EHPlabs is one of a large variety of pre-workout and fitness supplements. If you have never heard of the brand or tried their products, you can be easily swayed by their label claims.

Offering "skin-splitting off the bone pump," 5-stage energy release, and razor-sharp focus, it can make anyone want to try it.

So are the claims real? Do EHPlabs Pride pre-workout supplements really work?

In this EHPlabs Pride pre-workout review, we will find out. I took their pre-workout formula for two weeks, and the results, ingredients, dosages, and warnings are all found below.

EHPlabs Pride is a brand of pre-workout supplements that encourages energy level, athletic performance, physical performance, workout performance, and endurance level increases.

It also offers faster recovery times for sore muscles.

Using new patented products, EHPlabs promises higher energy levels and endurance levels without the crash.

They have also added other ingredients to their pre-workout formulas, which promise intense muscle pumps, improved blood flow, and higher levels of branched-chain amino acids, essential amino acids, and vitamins to help recovery times.

Muscle memory, explosive power, and strength and resistance training are all part of the new EHP Pride pre-workout formulas.

Backed by science, research, and tested by gym and fitness journey enthusiasts, EHPlabs made Pride pre-workouts suitable to give you the boost you need to make it through your workouts.

EHPlabs Pride

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My Results After Taking EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout

I took Pride pre-workouts for two weeks to see if the claims were true.

I looked at several factors, from the flavor and cognitive performance to post-workout experiences during my training sessions.

Below are my Pride pre-workout review results to help you gauge what you can expect for your health and fitness goals.

1. Flavor

Unlike many other brands, EHPLabs has a smaller selection of flavors to try. In fact, they only offer 5 standard flavors with 2 additional limited edition flavors.

I tested the limited edition Cotton Candy flavor and the standard Sour Green Apple.

Overall the flavors were nice. They weren't my favorite overall, but they mixed well in water, and I even tested them in a fresh fruit smoothie to add some sourness to my mix.

The taste was nice, but there was a metallic aftertaste.

Currently Available Flavors:

  • Voodoo Blackberry (limited edition)
  • Cotton Candy (limited edition)
  • Fantasy Soda
  • Raspberry Twizzle fo’ Shizzle
  • Blue Slushie
  • Sour Green Apple
  • Strawberry SnowCone

Mixing with other sources besides water is not generally recommended. However, with freshly squeezed fruit juice or blended in a smoothie, some flavors can be pretty nice.

I don't recommend mixing the sour green apple with any citrus, as it will make you pucker, though.

The mixing is fairly easy, and the powder dissolves with a shaker or a spoon equally as well. No matter how you prefer to take your pre-workout mix, Pride will work.

2. Performance Increase

One of the bigger claims of the brand is that Pride pre-workouts will improve performance.

They claim that betaine can improve body composition and performance and dose it accordingly.[1]

I can say that this claim is partially true. I did notice I was able to add more weights to my sets and perform more reps overall, though it was minimal and took about a week to get there.

It is hard to say if I would have made these increases naturally or not, but it was accomplished with relative ease.

I was more powerful, though I didn't get any stronger. So you can work out longer, have more endurance and energy, but you may not get the strength gains you are after.

3. Pump

The biggest claim is their "off the bone pumps." For these claims, they rely on a few vasodilators, specifically in the nitric oxide range.

Pushing more blood to skeletal muscles when working out fills your capillaries, veins, and muscles with blood, making them firmer, larger, and more aesthetically appealing.

This will quickly wear off after you finish lifting, and the nitric oxide runs its course. But during my lifts, I did notice harder, larger muscles, and the insane pumps were reasonably long-lasting.

4. Focus

Razor sharp focus is another prominent promise touted on the label.

Improving cognitive function, mental clarity, and memory retention have plenty of well-researched and backed scientific evidence.[2]

As someone distracted easily in the gym, I was hoping to get these effects during my sessions.

Unfortunately, Pride pre-workout supplements didn’t give me any more or less focus than normal.

Granted, I was eager and focused on my lifts, but between sets and reps, I was fiddling with my music, watching other gym goers lift, and resting longer than I should have.

While this may not be the normal outcome, it was for me, and it did work better than not taking a pre-workout at all, but nothing superior over other brands I have tried.

EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout Benefits

5. Energy

When it comes to energy, almost all pre-workouts use caffeine. There are stimulant-free options, but not here.

EHPLabs gives you multiple formulas to choose from, all of which use a patented formula called Pentaffeine.

This is a combination of green tea extract, natural bitter orange extract, caffeine anhydrous, green coffee extract, and Yerba mate.

How much caffeine you actually get will be around 200mg, but it can vary because of the mix.

The idea is that it gives you the boost of caffeine, but the various ingredients work as a sort of time-release, letting you rise up quickly, stay sharp and energized, and taper off without a crash.

I am a coffee drinker, and I am used to higher daily doses of caffeine, but I still got jitters and bouncing knees while on the full dose.

I did cut the dose in half (one scoop instead of two) for the second week and these symptoms all but disappeared. I had energy for sure, but maybe too much.

6. Side Effects

When on the full dose of two scoops per serving, I noticed several side effects.

First was the excessive energy, complete with jitters, tingles, and restless legs. I also noticed that I was more tired after a workout than I normally am.

I can't say that I had a caffeine crash or that I worked out extra long or hard, but I was definitely more worn out afterward.

Cutting the dose in half gave me enough energy and endurance to get through my improved workouts, but I saw less jitters and bouncing knees, and I wasn't as tired after the workouts.

7. Post-Workout

Aside from the exhaustion after my workouts, there weren't many other post-workout symptoms. I maintained my appetite and ate plenty without overindulging.

I could also sleep well at night without being wired from too much caffeine.

8. Cost & Availability

Every EHPLabs Pride pre-workout supplement costs less per serving than many other brands. For each serving (two scoops), you will spend about $0.88.

This is up to half the cost of most popular brands. On top of that, you also get 40 servings per container, almost double that of premium options.

If you plan to buy Pride supplements, you can do so through their website, where you can choose the formula, flavor, and delivery options.

If you prefer to shop around, you can also find most of their popular flavors on Amazon.

Locally, it can be hit or miss. GNC may have some in stock, but most will not. Other sporting goods or nutritional supplements stores usually don’t carry many varieties.

EHPlabs Pride

EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout







Overall Rating



  • Decent flavors
  • Easy mixing
  • Great performance and endurance levels
  • Highly affordable
  • No lasting side effects


  • Not many flavors to choose from
  • May cause jitters

EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout (Breakdown Of Ingredients)

EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

Pride pre-workout supplement ingredients are lengthy.

Each one is part of a blend, using patented and standard ingredients.

Below, we explain the benefits of the blends of the Pride pre-workout ingredients that make up the formula.

Skin Splitting OFF The Bone PUMPS (7500mg)

The pump formula is made up of vasodilators and blood flow increasing ingredients.

For example, l-Citrulline increases flow and minimizes lactic acid build-up to increase endurance, which helps enhance muscle pumps.

Nitrosigine is a trademarked version of nitric oxide, which also increases blood flow to the smaller blood vessels, and the muscle pumps fill with blood.

Other trademarked Pride pre-workout ingredients are not found anywhere else.

L-citrulline also helps to increase blood circulation to the working muscles to help them become hard and strong, which can lead to serious muscle pumps.

It can increase blood pressure, though, so those with higher BP levels should take it with caution, especially for those with an everyday workout.

Some flavors will also include malic acid to help with the sour taste.

Betaine improves body comp and keeps you firm and bulky.

  • L-Citrulline (5,000mg)
  • Nitrosigine™ (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) (1,500mg)
  • Betaine Anhydrous (1,000mg)

Performance EAA Blend (5,000mg)

The Performance Essential Amino Acid blend improves your performance and recovery rates.

Adding the essential amino acid blend and BCAAs to your diet can increase endurance, improve power and shorten recovery time.

On top of that, there are also a host of BCAAs to help limit lactic acid build up, strengthen muscle fibers and improve absorption.

These dietary supplements can also improve muscle growth, muscle protein synthesis, and muscle recovery.

  • iBCAA Leucine (2,000mg)
  • iBCAA Isoleucine (1,000mg)
  • iBCAA Valine (1,000mg)
  • L-Phenylalanine (350mg)
  • L-Threonine (250mg)
  • L-Lysine HCl (200mg)
  • L-Histidine (100mg)
  • L-Methionine (50mg)
  • L -Tryptophan (50mg)

Pentaffeine™ 5-Stage Energy Release (550mg)

The energy source comes from the trademarked Pentaffeine 5-stage energy boost system.

Using multiple caffeine sources, the idea is to improve initial energy levels while acting as a time-release to prevent crashes after the workout.

This also helps your overall exercise performance but can lead to high blood pressure.

The one issue here is the use of the bitter orange extract. While not technically a banned substance, it acts the same as ephedrine, which is a banned fat burner.[3]

Most users don't need fat burners in their best pre-workout, especially at this high dosage.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg)
  • Infinergy™ (Di-Caffeine Malate) (100mg)
  • Green Coffee Extract (50mg)
  • Innova Tea™ (Green Tea Extract (Caffeine)) (50mg)
  • Yerba Mate (50mg)
  • Natural Bitter Orange Extract (Fat Burner)(30%) (100mg)

Super Nootropic Focus Blend (1,650mg)

Nootropics are known as cognitive enhancers. The idea behind them is that they can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and help improve mental skills and abilities and maintain focus.

Nootropics come in natural and synthetic forms and are usually used to enhance your mood, aid in creativity, or improve motivation.[4]

Along with the common nootropics like L-tyrosine, taurine, and theobromine, Pride pre-workout also adds another trademarked product called SerinAid.

This is essentially a vitamin B12 mixed with phosphatidylserine.[5] It is supposed to support memory, focus, and concentration.

Other un-proven benefits include things like reduced muscle fatigue, lower muscle soreness, and improved exercise performance.

However, because they are more physical than mental, it is yet to be scientifically proven.

  • L-Tyrosine (1,000mg)
  • Taurine (500mg)
  • SerinAid™ (Phosphatidylserine 20%) (100mg)
  • Theobromine (50mg)

Who Should Use EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout?

Who is Pride suitable for? Pride pre-workout supplements are designed for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

This is typically a red flag as one group isn’t getting what they expect. However, the balance and optional dosing suggestions allow you to tailor your dose to your athletic level.

If you are just starting out, a single scoop can work well, while more veteran lifters can use the higher, two-scoop dose to get more benefits that fit their needs more precisely.

It also helps if you can tolerate caffeine at higher levels.

Who Should Keep Away From Pride Pre-Workout?

Anyone with caffeine sensitivity should definitely avoid Pride pre-workout. With a mix of five different stimulants, it can cause adverse reactions almost instantly.

How Good Is Pride Pre? (Alternatives Rated & Compared)

Having label claims, promises and reviews are all well and good. But comparing the product against other brands and formulas is the fastest way to know which is better.

EHPlabs Pride Vs Total War Pre-Workout

Total War pre-workouts are made for the most intense and experienced gym rats. It has high levels of caffeine, creatine, and other top-quality ingredients to give you the best boost for the buck.

It also offers more flavors and variety than Pride pre-workouts.

However, Pride doesn't skimp on their ingredients, their flavors are few but tasty, and at a fraction of the cost, it is hard to argue with the results.

See Our Complete Guide - REDCON1 Total War Pre-Workout Review

EHPlabs Pride Vs Woke AF Pre-Workout

Woke AF is a DAS Labs brand with more caffeine than most other brands.

It is designed as a stimulant pre-workout with explosive energy and endurance. It also offers plenty of mental focus and awareness.

Compared to Woke AF, Pride is below the curve. While the mass of ingredients is helpful, the energy boosts are not the same, though Pride does have better-tasting flavors.

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EHPlabs Pride Pre-Workout FAQs

When should I use EHPlabs Pride pre-workout?

Whether you use a single scoop or the full two-scoop dose, you should take Pride pre-workout about 30 minutes before you start lifting.

If you consume immediately, it will give you time to get the active ingredients working and your energy boost started.

How many calories does this pre-workout have?

Depending on your dosing, a single scoop will have 5 calories, while a double scoop offers 10 calories. Either way, it makes microdosing a little easier.

Does Zac Perna use Pride pre-workout?

Zac Perna has teamed with EHPlabs to become a sponsor and endorsement figurehead for the brand.[6]

He uses the supplements daily and has great things to say about them on his social media and YouTube channels.

Can you mix OxyShred and Pride pre-workout?

Yes, you can mix Pride with OxyShred (non-stim) to add even more fat-loss capabilities to your routine. Supplementing with amino acid or creatine stacking is also allowed.


EHPlabs Pride pre-workouts are great for just about anyone.

While they do have multiple stimulant and caffeine sources, the actual limits keep you at about half the daily recommended amounts (400mg per day).

The flavor choices are limited, but they taste pretty good, and the athletic performance and enhanced recovery times are noticeable from the first dose.

Well worth a trial from our pre-workout review.

we recommend this instead!

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre Workout







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