Akonza Stationary Magnetic Exercise Bike Tested & Reviewed

Let’s face it. Stationary bikes are one of the most demanded fitness equipment for home gym. But which ones should you get? There are so many of them out there. Some are made for tall people, other for heavy-only.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Akonza Stationary Exercise Bike. The bike has been on the market for quite some time now and while there are several reviews out there already, they seem to be contradicting each other, like the users did not actually get the bike. I’ll review it from my point of view and I’ll try to be as objective as possible.

So let’s get down right into it.

Product Specifications

Min-Max Seat Height

33.4" - 40.1"

Min-Max Handlebar Height

41.7" - 45.6"

Assembled Dimensions

39.3"L x 19.2"W x 45.6"H

Product Weight

63 lbs.

Max Capacity

330 lbs.


Belt Drive




40 Lbs.

The dimensions of the product are 39-1/2″(L) x 19″(W) x 38-1/2″(H) [100.3 x 48.3 x 97.8 cm] and the assembled weight is 40 lbs [18.14 kg].

The bike is made of heavy-duty steel frame and as with such bikes, comes with a multi-functional LCD display. The display provides all the necessary information: distance, heart rate, speed, lasting time and calories.

The leather padded seat is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically alike. He bike also comes with a bottle holder that is conveniently placed at arm’s reach. Last but not least, the padded handlebars are vertically adjustable.

Feature Summary:
  • Comes in 6 Different Colors
  • Material: Steel Frame, PU Saddle, Aluminum Alloy Pedals
  • Turn Knob Resistance mechanism
  • Water Bottle Holder Included
  • Vertically-adjustable Handle Bars
  • Vertically and Horizontally-adjustable Seat
  • LED Display: Distance, Heart Rate, Speed, Lasting Time and Calories
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 29 – 35″ [73.5 – 88.9 cm]
  • Max Weight Capacity: 330lbs [149.7 kg]
  • Flywheel Weights: 40Lbs
  • Overall Dimension: 39-1/2″(L) x 19″(W) x 38-1/2″(H)
  • Assembly Required
Akonza Stationary Exercise Bike

Packaging & Assembly

The bike arrived in one package that weighted about 42 lbs. The package was good and nothing was damaged. Not much else to add here.

Assembly was relatively easy. It’s doable by one person and it shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes. I took me about 30 minutes.

The package includes:

  • 1 x Akonza Indoor Stationary Exercise Bicycle
  • 1 x Water Bottle
  • 1 x Hardware Set
  • 1 x Manual

My Experience with The Akonza Stationary Exercise Bike

Akonza Stationary Exercise Bike Saddle

The first thing that actually surprised me was how sturdy the bike is, despite its slight and small construction. While I weight only 160 lbs, it sure as hell can support twice my weight.

I’m 5’10” so I had to adjust the seat and the handles accordingly. This is where I would like to weigh in my first concern.

While I’m considered an average of height, I had to use the bike in race-position only, despite the adjustments.

With that being said, I can safely say that Akonza Stationary Exercise bike is not meant for tall people. While you can still use bike in a race position, 6’0”+ people will feel uncomfortable. If you are looking for an indoor bike for taller people, I’d recommend checking out recumbent by Marcy.

The PU saddle is quite comfortable for my small butt, but I can imagine this will not be the case with large people. Good thing is it can be easily replaced.

After using it a while, I’ve noticed that the bike is quite quiet. You can safely watch TV while exercising, that is definitely a plus. The pedals are made of Aluminum-alloy, which is not really great, if you ask me. Although they hold quite well, who knows how they will perform after several months of use.

The display is set-able to all the mentioned stats, although just one stat at a time. I must admit that display looks a little cheap, although it works as intended. Just at least distance + calories should be display at the same time, in my opinion.

The ergonomically designed handles bars seem of good quality and there are several locations where you can place your hands. The adjustment system is also good.

That’s all she wrote.

Pros and Cons

Alright, let’s get down to pros and cons, because this bike comes with both.


  • Sturdy heavy-duty steel construction
  • Ergonomically-designed handles bars are comfortable
  • Seat is adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Very quiet
  • Good-looking design
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • Great price


  • Not made for tall people
  • LCD display can work with one stat only at the same time
  • Seat might be uncomfortable for heavier people (but it can be replaced)


Our Rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5

Honestly, if you are 6’0” and don’t want to be in the race position all the time, I’d suggesting looking for an alternative. But otherwise, if you are looking for an affordable, good looking indoor bike, then Akonza stationary exercise bike is definitely one considering.

If you would like to get your hands on a similar bike, yet with 330 lbs weight support, check out Cyclace indoor bike. You can also check our complete guide on affordable exercise bikes.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021