DMASUN Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike (Rated & Reviewed)

Even though the Italian DMASUN brand isn't very well-known, the thousands of positive reviews regarding the company's top-selling indoor cycling bike certainly caught my attention. 

In addition to exercise bikes, DMASUN manufactures fitness accessories like yoga mats, headbands, and exercise gloves. The #1 money-maker for the company, though, is this indoor cycling bike.

Not only is this exercise bike nice to look at, but it seems to be high in quality, and even comes with an affordable price tag. So is it all too good to be true?

Let's find out with this full review of the DMASUN Indoor Exercise Bike!

Product Specifications

Min Seat Height


Max Seat Height


Seat Adjustment


Handlebar Adjustment


Max Capacity

330 lbs




42 lbs


Adjustable Friction

Construction & Resistance System

The bike features durable steel frame construction and is designed with a 42-pound flywheel, which is heavier than most non-commercial indoor spinning bikes. This leads to a smooth, stable ride, and the manufacturer claims a weight capacity of 330 pounds (149.7 kg).

The bike itself weighs 95 pounds, which is about 20 pounds heavier than the average spin bike weight. Another thing that sets DMASUN apart is their thorough testing period; each and every DMASUN bike goes through a series of 130+ tests before it leaves the factory to ensure everything is working as it should. 

The base of the bike is stable and sturdy, made with thickened steel to prevent wobbling. There are foot levers on either side of the triangular frame that are adjustable, so you never have to worry about the bike being level no matter what surface you're riding on. 

The bike's resistance is fully adjustable and can be changed via a tension knob located on the frame. DMASUN uses a friction resistance system rather than a magnetic mechanism, which allows for infinite levels of tension - great for both beginner and advanced cyclists alike.

Comfort & Adjustability

The bike is designed with a large cushioned seat that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically from 30 to 45 inches as well as forwards and backwards. The seat is extra-large, measuring 10.86” x 8.12” x 2.56”, which is larger than the average spin bike seat.

DMASUN recently updated the seat cushion so that it's softer than the previous model's, and users have noticed. The seat chute (adjustment area) has also been updated to make riders feel more stable, no matter their seat position. 

The multi-grip handlebars are very well designed, giving users several grip choices. They include hand pulse sensors allowing you to monitor your heart rate.The convenient placement of the monitor makes it easy to track specs, or you can dock a tablet/phone and stream on-demand workouts, Netflix, etc.

Other Bike Features

One feature that's definitely worth noting is the aesthetic appeal of the DMASUN. Although aesthetics shouldn't be your main concern when purchasing a spin bike - stability, construction, and comfort are more important - it definitely helps to have a bike that looks good in your home, and the DMASUN spin bike certainly will!

The bike is sleek and streamlined with striking red accents against a black frame. All of the components look high in quality, especially the silver-red-black flywheel and multigrip handlebars.

Other notable features are the integrated water bottle holder, transport wheels, flywheel brake pad, emergency brake system located in the resistance knob, and the quiet resistance system for a near-silent ride. There is no Bluetooth compatibility, so keep that in mind if you want to connect your phone directly to the bike's functions.

Console & Display

The basic LCD monitor is connected to the front part of the handlebars and tracks all the necessary stats like speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Right below the LCD is a space for holding a tablet or cell phone, so you can easily stream what you want while you ride. 

To be perfectly honest, the monitoring system isn't much to rave about, especially when you compare the DMASUN to high-end spin bikes like the Peloton. Luckily, most people can live with a basic console, especially since you have so many options for fitness apps nowadays that you can access from a mobile device.

Price & Warranty

Price wise, the DMASUN is hard to beat. It's catered to the midrange budget, but a lot of the features and components are of commercial quality. In other words, this bike's value-for-money-factor is extremely impressive. 

Take the weight capacity as an example. Most bikes this cheap have a 200 to 250-pound maximum weight capacity, but the DMASUN can hold as much as 330 pounds. That proves that this bike uses high-quality materials and has a frame design that's better than most in the same price range.

The brand provides all customers with a 12-month parts replacement as well as full access to the customer service team. Past buyers claim that the DMASUN team is helpful, responsive, and they honor the parts replacement policy.

Feature Summary
  • Heavy steel frame
  • 42 lbs flywheel
  • 330 lbs weight support
  • Friction resistance mechanism
  • Adjustable tension via a knob
  • Multi-grip handlebars with hand pulse monitor
  • LCD monitor with stat readout
  • Cushioned adjustable extra-large seat
  • Tablet / cell phone holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Ultra portable with transport wheels
DMASUN Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike (Rated & Reviewed)

My Experience With the DMASUN Stationary Bike

Now that we've covered all the main features of the DMASUN bike, let's move on to my personal experience and overall impressions regarding each of those features, starting with the assembly process. 

Most, if not all, verified owners agree that the assembly of DMASUN exercise bike is super easy. Since it came mostly preassembled, I was able to get it up and running (or should I say, riding?) in less than 20 minutes. 

Even while assembling the bike, I was able to appreciate the unique design. It's stylish and sleek, mainly thanks to the red and black color combination. Personally, I love the bright pops of red against the bold black frame; DMASUN went above and beyond with the bike's overall look.

The bike is heavy and sturdy and feels ultra stable while riding. I have no trouble believing that this updated version can support the claimed 330-pound weight capacity.

Even after scouring the manual and online description, I wasn't able to find anything about height limitations, but that's not uncommon for spin bikes. If you are concerned about the height limit, then I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer directly. 

The seat and handlebars are designed for the standard spin bike racing position, and both are quite comfortable. I love the extra-large seat design, but the real winner hear is the handlebar system. It allows for multiple grip positions and even comes with heart rate sensors, which isn't overly common for spin bikes in this price point. 

One thing to note about the seat is that there have been some complaints about having to occasionally re-tighten the screws after extended periods of use. I personally haven't had to do this yet, but I won't be surprised if it's a problem I run into down the road. 

The one thing that I personally don’t like is the LCD display. It’s small and cheap-looking, displaying only one stat at a time. Most users don't seem to have a problem with this, so I guess I’m just spoiled!

DMASUN Exercise Bike Pros and Cons

DMASUN exercise bike really surprised me (in a good way), especially considering the non-commercial price point. However, it comes with a few cons along with the pros


  • Heavy and sturdy construction
  • 42-pound heavy flywheel - heavier than most bikes in this price point!
  • Comfortable and practical multi-grip handlebars
  • Very easy assembly
  • High weight capacity
  • Stylish, modern and sleek design


  • LCD shows only one statistic at a time
  • Several users reported that the seat needs occasional re-tightening 

DMASUN Exercise Bike Alternatives (Is This Spin Bike Any Good?)

If you're in the market for a midrange spin bike, then you're not limited on choices. There are so many options in the $300 to $500 range, and a lot of them are highly rated and come with all the features and functions you need for an intense at-home cardio workout.

Here are a few models that compare to DMASUN's exercise bike in terms of features, construction, and price tag: 

  • DMASUN Vs Pooboo D525 Exercise Bike - Aside from the color scheme, the Pooboo D525 is very similar to DMASUN's model. The striking yellow and black frame is sturdy and stable, and although the 35-pound flywheel isn't quite as impressive, it delivers a smooth ride while remaining under the $300 budget.
  • DMASUN Vs Joroto X2 Exercise Bike - The Joroto X2 has a lot going for it, like a stable frame, smooth ride, 35-pound flywheel, and full adjustability. However, the weight capacity is just 300 pounds compared to DMASUN's 330-pound limit, so the DMASUN is the clear winner in the aspect. 
  • DMASUN Vs Cyclace Exercise Bike - Priced at just under $360, the Cyclace exercise bike is another budget option that delivers. It offers a quiet and safe ride, and just like the DMASUN bike, it can support 330 pounds of rider weight. But while the DMASUN has a 42-pound flywheel design, Cyclace's is just 36 pounds.

Conclusion – Is the DMASUN Exercise Bike Worth It?

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The main takeaway from this bike review is that this model (the 2019 version) provides excellent value for money. So to answer the question you're all dying to know... YES, the DMASUN Indoor Exercise Bike is worth every penny, especially if you're looking for a non-commercial, affordable cardio machine.

If you would like something very similar but with a different design, I’d suggest checking out the pooboo d525, or feel free to browse through the budget-friendly models on our complete guide to affordable spin bikes.