbell - 10 LB
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Rubber Hex Dumbbell - 10 LB
  • Prevent your dumbbell from rolling away or...

The Weider dumbbells are very comfortable to use and have a minimal footprint. They can be easily stored or even carried with you when you go out of town. Similar to the Body Solid dumbbells, the Weider dumbbells hand has a non-slip grip, so you won't slip while working out. 

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Body Solid Vs CAP Dumbbells

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  • CONSTRUCTION – Heads are made from ASTM A48...
  • FEATURES – Original Hex Shaped heads...
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The CAP rubber dumbbells are very durable, made from solid steel. They also have an elastic rubber coating on both ends. The rubber ends allow you to work out without fear of slipping or making a lot of noise when you put down the weights.

However, the rubber coating emits a smell similar to the Body Solid dumbbells that might cause some sensitivity to clients who are allergic to rubber. It should go away after a few days. 

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where are Body Solid dumbbells made?  

Body Solid is an American manufacturer of home and strength & conditioning equipment. Body Solid makes their equipment in their factory outside of Chicago in Forest Park, Illinois. 

Can you drop a Body-Solid dumbbell without it breaking?  

These are robust and durable dumbbells. You can absolutely drop them without breaking them. However, we do not recommend dropping them in your home gym because you can damage your floors and other equipment. 

Does Body Solid make dumbbell racks?  

Body Solid does make dumbbell racks. They offer a variety of excellent racks, and some are sold in bundles with dumbbells. 

What is the dimension of the weights and the rack together?  

The GDR363 Three-tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack measures 40-by-30-by-20 inches when it's fully assembled holding dumbbells. 


Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell 55 lb.
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Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell 55 lb.
  • This Item is a Single Dumbbell
  • Resists cracking and fading
  • Protects Floor and Racks

These Body Solid Dumbbells are excellent. If you buy the dumbbell and rack combo, you'll have all you need to get your home gym started. Dumbbells play a crucial role in enhancing your total body fitness, and they should be included in every home gym. These Body Solid Dumbbells are a smart purchase. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2022