Cyclace Exercise Bike Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Exercise bikes are one of the best ways to get in shape at home, but there are so many to choose from.

The Cyclace L-003B is considered to be one of the hidden gems in the exercise bike market, but you need to know if it's worth the money before you commit to buying it. 

In this guide we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Cyclace indoor cycling bike and help you decide whether it's right for you.

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Product Specifications

Min Seat Height


Max Seat Height


Min Height Capacity


Max Height Capacity


Max Weight Capacity

330 lbs


Belt Drive


36 lbs



My Experience Using The Bike

The cycling motion on the Cyclace is smooth and you can push it quite hard without feeling as though it's going to break. 

Even on full out sprints I didn't experience any wobbling, and this is mostly due to the frame and balance regulators on both sides.  

The resistance from the felt pad in the flywheel belt driven system gives a realistic resistance which feels close to actually pedalling uphill.

It's easy to adjust the friction brake resistance system and even though it's not as smooth as magnetic resistance, it actually feels closer to real outdoor cycling. 

One of the best features of the Cyclace indoor cycling bike is the seat. It's larger than most other budget spin bike seats and it's much more comfortable, especially for beginners.

This made the cycling more enjoyable and helped prevent the numbness and tingling sensations that can come from longer rides.

The pedals on the indoor bike are a bit small and the cage-style straps felt a bit flimsy, which made it harder to reach my top speed. This may not be an issue for beginners, but I think serious cyclists would need to replace them. 

The heavy flywheel resistance system was loud too. It wasn't enough to put me off my workout, but in small homes it could be annoying. If you lubricate the mechanism regularly it's fine, but you will need to remember to do it. 

The digital LCD monitor is a bit basic and I found it harder to build and track workouts designed to meet my individual goals.

It's ok for seeing basic stats, but if you want to keep track of your cadence and output then you probably need to invest in something like the Wahoo Cadence which does integrate with the bike.

In general though, the Cyclace indoor cycling bike offers an experience which is fairly close to real cycling, and much better than other indoor cycling bikes at this price point. 

Size & Dimensions

The Cyclace indoor cycling bike is a really good size for home gyms. It's also one of the best budget spin bikes for larger users. 

It's compact and won't dominate a room, but it's not like some other budget spin bikes which are too cramped to use properly. 

Plus, it's lightweight enough for one person to manoeuvre and has wheels so you can move it out of the way when you're done. 

Frame, Build Quality & Tension System

The Cyclace indoor cycling bike is one of the sturdier budget models. It has a triangular frame made from thickened steel, and 4 stabilizers to stop it from wobbling.

The handles and seat are well made, and the adjustable seat moves easily. I did find the pedal cages a bit flimsy, which was disappointing, but they are easy to replace if you need to. 

The heavy flywheel resistance system works well and is easy to use. It isn't as quiet as the magnetic resistance system on some other models, however, lubricating the flywheel keeps it running quietly.

The overall design gives you a comfortable riding position where you're completely in control. The overall quality is good too - especially for this price point.  

Price Guide

The Cyclace indoor bike is available for under $300, which makes it a budget model. 

However, when you compare it to other 'budget' models it comes out ahead. 

It has a fairly heavy duty frame, moreso than most other typical bikes under $500, and a more comfortable seat and handles. It also adjusts more fully than other budget models to accommodate users of all different sizes.

It might not have all the integrated technology and features, but it's perfect for regular home use. 

If you want an affordable and reliable home exercise bike then the Cyclace offers a lot of value. 

Assembling The Bike

The Cyclace indoor bike is easy to put together and comes with most of the frame already made. 

There are detailed instructions which are easy to follow, and it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. 

Just bear in mind that the tool supplied with the indoor bike is not very useful. You need to use a decent wrench to tighten everything properly. 

Shipping & Warranty

Cyclace are a well known brand and you can buy this indoor bike from a lot of places. Amazon tends to offer the best price and that's where I got mine.

It arrived within 2 days, which is really fast and it all came in one package. It's lightweight, and you shouldn't need any help getting it inside. 

There's a 12 month warranty on the Cyclace exercise bike to help protect your investment. This is about industry standard, but it's good to have some protection. 

Other Bike Features

The bike's simple LCD display let’s you monitor and track stats like distance, speed, calories burned, time and odometer.

It's positioned on top of a media tray that can hold a tablet or phone. 

Thanks to the included transportation wheels the bike can be easily moved around, even though it weighs close to 90 pounds.

Other Features Summarized
  • Triangular frame made of thickened steel
  • Infinite friction resistance system
  • Ergonomic resistance bar
  • Resistance adjustable knob
  • Multi-grip adjustable handlebars
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Transportation wheels
  • Bottle holder included
  • Roomy tablet / phone holder
  • Warranty: 12-months for parts

Who Is It Best suited For? 

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary Stats

The Cyclace exercise bike is great for beginner or intermediate indoor cyclists who want to cycle regularly. 

The design is intuitive and easy to use, and the handles and seat are comfortable for those who are still building experience. 

It's also a great option for larger users because it has a higher max weight than other models, and is fully adjustable.

The Cyclace is also well suited for those who want good quality, without the big price tag. 

Despite not having integrated technology and pre built workouts, it offers a budget alternative to some premium models and is better than most other bikes I've come across in this price point.

Comparing With Other budget Exercise Bikes

The Cyclace doesn't compete with Peloton or Echelon, but it's much more affordable and can offer better value. 

Here's how it compares to other budget indoor cycling bikes. 

MERACH Exercise Bike VS Cyclace L-003B

The MERACH exercise bike is another budget model which costs about the same as the Cyclace. 

Both bikes have a heavy duty frame and cushioned handles for comfortable use. However, the MERACH uses a magnetic resistance system which is quieter and smoother.

The MERACH also comes with technology which the Cyclace doesn't offer. There's an app to help track your progress, and it comes with membership so you can access workouts and training tips which are really useful for more experienced riders. 

Where the MERACH isn't as strong is the usability. The bike has a smaller seat which can be uncomfortable for some users. It's also slightly smaller and can't accommodate users over 6ft 3. 

It's also heavier and bulkier. This makes it more difficult to store and older users, or those with mobility issues, may find it a challenge to move. 

The Cyclace offers a more authentic and comfortable experience. It doesn't have all the technology, but the exercise bike itself offers better value for money. 

FitIndex Exercise Bike VS Cyclace L-003B

The FitIndex is another budget model which is useful in a small home gym. 

The FitIndex has a stable design just like the Cyclace, but the flywheel is slightly heavier. This helps to ground the unit and prevent any wobbling when you're peddling. 

Unlike the Cyclance, it uses magnetic resistance, with 100 different levels to choose from. The resistance is smooth and quiet, quieter than the Cyclace friction resistance, and it's easy to control. 

However, the FitIndex isn't as good quality as the Cyclce. The materials used mean that it only supports up to 265lbs of weight and makes it unsuitable for larger users. 

Plus, it only accommodates users up to 6ft 1 and it's less well suited for longer rides because it's generally less comfortable. 

The FitIndex is a good exercise bike for beginners or older users looking to get in shape, but the low maximum user weight is a limiting factor. If you're a larger user then the Cyclace exercise bike is a better option. 

The Cyclace is also more durable and has a higher construction quality - giving you better value for money. 

Key Takeaways

The Cyclace indoor exercise bike is one of the best 'cheap' options available on the market. 

It is very sturdy and well built for this price range, allowing for taller users to ride with comfort. 

The handlebars are soft but grippy, with tablets and phones comfortably staying without falling on the floor.

This bike can be a little loud but some silicone on the flywheel and aligning the seat will usually take of any unwanted noise.

You can integrate the DIY use of apps like peloton but some extra additions such as cadence sensors and heart rate monitors are needed separately.

Our Ratings

Workout Versatility


Value For Money


Ease Of Use


Ease Of Assembly


Materials & Durability


Overall Rating


Pros and Cons of the Cyclace Bike

What We Like

  • Sturdy construction - doesn't wobble
  • 4-way adjustable seat which is more comfortable for longer rides
  • Infinite resistance
  • Great for larger users (up to 6’5″ and 330lbs)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bottle and tablet / phone holder included

What We Didn't Like

  • The basic LCD display shows only one stat at a time
  • Lack of integrated technology or built-in workouts
  • Loud flywheel which needs to be lubricated regularly

Conclusion - Is It Worth It?

The Cyclace exercise bike is one of the highest quality budget models on the market. 

It does have some minor flaws - like the basic display and lack of technology - but it offers some amazing value at this price point. 

It can't compete with commercial grade exercise bikes but it it a fraction of the price and well suited for home gym owners with a limited budget. 

Or if you're more interested in a recumbent bike, in which case I'd recommend checking out our complete guide to recumbent bikes.

Last Updated on January 28, 2023