Force USA G3 Review – Is This a Good All-In-One Home Gym?

Looking to work your entire body in your home gym? - You need an all-in-one multi-functional home gym.

The problem is that there are so many available that it can be confusing to know which is best for the job and which is best suited for you. 

To help you out, I’ll share my experience using the Force USA G3 and show you why it is (or isn’t) the correct machine for your home gym.


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Our Experience Using This Home Gym

When I first used this power rack, I noticed it has the same robust build as a traditional power rack but with a wide variety of additional features.

I would be shocked if you wanted to visit a commercial gym once you installed this in your workout space.

When using the G3, switching between exercises is quick and easy, taking barely any effort.

It made working out in my home gym much easier and would be perfect for performing a full-body workout.

The cable pulley system was smooth, but the smith machine had a small drag to it, adding a small amount of weight to the bar.

I trained with a friend who’s a different build to me, and adjusting the J-hooks & safety spotter arms for the squat rack was no hassle.

Overall, I found this machine a pleasure to use, and it’s suitable for most gym-goers looking for an all-in-one strength training machine.

Size & Dimensions In The Home

FORCE USA G3 Size & Dimensions

The G3 functional trainer claims to be a “space saving” all-in-one home gym, packing everything into a small space.

However, the machine is still pretty big and won't fit everyone's workout room.

The Force USA G3 does save you a lot of space compared to having individual pieces of equipment, but this is something to consider.

Personally, I found the machine fit perfectly at one end of my garage; it took up no more room than a standard power rack would.

Along with its space-saving design, the weight plate storage system allowed me to keep my Olympic plates tidy conveniently, and the barbell storage attachment (one Olympic bar, one standard bar) was an excellent purchase.

I would like to note that the machine is tall. At 87 inches high, it’s perfect for all heights… but if your home gym has a low ceiling, it won’t be suitable. 

Oh, and don’t forget to add a foot or so to allow room for your head during pull-ups.

External Width


External Depth


External Height


Internal Width (Between Uprights)


Internal Width (Of Smith Machine)


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Design & Build Quality

FORCE USA G3 Design & Build

Overall, the design of the Force USA G3 is fairly similar to other all-in-one machines.

Nothing really sets this machine apart from the others in visual terms, but I do think the build quality is excellent, and you get a lifetime structural warranty. [1]

Force USA has created a robust system suitable for almost all fitness goals.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or average Joe, it’ll take care of your needs.

As a personal trainer, the G3 will be used to train clients on. It looks the part and solves my need for multiple gym machines.

The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the Smith bar. I found it had a slight drag to it, nothing too bad but not as smooth as other Smith machines I've used.

If you're new to the gym, this could be an issue as you might struggle to lift the bar, even unloaded.

Other than that one issue, the machine is a dream to use. You can perform a full-body workout without needing to spend money on multiple machines. 

Workout Stations & Versatility

FORCE USA G3 Attachments

There are 5 exercise stations on the standard Force USA G3.

But if you purchase the leg pressing attachment, it gives you a 6th station, and the lat pulldown seat attachment gives you a 7th.

The power rack allows you to perform over 40 exercises, even more if you have a bench.

There are 30+ Smith machine exercises, 75+ for the functional trainer, and more.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. There’s a huge variety of exercises you can perform on this equipment. That’s without me mentioning the multi-grip pull-up bar.

The machine’s versatility is impressive and only improves with any additional attachments you buy.

If you choose not to buy the large attachments, like the leg press, you'll still be able to do plenty of leg press alternatives using the G3.

You can work your entire body on the Force USA G3.

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Weight Range

The machine has a 710 lb max weight rating which is more than enough for the average gym-goer.

Even some athletes won’t be lifting anywhere near that amount.

However, on the smith machine, the barbell isn’t counterbalanced.

Typically most smith machines will counterbalance the weight of the barbell, making it weigh virtually nothing.

But the Force USA G3 has a slight drag adding a small amount of resistance to the bar.

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Assembling This Product

After I’d opened the box, the machine was in several parts which needed basic tools for the assembly - an Allen wrench and adjustable wrench.

It comes with an excellent set of instructions [2] which should be enough for you to assemble the product without too much hassle.

However, set at least 2-3 hours aside so you can build the machine.

If you’re not a fan of self-assembling the all-in-one trainer, you can opt for a professional assembly service to come and build the Force USA G3 for you.

This costs around $500 extra from the ForceUSA site. While it’s expensive, it’s something you might want to consider if you’re not handy with tools.

Price Guide

When it comes to the Force USA Monster G3 price, it’s pretty reasonable for what you’re getting.

The machine will cost around $2000 (plus $250 shipping), which isn’t “cheap” but is not expensive compared to other all-in-one gym equipment.

However, if you want to add the Force USA Monster G3 accessories, then you'll have to add them to the cost.

While you get many of them included with the machine, a wide range of additional power rack accessories are available.

I added a few accessories to my order, such as the incline bench, rubber flooring, Olympic barbell, and Olympic bumper plates.

This brought my total cost to $3500, which, as you can see, shot up fairly quickly.

While I think the Force USA G3 price for the standard machine is fair, I feel some of the accessories are expensive.

Don’t get carried away as I did; you can find other Olympic weight plates and barbells for less money.

Garage Gym Pro Tip: Buy a few accessories, such as the vertical leg press (it's kinda special), then periodically add to your collection throughout the year. There are a good amount of accessories, but they're fantastic.

Shipping and Warranty

The Force USA G3 ships via the ForceUSA website to most US states. The shipping costs around $250, so please factor this into your budget.

While I think it’s a lot to pay for shipping, the machine itself is a reasonable price, so it makes up for it.

When the Force USA Monster G3 arrived, it came in a large crate on a pallet. It weighed roughly 370lbs, so if you’re at home alone, you might struggle to move it without help.

Thankfully, the shipping company contacts you to arrange a delivery date and time, so you can get someone to help you.

Note: They deliver it to your house but won’t bring it inside for you.

I believe the shipping details for Canada are fairly similar, except the item comes from the Force USA Canada site.

If you're living in Australia, we got you covered there too. You can purchase the Force USA G3 trainer from Shipping costs will vary depending on your region.

man assembling the force usa G3

Pros & Cons Of The Force USA G3

What We Like

  • Over 100+ exercises available - I rarely found myself needing any other equipment.
  • Never have to use a commercial gym again.
  • Quick turnaround between exercises - easy to switch
  • Plenty of attachments available
  • It's a tall machine, suitable for all height ranges
  • Doesn't use weight stacks

What We Don't Like

  • Some users might struggle to build it.
  • Accessories are expensive
  • No bench included

Who Is This All-In-One Trainer Best For?

The G3 is suitable for anyone looking for an all-in-one home trainer with an emphasis on strength training.

As the machine has everything from a functional trainer station to a power rack and even a built-in smith machine, there’s something for everyone.

The hole spacing and banded peg holes are geared towards people performing strength training workouts and are fully adjustable to suit almost any height; even if you’re 6’7”, you’ll have no issues squatting.

I highly recommend the G3 all-in-one power rack system if you're a tall lifter.

The machine isn’t for anyone not interested in lifting weights and using the power rack. If you only want to use cable handle attachments, there are other all-in-one systems for you.

Unique Features Of The Force USA G3

Stabilizer Bar

Force USA G3 Stabilizer Bar

The stabilizer bar is an optional attachment (buy separately) that you can extend, retract, higher, or lower.

It allows you to lean against it while performing cable exercises for your back, chest, and arms.

By doing so, you use fewer core muscles and can lift more weight.

You can focus on your upper body training without worrying about keeping your body stable.

While it’s not 100% needed, I’d place this high on my priority list for optional attachments, especially if you love cable work.

Dedicated Lat Pulldown Seat

Force USA G3 Dedicated Lat Pulldown Seat

Unlike the G6, G9, G12, and G20, the Force USA G3 is the only all-in-one trainer to offer a dedicated lat pulldown seat.

The seat attaches easily to the holes on the uprights and is extremely stable.

This shocked me as they can often feel flimsy on other all-in-one systems.

To make the seat more comfortable, Force USA has made the leg holder pad fully adjustable, making it perfect for all heights.

While the Force USA lat pulldown seat is sturdy and comfortable, I didn’t find much use for this attachment as my bench already had a knee holder attached to it.

If you aren’t too bothered about performing lat pulldowns, then feel free to avoid this attachment and invest in a more suitable one. 

Check out our complete guide to lat pulldown substitutes you can do here!

Vertical Leg Press Attachment

Force USA G3 Vertical Leg Press Attachment

This leg press optional attachment is worth paying the additional money for.

It allows you to turn the smith machine into a leg press, giving you an even more versatile all-in-one trainer.

I found the leg pressing attachment useful for adding additional volume to my leg workout.

After performing heavy squats, I completed several sets of low-weight high-rep leg presses to destroy my quads and hamstrings.

The attachment has a good grip, and you can perform narrow and wide foot leg presses with ease.

It comes with hand spotter rails so you can safely rack and unrack the weight. I found it hard to fault this design.

The only downside is you need a bench to get the most from this exercise; although I have tried lying on the floor, and it’s not comfortable.

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Landmine/Core Trainer

Force USA G3 Landmine -Core Trainer

The standard G3 comes with the landmine/core trainer.

However, to use it, you need to have an Olympic barbell.

You can attach the landmine station to either upright, at the base of the Force USA G3.

Once it’s on there, you can leave it there for as long as you like; it doesn’t get in the way of other stations.

If you choose not to opt for this attachment, there are plenty of other landmine press substitute exercises you can do with the G3.

Monkey Style Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar

Force USA G3 Monkey Style Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar

Pull-ups are a favorite of mine, and I love the multi-grip chin-up bar.

The multiple grips allow you to perform various pull-up variations such as close grip, reverse grip, neutral, and overhand.

I found the steel bar handles comfortable and had adequate knurling to aid your grip.

The machine barely moved while I performed my reps, so if you’ve been worried about machine stability, this will put your mind at ease.

You can purchase the G3 long straight bar chin-up bar as an optional pull-up station, but if I’m completely honest, I don’t think you need it.

My only issue with the chin-up bar is its height; some gym-goers will need to do some climbing to get up there, but it’s nothing standing on the safety spotter arms can’t fix.

Complete Weight Plate and Barbell Storage

FORCE USA G3 Weight Plate And Barbell Storage

The complete Olympic weight plate and barbell storage make what's already a fantastic machine even better.

It allows you to keep your gym looking tidy without the need for free-standing or wall-mounted storage.

If you remove the plate-loaded weight brackets, there’s a 1” plate holder for standard weight plates.

It even comes with accessory storage hooks and a hidden place to hide your J-hooks & spotter arms; it’s pretty cool.

G3 Workout Programs & Exercises

There are endless workouts you can perform on the G3 functional trainer, which is one of the machine’s biggest selling features. And that’s before you purchase any optional accessories.

Here are just a few of the exercises you can do:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Military press
  • Bent over row
  • Wide grip pull-ups
  • Close grip pull-ups
  • Bench press
  • Lat pull down
  • Leg presses
  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Low cable chest fly
  • High cable chest fly
  • Walking cable lunges
  • Cable squat
  • Landmine station exercises

Comparing The Force USA G3 With Alternative Home Gyms

Force USA G3 Vs F50

The Force USA F50 is in the same price bracket ($2000) as the G3 but is geared towards general resistance training, while the G3 is heavier duty with greater weight tolerances.

If you want to perform heavy compound lifts such as squats, I recommend the G3.

But, if you want a general all-in-one functional trainer with plenty of cable accessories, you should check out the F50.

Force USA G3 Vs G6

The Force USA G6 is like the G3’s Daddy; it’s slightly bigger and has more features and attachments.

It has several features the G3 doesn’t, such as a built-in dip station, low row, leg pressing attachment, and suspension trainer.

However, in my opinion, the G3’s pull-up bar is better as it has multiple grips.

It costs around $5000, making it one of their high-end workout machines, and it isn’t a good option if you’re on a budget. 

Force USA G3 Vs G9

The G9 is somewhere between the G3 and the G6. It costs around $3000, placing it in the middle, and comes with more attachments than the G3.

If you’re looking to buy all of the optional attachments for the G3, it might be worth getting the Force USA G9 functional trainer instead.

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Force USA G3 Vs Marcy Smith Machine Cage System

When comparing the G3 to the Marcy Smith Machine Cage System (MSMCS), I found the Marcy Smith Machine to be a great option all-in-one system.

However, I found the G3 more robust and geared towards the power rack, making it better for strength training.

I also found some of the design features to be better, such as the G3’s storage system, mainly as the MSMCS’s weight storage sometimes interfered with the cable system. 

Considering it costs a similar amount, I think the G3 is better than the Marcy Smith Machine.

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Common Questions About The Force USA G3

Did I find any missing features in the G3?

The G3 seems to be missing a few key attachments. The main one is the dip attachment. Force USA was quick to fix this issue, and you can now pre-order one. The other missing attachments include a suspension trainer ring and a foot plate for low cable rows. 

How many adjustment points does the G3 have?

The Force USA G3 power rack uses Westside hole spacing, giving you 50 adjustment points with a 1-inch spacing (in the lower and mid sections). This makes the machine perfect for all height ranges. It's one of the only Force USA home gym systems to use Westside hole spacing.

Does the leg press attachment come with the G3?

The standard version of the Force USA G3 doesn't come with a leg press attachment. However, you can purchase the attachment (sold separately), which fits onto the Olympic bar. This does come with an additional cost, so you'd have to see if it fits into your budget.

What size weights fit this home gym unit?

The machine uses Olympic weight plates rather than a weight stack. This means you can use the same weight plates on your smith machine bar and your cable pulley system. I found this incredibly useful as I only needed to find space for the weight plates, which I could store on the weight plate holders when not in use.

Is the G3 compatible with Olympic and standard barbells?

Yes, the G3 is compatible with both Olympic and standard barbells. However, if you plan on using a standard bar, you won’t be able to use Olympic-weighted plates with your bar. 

Does Force USA provide any discount codes for buying online?

Force USA rarely offers discount codes, but at the moment, you can purchase the Force USA G3 All In One trainer and save $200. You could put that towards one of the accessories; that’s what I’d do. 

Planning On Buying the FORCE USA G12? 

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Finding the best all-in-one functional trainer for your home gym can be frustrating, especially when there are so many on the market.

Force USA G3 is a fantastic all-in-one functional trainer that’ll be suitable for most gym-goers.

It’s not the cheapest gym equipment around, but it doesn’t take up much space and won’t cost as much as buying multiple machines.


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Last Updated on December 17, 2022