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Home gym equipment comes in many sizes, shapes, and functionalities.

To get a complete full-body workout, you may need to purchase, assemble and install multiple devices costing you 10s of thousands of dollars. 

Or, you can find the right home gym training rack and make one purchase.

Marcy is a name well known in the weight lifting world for their attention to detail, strong, durable equipment, and reliable service.

The Marcy Smith Cage Machine SM-4033 is one of the most popular, durable, and extensive home gym systems around. 

This article will rate, review and compare the Marcy system so you know exactly what to expect, will figure out if it is for you, and will know if it can fit in your home gym space.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Marcy home gym system. 

Home gym builds can get a little excessive in terms of costs

Each brand and model claims to give you what you need for a specific set of exercises, and it can be difficult to know what you are getting or what you may already have. 

With the Marcy smith cage machine system, you get it all. This cage is large and will take up a lot of space.

It is not intended for small home gyms in the corner of your bedroom. This will require a dedicated space like a basement or garage. 

However, once you have the system set up, you will have access to squats, bench press, pulley assisted workouts, a power tower, landmine lift attachment, and the use of free weights, curls, and many other workout types. 

The one thing missing here is a leg developer machine, like a leg press. However, you can perform weighted calf raises and squats to target the same muscle groups. 

If you have the space and a desire to do a full workout at any time, without having to rely on gym memberships, waiting for machines to open, or traveling in bad weather, the Marcy home gym might just be for you. 

Marcy Smith Machine Cage System SM-4033 Reviewed

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Overall Rating



Cage Assemble Dimensions 

70 x 84 x 86 inches 

Stand Alone Bench Dimensions 

62 x 26 x 55 inches 

Maximum Weight on Weight Bar 

300 Lbs

Maximum Weight on Bench (including user) 

600 Lbs

Maximum Weight for Sliding Weight trolley 

300 Lbs 

Maximum Weight for Pull Up Bar and Dip Station 

300 Lbs 

Pulley System 

Single Lower & Dual Cross Swivel Pulleys 

Compatible Weight Plates 




Imagine having an entire commercial gym right in your garage or basement.

You wouldn’t have to fight traffic, wait for machines while your heart rate drops and you cool off, and you wouldn’t need to pay a monthly membership fee. It isn’t a dream anymore.

Now with the Marcy smith cage SM-4033 system, you can have a complete workout right in your own home and for less than the cost of a year's membership at most commercial gyms. 

This machine offers you almost everything you need. We say almost because it isn’t compatible with leg press stations.

However, you can overcome that by using the smith machine bar for weighted calf raises and squats, which will focus on the same muscle groups. 

This huge cage combines free weights and cables to allow crossover routines, bench presses, squats, curls, butterfly presses, and about 70 other exercises you pay each month for. 

With the adjustable bench and preacher curl pad, you can get the right height, angle, and approach for any bench exercise movement.

This unit also comes with everything you need to get moving (except the weights). 

That list includes a shiver bar, two handles, an ankle strap, triceps rope, and the rare landmine attachment for performing landmine squats and lifts. 

To top it off, you will find that the system comes shipped in 5 boxes for easier piece identification, full assembly instructions (and links to videos for help), as well as the Marcy customer service. 

The 2-year warranty isn't the best in the business, but it isn't the worst, either. 

The cage is fully functional, offers a full range of motion on all of your favorite lifts, and will have your heart rate up, muscles contracting, and you sweating in no time. 

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What Makes The Marcy SM-4033 Home Gym So Unique? 

There are a lot of features to take note of here. The entire system is a full gym in one cage. However, there are many points of interest (and concern) so let’s take each aspect one by one. 

Heavy-Duty Cage Construction 

The heavy-duty, solid steel cage is large, heavy, and solid. It will hold your weights, allow you to safely lift, and be durable until the end. 

Once assembly is complete, the cage itself will measure 84 inches wide and 86 inches high. This will include the pulleys and cables mounted on the top and rear of the cage. 

Smith Cage 

A smith cage, or smith machine, is controversial in the weight lifting community. There are valid reasons to not like them, but there are even more valid reasons to use them.

For home gyms where you are most likely working out alone, a smith machine will spot you when no one is around. Safety, form, and functionality are a must, especially when you are alone. 

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Pull-up Station 

The steel pull up attachment is ideal for lifts and pulls to keep your shoulders and back in shape.

The Marcy version is a ladder design to give you multiple grip options for a variety of pull-ups. 

Crossover Station 

With the pulleys and cables, you can perform a wide mix of crossover and cable exercises.

With the bench moved out of the way, you have ample room inside the cage to complete all of your workout needs.

The pulleys and cables are durable, strong, and functional, giving you everything you need in one spot. 

Butterfly Press 

With the butterfly press, you can push and lift as much weight as you can manage to get a great workout.

The back padding is thick and supportive without giving way too much to compromise your form. 

Low Pulley Station 

The low pulleys allow you to use ankle straps for leg lifts and even attach a curl bar for pulley-assisted curls, preacher curls, and other standard low pulley exercises.

The smooth, quiet operation will keep you focused on your form and lifts and not distracted by a wobbly machine. 

Multi-Position Adjustable Bench 

Marcy Smith Machine Adjustable Bench

The 62-inch multi-position bench has a lot of functionality.

Curls, bench press, lat pulldowns, and all of your rows can be completed with this one bench. 

The preacher curl pad fits at the end of the bench and is adjustable (and removable) to offer even more functionality.

The same is true of the adjustable leg anchor and bar rest for your between-rep waiting period. 

Adjustable Press Bar 

The press bar is also adjustable and glides effortlessly in the smith machine. 

Perfect for bench presses, squats, calf raises, and other bar-related exercises, you won't need a spotter and can work out with efficiency and safety at all times. 

Additional Items 

The Marcy system doesn’t leave you hanging. While it doesn’t come with weights or Olympic bars, you will get a few accessories.

The list includes a short bar, triceps rope, two cable handles and a landmine lift attachment. Simply add weights and start your workout. 

Pros & Cons of The Marcy SM-4033 Home Gym

There is a lot to like about the Marcy cage system. There are a few negative sides, too. Let's take a look at the prominent aspects of both sides of the coin. 

What We Love 

  • Weight and bar storage areas 
  • Sturdy, reliable construction 
  • High weight limit for users and weights 
  • Full body workout capable 
  • Smith machine for safety 

What We Didn’t Love 

  • Full assembly required (5 boxes shipped) 
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear 

What Accessories Are Available For The Marcy Smith SM-4033? 

Marcy SM-4033 Adjustment Sytem

The Marcy Smith Cage SM-4033 comes with almost everything that is available for it, with the exception of Olympic bars and weights. 

Included in the system, you will find a landmine attachment, lat bar, short bar, shiver bar, dip bars, ankle straps, 2 handles, a footplate, and plate posts. 

Additional accessories won’t come from Marcy, but you can add standard or Olympic weights, bars, curl bars, and other cable handles like angle handles, T-bars and ropes.

The standard pulley clips will fit most styles and brand attachments. 

Comparing Different Marcy Home Gym Machines 

Marcy has made home gym (and professional gym) equipment for over 35 years.[1]

Their name is well known in the industry, and any piece of equipment you get from Marcy will be durable, reliable, and functional.

But how does the SM-4033 stack up against some of the other Marcy home gyms systems? Let's find out. 

Marcy Smith SM 4033 Vs SM 4008

The Marcy SM-4008 is an older version of the SM-4033. It has many of the same features and limitations and is slightly more affordable than the larger, bulkier SM-4033.

Like its younger brother, the 4008 is an all-inclusive home gym that features a 300-pound weight capacity for weights and an additional 300-pound user limit. 

You will find all of the standard rope and handle attachments as well as the smith machine bar for guided, safe lifting.

What you won't find is a multi-positional grip pull-up bar. The bar on the 4008 model allows for wide or close grip pulls ups but doesn’t use the ladder bar like the 4033. 

The smaller cage gives you less range of motion but takes up less space in your garage or basement.

You will also be able to use Olympic lift bars on the front if you want to use free-weight bench presses. 

Like all Marcy home gyms, you get a 2-year warranty with both models, and each will supply you with years of dedicated and reliable service.[2] The only real choice is size and cost. 

Marcy Smith SM-4033 Vs MD-5139

The Marcy MD-5139 home gym is a fully functional free weight and pulley system much like the SM-4033.

This model is compatible with 7-foot Olympic bars and uses a standard smith cage system, not the linear bearing model like the 4033. 

The MD-5139 is more compact but also offers high and low pulleys, all the ropes and bar attachments, and weight storage accessories.

The biggest difference here, besides the overall dimensions, is that the 4033 comes with the multi-grip pull up bar, preacher curl pad, and landmine attachment. 

They both have the same warranty, same weight limits, and dual crossover pulley systems. However, the SM-4033 offers you more exercise potential and allows for bar storage as well. 

Marcy Smith SM-4033 Vs SM-4903 Home Gym 

The Marcy SM-4903 home gym is a smith machine cage with a lot of options. There are few differences between these two models, though, so the ones they do have are quite important. 

For starters, the SM-4903 has dual cross pulleys on the upper and lower, where the 4033 has a single pulley on the lower. This gives the 4903 an advantage on leg days. 

The 4033, though, has the preacher curl pad and butterfly press station that the 4903 is missing. You also get the landmine lift attachment on the 4033 that isn’t available on the 4903 model. 

Everything else (with minor differences in height and width) is identical.

You have the same weight limits on bars and users, the same rope and handle attachments and accessories, and the same 2-year warranty. The SM-4903, though, costs about $500 less. 

Comparing The SM-4033 With Similar Smith Machines

Of course, Marcy isn't the only brand you have to choose from. There are several other prominent players in the space.

We compare Marcy to Body-Solid and Force USA to see how they compare. 

Marcy Smith SM-4033 Vs Body-Solid Powerline PSM1442XS 

Powerline PSM144XS Smith Machine Gym Package
  • Full Smith Machine Workout
  • Powerline Smith Machine with 150lb....
  • Preacher Curl Station, Leg Developer Station
  • Pec Attachment, Lat Row Station

If you were to rate based on aesthetic appearances alone, the Body-Solid Powerline PSM1442XS wouldn’t stand a chance against the Marcy SM-4033. Luckily for Body-Solid, things run deeper than mere looks. 

This smith machine system utilizes the safety of a smith machine for squats, bench presses, and other lifts while allowing you free weight functionality. 

It also uses a 150-pound weight stack for pulley-assisted exercises. In fact, all told, you can perform over 70 different exercises for your workout needs. 

The bench is comfortable and durable, and the frame itself is made from 14-gauge steel.

It is as durable as it is functional, and it takes up a fraction of the space that the Marcy system commands. 

However, there are limitations, and without a bottom pulley, leg day takes a hit.

The Marcy SM-4033 is a superior cage in almost every way, including storage, attachments, and exercise potential. 

Body-Solid, though, offers a cheaper alternative, a better warranty, and the same results (if used correctly).

If you have the space and budget, Marcy makes more sense here, but don't discount Body-Solid just because it looks deceiving. 

Marcy Smith SM-4033 Vs Force USA Monster G3

No products found.

Pound for pound, the Marcy cage is something that many home gym enthusiasts strive to own.

However, Force USA makes a statement with the Monster G3 Smith machine they produce. This truly is a monster and offers you everything Marcy does (with a bit more in some cases). 

A space-saving design, full cage with multi-grip pull up bar, power rack, cable attachments and built-in storage.

No, we aren't describing the Marcy system again; these are the attributes of the Force USA Monster. 

Unlike the Marcy system, the Force USA Monster is also compatible with a leg press station (separate purchase).

It also features free weight and Olympic bar compatibility with the angled smith machine option for squats, bench press, and weighted calf raises that fall in line with your body for a more natural lift. 

Marcy is less expensive here, but side by side, that is about the only difference that matters. You get a great warranty with both options, and the ability for a full-body workout at any time.

The Monster does offer a bit more with the leg press station, but we can’t count that completely since it isn’t part of the initial cost. 

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How To Easily Assemble The SM-4033 Cage Workout Machine 

Marcy SM-4033 Dimensions

Assembly of the Marcy cage can be a bit difficult but we believe it is certainly worth it.

It requires two people to make the process go smoothly.

You will also find that all required tools are included. 

However, it is best if you have your own full-sized tools.

Specifically, you will want a multi-socket wrench set to complete the installation. 

The unit is shipped in a total of 5 boxes. To ease assembly, the individual parts and packages of smaller pieces are numbered or labeled for the steps they belong to. 

However, not all parts and components are in order according to the boxes. For example, you may find parts needed in step 2 located in box 4, etc. 

The best option is to open all boxes and packages and lay the pieces out on the floor in your garage or basement. This will aid in locating and faster assembly once you begin.

It is also needed to ensure you find and have all the pieces. The manual and assembly instructions are usually located in boxes 3 or 4. 

It is important to note that none of the parts come pre-assembled; you will install and assemble every part yourself.

The instructions that come with the unit are relatively decent until you get to the cables and pulleys section. 

This part can get quite confusing, so take your time and follow the instructions carefully. If you are unsure, stop, remove the cable or pulley you have done and start that step again. 

To assist in the assembly, there is a video made by Marcy to show you each step. You can see that 20-minute video here:

Disassembling, Moving & Storing The Unit 

Marcy SM-4033 Storage System

This workout apparatus is not designed to be transported, moved, or disassembled.

Once the final assembly is made, the machine will generally stay where it is. 

There aren't transport handles or wheels, and the cage is huge, making room to room transport almost impossible. 

However, there are a few instances when disassembly is required, such as moving homes or finally getting the basement set up so you can stop using the garage.

In these instances, you will need to use the assembly instructions and reverse the steps. 

Make sure you maintain the location and type of all bolts, nuts, and washers since they will no longer be in labeled and numbered bags. 

It is not recommended that you disassemble the cage, but it can be done if it is an absolute requirement. 

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is a daily process with any home gym equipment. You will want to keep clean towels and spray bottles nearby during your workouts to clean up when you are finished.

Using warm water and a clean cloth, wipe down the entire machine, equipment and bars, handles and bench. 

You also want to wipe off the cage to help protect the metal. Once a week, you can also use a metal cleaning solution to wipe down the cage and pulleys to help prevent corrosion. 

Along with cleaning, inspections are also critical. Before every use, you want to visually inspect the cables and pulleys for signs of damage or breaking.

If found, do not use the machine until that part is repaired or replaced. 

It is also advised that you use an anti-bacterial cleaner with a clean, lint-free cloth at least weekly on your weights, bars, bench, and handles.

This will prevent mold and bacteria growth on your equipment that bodily oils and sweat can promote. 

If, during a workout, something doesn't feel secure, stop using it. Check bolts, nuts, and attachments for tightness and use a wrench to tighten as needed.

Safety is always the priority, even if you have to postpone a workout to keep the system in top working order.[3]

Workout & Exercises You Can Do With The SM-4033 

Man doing pull-ups on Marcy SM-4033

The Marcy smith cage system is designed to allow for a full gym workout from home.

With the smith cage set up, you can perform squats and bench presses without needed a spotter.

The rest of the cage is designed for free weights and cable crossovers using weight plates instead of a stacked weight system. 

Because of this setup, there isn't a workout routine or exercise you cannot do, with one large exception.

There isn’t a place for leg presses or leg extension exercises. 

That being said, you can compromise. 

For example, to work out your calves, you can perform weighted calf raises, and for hamstrings, quads, and glutes, you can do standard and front load squats. 

Other than this one limitation with the legs, you can perform any other exercise, including landmine squats, lunges, lat pulldowns, curls, butterfly presses, and many more.

The only limitation is your weights and bars. 

If you want a gym that will build strength and muscle, this is it. Bring your Olympic weight plates and start your workout, no matter the routine, with the SM-4033. 

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Common Questions About The Marcy SM-4033

How much does it cost for a Marcy Smith Machine? 

Marcy smith machine systems vary in price based on when and where you buy and which model you purchase.

On average, across all purchasing platforms (including Marcy's website, Amazon, and in-store dealers), the smith machines will range from $1000 to $2500.  

Can you use a Marcy Smith machine for bench presses? 

Yes. The smith machine bar is great for bench presses.

You won’t have the horizontal movement that you get with a free weight system, but you can bench press without the need for an additional spotter. 

How heavy is the bar on a Marcy Smith Machine? 

The bar on a Marcy smith machine is lighter than a few weight bars (which weigh 45 pounds).

Instead, the smith machine bars weigh 25 pounds, so make sure you make the required adjustments to your weights to work out with the weight you need or are used to. 

Can you add more weight to a Marcy home gym? 

The Marcy SM-4033 uses only weight plates for lifting. There aren't any stack weights in use with this apparatus, so your limit is what you can safely put on the bar.

With this model, the weight limit per bar is 300 pounds. 

Who makes Marcy gym equipment? 

Marcy is owned and operated by IMPEX. The company also owns and operates Apex, SteelBody, HERS, Bionic Body, and Competitor. 

Are home gyms worth it? 

Home gyms are a great addition to your workout routine. With the right system and setup, you can even forego your gym membership.

Working out from home gives you more freedom and time to work out when you need to without traveling, waiting for in-use machines, or worrying about changing rooms.

Any serious lifter will appreciate a home gym setup, and the customization and functionality are unmatched. 

Conclusion - Should You Buy It?

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


Marcy is a well known, highly established brand in the gym space. With the Marcy smith machine SM-4033, you won't need much else.

Simply bring your weights (and Olympic bar if required) and start your workout. 

The affordable home gym gives you everything you need for a complete, full-body workout, minus the leg press. 

From butterfly presses to cable crossovers, it is all here. The sturdy, durable and reliable smith cage is huge and capable of handling all of your workout needs. 





Last Updated on July 10, 2023