Woke AF pre-workout supplements are growing in popularity because they are strong and made with natural ingredients. It isn’t just the formulas that make them so popular, though. It’s also the flavors.

I’ve tasted and researched all the best Woke AF pre-workout flavors. In this guide, I'll introduce them and help you choose the best Woke AF flavor for your tastes!

Nobody wants to be stuck with a tub of pre-workout that they don’t enjoy, and choosing the right flavor matters.

Thankfully, Woke AF has a wide range of flavors to choose from - you just have to find the right flavor to suit your tastes.

They have more fruit-based flavors than other brands, but there are a few options for those who prefer something else.

Woke AF pre-workout is stronger than most other brands, boasting over 300mg of caffeine per serving. The right flavor can balance this strength and make your pre-workout much easier to drink.

Let’s dive into the top 10 Woke AF pre-workout flavors:

1. Blue Raz

Blue raspberry is a classic pre-workout flavor, and most people agree it's the best Woke AF pre-workout flavor. It’s bright, sweet, and slightly tangy with the flavors of blue raspberry.

The Blue Raz is sweeter than the Woke AF Miami or Caramel Apple, but with some tartness to balance it out. This mixture gives it an edge over other Woke AF flavors, and that's why it's so popular.

There is an artificial taste to the Blue Raz Woke AF pre, but it blends well and is really drinkable. It will definitely get your brain and body going before a workout.

Woke Af Pre-Workout Blue Raz

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2. Blood Raz

Keeping with the raspberry theme, Woke AF also has a red raspberry flavor. This pre-workout combines raspberries with watermelon, giving it a fruity, sweet, and slightly sour flavor.

Blood Raz isn’t as balanced as Blue Raz, but it’s very close. There’s more tartness from the raspberry and less sweetness, giving it more of a kick.

Most gymgoers love sweet and sour notes in pre-workout, so it's no surprise that this is one of the most popular Woke AF options.

It leaves an unforgettable aftertaste on your tongue and will give you a real wake-up call to help you get the most from your training.

Woke Af Pre-Workout Blood Raz

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3. Grape Gainz

Woke AF Grape Gainz is one of the boldest-tasting pre-workouts I have ever tried. It's like a sweeter version of grape juice and perfect for those who love sweetness.

The Grape Gainz pre-workout is sweeter than the Blue Raz and Blood Raz and has less tartness to balance it out. You can tell there are artificial flavorings, but they make the pre-workout very easy to drink.

If you love the taste of grapes, you'll love this pre-workout. It might be too intense for some people first thing in the morning, but I love the big, bold flavor and how it sets me up for a great workout.

Woke Af Pre-Workout Grape Gainz

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4. Miami

Woke AF Miami pre-workout is different from any other flavors I’ve tried. It mixes strawberry, mango, and pineapple to give you a tropical punch that gives a real kick.

This pre-workout is popular with gymgoers because it’s light and refreshing. There are some sweet and tart notes from the strawberry and pineapple, but it’s much more drinkable than other flavors.

It also tastes much less artificial than the Blue Raz or Rocket Pop options.

This is one of the newer flavors for Woke AF, but it will quickly become one of the most popular. I recommend getting it now before it sells out!

WOKE AF Pre-Workout - Miami

My Flavor Rating


5. Rocket Pop

Do you remember Rocket Popsicles? Well, this pre-workout basically tastes like those melted down! It's a mix of cherry, raspberry, and lime flavors that combine to give you a sour and sweet mixture.

Rocket Pop tastes like a mix of Blue Raz and Blood Raz but with more tanginess and less sweetness. It doesn't have the sickly sweetness of the Rocket Popsicles, though it's definitely more on the sour side.

I did find it sour but enjoyable, and I can see why so many people love the unforgettable flavor. It's the perfect pre for anyone who loves tangy fizzy drinks.

Woke Af Pre-Workout Rocket Pop

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6. Watermelon Lemonade

If you love a refreshing lemonade, you’ll love this Woke AF pre-workout. It has light watermelon notes that combine with sour lemon to give you a citrusy, sweet thirst quencher.

Woke AF Watermelon Lemonade Pre is popular because it’s just so drinkable. It’s lighter than other flavors (like Caramel Apple) and doesn’t taste as artificial as the Blue Raz.

There is some sweetness, but it’s very tart and best for those who like a bit of acidity.

The Watermelon Lemonade pre works well mixed with water, but it’s also amazing over ice. It’s the perfect pre-workout mix on a hot summer’s day.

Woke Af Pre-Workout Watermelon Lemonade

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7. Koala Freak - Pina Koala

Woke AF Koala Freak comes in two flavors: Aussie Fruit and Pina Koala. I like the Aussie Fruits, but I prefer the Pina Koala.

It combines pineapple, strawberry, and hints of coconut to give you relaxed, tropical notes and a fresh-tasting pre-workout.

The Pina Koala is light like the Woke AF Miami blend but less distinctive. It has less tartness, and it's popular with those who want an easy-to-drink pre.

If you want a light, juicy pre-workout, the Woke AF Pina Koala will be right up your street.

WOKE AF Pre-Workout - Koala Freak (Piña Koala)

My Flavor Rating


Not Currently Available

8. Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry and watermelon is a classic pairing. This pink pre-workout has strawberry sweetness and refreshing watermelon to give you a juicy, summery flavor.

This fruity pre-workout gets high ratings from gymgoers because it’s light and sweet.

It doesn't taste as artificial as the Rocket Pop, and it isn't as rich and creamy as the Caramel Apple, but it has a good balance.

If you want a fruity pre-workout that's less sweet than the Miami, this one is your best bet. If you're new to Woke AF, this is a good one to start with

Woke Af Pre-Workout Strawberry Watermelon

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9. Caramel Apple

Woke AF Caramel Apple pre-workout combines deep caramel with light, zingy apples. It has a sweet, buttery taste that's much richer than other flavors on the list and reminds me of my childhood.

What makes this pre-workout so popular is the balance.

The sweet caramel doesn’t overpower the apple, and the slightly tart taste shines through. It doesn’t have tart or sour notes like the Blood Raz or Sour Bucks blends, just a smooth, well-rounded finish.

You'll enjoy this pre-workout if you love creamy, rich, and indulgent flavors.

WOWOKE AF Pre-Workout - Caramel Apple

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Not Currently Available

10. Sour Bucks

The Woke AF Sour Bucks flavor is not for the faint of heart. It has an intense lemony sourness that dances on your tongue and leaves you wanting more. If you love very sour sweets and candy, this is the one for you.

The tanginess of this pre-workout is similar to Woke AF White Gummy Deer but with more intensity. It’s popular with younger gymgoers who love extreme flavors.

Woke AF Sour Bucks isn’t for everyone, but if you love tart, acidic, sourness, there is no better Woke AF pre-workout.

Woke Af Pre-Workout  Sour Bucks

My Flavor Rating


How I Have Chosen Top Picks

Taste is subjective and actually in our genes, but it’s surprising how often we all agree on what tastes good or bad.[1]

When deciding how to rank and order the Woke AF pre-workouts, I wanted to tap into that information to create a list that really helps consumers.

To do this, I considered two things:

1. Consumer opinions and feedback

I checked forums, reviews, and other feedback to see which Woke AF flavors were clearly more popular. This helped me to see the range of opinions and what people generally preferred.

Woke AF has a lot of different flavors, but this information helped me to narrow down the list.

2. My taste review

I've used pre-workout for years, so I tried over 20 different Woke AF pre-workouts myself (not all at once) to see how they measured up.

I was particularly looking for flavor balances and how sweet or sour each pre-workout was. I was also looking for distinctive flavors that other brands didn’t offer.

This information allowed me to identify 10 of the best Woke AF pre-workout flavors and score each of them.

They all taste great, but more importantly, they make pre-workout easier to drink so you can get the energy you need to get the most from your training.

A scoop of WOKE AF Pre-Workout

Common Questions About Woke AF Pre-Workout

What flavor is Woke AF Miami?

Woke AF Miami is a mixture of strawberry, mango, and pineapple, giving you a tropical punch.

Is Woke AF a good pre-workout for beginners?

No, Woke AF is stronger than other pre-workouts, and the high caffeine content could cause negative side effects for beginners.[2] It's best for those with experience of taking pre-workouts.

Are there any side effects from taking Woke AF pre-workouts?

Yes, pre-workout stimulants can disrupt your sleep, cause jitters, and even cause heart problems.[3] It’s important to read the warnings and understand what’s pre-workouts before you start taking them.

The Best Woke AF Pre-Workout Flavor Is…

Blue Raz is the best Woke AF pre-workout flavor if you ask me. The sweet, tangy flavor is uniquely delicious and balanced enough for most pallets.

It makes pre-workout easy to drink and gives you a real kick to get the most from your training.


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