Body Solid EXM4000S Home Gym (Review & Comparison)

Owning a home gym can be a great way to build muscle and boost fitness without long journeys or expensive gym memberships. The Body Solid EXM4000S home gym is an excellent investment for professional athletes and hardcore gym enthusiasts.  

In this review, we’ll show you all the details about the Body Solid EXM 4000 gym. If you’re looking at other home gyms, you can also read our Body Solid BSG10X home gym review 

What We Like 

  • 9 workout stations
  • 3 x 210lb weight stacks provide plenty of resistance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shrouded weight stacks
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

What We Don’t Like 

  • It’s a very expensive gym 
  • At least 12 hours to assemble  
  • The non-skid strips are very poor

Unique Features Of The EXM4000S

The most eye-catching feature of the Body Solid EXM4000S home gym is its nine exercise stations. These allow you to target every muscle group in every workout. The triple weight stack system means you won’t be short of resistance either.  But the price and size of this gym make it better for professionals than amateurs.  

Excellent Build Quality 

The Body Solid EXM4000S gym system is known for being built to last. Once you’ve assembled it, you’ll notice that the components are high-quality, and the gym is sturdy in every area. But it’s important to check the parts you receive, as sometimes the factory can make mistakes. 

When you’re considering whether a home gym is worth it, you’ll also want to think about the smaller parts. These include the cables, pulleys, seats, weights. All are guaranteed by the warranty and do their job well, even when using an entire weight stack. 

Comfortable to Use  

While providing a comprehensive workout, which we’ll cover in detail below, it’s important to consider comfort. Thankfully, the Body Solid EXM4000S has got you covered. The seats contain DuraFirm padding, which ensures they can take the weight of you and your workouts.  

They are resistant to tearing and support you fully. The seats and rollers on the EXM 4000 are padded, giving extra support where you need it. Body Solid promises they will not wear out. The lumbar support on the seats is sufficient too, and each seat on the gym adjusts automatically with hydraulics so that you can find the position best suited to you.  

3-4 User Capabilities  

One of the issues with having a home gym is that you lose the social aspect of a public gym. That's one element you normally have to consider when comparing home gyms to a gym membership. However, with the Body Solid EXM 4000, you can exercise with up to three of your family or friends.  

It’s possible because of the independent weight stacks. They allow three people to exercise on the home gym at the same time. If you purchase the optional leg press attachment, you’ll also get a fourth weight stack, allowing four people to use it simultaneously.  

Superb Weight Stack Options  

Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym 210 pound stacks

Unlike smaller home gyms, the Body Solid EXM4000S selectorized home gym has at least three weight stacks and an optional fourth one if you add the leg press attachment. That gives you plenty of options for exercises at each station.  

Each weight stack totals 210lbs, giving a total resistance of 630lbs with three stacks or 840lbs with four stacks. The weights are made from steel alloys, making them very durable. They move smoothly while in use and have no faults. They also have a metal shroud that protects them and you.  

Included Workouts and Add-ons  

The Body Solid triple stack multi station gym EXM4000S provides you with enough equipment to perform any kind of workout you desire. There is also a workout DVD and poster that comes with the gym to give you inspiration and guidance if you’re unsure what to do.  

If you're looking to add more to the Body Solid EXM 4000, you can purchase the leg press add-on, which gives you a fourth weight stack. Although, you are able to do several leg press alternatives with the other weight stacks. You’ll also benefit from a range of accessories the gym has. These include a low row bar, lat bar, and utility strap.  

Wide Variety of Workout Stations  

The workout stations were one of the most impressive features we found during our Body Solid EXM 4000 review. All nine of them target different areas of the body, and each one gives you powerful gains over time. Because the weight stacks each have the same weights on, and the home gym integrates all the stations in one place, working out is very efficient.  

We’ll break down each station in subheadings and cover them briefly so that you can get an idea of what’s possible with this home gym.  

Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym unique stations
  • Chest Press Station   
    The chest press on the Body Solid EXM 4000 serves as a multi-press station and comes with a kick-assist lever that helps you position the handgrips appropriately. That means you can perform a pre-stretch and achieve a complete range of motion without straining yourself. Exercises possible include the bench press and incline press.  
  • Triceps Press Down Station 
    Many of the stations on the Body Solid EXM4000S will activate your triceps, but there is also a dedicated triceps press down station. It contains a V-bar that enables you to complete tricep exercises with suitable resistance. Examples include the tricep press down, tricep kickback, and tricep extension.  
  • Shoulder Press Station 
    You can also use the Body Solid EXM 4000 to target your shoulder muscles and your upper back. The station adds resistance to your deltoids to work the muscles themselves rather than the joints alone. There are not many exercises you can do on this station, but the shoulder press should be all you need. You can also perform shoulder shrugs.  
  • Lat Pull Down Station 
    Working the lats is an essential part of developing a well-rounded physique, and that’s why this station is included on the Body Solid EXM4000S. It targets your lats, shoulders, and upper arms. The home gym comes with a lat bar that you’ll use on this station, and examples of the exercises you can do are the wide grip and close grip lat pulldown.  
  • Perfect Pec Station 
    To narrow down your workout so that you’re focused on your pectoral muscles, you can use the perfect station. The Body Solid EXM 4000 goes above and beyond, offering you a pair of cams that you can adjust through six positions. That allows you to do your pre-stretching and find the proper motions. The main exercise you can do is the pec fly.  
  • Ab Crunch Station   
    Because of how the body can move, there are many ab exercises you can do with a home gym, and the Body Solid EXM4000S is no exception. You can perform a range of bends, twists, and crunches which work out both your abs and your obliques. Examples include the oblique bend and the ab crunch.  
  • Chest Supported Row Station 
    This additional station targeting the chest on the Body Solid EXM 4000 allows you to perform exercises like lat stretches, which are essential for developing your back muscles. You can also improve your rear shoulders, posture, and bench press performance by using this station. It has a comfortable chest pad that ensures it’s comfortable to use. 
  • Low Pulley Station 
    The Body Solid EXM4000S benefits from a dedicated low pulley station, allowing you to complete various exercises. These include upright rows, leg adductions and abductions, shrugs, and cable curls. The pulley is smooth and swivels fully, which helps during your workout.  
  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl Station   
    Another major area of your body that needs particular attention is the legs. Most often, gyms will have specialized machines that work your legs, like a leg press. The Body Solid EXM 4000 contains a leg extension and leg curl station that targets your hamstrings, quads, and knees. 

Body Solid EXM4000S Home Gym Reviewed

Product Specifications 

Dimensions (L x W x H) 

130 x 93 x 83 Inches 


1335 lbs 

Total Resistance 

3 or 4 x 210 lbs 


Yes, Lifetime

What stands out the most about this gym is how comprehensive it is. With home workouts becoming more common during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is very important. With nine different exercise stations, up to four weight stacks, and a selection of special features like padding and adjustable seating, the EXM4000S covers pretty much anything a seasoned fitness enthusiast would need.  

You might think that the 210lb limit on each weight stack is low, but the variety of exercises means you’ll get a great workout for every muscle group.  

Assembly and Maintenance  

Assembling this home gym is a challenge. The Body Solid EXM4000S manual is challenging to understand, and you can quickly get confused. The instructions would benefit from descriptive text, but only feature diagrams. It takes many hours to build, but if you’re persistent, you can get it done. 

You should also be careful that you don’t install any pulleys until you’re attaching the cables. Otherwise, you’ll need to unbolt them to fit the cables. Once you’ve assembled the Body Solid EXM 4000, you should check to ensure that all the parts look as they should. Sometimes a part may be welded incorrectly, and you’ll have to send for a replacement.  

If you need to replace the adhesive strips we mentioned were poor, Body Solid will send you new ones, but it’s best to buy them from an alternative brand. You should also inspect the equipment regularly before you work out and check everything is tightly secured.  

Upper Body Exercises  

Strength training is a vital part of any workout routine, and the EXM4000S has got you covered.

You can perform a solid selection of upper body exercises on the Body Solid EXM4000S gym system. 

If you’re targeting your upper body, you’ll benefit the most from the chest supported row, chest press, shoulder press, perfect pec station, lat pulldown station, and triceps press down station.  

You can alternate between these six stations to give yourself an intense and complete upper-body workout. You’ll be able to create sufficient resistance using the weight stacks. Because the cams on the perfect pec station and the arms on the chest press station are adjustable, you’ll be able to tailor these to suit your strength level and intended workout routine.  

Some of the exercises you can do for your upper body include:  

  • Pec Fly  
  • Bench Press  
  • Deltoid Raise 
  • Shoulder Press  
  • Biceps Curl  
  • Shoulder Shrug  
  • Tricep Extension  
  • Front Lat Pulldown  

Ab Exercises

Plenty of ab exercises are possible with the Body Solid EXM 4000, and you can get the best results in your workouts by using the dedicated ab crunch station. With this station, it’s clear that you can do ab crunches, but you can also do oblique bends and core twists. 

The benefit of doing all these on one station is that you can focus on isolating your abs and obliques. 

You’ll also be able to tone your abs by performing rows, and the Body Solid EXM4000S  allows you to do several. These include: 

  • Seated Row  
  • Upright Row  
  • Bent Over Row  
Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym Ab exercise

By combining the rows with the ab crunches, core twists, and oblique bends, you’ll give yourself a brilliant core workout that will quickly develop your abs. Although unlisted on the Body Solid website, you can also use the Body Solid EXM4000S gym system cables to perform cable crunches. The low pulley station is ideal for these. 

Lower Body Exercises

You can use several stations on the Body Solid EXM 4000 home gym to complete lower body exercises. The two essential stations are the leg extension and leg curl station and the low pulley station.  

The leg extension and leg curl station will help you work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. The low pulley station will also target these muscles depending on your chosen exercises and whether you can secure a suitable ankle strap.  

If you want to maximize the intensity of your lower body workouts with this home gym, it’s worth purchasing the optional leg press attachment to broaden the range of exercises you’ll be doing.  

Specific exercises you can perform include: 

  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extension  
  • Standing Leg Curl  
  • Outer Thigh Abduction  
  • Inner Thigh Adduction  
leg station


The EXM4000S is a complete home gym that will suit dedicated gymgoers, athletes, and those who want to cover every muscle group intensively. There are plenty of exercises to choose from, and with nine exercise stations and at least three weight stacks, you can afford to be creative. 

Comparing EXM4000S With Other Body Solid Gym Models

EXM4000S Vs EXM3000LPS 

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The EXM3000LPS vs EXM4000S is an interesting comparison. The EXM3000LPS can support multiple users, has several weight stacks, and is suitable for experienced gymgoers. However, it only has seven exercise stations and three weight stacks and has a smaller footprint. That means it’s like the EXM4000S but on a smaller scale.   

If you’re looking for a comprehensive home gym, but the EXM4000S is too large, then you should consider the EXM3000LPS 

EXM4000S Vs EXM2500S 

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The Body Solid EXM4000S Vs. EXM2500S shows an even more significant difference compared to the EXM3000LPS. The EXM2500S only has a single weight stack and six exercise stations. That means it can do far fewer exercises than the EXM4000S, and you may find that you can’t do a workout as intense as you would have liked.  

However, if you’re a beginner and aren’t very confident with gym equipment yet, it will serve as a decent entry-level home gym 

EXM4000S Vs EXM1500S

Body Solid EXM1500S Single Stack Home Gym
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Body Solid EXM1500S Single Stack Home Gym
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  • Exercises include chest press, high and low...
  • Gym is centered on a 160-Pound weight stack,...
  • Measures 36 x 83 x 49-Inch (width x height x...

Comparing the Body Solid EXM4000S vs. EXM1500S reveals significant differences. That's because the EXM1500S is the most basic home gym in the EXM range. It only has a single 160lb weight stack, which is very light compared to the EXM4000S. 

If you’re more interested in maintaining a baseline fitness level rather than building muscle, then this home gym will be ideal. But for anything beyond that, you’ll need a larger model.  

EXM4000S Vs G9S 

Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym for Weight...
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  • DESIGN: Traditional press bar allows maximum...
  • FEATURES: Leg developer station has...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: 2,200 lb. tension...

The G9S has some excellent features, like a water bottle and towel holder, and it also has a different design compared to the EXM4000S. However, it only has four exercise stations and two that you can buy as optional attachments. There are only two weight stacks, but two people can use the gym at once.  

Despite the differences, it’s a less useful gym for stronger gymgoers compared to the EXM4000S as there are fewer weight stacks and exercise stations. 

Comparisons With Other Home Gyms Brands 

EXM4000S Vs Inspire Fitness M5 Home Gym  

The Inspire Fitness M5 Home Gym has fewer features than the EXM4000S but includes some it lacks. Examples would be its EZ Curl Bar and optional Ab Bar attachment. The EXM4000S has a lifetime warranty, as does the M5. But the warranty for parts only lasts for ten years with the M5.  

Two people can use the Inspire Fitness M5 Home Gym simultaneously, and there are two 215lb weight stacks, but only a few exercise stations. That means it’s not as comprehensive as the EXM4000S, but with a cost of less than $5000, it’s much more affordable.  

EXM4000S Vs Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer  

Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer and...
  • Your purchase includes One Inspire Fitness...
  • Overall dimensions – 58” L x 61” W x...
  • Heavy-duty round & rectangular steel frame |...
  • Two 165lb. commercial weight stacks with...

Unlike the EXM4000S, the FT2 allows you to exercise with an integrated Olympic bar attached to two independent weight stacks. That gives you access to a range of exercises and movements that aren’t possible with the EXM4000S.  

It also has a weight multiplier feature that increases resistance, and you can buy optional accessories, including a preacher curl attachment and a bench. With a price of less than $5500 for the gym and accessories, it’s a bargain compared to the EXM4000S and will give you a solid workout.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can the weight stacks be combined for heavier weight? 

Despite having three 210lb weight stacks, and a fourth if you add the leg press attachment, the weight stacks are independent and cannot be combined in a single exercise or on the same station.  

What is the ratio of the weight stacks?  

All of the weight stacks on the EXM4000S have a 2:1 ratio, including the optional stack that comes with the leg press attachment. That means 210lbs of weight will feel like 420lbs. 

How do you perform leg curls with this home gym? 

You can use the leg extension and leg curl station to perform leg curls. To do them, you can stand facing the EXM4000S and press your lower thigh against the seat. Then you can place the lower roller against the back of your leg near the Achilles tendon and perform the curl.  

Can you swap the cable attachments to a tricep rope, a curl bar, or a close-grip bar for the seated row? 

Yes, you can. The lat bar, low row bar, and utility strap attach with snap links, so you can replace them with any alternatives you choose. Body Solid offers the TR20 tricep rope for use with the EXM4000S.  

How many boxes does this home gym come packed in?  

There are fifteen boxes in total, and the dimensions of them vary. They’ll be delivered together on a pallet, and you’ll need to unpack them all and lay out the parts before assembly. 


Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym...
  • Complete home gym machine offers a dizzying...
  • Three 210-pound weight stacks enable multiple...
  • 10 unique stations offer a wide variety of...
  • Includes bench press with "kick assist" lever...

The Body Solid EXM 4000 is an excellent home gym for anyone serious about their fitness. You can perform plenty of exercises on it, and even use it with friends. It will be ideal if you do a workout most days of the week or train for competitive sports.