CAP Adjustable Dumbbells Review: 5 Models Compared (Plus Hex)

We love dumbbells because they are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. In fact, you can incorporate them into almost any routine.

Dumbbells are perfect to use for exercises targeted at building muscle mass and losing fat. They can help you carry out a ton of different workouts, including lunges, squats, flyes, renegade rows, and more!

And when it comes to dumbbells, there's a brand you need to know about. Meet CAP.

Why Choose the CAP Brand of Dumbbells?

Quick & Easy Adjustment

CAP dumbbells help you save time when starting your workout. Their plates easily attach and adjust to a comfortable weight helping you reduce downtime and keep it focused throughout your routine.

In some models, it's even simpler. To adjust the weight by 5 pounds up to a massive 50 pounds, rotate the handle from left to right. Yes, it's that simple! This brand advocates for a workout routine that is enjoyable and stress-free.

Versatile ADJUSTABELL Weight-Adjustment System

The ADJUSTABELL system is an innovative design that makes it easy for you to switch from exercises using heavier weights to those with lighter weights fast (or vice versa), such as switching from lunges and squats to curls and triceps extensions. They're also great for supersets!

This further reduces your downtime by decreasing the time it takes to switch up your weight.

Octagonal Shape

Some models have a unique shape that helps the dumbbells keep you balanced, which reduces the chance of accidents.

It also means you can be sure to find your weights exactly where you left them. They won't roll-off and create trip hazards for you and the rest of your family.

Varied Material Options

CAP uses a bunch of different materials in their construction. These materials have various benefits, like improving your grip and minimizing injuries.

Some of the common materials used in CAP dumbbells are:

  • Cast Iron 
    This CAP dumbbell set has a gloss finishing that prevents rusting and wear and tear. So, it's maintenance-free and very durable.
  • Cement
    If you're looking for a CAP dumbbell set to help you achieve your goals and not break the bank, this is it. Cement may not be as durable as iron, but it will save you some cash.
  • Rubber Coated Solid Steel
    CAP knows how sweaty you can get during your workout sessions, especially during very active HIIT workouts. Rubber coating keeps the dumbbells from slipping from your sweaty hands and causing accidents.

Handling Features

  • Ergonomic Grips 
    Since workouts are uncomfortable enough, CAP designed their hand-friendly grip to help you along your fitness journey. After all, we don't need any more excuses when it comes to working out.
  • Knurled & Padded Handles
    These handles help you to manage your dumbbells with ease and prevent slippage. It can also help to prevent sore and calloused hands.
  • Spin Lock Collars
    Spin lock collars keep your weights safely attached to the bar, no matter how intense your workout is. Adding or removing weights is easy – simply twist and release.

5 Best CAP Dumbbells Reviewed

1. CAP Adjustable Dumbbell Set

CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set...
5,619 Reviews
CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set...
  • What’s included 40 pound set includes 2...
  • Construction durable cast iron plates have a...
  • Features: Set deatures ergonomic grips,...
  • Versatile: Dumbbells offer the ability to...

Best Basic Adjustable Set

Weight Range

40-200 lbs. (40, 50, 60, 105, 200)


2.5, 5, 10 lbs.


(L x B x H) = 20 x 9 x 8 inches

Shipping Weight

6.44 lbs.


6.44 lbs.

First up, this CAP dumbbell cast iron set is incredibly durable. It has a semi-gloss finish that prevents rusting and maintenance and features a solid steel handle that helps you maintain a decent grip on the dumbbell as you lift.

While we understand it looks like your typical dumbbell, don't be fooled. The quality of construction is far superior to its competitors.

The CAP features diamond knurling, rubber trimmed collars, comfortable handles, and ergonomic grips. The collars are threaded to secure the collars to the handles and prevent slippage.

This all means you can get started on your workout without worrying about the dumbbell falling and hitting your foot (although you should obviously be careful!). This allows you to exercise with confidence, speed, and efficiency.

One of the best things about this set is that they are suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level. There are sizes available for beginner, intermediate, and expert/advanced athletes (from 40lb up to 200lb)

Even better, we love these basic dumbbells as they get the job done.  They are incredibly versatile and can be used in almost any workout, and come in various sizes to help you customize and personalize your workout routine. As a result, they are perfect for beginners who want their dumbbells to grow with them as they develop muscle.

These dumbbells are ideal for use in energetic HIIT sessions, full-body isolations, and functional workouts.

And if you want to add some extra workouts to your routine, consider the CAP Barbell 36 lb. cast alternative weight set. With this barbell,  you can add new and exciting exercises such as squats and lunges. Don't forget to pick up a bench to go with your new barbell.

2. CAP Adjustabell (Rack or Bundle)

CAP Barbell Adjustabell Dumbbell 50-Pound...
  • ADJUSTABLE – Simply rotate the handle left...
  • EFFICIENT – Quickly switch weights between...
  • FUNCTIONAL – The unique dial system...

Top of the Range

Weight Range

5-50 lbs.


5 lbs.


(L x B x H) = 15.75 x 9.06 x 8.07 inches

Shipping Weight

50.35 kg


30 days

If you're looking for something compact and convenient, this set is for you. In fact, it's our top pick amongst everything we tested.

This is a fantastic set of dumbbells that comes complete with a dumbbell rack and a unique weight-adjustment system. This system allows the weights to join and lock together, making it easier and quicker to handle and use.

The best part of the ADJUSTABELL system is that it allows this set to combine ten dumbbells in one massive, cost-efficient, and handy package. Not only can you save tons of gym space, but you can save a bunch of cash at the same time. If you're anything like us, saving space and money is a high priority.

Another reason we love this top of the range Adjustabell set is it keeps your fingers safe. Unlike other dumbbells that scratch and bruise your palms, this one is coated with rubber to prevent injury and make working out more comfortable.

We love this feature because it is great for intense workouts when you're getting your sweat on. This is perfect for squats, lunges, HIIT, and other high-energy exercises.

Another bonus is that CAP Adjustabell dumbbells drastically reduce your downtime while working out. Once you're done with an exercise, you can quickly switch to another with a different weight to make every second of your workout count.

Get yourself this 10-in-1 magic dumbbell and watch how fast you smash your fitness goals!

3. Cap Coated Hex Dumbbell Weights

CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell with...
  • VERSATILE – Dumbbells offer the ability to...
  • CONSTRUCTION – Heads are made from ASTM A48...
  • FEATURES – Original Hex Shaped heads...
  • FUNCTIONAL – Perfect for isolations, full...

Best Hex Set

Weight Range

3-120 lbs. (3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15-120)


5 lbs.


9.29 x 3.15 x 2.72 inches

Shipping Weight

4.85 lbs.


30 days

Are your dumbbells always rolling away from you? Check these out.

These uniquely shaped CAP hex dumbbells are perfect for full-body or muscle-targeted workouts like push-ups, renegade rows, and more! They have an extremely durable coating with an ergonomic handle resting comfortably in your palms from workout start to finish.

So why are they so good?

Well, it's because of their hexagonal shape, which is well-suited for these types of workouts. Circular dumbbells make some movements tricky, but we love this hex set because it is safe to lean on during exercises and help you create a customized workout routine.

This hexagonal shape also makes storage more manageable and makes sure they stay exactly where you left them.

Although these hex dumbbells may not have rubber-coated handles like the Adjustabell set, they are just as comfortable. The cold-rolled steel chromed handle is adequately shaped to support a superior grip. It's clear to see that CAP has left no expense spared when it comes to the quality in the construction, which will see these dumbbells lasting a lifetime.

We love how versatile this set is. It makes each workout interesting, different, and engaging.

These dumbbells also come in a range of different sizes. So whether you're a beginner of a weightlifting pro, no one is left out.

4. CAP Barbell Single Chrome Dumbbell

CAP Barbell Chrome Dumbbell with Contoured...
  • Contoured handles for an easy grip
  • High polish heads
  • Commercial grade
  • Sold individually for selected Size

Best Chrome Set

Weight Range

3 - <60 lbs.


5 lbs.


7.99 x 2.99 x 2.01 inches

Shipping Weight

2.87 lbs.


30 days

We have come to realize that you only do what you enjoy the most. So, if you want to enjoy working out and burning off excess fat, get a workout buddy that excites you to sweat it out. We recommend this chrome set as one of the best gym buddies you can get!

These dumbbells have a contoured handle to increase comfort and ease during a workout. This is incredibly important when working out. After all, we are less inclined to do something if we face any discomfort.

The polished chrome isn't just for aesthetics, but the shiny surface helps prevent cuts and tears on our precious hands. This polish also makes it resistant to peeling, chipping, and cracking, which reduces rusting and maintenance. This reflective and durable set will sit like royalty among your other gym equipment.

But, it's more than just the aesthetics for us. Another thing that made us fall in love with this chrome set is its impeccable durability. As long as you take proper care of it (by cleaning and placing it in a safe place), you can achieve many years of use.

These stunning dumbbells are also incredibly slim, so they won't take up much space in your closet or home gym.

5. Cap Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbell

On Sale Today
CAP Barbell Black Neoprene Coated Dumbbell,...
1,719 Reviews
CAP Barbell Black Neoprene Coated Dumbbell,...
  • VERSATILE – Dumbbells offer the ability to...
  • CONSTRUCTION – Iron core made from ASTM A48...
  • FEATURES – Original Hex Shaped heads...
  • FUNCTIONAL – Perfect for training...

Best Lightweight Set

Weight Range

1-15 lbs. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15)


5 lbs.


10.83 x 10.24 x 3.94 inches

Shipping Weight

21.34 lbs.


30 days

Starting off light is a great way to build confidence – and muscle! If you're a beginner and want to kick-start your fitness journey, this set is just for you.

These CAP neoprene dumbbells are among the most durable sets we tested; they could last for a lifetime! This is all down to the neoprene coating. Neoprene is a solid synthetic rubber that can withstand wear, tear, and other extreme conditions.

This dumbbell set also gives comfort a new meaning. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to grip, which makes working out stress-free and enjoyable. This is partly due to the slimline handle, which allows for a comfortable grasp of the weight, with less risk of slipping and dropping.

Like some of the other CAP dumbbells, this one has a hexagonal shape that prevents it from rolling around and supports specific exercises.

One of the unique things about these dumbbells is that they can be used to add a splash of color into your home gym. They also come in a bunch of different weights so you can pick up something to suit your current ability. The weight is clearly displayed on the head of each dumbbell so you can quickly ramp up or down your workout.

Pros and Cons of CAP Dumbbells


  • Comfortable and easy-to-grip handles.
  • CAP 50 lb. adjustable dumbbell help save you a lot of space!
  • Cost-effective in the long term. You may spend more upfront for models such as the ADJUSTABELL but you'll save cash in the long run.
  • Good grip to prevent slipping, no matter how sweaty you get.
  • Hexagonal design means they stay put! This make exercises such as renegade rows easier.


  • Not as durable as a fixed-weight dumbbell.
  • Models such as the ADJUSTABELL can't be used by more than one person at the same time.
  • Higher price point

All about CAP Home Fitness Equipment

Over 25 years ago, Edward Tseng started CAP focused on giving. He gave away free weight benches and weights to announce CAP's arrival on the fitness scene and get his brand name out there.

Today, CAP produces a whole range of workout equipment, including mats, strength equipment, inversion tables, plyometrics boxes, and so much more.

CAP's goal is to provide quality equipment at the lowest price possible. They want more than anything to be a part of your fitness journey and see you smash your goals!

Comparing CAP with Similar Dumbbell Brands

CAP vs. Weider Dumbbells

Although CAP is slightly more expensive, you can clearly see the value for the extra $10-$15 dollars (depending on the seller) in its comfortable grip and short downtime.

However, CAP has a better and more consistent quality overall.

If Weider vs. CAP dumbbells were a contest for durability, CAP would easily win. CAP is produced with a higher quality of materials than Weider, which for you, means it will last longer.

CAP vs. Bowflex Dumbbells

Bowflex stepped up the game in the fitness and technology industry with the Bowflex SelectTech 560. With an onboard computer, it helps you keep track of your lifts and reps.

Some argue that this feature is perhaps unnecessary, and given the price difference, we would tend to agree.

CAP is also faster and more comfortable at changing and adjusting weight. So, you may experience more downtime with Bowflex, especially when starting out.

CAP vs. PowerBlock Dumbbells

PowerBlock dumbbells are very unique in appearance. Instead of the standard dumbbell shape, PowerBlock makes use of a cage that the user reaches in to grab the handle. This does have some benefits as it makes some exercise easier. Unfortunately, it works the opposite way too, in that it makes some exercises a lot harder.

CAP dumbbells are more familiar in shape and size, and give a more traditional experience, straight out of the box. PowerBlock is great, but they may take some getting used to.

CAP vs. NordicTrack Dumbbells

NordicTrack tends to focus more on the lighter weights, which is perfect for beginners. But, if you would like a bit of a challenge, CAP weights are your best bet.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why are adjustable dumbbells so expensive?

Adjustable dumbbells need to be very durable, so they are made with quality materials. Let's not forget, most of the time, quality = expensive.

Also, dumbbells are heavy (obviously). This means they tend to attract expensive shipping costs when ordering online.

If the price is a major concern, check out one of our recent reviews on affordable dumbbells.

What happens if I drop these CAP adjustable dumbbells?

Although dropping or knocking dumbbells together can damage them, you would have to be unlucky to cause anything more than a dent or scratch. This is because of the high-quality materials CAP uses in their products.

Do CAP dumbbells come with warranty coverage?

Yes! They come with 30-day warranty coverage. The warranty covers faults in the material or craftsmanship. It doesn't, however, cover misuse, such as dropping or knocking the equipment together. So make sure you treat your weights with respect.

Where are the best places to buy CAP dumbbells?

One of the best places to get your CAP dumbbell set is Amazon. Here's why:

  • Offers an unbeatable range of products – more than your local fitness store could.
  •  Provides fast and cheap (sometimes free) delivery. Other online stores may charge shipping costs based on weight, where Amazon operates on a flat-fee basis.
  • Offers superior levels of customer service. This means should something go wrong, they'll work to resolve it quickly.


CAP is a stellar brand to add to your collection with its firm and comfortable grip, superior quality construction, and unique design.

If you're looking for a reliable set of dumbbells for your home gym, you can't go wrong with CAP. Your new muscles will thank you!

Last Updated on February 22, 2023