Stamina ATS Air Rower Vs Concept 2 Model D: Which Is Better?

There are countless benefits of working out on a rowing machine. You can build muscle, burn fat, and increase stamina and endurance with your rowing machine. 

Air rowers are the most popular type of towers because they are durable and use air resistance to simulate real-life rowing.

If you have been shopping around for indoor air rowing machines, you’ve probably stumbled across the Stamina Air Rower and the Concept2 Model D more than once.

These two machines are two of the top rowing machines currently on the market.  

Both machines are great air rowers, with some similarities and key differences. The guide below will discuss the Stamina air rower vs Concept 2 air rower and see which one comes out on top. 

Both of these are great rowers, and depending on your needs and budget, either one is a winner. Let's do a quick comparison of a few of the features. 

First, the weight capacity is a huge difference. The Concept2 Model D air rower has a weight capacity of 500lbs, while the Stamina ATS only has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The inseam of the Concept2 is 36" with an optional upgrade that gets you to 41". The Stamina has an inseam of 38".

The Concept2 Model D since it is the only one with Bluetooth capability. It also has a USB port so you can pull your workout logs from the performance monitor. 

Both machines can be stored relatively easily. The Stamina Air Rower can be easily folded with dimensions are 46 x 18 x 28 in. The Concept2 Model D is 25 x 33 x 54 in, which is about the same size as a mini-fridge, and a bit smaller than the Stamina.

Here is a table that breaks down which air rower we liked for each category: 


Stamina ATS  

Concept 2 Model D 

Footprint In the Home  



Rowing Experience



Weight & Height Capacity 



Aesthetics & Build Quality  



Integrated Tech Features 



Performance Monitoring  



Ease of Assembly 



Ease Of Storage 



Purchase Price and Ongoing Costs 



Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine: Overview  

Stamina ATS Air Rower Machine with Smart...
  • Wind resistance provides efficient, smooth...
  • Multi-function monitor displays speed,...
  • Includes free access to müüv, the smart...
  • Upholstered, padded, sliding seat makes...

Stamina’s ATS air rower is one of the cheapest air rowers you will encounter. Even though it has a very low price tag, it gets excellent reviews, and Stamina sells a lot of units. If you are a beginner, the Stamina ATS air rower is great because it is geared toward people who want to save money and are not that concerned with quality.

The ATS 1405 is Stamina’s heaviest-duty model and is still cheaper than the Concept 2. However, if you become a more serious athlete, you can upgrade to a heavier-duty air rower.

For more cheap rowers, check out our guide to the best affordable rowing machines for home gyms.

Pros & Cons Of The Popular Stamina ATS Air Rower 

What We Like 

  • Excellent value 
  • Easy to use display 
  • Comfortable seat 
  • Can be stored away when not in use 
  • Strong steel frame 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • No preset workouts 
  • Entry level 

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine: Overview 

Concept2 RowErg Indoor Rowing Machine - PM5...
  • Integrated Device Holder allows you to keep...
  • 14-inch seat height fits most uses....
  • Indoor rowing is an effective full-body and...
  • Includes the Performance Monitor 5, giving...

Concept 2 is the maker of the flagship rowing machine with the Model D. This Concept 2 air rower will give you one of the most comprehensive, full-body workouts of any fitness machine. The brothers who founded Concept 2 were competitive rowers serious about making good rowing products. 

As a result, the Concept 2 Model D rower has been the gold standard in the Crossfit community for years. Concept2 makes a couple of other models, but model D is the most popular and their lowest priced. So if you are a serious athlete looking for a world-class workout, the Concept2 Model D is an easy choice. 

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Pros & Cons Of The Popular Concept 2 Model D Rower

What We Like 

  • Feature rich display 
  • Allows you to compete against yourself 
  • Fantastic build quality 
  • Smooth and even performance 
  • Adjustable resistance 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Loud 
  • Takes up a lot of space while working out 

Stamina ATS Vs Concept 2 - Which Rowing Machine Should You Buy?

Footprint In The Home 

At 8ft long, the Concept 2 Model D air rower takes up a good amount of space while you're working out. However, it can fold up pretty quickly, and at 57lbs, you can pick it up and store it in a corner or closet when you're done. It can also be separated in seconds into two main pieces. 

The Stamina ATS comes in at 63lbs and is slightly smaller than the Model D. The Stamina is about a foot shorter, although the range of motion on the monorail is a tad longer. It can also be folded up and takes up a little less space than the Concept2 does when in storage. 

As far as which machine has the smaller footprint, the Stamina slightly edges out the Concept 2.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Comfortable & Realistic Rowing Experience 

These are both air rowers, which means that resistance is created by an internal flywheel. The flywheel creates wind when pulling on the handles. The harder you pull, the more wind is formed, creating more resistance and making it harder to pull. This creates a similar feeling as rowing on water. For more info, jump over to our article on water rowers vs air rowers.

The brothers who founded Concept 2 were competitive rowers that trained for the Olympics. They are very serious about rowing and making good rowing products. They don't make treadmills, bikes, or anything. They have stuck with what they are experts in, and that's why the rowing experience on the Concept 2 Model D is unmatched. 

The ergonomic handles, adjustable footrests, large seat, and nickel-plated chain make this rower the cream of the crop.

Aesthetics & Build Quality  

As far as aesthetics, these are both great-looking machines. Either one of these would look great in your home gym, and you would be proud to show them off. If we were grading them on looks and design, it would probably result in a tie. 

Build quality is where the Concept 2 separates itself. Concept2 is known worldwide to deliver rock-solid, lasting air rowers that will last through millions and millions of pulls.

The Stamina ATS has an impressive strong steel frame, but you are basically pulling on a nylon strap that can break. You are pulling on real metal with the Model D, which is much harder to break than nylon. Concept2 is the clear winner in build quality.

Integrated Tech Features  

The Concept 2 Model D air rower is the runaway favorite as far as technology is concerned. This machine has a performance monitor 5 (PM5), a mini-computer full of features and workout preferences. It can track 5 different stats, including the total time of your workout, the number of strokes per minute, the distance you have achieved, and the 500m split time.

It comes with built-in activities, or you can customize a workout routine. You can even play games on it. And, Concept 2 Model D is the only one with Bluetooth capability. The monitor display on the Stamina ATS is pretty basic.

Keep in mind, you can use fitness apps as opposed to a basic monitor. Review our list of the best rowing machine apps.

concept 2 performance monitor 5

Performance Monitoring   

The Concept 2 machine was great at letting us know how we did during our workouts. It has a USB port to pull the workout logs from the performance monitor. If you are fitness nerds like we are, there's nothing better than having workout logs you can refer back to.

The Concept 2 also has a race mode and connector so that you can compete with the machine next to you. You can also compete against yourself and your benchmarks. And best yet, Concept 2 continuously upgrades its software with the included ethernet port.


Warranties are super important to us. Most manufacturers set their warranty period by estimating how long the unit is expected to last before needing replacement parts. Then, they set the warranty to end just before that. So, the longer the warranty period, the better quality machine you can expect. 

The Stamina ATS only gives a 90-day warranty on parts. With the Model D from Concept 2, you get 2 years parts, 5 years frame, including commercial environments. We'll take that warranty over 90-day parts any day. 

Ease Of Storage 

Both of these machines can be folded up and stored relatively easily. In addition, the Stamina Air Rower can be easily folded when not being used. The dimensions are 46 x 18 x 28 when it's folded up.  

The Concept 2 machine can also be folded up and stored when not in use. The rower measures in at 25 x 33 x 54 when folded up. Or, if you're having trouble fitting it in your closet, it can be broken down into two individual pieces. 

For more compact rowers, read our comprehensive reviews of the best folding rowing machines.

Purchase Price & Ongoing Costs  

There's really no comparison when it comes to price. The old saying you get what you pay for definitely applies here. The Stamina machines are entry-level, and Concept 2 makes the best rowers in the business. Their prices reflect that. 

The Concept 2 Model D purchase price is usually just over $1,000 on Amazon. The purchase price of the Stamina ATS is under $450 on Amazon. So again, you get what you pay for. 

Stamina ATS Air Rower

Comparing Specs Of Stamina ATS Vs Concept 2 


Stamina ATS 



77 x 18 x 22 inches

96 x 24 x 14 inches


63 lbs 

57 lbs 

Frame Material



Weight Capacity



Resistance Type



Resistance Levels






Heart Rate Monitor



Interactive Training




90-day parts 

2 years parts, 5 years frame 


Around $450 

Around $1,000 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Stamina air rowers any good? 

Stamina Air Rowers are affordable and high-quality rowing machines that can be used by fitness enthusiasts of any level. These machines are geared more toward beginners and people who work out part-time. They aren't as durable and feature-rich as other machines. 

Are Concept 2 rowers any good? 

Concept 2 rowers are the best available on the market today. The Model D is their best and also most affordable option, but they make several other models that are excellent machines. So if you are serious about your health and fitness, the Concept 2 brand is for you.

Are Concept 2 or Stamina rowers better for part-time users? 

If because of nothing else but the price point, the Stamina Rowers are better for part-time rowers. If you won't row every day or compete in any CrossFit events, you don't need to spend the money on a Concept 2. A Stamina air rower will suit you just fine. 

Is the Concept 2 or Stamina rower better for rowing enthusiasts? 

If you are a CrossFit competitor or if you're just really into your health and fitness, Concept 2 is the way to go. Competitive rowers use this machine as a benchmark. You just can't reliably compare your performance numbers like speed or distance on other rowers to this one. 


The benefits of working out with an air rower are immense. It's a full-body workout that won't put any additional stress on your joints and build muscle and burn fat. The Stamina Air Rower and the Concept 2 Model D air rower are two of the most popular rowers available today. Both machines are great air rowers, with some similarities and critical differences.  

However, if you are a serious fitness enthusiast, as we are, there is no comparing the two models. The Concept 2 Model D is far and beyond the better air rowing machine if you can afford it. But if you are a part-time rower that doesn't need all the bells and whistles, the Stamina air rower will be just fine. 

Last Updated on January 19, 2023