Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench Reviewed & Compared

After a recent review of the Yoleo power tower, I have decided to take a closer look at this particular brand to see what else they have to offer. I found that one of their best-selling products is a weight bench, so this review is dedicated to exactly that: the Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench.

This bench initially caught my attention because of the design. Personally, I like the modern, stylish look with the bold red-and-black color combination. But the benefits go much further than that, and I quickly discovered that this bench is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-value product at an affordable price. 

In this review, I'll cover all the main features of the Yoleo bench, the pros and cons, and eventually wrap things up with an honest opinion on whether or not this bench is worth buying. So let’s get right to it!

Product Specifications

Folded Length

29.53 inches

Regular Dimensions (Inches)

48.43 x 16.73 x 23.03 (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Back Positions

7 adjustable levels (Incline, Flat & Decline)

Bench Weight

22.84 lbs

User Height

Up to 6 ft

Main Features Of The Yoleo Bench

The frame of the bench is made of heavy-duty steel that supports up to 330 lbs (149.7 kg) of weight. The bench itself is extremely lightweight, weighing just under 23 pounds, and it can support users up to 6' in height. 

The seat pad along with the back pad is made of high-density foam padding that is covered by a comfortable soft PU leather. The manufacturer does not specify the exact width of the padding, but as far as I can tell, it's suitable for even larger-bodied individuals.

The back rest is adjustable with 7 different positions, including flat, incline and decline degrees. Unfortunately, the seat is not adjustable, which is a feature that most other weight benches have.

There are 2 sets of foam rollers included with the bench, one to provide comfortable support for your hamstrings and another to secure the ankles. Yoleo also provides a set of elastic cords for additional upper body exercises.

The base of the Yoleo adjustable weight bench is covered by plastic anti-skid rollers to prevent accidental slipping. The entire bench is foldable, thus making it very convenient to store when not in use.

Packaging & Assembly

According to Yoleo, "this workout bench has been 98% pre-assembled, coming with installation tools." All you have to do is to mount one of the leg crossbars and then just put several lock pins into their appropriate places and you are good to go. Since all the assembly tools are provided with the bench, there is no need to use your own. 

Pricing Guide

As far as price goes, it's very hard to beat this one. The bench isn't lacking on features - it's foldable, portable, functional, versatile, adjustable, and nice to look at - but the price is still extremely affordable

All in all, the Yoleo bench gets a solid 'A' when it comes to value for money. 

My Experience Using The Yoleo Weight Bench

Frame & Adjustability

What surprised most users - myself included - is the sturdiness of this bench. Considering the price point, one would expect to experience some wobbling, but there's very little risk of that thanks to the thickened supported pipe construction that’s guaranteed to withstand 330 pounds.

Another reason for the sturdiness has to do with the fact that the frame is very wide at the base. This is something that I personally feel all weight benches should have, but that's not always the case. Luckily, the wide feet of the Yoleo keep the bench solidly planted on the floor at all times. 

Even though it's solid and sturdy, the bench is very lightweight – around 22 pounds (10 kg). That means you'll have no trouble transporting or storing it, especially since it folds flat in 3 easy steps. Ya gotta love a practical, storable design, right?

When it's time to adjust the bench's position, it’s easy to make these adjustments via a lock pin. I'm not loving that the seat isn't adjustable, but the 7 different back positions offer enough range for a variety of different workouts. 


Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench

The bench pad is made from high-density foam that's covered in soft leather. The padding seems thicker than most other bench's I've used. 

For me, this is a major pro, but I know there are some people out there who prefer a firmer pad. If that applies to you, then this seat/back pad may be too soft and squishy for your liking. 

I love that there are 2 sets of foam rollers (instead of just 1). One set keeps the back of the calves protected and comfortable, while the other keeps the ankles in place. It's definitely a unique feature that makes the Yoleo stand out. 

Height & Weight Limitations

Because this bench has a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds, it's not recommended for heavy lifting. Anyone who plans on pumping some serious iron should look elsewhere, but for beginners or those who want a fairly light workout, the weight limit is just fine. 

One flaw is that the bench is quite short, so if you are above 6’, I’d suggest looking for an alternative. The manufacturer even lists 6' as the maximum user height, and they're definitely not lying. 

Pros And Cons Of This Weight Bench

Armed with all the information from above, let’s dive into the Yoleo's pros and cons:


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Equipped with 2 sets of foam rollers
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • 7 adjustable back positions
  • Elastic cords included
  • Great price


  • Seat pad is not adjustable
  • Maximum recommended user height is 6’
  • Not ideal for heavy weight training

Comparing The Yoleo With Similar Weight Benches  

One of the best ways to do your due diligence for selecting the best weight bench for you is to compare it with similar models. There are 3 that are very similar in functionality and design to the Yoleo bench:

  • Yoleo Vs Feirdun - The Feirdun bench is another solid (literally) choice for a home gym. It's foldable, made of alloy steel, and has a weight limit that's almost double that of the Yoleo bench. So, if you need a bench with higher weight limitations but still want to stick to a budget, the Feirdun is definitely an option to consider. 
  • Yoleo Vs Ativafit - At first glance, you'd almost think that the Yoleo and the Ativafit bench were identical. Well, they practically are; they have a lot of the same features and fall around the same price point. The main difference is that the Ativafit bench comes in 2 different models, and 1 of them has a higher weight limit (although this one is more expensive). 
  • Yoleo Vs Bonnlo - The Bonnlo weight bench is very similar in design, but it's not quite as sturdy as the Yoleo bench. This is mainly because the base of the Yoleo's frame is slightly wider, and although the Bonnlo is another great budget option, Yoleo wins when it comes to construction and design.

Who Should Get Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench?

Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench - Utility...

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

In my humble opinion, as long as you won't exceed the 330-pound weight limit (that includes your dumbbell/barbell weight) and also under 6 feet tall, this bench is definitely worth trying. Simply put, you are getting a lot considering the price point.

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Last Updated on February 12, 2023