XMark Lat Pulldown Review: Commercial Machine With Low Row Cable

How would you like a piece of workout equipment that literally 'does it all'?

In this review, we'll be deep-diving into this home gym device that sculpts your upper body, molds your lats, and builds your confidence. And if you haven't caught on yet, we're talking about a lat pulldown and low row cable machine - the perfect addition to your home gym.

But, when it comes to lat pulldown machines, there's a brand that goes above and beyond. We'd like you to meet XMark.

A lat pulldown machine is a great piece of workout equipment for your lats (the v-shaped muscle that connects your arms to your backbone). You operate this machine by moving (rotating or pulling) your arms via a cable pulley.

A low row cable machine targets your lats, middle back, biceps, and shoulders each time you pull the cable towards you.

A lat pulldown and low row cable machine is a time and space-saving combination of these two machines, in one convenient package.

Apart from saving you the time and stress of alternating between machines, the lat pulldown and low row cable machine have many other benefits. Take a look at some of them below:

  • This two-in-one machine has all you need for an intense, well-targeted, and fun workout.
  • It's so versatile that you can perform multiple exercises using it.
  • This machine powerfully sculpts your back muscles and leaves you feeling stronger and healthier.
  • We especially love that this equipment makes it super easy to load up weights and move your workout to the next level.

Why Choose the XMark Lat Pulldown Brand?

Stability & Durability

XMark uses some of the most sturdy, high-quality, and reliable materials to build their machines. XMark genuinely puts the safety and trust of their customers first.

XMark understands that intense sessions can get sweaty and that slipping or struggling to maintain balance is a real concern for home gym owners. To combat this, they have added an adjustable footplate to keep you stable during your workout.

Versatility in Exercises

XMark's lat pulldown and low row cable machines are super versatile. Through a combination of the high and low pulley stations, you can put your muscles to the test and engage in over 20 exercises!

An example of some exercises you can perform using this equipment include shrugs, bicep curls, lat pulldowns, and tricep presses. We love that you can get all your upper body muscles pumped with this versatile machine.

Weight Capacity

The cables on this machine are not your regular cables. They are of a strong and durable nylon-coated aircraft quality with an impressive tensile strength rating of 2200 pounds. It also has a jaw-breaking maximum load capacity of 400-pounds.

So, if you'd like to take your strength training to the next level, XMark has got your back! This brand wants nothing but for you to smash your fitness goals. And we're here for it!

Steel Thickness

XMark has an impressive 11-gauge steel construction that adds to its stability and sturdiness. After all, reliability is critical when dealing with heavy weights. Its 11-gauge steel construction gives it outstanding longevity and state-of-the-art performance!

Available Height Positions

When assembled, the XMark reaches a height of 213 centimeters or 84 inches. So, it may be quite cumbersome to fit this bulky machine into a smaller room.

If you're up to or under 193 centimeters or 6'4", you can comfortably use the XMark lat pulldown and low row cable machine! If you're taller, the lat station is perfect for you.


Who doesn't like saving money? This XMark lat pulldown machine will help you in your fitness and financial journey.

Unlike other lat pulldown machines, this brand is more cost-effective than a gym membership. With the low row cable attached, it gives you two devices for the price of one.

Safety Features

  • Stabilizers vs. Bolting it Down
    To prevent this machine from rocking while you exercise, XMark installed bolts and stabilizers. This will keep the lat machine balanced and in place. Add a workout mat beneath for added stability.
  • Strong welds and high-quality Materials
    We doubt anyone would enjoy slipping off or having the cables on a lat pulldown and low row cable machine breaking while working out. This machine is expertly welded and is made of quality and durable materials to give you the best workout experience. With XMark, you get to feel the burn from your workout without feeling the brunt of broken machinery.
  • Safety Spotter Arm Attachments
    You can only imagine the gravity of damage a barbell can cause when it slips out of your hands and onto your torso. With the safety spotter arm attachments on the XMark lat pulldown machine, be rest assured that your failed reps won't as much as graze your torso!
  • Safety Sling Attachments
    These attachments help you safely lift and lower your weights. With this feature attached, if you mistakenly drop your barbell, it will roll away from you and not towards you.

Pull Down Attachment

  • Ease of Installation and Attachments
    We love that assembling the XMark lat machine isn't rocket science. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble, install, and use.
  • Bars Included & Sizes
    This lat pulldown and low row machine come with lat and low row bars. The lat bar comes in a 48-inch length, while the low row bar comes in standard sizing.

XMark Lat Pulldown & Low Row Cable Machine Reviewed

Product Specifications


56.7 x 48 x 82.7 inches

Weight Capacity

400 lbs.

Steel Tubes

2 x 3 inches

Lat Bar

48 inches

Low Row Bar

Standard sizing

When's the right time to start sculpting your dream body? Now! If you're looking for something versatile, durable, and challenging to kickstart your fitness journey, this XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine is just what you need.

Xmark is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own, and there are tons of intense exercises you can do with this XMark heavy duty lat pulldown machine. This makes it faster and easier to switch exercises, saving you time, and increasing your workouts' intensity.

One of the XMark lat machine's best features is that it is made of stellar and high-quality materials. With proper care, you can keep this machine in good shape for many years to come.

Most people enjoy workout sessions that leave them breathless, sweaty, and pumped. But, we doubt anyone finds it fun looking like a train wreck with scars, blisters, and bruises after a workout. The XMark heavy duty lat pulldown has quality and comfort at the forefront, helping you build your desired physique in the most comfortable way possible.

How does it achieve this? It uses thick sweat and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cushion and plush thigh pads. The bars themselves are coated with texturized rubber handgrips.

We aren't sure anyone would like slipping and falling while exercising. XMark has you covered here too, as its lat machine has comes fitted with footplates to give you extra stability while working out.

Thinking power and comfort? Think XMark. Your new powerfully sculpted muscles will thank you!


  • Impressive 400 lbs. load capacity
  • Low pulley station included
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Fantastic lifetime warranty
  • Reliable and robust steel frame


  • May be uncomfortable for users over 6'4"
  • Weight plates and ankle straps are not included

Comparing the XMark with Similar Lat Pulldown Machines

1. Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row

True to its name, it's a monster machine with an impressive 8-feet of height. This makes it more suitable for taller folks, unlike the XMark. It also has other outstanding features like a comfortable foam seat and adjustable footplate.

But, there are some downsides to this monster machine. It has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs, compared to XMark's 400 lbs. Also, the Monster lat pulldown is far costlier than the XMark.

So, if you have a low budget with heavyweights in mind, the XMark lat pulldown is your best bet.

2. ProGear 310 Olympic

This is another fantastic lat pulldown machine with a long list of comfortable and impressive features. Unfortunately, it has a lower maximum weight capacity of 270 lbs. It's only 2.5 inches higher than the XMark lat pulldown machine, so it's not also suitable for people above 6'4"

Unlike the XMark with a limited lifetime warranty, the ProGear 310 Olympic has a one year warranty. Still, if you're not yet advanced in strength-training exercises, this machine can help you build your strength up nicely.

Negatives of the XMark Lat Pulldown

The XMark Lat Pulldown machine is a joy to work out with, but there are a few drawbacks to it. For starters, it's not built for people above 6'4".

If you're on the taller side, you may have to improvise for some workouts, which may increase downtime. Some people also found the position of the seat a little uncomfortable for some exercises.

Thankfully, those are the main drawbacks of the XMark lat machine.

Types of Exercises on a Lat Pulldown

There are over 20 exercises you can perform on this versatile equipment. Some of them include:

  • Lat pulldowns:
    As the name implies, target your lats during this exercise. Really squeeze those muscles as you pull the cables down to get that V-tapered look you desire.
  • Seated rows:
    This exercise works on your full upper body and parts of your arms. To get the most out of this exercise, target your middle back, and feel the burn!
  • Hip abductions:
    This is a popular glute exercise, but if you notice, it also puts a strain on the sides of your lower back. To get the most out of this workout, target your glutes and lower back!

How to Safely Use the XMark Lat Pulldown Machine

Practicing proper form is one way to limit the risk of any accidents happening. Taking time before and after a workout to warm up and down is also crucial.

It's also important to ensure the machine is set up correctly. Check out XMark's YouTube channel for a complete installation guide.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is a half-power rack?

A half-power rack, half-rack, or half squat rack is another popular piece of weight-training equipment. This rack is used for barbell exercises (free weight) like squats, bench presses, and much more. It has only two uprights (vertical steel structures) where you keep your barbells.

Check out our article for an in-depth explanation.

How much room do I need for a power rack?

The standard M1 250 power rack is 111 centimeters wide, 113 centimeters deep, and 210 centimeters high (a bit under 7 feet).

Should I get a cable crossover as well?

It's not necessary at all, but it does help isolate and focus on individual muscle groups. It's even better when you know how much weight to use for each workout. If you would like to target some muscles intensely, a cable crossover is a good fitness investment.

How can I take care of and maintain this exercise equipment?

For a complete breakdown of how to care for your new fitness buddy, take a look at this.

Where can I find replacement parts for XMark Lat pulldown machines?

Replacement parts can be obtained directly from XMark by reaching out to them via their website.

Additional accessories, such as bars, straps, and weights, can be obtained easily on Amazon.

Do XMark Lat Pulldown machines come with a warranty?

Yes, they do! They have a limited lifetime warranty on the frames and a one-year warranty on the parts. This means the limited lifetime warranty remains valid so long as you properly service, store, and use this machine.


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With its exceptionally safe features, sturdy build, and superior quality, XMark will take your gym experience to greater heights!

If you're looking to get started on building a unique and stellar home gym with state-of-the-art equipment, XMark is the brand for you.

Last Updated on April 10, 2023