How Much Do Dumbbells Cost? (Price Guide For LBS & KG)

Dumbbells are one of the best ways to grow muscle quickly. They activate all your major muscle groups and engage your core and smaller muscles that bars and machines don't touch. They give you a complete workout and can be used flexibly for all types of exercises.

One key benefit of dumbbells is that you can use them at home without taking up a lot of space, so they've become increasingly popular throughout the pandemicIt's important to know how much do dumbbells cost, and in this guide, we'll help explain the key factors that influence the price and what you should expect to pay. 

We've all had a search around online or in stores and have seen a big difference in price for different dumbbells. Knowing the factors which influence the price can help you spot a bargain and ensure you're getting value for money. Here's a quick breakdown of the key differentials: 


Dumbbells come in all different types and weights to allow users to customize the resistance and help muscle growth. Heavier weights are generally larger and take more material, so they'll cost you more, whereas light weights tend to be cheaper. The best value can often be found in a set of dumbbells with lighter and heavier weights so you can adjust as needed.  


The material used for the dumbbells impacts the manufacturing process and how much they cost to make. The most popular dumbbells are rubber, Urethane, PVC, vinyl, neoprene, and cast iron, but you can find a few others out there. The price is different for each: 

  • Cast Iron 
    Cast iron is commonly used for dumbbells and gives a rustic look and feel. It’s popular with seasoned lifters who like extra weight. Plus, these dumbbells are easy to clean and maintain. The quality of materials and the manufacturing process make cast iron more expensive than other material types.  
  • Neoprene 
    Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is used for lighter dumbbells. These are cheaper but not as heavy as iron dumbbells, so they're better for beginners. The most popular models are hexagonal because they won’t roll about on an uneven floor. 
  • Rubber Coated 
    Rubber coated dumbbells are made from metal with a rubber coating around the outside. This makes them quieter, and they are usually more compact than other dumbbells. They're also cheaper because they can use worse quality metals, and there's less metalwork required.  
  • Vinyl Coated 
    Vinyl coated dumbbells are made from concrete and coated in hard plastic. They come in a wide variety of colors and are generally the cheapest option for dumbbells, but they tend to be the least durable and can slip in your hands.  
cast iron dumbbells on a rack

Adjustable Vs Fixed

Selectorized adjustable dumbbells allow you to combine weights on a single dumbbell with others so you can easily change the resistance. These dumbbells work with a twisting mechanism that picks up more weight and removes the need for multiple dumbbells. 

Fixed dumbbells have one weight that can't be altered or changed. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to load plates on and off the dumbbell so you can increase or decrease the resistance as needed.  

Fixed dumbbells tend to be the cheapest option, but you’ll need a lot of dumbbells, so you'll need more space to store them. With adjustable dumbbells, you'll pay for the plates to load on the bar, and heavy plates can be very expensive.

Selectorized are the most expensive option, but you'll only need the one set of dumbbells to have a range of weights, so it can end up being cheaper than lots of fixed-weight dumbbells. 

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As with all fitness equipment, the brand can make a big difference to the price. Popular brands like PowerblockBowflex, or Flybird make good quality products, but you’ll pay more for the dumbbells. It’s worth searching around for the best price but remember that it's often worth paying more upfront for long-lasting dumbbell that offers better value.


Many things impact the quality of dumbbells, but the manufacturing location plays a role. We've found that dumbbells from some offshore suppliers just aren’t as good quality as some mainstream brands. You can pay a lot less for these dumbbells, but they probably won’t last as long. 

Why Do Dumbbells Cost So Much? 

It often seems like dumbbells are very expensive, especially compared to some other gym equipment. The truth is that they are more costly for a few reasons:  

  1. 1
    Shipping Costs  
    The weight of dumbbells makes them expensive to ship out to customers. They need reinforced packaging and heavy-duty materials to be transported safely, which pushes the price up.  
  2. 2
    Material Costs  
    All dumbbells are different, but the material used for them makes them expensive. Rubber dumbbells are generally cheaper, and good quality iron will cost you more.  
  3. 3
    The demand for home gym equipment, especially dumbbells, has skyrocketed in the last few years. The global pandemic and increase in home gyms has driven the price of dumbbells up, and it's very expensive for new ones. You may be better off looking for used dumbbells if you want to keep the cost down.  

How Much Do Dumbbells Cost? (Average Cost By Type)

There are three main types of dumbbells, and the average cost varies. We’ve given a breakdown of the cost below, but remember that your choice should be influenced by the features as well as the price.

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1. Fixed Dumbbells 

Fixed dumbbells come in one weight size, which can't be altered. These are the cheapest and most common options you'll see in commercial gyms but can take up too much space at home.

You would expect to pay $15-$20 for a set of 5-pound dumbbells, and the price will increase with the weight. For a set of light dumbbells 2.5-10 pounds, you'll probably pay about $50. For a set of heavy dumbbells from 5-50 pounds, you'll probably pay $750-1300.  

2. Adjustable Dumbbells 

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to stack more weight as needed. The price varies massively depending on how much weight you need. If you need the heaviest dumbbells, then you're basically paying for a big rack of weights. You can get a set of adjustable dumbbells with low/medium weight for $200-300, but you could spend $600-$800 on a set of heavy plates.  

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3. Selectorized Dumbbells 

Selectorized dumbbells let you change the resistance without needing lots of weights. The price you pay will depend on the resistance level, but more a low weight range it will cost $50-$100, for a mid-weight range it will cost $200-$400, and for heavy weights, it could cost anywhere from $600-$2000.  

different adjustable dumbbells sets

Average Cost Of Dumbbells By Weight

There's clearly a lot of factors that can influence how much dumbbells cost, but most manufacturers charge per pound or kilogram. The higher the weight, the more material needed, so the more you’ll pay for the dumbbell.  

A new dumbbell will cost between $2 and $7 per pound, but it varies depending on the factors discussed earlier. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different weight categories for each type of dumbbell: 

Weight (LBS) 

Fixed Dumbbell Cost (Set of 2)

Adjustable Plate Cost (Set of 2) 






















Some manufacturers and users prefer to operate in kilograms, and the average cost per kilo is $3-$10.

Weight (KG) 

Fixed Dumbbell Cost (Set of 2) 

Adjustable Plate Cost (Set of 2) 













A full set of dumbbells ranging 5-50 pounds will probably cost you $750-$1250, but other factors like brand, quality, and material can make it a lot more expensive.  

Brand New Dumbbells Vs Second-Hand Dumbbells 

Dumbbells aren't cheap, so many people opt for second-hand dumbbells to save money. You can usually find second-hand dumbbells on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. It’s also worth looking at local Facebook groups or Facebook marketplace to see if anyone you know is selling.  

Second-hand dumbbells are cheaper than new dumbbells, and you should expect to pay 50-70% of the retail price. This means you can save a lot, but you might not get the same quality.  

Dumbbells are built to withstand heavy use, but they aren't built to last forever. New dumbbells are safer because they have recently passed quality control checks from the manufacturer before being shipped out. 

If you're buying second-hand, then there is a chance that if you’re buying from somebody else that the dumbbell is cracked or no longer suitable for use. Make sure you check them out thoroughly before agreeing to purchase. 

used dumbbells

Popular Brands Of Dumbbells & How Much They Cost 

We’ve given some general guidance about how much dumbbells cost, but here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular brands and how much you should expect to pay:  


Bowflex is a good brand with over 35 years of experience creating fitness equipment. Their weights are well made, and their dumbbells are regarded as some of the most reliable. A set of 5–50-pound Bowflex dumbbells will cost $250-$300. 


Powerblock is well known for their wide selection of weights and catering to serious lifters. Powerblock adjustable dumbbells are regarded as some of the best on the market, and a pair of them ranging from 5-50 pounds will cost $275-$300.  

Rogue Fitness 

Rogue Fitness is a premium fitness brand, and you will pay more for their dumbbells. A set of Rogue hexagonal rubber dumbbells from 5-50 pounds will cost $1000-$1250, but they are incredibly well made. If you're serious about fitness and can afford it, then it's worth the moneyRogue's loadable dumbbells are also a great option. You can pick them up for around $200 or so.

Titan Fitness 

Titan Fitness is a more economical brand, and they offer some great value. A pair of Titan Fitness dumbbells 5-50 pounds will cost $150-$300, so they're perfect if you're on a budget.


Ativafit adjustable dumbbells are designed with home gyms in mind. Their selectorized dumbbells are more expensive at $800-$1000, but they offer some long-term value for money.  


Marcy are home gym specialists, and their dumbbells are compact, so they can be stored easily. 

Once you take apart the Marcy adjustable dumbbell, you can stack the weight plates, handles, and attachments.

They offer a lot of good quality budget weights, and you should be able to pick up a set for $300-$400.  

Marcy Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set


York Barbell is a high-quality brand with some durable dumbbells. Their pro collection will cost $1700-$2500, but you can get some rubber hex dumbbells for $750-$1250.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are dumbbells always worth buying for garage gyms? 

Dumbbells offer a lot of flexibility and allow you to do a lot of different exercises without any other equipment. This makes them a useful piece of equipment and generally worthwhile in a home gym. In addition, adjustable dumbbells are great for home gym owners because they provide a range of weights without taking up much room in your home.  

Are dumbbells always sold in pairs?  

No, dumbbells are often sold individually, so as a buyer, you need to be careful. Make sure you’ve found a pair and that you aren’t going to be paying double to get both!  

Do dumbbells often go on sale? 

Some brands and manufacturers do have sales for dumbbells. However, dumbbells are very popular pieces of equipment, so you don’t generally see significant reductions. 

What is a good price for used dumbbells? 

This really will vary depending on the exact dumbbells you want. For used dumbbells, you'll usually only pay 50% of the full retail price, so a pair of 5-pound dumbbells will cost $5-$10.  

Where can you buy cheap dumbbells? 

Online marketplaces like Amazon have a wide range of new and second-hand dumbbells. This is usually a good place to find the best value.  


Dumbbells come in all shapes and sizes, and it's very difficult to say definitively how much it will cost you for a set. The price you’ll pay will vary depending on the make, model, size, weight, and brand you choose.

Most manufacturers charge per pound or kilogram, so it can give you a rough cost, but there’s a lot to consider. Hopefully, this article has helped explain the key factors that impact the price and given you a good idea of how much you should expect to pay.  

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