Valor Fitness Lat Pulldown (CB-12 Reviewed For Home Gyms)

If you want to get a full-body workout and build muscle in your upper body, buying home gym equipment is the quickest way to do it. The Valor Fitness CB-12 Pulldown Machine is one of the best machines you can buy, and we’ve written this detailed guide to help you learn about it.  

If you’d like to look at others, you can compare the Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine with some of the other high-quality lat pulldown machines we reviewed.

The Valor Fitness CB-12 lat pulldown machine is a mid-range machine that’s great for those on a budget who want high-quality home gym equipment. It’s cheaper than similar products like the XMark Fitness XM-7618 but still gives you a satisfying workout.  

The Valor lat pulldown machine helps build muscle in your lats, shoulders, back, and arms. Lat pulldowns also help with a range of essential arm movements. If you’ve had a few months of experience in the gym, and you know you’ve got a decent form with upper-body exercises, then you’ll be ready for the Valor Fitness lat pulldown.  

The Good 

  • You can do a lot of exercises with the machine  
  • Great budget-friendly machine
  • Durable construction
  • Includes weight plate holders
  • Comfortable seat
  • Extended warranty

The Bad 

  • Must buy weight plates 
  • More difficult for people over 6’2”
  • Pedals are too close to each other
  • Lateral raises and rear flies with one arm aren’t possible

Unique Features Of The Valor Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine CB-12

Valor Fitness has helped everyday gymgoers, fitness enthusiasts, and professional weightlifters since 2016. They host events that have supported a combined total of over 1000 athletes. That means you can rely on their experience. All that know-how has gone into the Valor Fitness lat pulldown CB 12, making it the perfect choice for your home gym.  

Plate Holder Feature  

The Valor athletics CB-12 lat pulldown comes with plate holders, unlike comparable machines like the Powerline PLM180X. It can fit standard 1” plates, and Olympic 2” plates if you buy an adapter sleeve. These holders help you stabilize the machine and keep your plates in one place. Keep in mind, you have to buy weight plates for this machine.

Weight Stack System  

The Valor Fitness CB-12 plate loaded lat pulldown machine features storage pegs at the rear that you can use for standard-size plates, and you can load up to 200lbs of weight. That gives you a convenient way to increment the weight you’re lifting. However, the max weight is relatively low compared to machines like the Akonza Home Workout Lat Pull-down Machine and the Body-Solid Pro GLM83 

Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine 2

Adjustable Seat (High Density, Tapered And Dual-Layered)  

We mentioned earlier that the seat on the lat pulldown machine was comfortable, and there are a few reasons why. It has high-density padding, and it’s dual-layered.

You can also adjust it into four different positions with a locking pin, which helps you to feel stable while using the machine and allows you to experiment with different positions. 

High & Low Pulley System 

The Valor Fitness CB-12 lat pulldown machine features nine heavy-duty pulleys spread across three stations.

These are the high pulley, mid pulley, and low pulley. They all travel smoothly thanks to the use of ball bearings, and there’s a sheet of PVC that stops them from getting scratched up.

The high pulley is great for tricep and shoulder exercises, the mid pulley is best for ab exercises, and the low pulley is excellent for biceps and leg exercises.  

Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine

Heavy Duty Gauge Steel Construction  

You’ll notice that the entire machine is durable and sturdy, and that’s something to expect given the manufacturer’s level of experience. The steel is 12-gauge, and it also resists corrosion from sweat and chipping from any dropped weights. That means it can take a lot of use during workouts without losing its quality.  

Continuous Pegs  

A steel rod links together all the storage pegs on the CB-12 lat pulldown machine from Valor Fitness. That link gives the machine extra strength and stability when you load up the pegs with weights, especially if you’re nearing the 200lbs weight limit.  

Wide Variety of Exercises  

What makes this machine stand out is the number of exercises you can do on it, including the Valor Fitness CB 12 lat pulldown upright row. There are more than 25 options in total. Some of these other exercises include ab crunches, seated cable rows, pulldowns, and mid rows. The pulley systems and accessories help expand the possibilities, and it can be helpful to compare different lat grips. 


The machine may not come with added weight plates, but it does come with a lat bar, T-bar, spring clips, and a harness strap for ab exercises. The T-bar and lat bar gives you plenty of options for the lats and shoulders, while the ab harness is perfect for crunches. The 25mm spring clips ensure the weights remain on the storage pegs.  

Valor Fitness Lat Pulldown CB-12 Reviewed 

Product Specifications 


53.5 x 24 x 80 inches


80 lbs 

Maximum Load Capacity 

200 lbs

Height Restrictions 


Number Of Exercises 



Frame: 3 years 

Cable: 2 years 

Parts: 1 year  

This Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine is durable, versatile, and has the potential to become a crucial part of your home gym routine. With over 25 possible exercises, you can incorporate the Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine into plenty of upper-body workouts.  

The robust frame and continuous pegs keep the machine stable while in use, and the multiple pulley stations allow for plenty of adjustment. However, the weight capacity is lower than its competitors, so after a few years of use, you might need an upgrade.  

The Valor Fitness lat pulldown seat is pleasant to use, even when you’re doing hard and intense workouts, plus the ability to use Olympic plates means it’s suitable for professional training too. But the grip width you use when doing lat pulldowns with the machine is crucial. 

I think the Valor Fitness CB-12 plate loaded lat pulldown machine goes beyond its rivals with the accessories provided. Most lat pulldown machines will include the lat bar and the low row bar, but the Valor Fitness CB 12 lat pulldown machine also includes an ab harness for crunches and similar exercises. That’s something other machines like the Powerline PLM180X and XMark XM-7618 don’t have.  

Plate holders are another unique feature the Valor athletics CB-12 lat pulldown possesses. You might be surprised, but some lat pulldown machines like the Akonzo Home Workout Lat Pull-down Machine lack these, making it inconvenient to change weight plates or store them in the same place as your machine.  

Who Should Use It?  

Anyone under 6’2” will have a complete range of motion when using this machine, but if you’re taller, you might find yourself limited when performing specific workouts. You’ll also need to weigh less than 325lbs to use the machine safely.  

You can use it for shoulder, back, arm, lat, and ab workouts. That covers most of your upper body, so if it’s a target area for you, the lat pulldown machine will help you.  

If you’re over 6’2” and need a full motion range, you might like to consider the Valor Fitness lat pulldown and cable crossover. The maximum load for it is 200lbs, so keep that in mind when using it.  


The Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine is an excellent choice for amateurs and professionals alike. It gives you plenty of options, it’s well-made, and it comes with great accessories. However, it falls short with weight capacity. If you’re a beginner, you can research how much lat pulldown weight you should use. If you’ve been at the gym for years, you’ll probably need a higher weight capacity.  

Comparison With Similar Lat Pulldown Brands 

Valor Fitness CB-12 Vs VANSWE  

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The Valor Fitness lat pulldown is about $100 more expensive than the VANSWE model. The VANSWE machine has a 50lbs higher weight limit, rubber feet to protect your floor from damage, and a flip-up footplate.  

It also comes with the adapter sleeves for using Olympic weight plates, unlike the Valor Fitness machine. However, it lacks an ab harness and a mid pulley station. Because of this, you can do fewer exercises with the VANSWE than with the Valor Fitness machine. 

Valor Fitness CB-12 Vs Merax

The weight limit for the Merax machine is 286lbs, creating an even wider difference when comparing the Valor Fitness to the VANSWE. It also has an extra feature that the Valor Fitness lacks - the back pull rod, which exercises the chest, shoulders, and back. 

However, in common with the VANSWE, the Merax machine also lacks the mid pulley station, restricting the number of exercises you can do. However, the added weight capacity means that you’ll benefit from using it if you lift heavier weights. 

Valor Fitness CB-12 Vs BuyHive  

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The BuyHive lat pulldown machine shares the adjustable seat, two pulley stations, lat bar, and low row bar in common with the Valor Fitness pulldown machine. It also shares the durability and strength in common, featuring 2” by 2” steel tubes.  

Where it differs is the weight capacity. It has a maximum load of 500lbs, much greater than either of the previous pulldown machines. That makes it a better choice than the Valor machine if you’re a professional athlete training for competitions.  

How To Assemble The Valor Fitness Lat Pulldown Machine

The Valor Fitness machine comes with an instruction manual containing a mixture of diagrams and text instructions. The text isn’t that clear, but the diagrams are sufficient. When the machine arrives, the box will be large, and once unpacked, there are a lot of parts that you’ll need to keep track of. 

To build it, you'll need to read the instruction manual for a few minutes to understand the diagrams, and you'll need a few tools. These are Allen wrenches, adjustable wrenches, and a rubber mallet. It will take a few hours to put together completely.

During and after you've assembled it, it's worth referring back to the manual for safety precautions. One important thing to keep in mind is to keep close tabs on your instruction manual once your order has arrived. The CB-12 has frustrated customers for years with its lack of online user manual and video instruction. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where can I buy a cable set for the CB-12? 

If your Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine is still in warranty, then you can contact customer services for a replacement cable set. However, the cables should last you for several years before this is necessary.  

What is the depth at the very top of the machine? 

According to Valor Fitness, the depth at the top of the machine is 33”. However, the back of the machine is 5” longer, so you’ll need to consider that when positioning it. 

Can you add a leg press attachment to this machine? 

Valor Fitness doesn’t have a leg press attachment available at present, so you’re unable to attach one to the CB-12. This may change in the future, so it’s best to check with Valor Fitness directly.  

Can you anchor the CB-12 to the floor? 

Yes, you can, but there are no holes in the base bars on the lat pulldown machine, so you’ll need to drill them manually. Doing this will void the warranty, so you’ll need to consider whether it’s necessary.  

Do you have to switch the cables around to go from the high pulley to the low pulley? 

No, this isn’t necessary. Both pulleys work individually, but you can simply adjust the pulley brace to move them high or low depending on the workout you need to do. 


Valor Fitness Lat Pull Down Machine-...
  • Heavy Duty: Constructed from 2” x 2”...
  • Versatile: Includes Lat Bar and an adjustable...
  • Adjustable Seat Pad: Seat adjusts up or down...
  • Weight Storage Pegs: Steel rod weight storage...
You now know all you need to know about the Valor Fitness lat pulldown machine. We’ve covered the unique features, the pros and cons, and compared the machine with similar lat pulldown machines. That means if it’s right for your needs, you can use it with confidence.  

Last Updated on February 22, 2023