Ironmaster Adjustable Super Bench Review

If you're looking for a weight bench that is constructed with commercial grade materials, then the Ironmaster Adjustable Super Bench is a worthy contender. This bench is made either for bodybuilders who utilize enormous amounts of weights, or those who just prefer the best quality available.

The Ironmaster brand doesn't need a special introduction. They have been manufacturing top quality fitness equipment for quite some time now, and the Super Bench is the perfect example of that. The high-quality nature of their products does say something about this weight bench, but let's take a closer look at its features to see if its the right choice for you. 

Product Specifications

Regular Dimensions

44″ L x 18.75″ W x 21″ H

Weight Capacity

1000 lbs

Back Positions


Seat Positions


Weight Capacity

1000 lbs


10 year structural & 1 year upholstery

Main Features Of The Super Bench

The entire frame of the Super Bench is made of 11 and 12-gauge commercial steel and is capable of holding an incredible 1000 pounds (or 600 pounds for for incline and upright positions). The frame is powder-coated gray metallic with chrome components, so not only is it aesthetically-pleasing, but it's protected against rust and corrosion.

This bench, as the name suggests, is adjustable, and features incline, flat and decline positions in for a total number of 11 back adjustment options. The specific adjustable degrees are 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85. Compared to other benches, 11 back pad adjustments is quite high, while the 3 seat adjustments are fairly standard across the board. 

Unlike most other benches on the market, this one is compatible with a long list of optional attachments, like the Crunch Situp, Dip Bar Handles, Chin Up Bar, Preacher Curl Bar, and Leg Curl and Extension Attachment. There is even a cable system attachment, so all in all, you're not limited on what you can do with this thing. 

The heavy-duty cushioned pad with stitched vinyl upholstery measures 44″x 10″ x 3″, so it's large enough for the majority of users. The assembled bench dimensions are 44" x 18.8" x 21" and the empty weight is 65 pounds. 

Ironmaster offers a very competitive warranty of 10 years on the structural components (frame) and 1 year on upholstery

Packaging & Assembly

The bench comes practically pre-assembled. All you have to do is to attach the feet and you are ready to roll. Not much else to say on that front!

Pricing Guide

In terms of price, the Super Bench is far from the cheapest option on the market. That being said, it's a lot more capable of handling large quantities of weight thanks to it's commercial-grade frame, so the saying "you get what you pay for" definitely applies. 

The main thing to consider when it comes to price is whether or not this bench offers good value for money. Considering the quality, the optional attachments, and the high adjustability, I'd say that value for money is high.

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Feature Summary
  • Heavy-duty 11/12-gauge steel frame
  • 1000 lbs support 
  • Powder-coated gray metallic frame
  • Incline, flat, decline positions available
  • 11 back adjustment settings
  • Cushioned 44″ x 10″ x 3″ pad
  • Ring lock system
  • Dimensions: 44" x 18.8" x 21"
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Structural warranty: 10 years
Ironmaster Adjustable Super Bench

My Experience Using The Ironmaster Super Bench

Frame & Adjustability

I'd say that the main benefit of choosing the Super Bench is the heavy-duty steel construction. Not many benches are this sturdy, and even fewer have the capacity to hold 1000 pounds. For that reason, this is my go-to pick for heavy lifting, and although I didn't come close to pushing the max weight limit, I have no trouble believing that it can indeed handle 1000 pounds. 

The 11 adjustable positions are useful for all kinds of exercises, and I don’t think there is a need for more.  When adjusting the position, all you have to do is press down on the foot lever and then lift up or down the pad. This makes adjusting the bench extremely easy and convenient, which means that you'll be able to focus on what's important - your workout. 

I love that the Super Bench allows for optional attachments so that you can perform leg extensions, preacher curls, and sit-ups more effectively. Although I didn't personally use these, all the attachments are perfectly sturdy according to users’ reviews. Most agree that at least the sit-up attachment should be purchased as well as the main bench. 


In terms of comfort, the first thing I noticed was the pad. It’s really thick and firm, and you can tell that it's high in quality just by looking at it.

The 3" thick pad does the job quite well to keep users safe and secure, and it's also comfortable on the back. Most other benches use padding that's either 2" or 2.5" thick, so Ironmaster goes above and beyond in this department. Despite the thickness, it does not cause imbalance, which is something that a lot of people worry about at first glance. 

The seat of the Ironmaster adjustable super bench is removable and is just as thick and comfortable as the back pad. 

Height & Weight Limitations

Many benches aren't capable of handling the needs of taller individuals, but this isn't the case for the Super Bench. Several 6’4”+ users mentioned that despite their height, the bench suits them just fine. Most of them still had their heads placed on the pad in inclined settings.

However, shorter people - let's say less than 5'2", but experience some limitations when using the Super Bench. The main portion of the bench is quite long, so it's more suited to average and above average heights. 

Pros And Cons Of This Weight Bench

The Good

  • Very sturdy heavy-duty steel frame
  • No wobbling
  • 11 positions in total (+3 seat positions)
  • Lots of optional attachments
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Easy adjustment system
  • Very little assembly required

The Bad

  • The 3" thickness of the pad might not suit everyone
  • The bench is long, which can be an issue for shorter people

Comparing The Ironmaster With Similar Weight Benches  

One of the best ways to do your due diligence for selecting the best weight bench for you is to compare it with similar models. There are 2 that are very similar in functionality and design to the Super Bench:

  • Ironmaster Vs Powerblock - The Powerblock Sport Bench is very similar in design to the Super Bench. However, the Super Bench offers a lot more adjustable for different back positions, and the option for additional attachments makes it a lot more versatile. 
  • Ironmaster Vs Rogue - Rogue Fitness is a name that we all know and love. This brand specializes in commercial-quality equipment, but that also means that you'll be paying a commercial price. While their adjustable weight benches are hard to beat, they range from about $250 to $1000+, making Ironmaster the much more affordable choice.  

Should You Buy The Ironmaster Super Bench?

Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable...
  • SUPER STRONG 1000 LB RATED. Heavy duty,...

My rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5

While a lot of people can benefit from the Ironmaster Super Bench, it's not for everyone. If you're small or you're just starting out with weight lifting and don't need such high weight support, you might be more suited to another bench for your home gym. 

But if you're looking for something that's commercial-grade, durable, sturdy, and allows for heavy lifting, this is an excellent choice. The 10-year warranty speaks for itself, and with a number of optional attachments you can utilize, you've got plenty of exercise options. 

If you're still searching for that perfect bench, check out this bench guide reviewing the top picks for affordable benches on the market today. 

Last Updated on February 12, 2023