Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench Review

When it comes to home gym, besides a proper power rack, one should not forget about acquiring a proper bench. But when you are about to get a gym bench, why not getting folding bench, which also serves multiple purposes? Today, I’ll be reviewing one such bench – Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench (BFFID10).

Body-Solid is a well-known fitness equipment brand, but so far we have not reviewed one of its foldable benches, so let’s take a closer look at one of their best (or possibly worst?) ones.

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions

55" L x 18" W x 19"H

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Back Positions


Seat Positions


Product Weight

43 lbs


3-year for frame, 1-year for all other parts

This list of features alone should help you decide whether or not Body-Solid best sitness folding bench would suit your needs. If you decide to order it, here is what you will get.

Feature Summary:
  • Flat, Decline and Incline Positions for Dumbell & Barbell Exercises
  • Offers 5 Positions, Starting from 10-degree Negative Decline up to 70-degree Positive Incline
  • Includes Safety Bolts and Pins for Safe and Easy Adjustments
  • Adjustments are Compatible with Preacher Curl Assembly
  • 75-inch Comfortable Upholstered Pads with Durable Powder-Coated Finish
  • Measurement of 54.5″L x 18″W x 17″H (138.43 cm x 45.72 cm x 43.18 cm)
  • 3-year Warranty
  • List Element
  • List Element

Packaging & Assembly

Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

The bench arrived in one box. Everything inside was tightly packed – nothing was moving around.

If you want to assembly this bench on your own, you are in luck, the assembly could not be simpler. For starters, the bench came nearly fully assembled. 

The only thing that is required is to properly install the bolts (that are included in the package) or alternatively, use the pins instead and you are good to go.

One Comfy Bench

I was surprised that despite its simple and ‘rough’ appearance, the back-pad is quite comfortable and it’s also wide enough, although larger people might not be that comfortable. I’m 5’8 and 150 lbs, so I did not have any such issues.

The overall construction is sturdy, which is good, considering the fact that the legs are adjustable in height. One thing that caught my eye were the welds. While they were solid, they could be polished in more details, since they are a bit ragged, but that’s just a little design issue. Paint also appears to hold just fine.

One thing that I realized is that the if you want to use the decline position, you have to adjust the front leg of the bench to its max position. From this angle you are not able to position your feet anywhere properly, which is not very comfortable.

Pros and Cons

Those are the pros and cons. For me, the pros greatly outweighed the cons, since I’m not a large guy.


  • Practically fully assembled out of the box
  • Comfortable back-pad
  • Small dimensions – good for small home gyms
  • Durable & sturdy construction


  • Uncomfortable angle for legs in the declined position
  • Back-pad is too thin for large or broad-shouldered guys (6’1 & 170 lbs +)


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Our Rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5

Would I recommend the Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench? Well, it depends. It’s a great piece of equipment considering the price point. But if you are a larger guy, you might feel uncomfortable using this particular bench, because of the narrow and thin back-paid. If this is your case, I would suggest looking for an alternative.