10 Best Rowing Machine Apps For At Home Use (iOS/Android)

When it is time to get in a good workout with your rowing machine, you want to make sure that you are choosing one that is able to keep you motivated, make you work hard, and ensure that you see results.  

Sometimes you will need to pick one based on the rowing machine you have, but other times you can choose one based on the results. Let's take a closer look at the best rowing machine app so you can get the best workout possible.  

App Name 


Compatible Rower


App Style  

Top Feature



Android, iOS 



Data Tracking 

Auto-syncs to C2 logbook and uploads workouts 








Data Tracking 

Fully-customizable user interface with performance graphs 




Free, In-app purchases 


Control a character by how fast you row and collect rewards 



Android, iOS 



Data Tracking 

Syncs to C2 logbook and Ludum 

Ergometer Space 

Android, iOS 



Data Tracking, Coaching 

Receive live feedback about your rowing stroke 


Android, iOS 

Concept2, WaterRower, TechnoGym SkillRow 

Paid, free trial available 

Virtual Reality 

Completely immersive VR experience 



All Models 


Data Tracking 

Simple app that lets you manually enter workout data 


iOS, Android app in beta testing 

Concept2, WaterRower, FluidRower 

Paid, free trial available 

Data Tracking, Coaching 

Gives live feedback as you row 


Connects to Garmin devices 



Data Tracking 

Tracks data and provides workout metrics 

Live Rowing 



Free, in-app purchases 

Data Tracking 

Select from different WODs and race other rowers 


10 Best Rowing Machine Apps For Indoor Workouts 

There are many great options that you can choose for your rowing experience. Each will bring in different benefits and price points for you to consider. Some of the best options include: 

1. Ergdata 

This is a great app to use to help with the Concept2 rower. It does work with an Android & iOS phone and is free to use. The ErgData tracking is a great option on this, and you will find that it helps to keep track of a lot of additional metrics on top of the monitor, has a backlit display, and syncs with the logbook on the C2 to save you a lot of time and hassle.  

ergdata rowing machine app

This app was made specifically for the very popular Concept2 Model D rower. It works seamlessly with the PM5 monitor, which is a huge bonus. Once connected to the PM5 on your rower, it just works!

2. BoatCoach 

This is a great option that works on the Concept2 and is free to use, but it only works with an Android phone. The BoatCoach app is a good data tracking option that will allow you to customize the user interface with lots of graphs about your performance. With emailing, logbooks, and programmable workouts, you can get all the work done in no time.  

BoatCoach rowing machine app

As a visual person, the fully customizable user interface showed my workout stats and metrics in graph form. It was easy to track and see progress. The only downside is that it isn't available on any other platform except Android.

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3. Erg Dude 

For Erg Dude, you will be able to use it as a type of game to motivate you to see results. This works on the Concept2 rowing machine, but only with the iOS mobile devices. There is a free version, but you will need to get the paid upgrade for nearly all of the features. You can control your player by how fast or hard you row and then collect coins along the way, making it a lot of fun.  

If you're into gaming or just want a fun and interactive way to workout, this app is great for you. At the end of each rowing stroke the character, ErgDude, jumps to collect coins and power-ups. One downside is that you have to purchase the full app to get longer rowing session games. See it in action below!

4. Float/Ergstick 

This is another good option for the Concept2, and it works with most mobile devices. The Float/Ergstick app is free and will help track some of your strokes by stroke data, including the power curve and the watts. This is a really good one if you want to keep track of your heart rate while doing some of the workouts.  

Float-Ergstick rowing machine app

If you have an older Concept2 model from 2003 to 2014, there's a chance that you will have the PM4 or PM3 monitor. The great thing about this app is that it will still work with those older models using the ErgStick. It also works with the newest PM5 monitor.

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5. Ergometer Space 

If you are looking for an option that is going to be data tracking and some coaching combined, then Ergometer Space is a good option to go with. This is a free app to use, and it works on your PC and Mac. Use it to track and analyze the data through your dashboard and then receive live feedback about how well your rowing stroke is going.  

Ergometer Space

This app also works on iOS and Android as well as your computer. One important bonus is that the Ergometer Space works both online and offline. If you're at a commercial gym without WiFi access, you won't have to burn through your cellular data to log your rowing workouts.

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The HoloFit app is really fun because you get to utilize Virtual Reality, with more than 100 VR workouts to choose from. It works with the WaterRower and the Concept2 rowing machines and works on most mobile devices. You can choose the free trial and then go onto the paid subscription if you like it. Row through space, ancient Babylon, and even forests while having fun and getting fit.  

holofit rowing machine app

This app is truly next level and could be the way more fitness apps go in the future. It's pretty cool, but it may not be for everyone. You will also need to purchase a VR headset separately. HoloFit is compatible with Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear VR, Pico Neo, and HTC Vive Focus.

7. RowKeeper 

RowKeeper is another option to go with. You will be able to use it on all models of row machines and on all mobile devices. It does require a one-time payment to utilize it, though, or it will not work the way that you want. This will allow you to keep track of your metrics and any new progress, but you will need to enter the information manually.  

RowKeeper rowing machine app

8. Asensei 

If you are a fan of using a coaching style when rowing, then the Aensei app is one of the best options to choose. You can get full access for a fee to some of their coaching programs, selecting some of your favorite options or going with whichever one is on at that time. There is a three-month membership available along with other programs to get you in the best shape possible.  

Asensei rowing machine app

This app has quite an impressive following. With 4.8 stars and over 3K reviews, you know this app can keep up with your rowing sessions. EVen though it's a paid app, I think it's worth the little bit of extra money.

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9. ErgIQ 

This is another free app that you can use that will connect to your Garmin device.

You can also connect it over from the Android or iOS device to the Concept 2 rower. You will just launch the app and let it get to work.

It will tell you more about your workout results, uploading them to compare with later and letting you know more about some of the statistics you have done over time.  

ErgIQ rowing machine app

If you have a Garmin watch or other device, this app is perfect for you. You can use the Connect IQ system to get data directly on your Garmin watch or other device.

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10. Live Rowing 

The Live Rowing app allows you to connect to the Concept2 Rowing machine over to the world of rowing.

It will allow you to build up some of the custom workouts that you want to do, follow a good training program, compete against yourself or other friends using the rower, and even join in a global challenge. 

Right now, it is only available for Apple devices, but it is free for those to download it.  

liverowing rowing machine app

Rowing Machine App Styles

There are several types of rowing machine apps that you can choose from. Each is effective, but it is more about personal preferences. Some are going to focus on data tracking and can let you know more about how hard you work out each time you come onto the rowing machine. 

Others may focus more on coaching, giving you some encouragement and a friendly face to talk with and work through the hard times together too.  

Another cool type of app that is becoming popular is virtual reality. You may be on a rowing machine, but you can pretend that you are out on the lake or river having a good time as well, while being completely safe.

Or take some of the guesswork out of your workout and let a pre-programmed workout decide how hard you are going to work today. You can also mix and match a few different apps to see what will work the best for you.  

Common Rowing Machine App Questions

How much do rowing machine apps cost? 

The cost of a rowing machine app will depend on what type you get. Some come free with a specific type of rowing machine that you choose, so it will depend on the cost of the rowing machine. Others will work with any rowing motion that you do and may cost a few dollars a month to use.  

Do you have to use Bluetooth with rowing machine apps? 

This will depend on the type of app that you are using. Many are going to need Bluetooth if you would like them to monitor you. If they are used with the rowing machine, they may not need to utilize Bluetooth.  

Can you use the Hydrow app with other rowers? 

It is possible to use the Hydrow app with other rowing machines. Of course, it works the best with the Hydrow device, but it is possible to take the workouts along with you, even when you are not on this machine.  


Rowing on its own can get boring and not a lot of fun. Utilizing a good rowing app can make the workout more intense and a lot more fun for everyone involved. The right rowing app depends on the machine you use, whether you plan to go on the water or not, and how hard you want to work out.  

Last Updated on January 19, 2023

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