How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh? (Standard, Olympic & More)

Fitness and strength training are so popular right now, and over the last year, the number of people buying weights at home has risen massively. Bars are used so you can lift weights more effectively, and curl bars are a variation of these that have a W shape instead of being cylindrical. These are quickly becoming the gym equipment of choice.  

Curl bars are made from metal, and the plates attach to the end to add extra weight. They're excellent at isolating smaller muscle groups like your biceps and triceps, but even the best curl bars won’t be very effective if you don’t have the correct weight. This article will help answer the question, how much does a curl bar weigh and which one will suit you best.   

It's imperative to understand what the total weight of the whole piece of equipment is. This makes sure that you don’t overload and risk straining your muscles, but it also makes sure you don't put too little weight on and get no results. Without knowing the true weight or the bar, you can’t properly track your progress week to week and see your improvement. 

The weight of the curl bars will often be very similar but will vary slightly depending on the make, model, and style. It’s important you know the differences between these to make the adjustments to the weights you use.  

How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh? (Different Types Compared) 

The weight of a curl bar will vary slightly between different models of weights because of the materials, size, and features. The type of curl bar will also impact the amount of weight it can carry, so it's essential to know the main differences before you choose yours.  

1. Standard Curl Bar 

Standard curl bars are what you find in most gyms across the country. These are the most basic type of bar and just have small threaded ends so you can attach collars after the weights are loaded.  

Your standard curl bar will weigh 12 pounds, be 47 inches long, and have 6.5-inch threaded ends on both sides. A standard curl bar can take about 200 pounds which is easily plenty for pretty much anyone, but make sure you use standard weights with a 1-inch hole. These curl bars are the most commonly used in gyms and at home. 

Standard Curl Bar

2. Olympic Curl Bar  

Olympic Curl Bar

There are a few differences when you compare Olympic and standard bars, but Olympic curl bars are considered the elite option. All Olympic curl bars look identical, and there won’t be any discrepancies you might get with a standard curl bar. Olympic curl bars have rotating sleeves to allow the weights to move with your natural motion. This limits any stress on your wrists and forearms and allows you to focus the energy on your muscles to help maximize gains and limit injury.  

Olympic curl bars come in a couple of different classes and weigh between 18 and 25 pounds. They will be 47-52 inches long with 6.5 inches on either end for the weights. The extra weight of the bar comes because it’s 2 inches thick instead of 1. This means you’ll need to use larger Olympic weights on it. 

3. EZ Curl Bar (Preacher) 

EZ curl bars have gentle curves in the middle to make them as easy to use as possible. They’re often called preacher bars because they’re perfect for bicep isolating preacher curls. They have a simple design and are basically just a bar with threaded ends for the weights.  

EZ curl bars weigh between 11 and 13 pounds and are 47-50 inches long. They have a 1-inch diameter, so you'll need to use standard weights to load it up.  

EZ Curl Bar

4. Super Curl Bar 

Super Curl Bar

Super curl bars are a slightly different shape and are designed to help relieve any tension on your wrists. This helps prevent any strain and allows you to better isolate your biceps and triceps when training. Many users also find a super curl bar a lot more comfortable to use and prefer it for longer sets.  

Super curl bars are made like Olympic bars but with deeper curves which allow you to use it with a greater variety of grips. They weigh between 18 and 24 pounds and are 38-45 inches long. Like Olympic bars, they have a 2-inch diameter, so you will need to use Olympic weights with them. You’re more likely to use this curl bar if you’re a bit more experienced and need more of a challenge. 

Type of Curl Bar 

Bar Weight



Standard Curl Bar 

11 pounds 

47 inches 

1 inch 

Olympic Curl Bar 

18-25 pounds 

47-52 inches 

2 inches 

EZ Curl Bar 

11-13 pounds 

47-50 inches 

1 inch 

Super Curl Bar 

18-24 pounds 

38-45 inches 

2 inches 

5 Benefits Of Using Curl Bars Over Straight Bars 

  • Helps Reduce Pressure On Your Wrist  
    A traditional straight bar can put a lot of pressure on your wrists, leading to strain and injury. This is particularly common with beginners who are starting out and don’t have the strength yet to manage the bar. The shape and design of a curl bar help to focus it into your arms, protecting your wrists and giving you a better workout.  
  • Less Reports Of Pain And Injury  
    Common lifting injuries tend to occur in the elbows, wrists, and forearms because these joints can be forced into the wrong position while you exercise. Curl bars naturally move all of these into the right location, helping you to protect your body. Curl bars are favored by those coming back from injury and can help reduce the risk of causing long-term issues.  
  • Better Grip  
    The natural positioning and ergonomic grip of a curl bar make it easier to hold than a standard curl bar. This makes it safer to use with less chance of injury if you drop it. This is particularly important if you're doing skull crushers because it stops you from literally crushing your skull if you drop it.  
  • More Isolation  
    A straight bar has a greater distance between the weights and means you have to devote more energy to staying balanced. This is great for a full body workout, but a curl bar helps you to isolate the specific muscles you want to train. This means you can focus your training and get the best results. 
  • Helps Activate The Brachioradialis More  
    Your Brachioradialis is a major muscle on your arm needed to move your elbow upwards. The shape of the curl bar helps to activate it more effectively, meaning you get more from your workout. Curl bars help to engage almost all of your forearm and bicep muscles, and you can experiment with holding them in different ways to activate them all separately. This helps you get more toned and powerful arms. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the heaviest curl bar? 

The heaviest curl bar you can get your hands on is about 30 pounds and 58 inches long. There are probably other specialist curl bars that weigh more, though.  

What is the lightest curl bar? 

The lightest curl bars are about 10 pounds, any lighter than that, and it would struggle to support the weights added to it.  

How much can the average man curl? 

The average curl for men is about 60 pounds, and about 40 pounds for women.  

What is the most weight ever curled? 

The most weight ever curled was 220.46 pounds by Thommy Ohlund. This is currently the world record, and we wouldn't recommend trying to beat it without serious training! 

How can I weigh my curl bar? 

The easiest way to weigh your curl bar is to gently lay it onto a weighing scale. Alternatively, you can weigh yourself first, then weigh yourself holding it and calculate the difference.  


Curl bars offer a range of benefits to straight bars and let you get a bit more from your workout. It’s important to understand the weight of a curl bar so you can plan your workouts and track your progress accurately. Hopefully, this article has given you a useful overview of the different types of curl bars and how much they weigh so you know which one is the best for you.  


Last Updated on December 16, 2022