Body-Solid G9S Review (Two-Stack Home Gym Compared)

There are many reasons someone would want or need a home gym. Strength training and muscle building aren’t the only reasons. Time, effort, cost, and space are also factors. For every reason to have a home gym set up, there is a brand and model to match. 

One of the biggest names in the industry is Body-Solid. Their home gym systems and equipment are constantly ranked at the top of any list. Today, we are going to take a close look at the Body-Solid G9S review, rate, and compare this system to find out if it is the right one for you. 

The Body-Solid G9S is a pricey machine, but it has excellent value as a home gym. It is easily a top contender for home gym setups with multi-user simultaneous support, a durable frame, and precision movements. 

The high-grade steel has a commercial rating, and with square and round 12-gauge steel is one of the toughest frames in the industry. You also find that the pulleys and bearings are super smooth and ultra-quiet, giving you the freedom to perform over 50 exercises, including standing presses, lifts, rows, and leg pulls. 

There are a few downsides, but they are far out-shadowed by the positives. Let’s break it down side by side to get a better idea. 

What We Like 

  • Commercial grade construction 
  • Lifetime warranty on every part 
  • Up to 3 users at the same time on 7 different stations 
  • Compact design for a smaller footprint 
  • 2:1 weight stack ratio 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Intricate, difficult assembly 
  • High initial cost 
  • Cannot be mounted too close to a wall 

Unique Features Of The Body-Solid G9S Two Stack Home Gym 

The G9S offers users a lot of features. Many of them are only found in the Body-Solid lineup. Let's take a deeper look at what this home gym offers you. 

Superb Construction 

Durability is essential for a home gym. Generally installed and assembled in a garage or basement, humidity, moisture, and constant use are hard on metal. With the G9S, though, you get a 12-gauge steel commercial grade framework and precision instrumentation to give you a rock-solid housing that lasts virtually forever. 

Dual Use 

Muscle building or strength training? With the G9S, you don't have to decide. This dual use home gym gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to work out as your needs require. You can even split the load and have a partner (or two) workout alongside you, supporting up to three users with a dual weight stack. 

body solid gs9 home gym

Optional Upgrades Available 

With most Body-Solid home gyms, there is always something more. 

You can upgrade your pulleys to all aluminum, if you wish, add a few plates to the weight stack or even add new handles, bars, and grips. 

While the G9S is a well-inclusive system, sometimes you want more, and Body-Solid has the pieces and parts to match your needs. 

Extra Workout Information Provided 

Decals and pamphlets are included with your purchase. Want to know how to use a certain part or perform a particular exercise? The Body-Solid library has you covered. From workout apps to literature and even placards to hang up showing you what to do with proper form, you will find it here. 

Excellent Warranties 

The Body-Solid G9S comes with the best warranty in the industry. There are several brands that offer a limited lifetime warranty, but that doesn't match the warranty from Body-Solid. 

Their warranty covers everything, for life, from the seats and benches to the frame, pulleys and cables, even the grips. So as long as you own the machine, use it indoors, and don't abuse it, you are fully covered. Forever. 

Multiple Stations 

The 7 station G9S is one of the most compact yet complete home gym systems in the industry. You can sit, squat, lay, stand and crouch your way to a new you. Performing over 50 exercises along the way, the 3-tier setup gives you a total of 7 different workout stations to hone your lifts and pulls. 

The stations include multi-press arms, the Pec Dec, leg press, low row, and main press stations. You can also optionally add the vertical knee raise and inner/outer thigh stations for a total of 7. 

body solid g9s pec station

Body-Solid G9S Home Gym Reviewed

G9S Home Gym Specifications 


89 x 76 x 84 inches 


972 lbs 


132 x 87 x 84 inches 

Total Resistance 

420 lbs (2:1 ratio) 


Residential Lifetime 

The Body-Solid G9s home gym system is about as complete as they come. One of the biggest draws here is that the commercial-grade construction means you will get long life, a lot of reps, and an excellent warranty. 

On top of the build and materials, though, you will find a commercial gym quality workout, focusing on every major (and most minor) muscle group. There isn't much this system cannot do out of the box. 

For the few things it does not do, there are add-ons and extras you can buy to fill it out completely. Let's take a closer look at the G9S, the workouts, and what you can expect when you bring this model home. 

Assembly & Maintenance 

The first thing you are going to notice is how many boxes you receive. The G9S is shipped in 7 different packages. You should set aside an entire day for assembly if you are doing it yourself. The biggest complaint with this machine is the assembly, and once your package arrives, you will see why. 

With a total weight of over 970 pounds, this compact home gym is not built cheaply. However, even with two people working on the build, it will take about 5 hours to complete. Sometimes more. The assembly instructions that ship with the unit are usually found in box number 4, but this isn’t always the case. 

You will want to open all the boxes, inspect each piece and find the manual and instructions before you do anything else. Read through the instructions at least twice, so you know what to expect and plan to assemble where it will stay since moving afterward is virtually impossible. 

The good news, though, is that once you have the system built and finalized, the maintenance is very low. You will need to clean the unit regularly, keep the cables and pulleys lubricated annually, and ensure the floor space around the weight stacks is kept tidy. Beyond that, you just need to use it. 

Upper Body Exercises 

body solid g9s upper body exercise

When combined with the knee raise attachment, three people can work out at the same time (though only two can use the weight stacks).

All told, there are over 125 different exercises, which come from variations on the standard 50 or so routines you will probably use. 

The upper body includes push-ups, pec fly, bench press rows, and pull overs. Also included are your arm exercises like bicep and hammer curls, tricep pulldowns, lat pulldowns, and shoulder shrugs. 

Ab Exercises 

On core day, you will focus on your abs, obliques, and lower back. This will include dips, oblique bends, ab crunches, and even standing knee and leg lifts. You can use the ab bar for additional resistance, too, adding to your results or routines as needed. We liked that you could do many different ab exercises with one machine.

Lower Body Exercises 

The lower body and legs are more limited with the G9S out of the box.

You can do rows, leg lifts, calf raises, and similar workouts, but to get a full leg day in, you will need accessories. The G Series inner and outer thigh attachment will unlock a lot more potential. 

Adding to the glute kicks and standing leg curls, you can also perform out thigh abduction and inner thigh adduction, as well as reverse fly movements. All told, it makes for one seriously complete leg day. 

body solid g9s lower body exercise

User Limits & Options 

As you can see, the Body-Solid G9S is a complete and reliable home gym. There are a few limitations, though, and they may (or may not) break your decision. 

First is the budget. As far as complete home gyms go, you already know you aren't going to get away with a few hundred dollars. The G9S, though, is a thousand or more dollars higher than its closest competitor. The cost is justified, but a lower-budget household may need to pass. 

Second is the assembly, as we discussed above. If you are by yourself, the assembly will be a tedious and time-consuming task, if you can complete it at all. In this situation, it is highly recommended you pay for professional assembly in your home. 

Finally, it is rated for three simultaneous users. However, a few things have to happen. You must have the knee raise attachment (separate purchase) and understand that one of the users will not use resistance training, as there are only two weight stacks. 

The good news is that there are attachments and additions to make that happen. You can also upgrade your pulleys to all-aluminum and even purchase a 50-pound weight stack upgrade to increase the total resistance to 265 pounds per stack. 

Warranty Coverage 

Finally, we need to cover the warranty. As stated before, it is the best in the business for residential use. Your only basic limitations or "rules” to avoid voiding the warranty are to use it in a residential setting and indoors. 

If you can comply with that, you will enjoy a full lifetime coverage for every part of the system, including the cables, pulleys, and bolts, forever. The only parts excluded are the paint and finish, which, we can all agree, is a decent sacrifice.  

Comparing The G9S With Other Body-Solid Home Gym Models 

The G9S is a serious home gym set up, but it isn’t the only one offered by Body-Solid. How does the G9 series stack up against the other popular models? Let’s take a closer look! 

G9S Vs EXM4000S 

Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym...
  • Complete home gym machine offers a dizzying...
  • Three 210-pound weight stacks enable multiple...
  • 10 unique stations offer a wide variety of...
  • Includes bench press with "kick assist" lever...

If you think the G9 series is complete, wait until you see the EXM series. Led by the EXM4000S, this series is a full commercial gym in your home. The 4000S model features three weight stacks instead of two, and with the optional leg press attachment, up to four persons can use it simultaneously. 

If you are looking for the best of the best, this may be it. You can even assemble and mount the system against a wall, or leave it free-standing in the middle of the room. But, of course, there are downsides like the floor space needed to house this large apparatus. The G9S is smaller and can accommodate up to 3 people, but it doesn't match the EXM4000S in workout potential. 

Where the G9S gives you up to 50 workouts and variations for a total of about 125 different options, the EXM4000S can double that. Essentially you are getting a complete gym package right in your garage. Muscle and strength building are unlimited with this system, but the G9S is better suited for those with less room or decent but not extravagant budgets. 

G9S Vs EXM3000LPS 

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Body-Solid Multi-Station...
  • MULTIUSER: This multi-station home fitness...
  • SEVEN STATIONS: This fitness equipment...
  • WEIGHT STACK: This powerful home gym comes...

Taking a step back from the massive 4000S, the next in line for the EXM series is the Body Solid EXM3000LPS. This is another complete home gym system designed for maximum results and full-body routines. 

Compared to the G9S, these two systems are nearly identical. In fact, the G9S is the updated version of the 3000LPS. The major difference is the construction quality and the ability to upgrade the G9S even further. 

Both models feature the 7 station workout, dual weight stack, and 50+ exercises. However, the G9S can adapt with various attachments and workout stations that the EXM300LPS cannot. The warranty coverage is the same, and the price point is about the same; it is just that the G9S is newer. 

If you plan to have a home gym that grows with you, the G9S is the smart choice. However, if you need the full gym experience, want to save a little bit of money, and don't need extra stations for three users, the 3000LPS is a solid option. 


Ready to design and build your own gym system from scratch? The DGYM set up from Body Solid may be just what you need. This is a modular system that comes as a base frame where you select which parts go on it. 

You will need to also purchase each modular station separately and must order with at least 3 to start. There are 10 to choose from, though, and you can add all 10 if you prefer. This new approach allows you to fully customize your home gym experience. But it isn't cheap. 

The G9S, on the other hand, is pretty much everything you would need for a home gym without the hassle of individual parts ordering. Still, if you plan to use your gym as a full-time job or want the most control over your entire setup, the DGYM may be for you. 

Comparisons With Similar Home Gym Brands 

We also know that Body-Solid isn’t the only brand out there. So how does the G9S stand up against other big names in the industry? We are glad you asked! Let’s take a closer look. 

G9S Vs Marcy Smith SM-4033

On Sale Today
Marcy Smith Machine Cage System Home Gym...
  • You don’t have to switch between various...
  • Cage size – 70” L x 84” W x 86” H |...
  • Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars, this...
  • Full assembly required | Equipped with...

One of the biggest names in the game is Marcy. Their Smith Cages are world-renowned and known for their durability, functionality, and adaptability. With the Marcy Customizable Training Station SM-4033 smith machine, you get a full gym-quality workout for less than half the price of the G9S. 

However, the Marcy system relies more on free weights than cable weights. You will also need to bring your own plates and ensure you have the space for them. This system also only accommodates one user at a time. 

G9S Vs Inspire Fitness M5

Inspire Fitness M5 Multi-Gym Home Gym
2 Reviews
Inspire Fitness M5 Multi-Gym Home Gym
  • 2 USERS AT ONCE - With dual weight 215 lb....
  • TOTAL BODY MACHINE - Try more than 50...
  • Included Accessories - 2 x Double D Low Row...
  • Optional Add-Ons - Leg Press and Ab Bar

In a more similar nature of system, the Inspire Fitness M5 is a dual-person workout station that also utilizes multi-point stations and a dual weight stack. The price is similar as well, though the M5 is a bit cheaper. It also isn't as modular as the G9S, so expansion isn't as key. 

The M5 takes up less space and is easier to assemble. It is also highly durable, well crafted, and comes with a great warranty. The G9S is just that slight edge better on all accounts and worth the extra you would spend on it compared to the Inspire M5. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does this home gym come with accessories? 

The G9S comes fully stacked with extras. Not only do you get the complete system with Leg/Calf press station, but you also get a host of additional parts. The list includes lat bars, straight bar, ankle strap, ab/triceps strap, water bottle and towel holders, full-sized exercise chart, and the Total Body Workout DVD. 

Can you get the full extension on leg press and lat pulldown of this home gym? 

Yes. Even with the compact design and 84 inch height, the workout area is much larger. You will get a full extension on leg and calf raises, presses, and lat pulldowns. Every action is full length with virtually no limitations.  

Does this machine come with a preacher bench? 

No. The Body-Solid preacher curl station is not included with the G9S. You can buy the unit separately if you wish, but since it is generally a free weight setup, the cables and weight stacks of this system don't work very well with preacher curl routines. 

You can check out our favorite preacher curl benches here.

What is the maximum weight for the leg press? 

The maximum weight on the leg press is 210 pounds. However, the weight stacks on the G9S are a 2:1 weight resistance ratio. This means at maximum resistance, you are essentially doubling the weight lift, so the full leg press equates to 420 pounds. 

How many people can work out on this machine at the same time? 

Out of the box, the G9S supports two simultaneous users with the dual weight stack. You can, however, add the vertical knee raise/dip station, and a third person can join in. The knee raise station is a separate purchase and can be found under part number GKR9. 


Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym for Weight...
  • MULTI STATION: Two 210 lb. (95kg)...
  • DESIGN: Traditional press bar allows maximum...
  • FEATURES: Leg developer station has...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: 2,200 lb. tension...

The Body-Solid G9S is a compact, complete, and fully functional home gym. With dual 210-pound weight stacks at a 2:1 ratio, up to three people can workout with a total of 420 pounds resistance. 

Unlike other home gym systems, the G9S is complete, and while there are additional parts for purchase, they aren't required to get a full workout. With a difficult assembly being the biggest drawback, there aren't many reasons to skip this gym. 

If you are in the market for a great home gym, want the best warranty in the business, and need a durable, reliable machine, the Body-Solid G9S is your best option.