ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench Reviewed

Are you looking to maintain your strong physique while you are self-isolating? How about wanting to bring a little bit of the gym to you? If you are an athletic person who enjoys working out on a near daily basis, then staying inside for extended periods of time may feel very strange to you.

How are you going to maintain your exercise routine when you cannot go out to do so? Luckily, you can bring a little bit of the gym to your home when it comes to the ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench. This foldable piece of equipment can help you with your daily workout while you are spending time inside and binge watching your favorite television shows.

This black and red ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench is foldable and can transported to anywhere in the house. Whether you want it to be a permanent fixture in your bedroom or living room or you want to tuck it away after working out, you can do that with this work out bench. You can feel, just a little bit; that you are in the gym when you are utilizing this bench at home.

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions

17"l x 45.3"W x 43.8"H

Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Back Positions


Seat Positions

not adjustable

Product Weight

22.5 lbs


30 days

When you go to the gym, you use the benches. You see them in the gym, but do you really put much thought into what goes into these benches? What can they offer?

Well, you want to know what you are getting when you look to purchase the ATIVAFIT, so we have compiled the stats of the bench so that you know exactly what you can expect when you buy one.

Feature Summary
  • Enjoy the comfortable PU leather cover that encases the dense foam padding for a more comforting work out than you would get from other work benches.
  • There are officially seven adjustable levels so you can find the right level for the work out you need for that day. Whether you are looking to lie down on it or place your knee on the bench, you can use it for whatever you want.
  • Enjoy a soft foam paddling bar for foot support when you are looking for exercises involving this.
  • The ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench comes with detachable resistance bands so you can really mix up the work out routines that you’re including on a daily basis.
  • Work out your chest, shoulders, back, abs, and more when you invest in the ATIVAFIT.
  • This work out bench can hold up to 330 pounds, so no matter how much you weigh, you can always get a great workout. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to get in shape or looking to maintain your muscles, you can do it all when you have an ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench in your home.
ATIVAFIT Adjustable Weight Bench

Pros and Cons

When you are home and looking to get a full work out, you could use a weight bench. You could, of course; do cardio, but you need to incorporate other workout methods in order to achieve a fit and healthy body.

That is why you need something like the ATIVAFIT in your home. What makes this weight bench stand out from the others?


Let’s explore some of the positives to see if they help you make an executive decision as to whether or not you should purchase this workout bench.

  • The ATIVAFIT weight bench is incredibly easy to assemble and can handle a good amount of weight. It is a sturdy workout bench that can also fit well under a bed when it is not being used. You may not want to keep a bench out because you may bump into it, so you probably want to put it away. That also means you don’t want it to take forever to assemble because that will discourage you from wanting to take it out to use it.
  • This bench has gotten rave reviews for being sturdy and easy to assemble. It seems that changing positions is easy so you have a means of getting a full body workout. You want to feel like working out is fun and easy so that you want to do it more. If you are caught up in putting equipment together then you won’t want to really use it.
  • The bench is also quite cost effective, which is great! Who doesn’t love getting a great bargain?
  • Last, but not least, it’s easy to fold and put away, as mentioned before. On top of all of the other positives that I have mentioned, customers also seem to love the color. Who doesn’t love a red and black piece of furniture to make the room pop?


When researching this specific workout bench, all of the reviews were incredibly positive. If you are looking for a weight bench to help you work out at home, this is a great fit. It is a bench and seems to do the duty that it is intended for.

Of course, you are going to have to buy your own dumbbells and look up your own workout videos. So here are a few cons that you might look for:

  • 330 lbs weight support is not really much for an adjustable weight bench
  • Seat is not adjustable

Is ATIVAFIT Weight Bench Worth Your Money?

Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench for Full...
  • Adjustable Design Meets all Your Requirements...
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction - The Weight...
  • Space Save & Easy Assemble - The Exercise...
  • Comfortable Material Pad Offers You a Good...

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

We can all use a little assistance when it comes to achieving health and a better version of ourselves, especially when we are home. The ATIVAFIT is the perfect tool for you to do whatever you want with it. It is literally a blank slate for you to adjust and achieve some great exercising sessions on.

Easy to assemble and easy to put away, who doesn’t love something easy? In a time where it seems like everything is so stressful and nothing is incredibly easy, have none of that when you purchase one of these work out benches. Just because you’re stuck indoors does not mean you can’t get in shape!

However, if you are looking for something for taller users with more weight support, I’d suggest checking AB-3000 FID bench by Rep Fitness. Also you can check our guide on the best affordable weight benches.