Schwinn Exercise Bike Reviews: All Models Compared

Schwinn is a household name when it comes to cardio equipment, and a big part of this is because the Schwinn company has been pumping out quality bikes since 1895. Their range of products includes many outdoor on-road bikes, but the real draw is the Schwinn range of indoor exercise bikes.

With more people focusing on their fitness in 2021 and putting 2020 in the past, an indoor bike from the Schwinn range of products is a great investment. Check out all the best Schwinn models here in this guide to Schwinn exercise bike reviews, including recumbent bikes, upright bikes, air bikes, and more.


Product Name

Bike Type

Dimensions (In Use)

Levels of Resistance

User Weight Limit

Preset Workout Programs

Check Price

Schwinn Fitness A10 Upright Bike

Schwinn A10


27” x 19” x 50”


275 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness 130 Upright Bike...

Schwinn 130


41.3” x 21.4” x 55.6”


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170


41.3” x 21.4” x 55.6”


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC2

Indoor Cycle

45” x 23” x 49”


250 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC3

Indoor Cycle

45” x 23” x 49”


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC4

Indoor Cycle

47.8” x 21.2” x 51.8”


330 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness A20 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn A20


61" x 19" x 40.5"


275 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 230


12.5" x 66.5" x 27"


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270


64” x 27.7” x 50”


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness AD2 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD2


46” x 25” x 50”


250 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike , Black, 48...

Schwinn AD6


48” x 15” x 27”


300 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness AD7 Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD7


53” x 26.5” x 53”


350 Lbs.


Schwinn Fitness AD Pro Airdyne Bike

Schwinn AD Pro


53” x 26.5” x 53”


350 Lbs.


Unique Features Of The Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Small Footprints

Schwinn prides itself on producing gym equipment for the home, and they understand that some home gyms are smaller than others. That's why many of their bikes feature a small footprint and dimensions compatible with even the smallest home gyms. Take the Schwinn A10 bike as an example.

The A10 is a top-selling model for homeowners, apartment-residers, or anyone who is limited on space. While in use, this bike measures 27 inches long by 19 inches wide by 50 inches tall, which isn’t much compared to the average size of an indoor bike. Keep in mind, not all Schwinn models are this compact, but there are definitely options with small footprints.

Build Quality & Safety

The very first thing you should look into when buying an indoor exercise bike is its construction and build quality. A bike built with high-quality components and a frame of sturdy steel is one that you can trust to safely get you through your workouts. Schwinn bikes are all built with durability in mind, and it all starts with a solid steel frame.

Levels Of Resistance

You’ll find varying levels of resistance for Schwinn bikes, ranging from 8 adjustable levels of tension all the way up to 25 levels and even infinite levels of resistance for the Airdyne line of bikes. The more basic Schwinn models that are geared towards helping home-gymers stick to a budget are more likely to have 8, while spending a bit extra will increase the number of levels.

Adjustable Handlebars & Seat

Every Schwinn exercise bike is designed to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. Each bike has adjustable seats, some that adjust only up and down, but others adjust forward/backward as well. Most Schwinn bikes can accommodate users between 4'11" and 6'3" and hold up to 300 pounds.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Not all Schwinn bikes offer Bluetooth connectivity, but many of them do. Having a bike that’s compatible with Bluetooth means that you can sync all of your fitness goals and achievements with apps like Peloton, Explore the World, Zwift, RideSocial, AppleHealth, and more.

The other pro of choosing a Bluetooth-friendly Schwinn bike is that you’ll be able to play your music directly through the bike’s built-in speakers without having to use wires or cords of any kind.

Extra Features

Every Schwinn bike comes loaded with extras, some more than others, but overall you can always count on convenience features to enhance the riding experience, like these:

  • Media Shelf/Tablet Holder  
    All Schwinn bikes have a conveniently located media shelf front-and-center so that you’ll always stay entertained while you ride. Whether you use this to store your phone, tablet, or iPod is up to you.
  • Transport Wheels  
    Schwinn builds their bikes so that each one is easy to move around the house. The frame of most Schwinn bikes sits on a set of transport wheels, and while they're not technically wheels per se, they help the bike glide smoothly along the floor without leaving scuff marks.
  • Rear Stabilizers/Frame Levelers 
    The frame levelers found on the bottom side of Schwinn bikes ensures that the bike remains stable on a flat surface. Most of their bikes also come with a set of stabilizers found at the back of the bike to help keep the bike on solid ground at all times, even during an intense riding push.
  • Display Readouts  
    Schwinn has patented the “DualTrack” display readout, which means that many of the brand’s bikes actually have 2 displays instead of 1. While this isn’t the case for all Schwinn bikes, it is for popular upright models like the 170 and 130.
  • Heart Rate Monitor  
    There are a few reasons why you should monitor your heart rate while working out, like the fact that it lets you know how hard your body is actually working, therefore giving you more control over intensity levels. All Schwinn bikes allow users to monitor HR through hand grip sensors, and some models are even compatible with HR chest straps.
  • Integrated USB Charging Port  
    There’s nothing worse than hopping on the exercise bike, switching to your favorite playlist, and only getting 2 songs in before your battery dies. With Schwinn bikes, you never have to worry about that since most are built with USB charging ports within the console.
  • Built-In Workout Programs  
    The number of preset programs available to you through your Schwinn bike’s console depends on the model. You might have as many as 29 different programs to choose from, which gives you more power and more control over each cardio session.

Competitive Warranty & Prices

Schwinn is one of the more affordable brands out there for cardio equipment, especially compared to high-end companies like NordicTrack and Peloton. It’s possible to get a quality bike for a few hundred bucks with Schwinn, and even at this price point, you’ll get all the features mentioned above.

While the prices are affordable, Schwinn warranty policies still manage to compete with the higher-end brands. The Schwinn warranty covers the frame for 10 years, Schwinn exercise bike parts for 2 years, electronics for 1 year, and necessary labor for 90 days.

At Schwinn, they also have a pretty lenient return policy and a Buy Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your bike within the first 6 weeks.

Schwinn Exercise Bikes Reviewed

1. Schwinn Upright Bikes

Schwinn Fitness A10 Upright Bike
  • 7 Preset programs: 6 profile, 1 quick start
  • 8 levels of resistance to keep you on your...
  • High speed, high inertia perimeter weighted...
  • Large LCD console tracks speed, time, RPM,...

When you compare recumbent and upright bikes, LifeSpan Fitness says that while it does come down to personal preference, upright bikes “ensure you’re working the same muscles that are used with outdoor riding, which is more of a whole-body exercise.

Whereas a recumbent mostly requires the use of your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and tibialis anterior muscles.” That’s just the first reason to choose a Schwinn upright bike, like the A10, 130, or 170.

The Schwinn range of upright exercise bikes might just be the most popular, and a lot of that has to do with the compact Schwinn A10 upright exercise bike. This bike is affordable - less than $300 - so it's the perfect home gym addition if your budget doesn't allow you to spend a grand or even $500 on an exercise bike.

Another great feature of the A10 is its compact design and small footprint, just 27” x 19” x 50”, making it a top pick for small spaces.

There are a few downsides to going with the budget option, like just 8 resistance levels, no Bluetooth, and a lower weight capacity, which is where the 130 and 170 upright bikes come into play. Next up in the upright range in terms of performance and features is the Schwinn exercise bike 130, which is wildly popular for home-gymers on a middle-of-the-road budget.

The Schwinn 130 upright exercise bike has 20 levels of resistance and 22 preset programs (the A10 has just 7 presets), so it's an excellent choice for ramping up your cardio workout. The only thing it's really lacking is Bluetooth compatibility, so if you'd like to connect your bike to your mobile device and fitness apps, you’ll want to go with the Schwinn 170 upright exercise bike.

The 170 bike is by far the most high-end option in the upright range, and the good news is that it still fits the bill for most users. If you want the best value for money and like the idea of extra features like 25 resistance levels, 29 preset programs, Bluetooth, and a heavier flywheel for a smoother ride, the 170 upright bike is the one for you.


  • Variety of budget options
  • Easy seat replacement for all Schwinn uprights
  • Smooth magnetic resistances
  • Compact/lightweight, yet durable
  • Competitive warranty (even better than Peloton!)


  • The flywheel isn’t as heavy as high-end bikes

2. Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bikes

On Sale Today
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
5,822 Reviews
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Try our JRNY Mobile-Only Membership for 2...
  • Workout at home or on the go with inspiring...
  • Travel through 200 plus virtual courses at...
  • Designed to work with popular cycling apps...

If you were used to regularly attending spin classes before the craziness of 2020 hit, it's time to invest in an at-home spin bike so that you don't have to go without your daily cardio sessions completely. The line of indoor cycling bikes from Schwinn is another popular choice, and it includes the IC2, IC3, and IC4 models.

Let’s start with the Schwinn IC2 exercise bike, which is the lowest end choice and great for spin fans on a budget. Similar to the upright A10, this one doesn’t break the bank, costing less than $300.

It doesn’t come with a ton of features, so don’t expect Bluetooth connectivity or heart rate monitoring. What you will get, though, is infinite levels of resistance for an intense workout where you’re in complete control.

Next up for Schwinn indoor cycle bikes is the Schwinn IC3, which is a step up from the IC2 but not quite as advanced as the IC4. The IC3 is similar in design and features to the IC2, with the main difference being the addition of heart rate monitoring and a heavier flywheel.

The flywheel of the IC3 is 40 pounds, while it's a lighter 31 pounds for the IC2. The extra 9 pounds actually makes a decent difference in the ride's smoothness, so most users feel that the added cost of the IC3 is worth it.

If you want to go all out with your indoor cycling and have a larger budget, the Schwinn IC4 is absolutely the best choice. Unlike the other 2 indoor spin bikes, this one is built with Bluetooth, so the bike is designed to work with popular cycling apps like Peloton, Explore the World, and Zwift.

Plus, the IC4 has many added features that the others don't, like a USB charging port, a set of 3-pound dumbbells for adding in an upper body workout, and a smoother magnetic resistance system.

Just like with the Schwinn upright bikes, the one you choose all comes down to your budget. The good news is that Schwinn wants everyone to benefit from their indoor cycling bikes, no matter the budget, so they’ve covered all the bases from the ultra-affordable IC2 to more expensive IC4. Just keep in mind, the IC4 is still a fraction of Peloton prices.

Individual Reviews & Comparison Guides


  • Range caters to all budgets/fitness needs
  • Advanced frame stabilization system
  • Lots of seat adjustability
  • Infinite resistance
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable


  • IC2 does not offer HR monitoring
  • No preset workouts

3. Schwinn Recumbent Bikes

On Sale Today
Schwinn Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike
  • With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, users...
  • Discover 100+ global routes that auto-adjust...
  • Designed to work with popular cycling apps...
  • 5.5" LCD offers 13 workout programs

If you’re looking to compare Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes, there are 3 winners to choose from: the Schwinn A20, the 230, and the 270 exercise bike. In terms of price and features, the Schwinn A20 is very similar to the upright range's A10 - aside from the fact that it's recumbent, of course. The A20 is no longer sold directly by Schwinn; it's still available for purchase on Amazon.

The best feature of this Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is the price; it’s one of the lowest-priced recumbent bikes on the market, and although it’s basic, it gets the job done. The console offers GoalTrack capability to keep tabs on the fitness goals of 2 different users, and within that console, you’ll have control over the 7 preset programs and 8 resistance levels.

The A20 can hold a max of 275 pounds, which is low compared to other recumbents, so if you’re pushing 300 pounds or more, you’ll have to go with the 230 or 270 instead.

Speaking of the Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike, this model is a major step up from the A20. It’s just under $500, but spending the extra cash gets you access to enhanced Bluetooth, 40+ global routes on the Explore the World app, and 1000+ structured workouts through Zwift (although you'll need a subscription to gain access to those).

The console of the 230 holds 13 different workout programs, and the tension is adjustable from 1 to 16.

If those features still aren’t enough for you, the next option would be the Schwinn 270. This is Schwinn’s highest-end recumbent bike. Similar to the 230, it’s Bluetooth capable and lets users connect their workouts through apps like Explore the World and Zwift, but it goes a bit further in terms of performance features.

Instead of just 16 levels of resistance, it has 25, and instead of 13 preset programs, there are 29.

The metrics are also a lot more detailed with the 270, giving users readouts of time, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, calories, resistance, course profile, HR zone indicator, % complete, and more. Just like all Schwinn bike ranges, you get what you pay for, and while you have to pay the most for the 270, the features justify the price tag.

More detailed reviews and comparisons can be found below:


  • Great value for money
  • Each model offers preset programs
  • Bluetooth compatible 230 and 270 models
  • Fully-loaded display consoles
  • Comfortable ventilated seatback


  • Not the widest height compatibility (5’2” - 6’)
  • Estimated calorie burn isn’t always accurate

4. Schwinn Airdyne Bikes

On Sale Today
Schwinn Fitness AD7 Airdyne Bike
  • Progressive wind resistance for infinite...
  • Efficient single-stage belt drive that keeps...
  • Perimeter weighted fan for easy start up and...
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat

Last but not least is Schwinn’s Airdyne bike range. “Airdyne” is Schwinn’s fancy word for air-resistance, so all of these bikes create resistance through a fan base that is powered by moving arms. Those moving arms mean that each AD bike is a great option if you want a full-body working, similar to an elliptical or rowing machine.

First up in the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike range is the Schwinn Airdyne AD2, the cheapest option with the fewest features. Because of its air resistance mechanism, the AD2 offers infinite levels of tension, making it a top pick for HIIT workouts and CrossFit. The console is simple, displaying readouts for time, RPM, speed, distance, and calories, and although the weight limit is lower than the other AD bikes, it can still hold up to 250 pounds.

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne exercise bike is next up. The main difference between the AD2 and AD6 is the addition of a telemetric heart rate monitor as well as a more detailed display. The HR monitoring system is compatible with the Polar chest strap transmitter, and the updated console includes a RevMeter RPM gauge for interval training. Just as you'd expect from the extra features, the AD6 goes up in price, and the same is true yet again for the AD7.

The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne exercise bike is the highest-end option in the line, and it's intended for home-gymers who want a high-performance piece of cardio equipment. There are many similarities between the 6 and the 7 models, like the telemetric heart rate readings and the high-strength fan system. The AD7 takes things a step further, though, with its high-res LCD, fore and aft seat adjustments, and a higher weight capacity of 350 pounds (instead of 300 with the AD6).

The last cup in the Airdyne bike range is the Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro, which is virtually the same bike as the AD7, but the Pro is geared towards commercial gyms while the 7 is marketed as a residential cardio solution. There are differences in the warranty policy and the price, but everything else is exactly the same.

Learn more about these models in our guides below


  • Extra seat padding for all models
  • Infinite levels of air resistance
  • High-strength fan performance
  • High-contrast/high-res LCD
  • Built-in HIIT programs (AD7 & AD Pro only)


  • No heart rate monitoring for the AD2
  • No Bluetooth on any AD bike

All About The Schwinn Exercise Bike Brand

Schwinn, founded in 1895, is now owned by the famous Nautilus fitness brand. The company has dominated the industry since it was released in the 19th century, and even though it faced some economic hardship through the Great Depression years, Schwinn has come out on top.

Now the company specializes in everything from treadmills and elliptical machines to indoor and outdoor bikes. As the oldest bike manufacturer in America, Schwinn is a name that a lot of people trust, especially beginners who are just getting started with a new cardio routine.

Comparing The Schwinn Range Of Exercise Bikes

One of the perks of buying from Schwinn is the variety of indoor bikes available. They specialize in 4 different types of stationary bikes: upright, indoor cycling (spin bikes), recumbent, and air-resistance (Airdyne) bikes. Check out this quick overview comparing each category of Schwinn bike:

Upright Bikes (A10, 130, 170 models)

Schwinn’s line of upright bikes is perfect for those who want to engage the core while they ride and don’t need the extra stability and support of a recumbent bike. There are 3 upright models to choose from, including the A10, the 130, and the 170.

The A10 is best for compact spaces, while the most popular Schwinn upright exercise bike is probably the 170, which is similar to the 130 in many ways but comes with Bluetooth and a few more added features (and also a high price tag).

Indoor Cycling Spin Bikes (IC Pro, IC4, IC3, IC2 models)

It turns out you don’t have to spend thousands on a Peloton bike to start spinning at home. Schwinn has 4 solid choices for indoor cycling spin bikes, including the IC Pro, IC4, IC3, and IC2.

The IC Pro is affordable and effective, while the IC4 is considered the most high-end cycle option with the most features and smoothest ride. If you want something in between, then consider the IC2 or IC3.

Recumbent Bikes (270, 230, A20 models)

Schwinn recumbent bikes like the A20, 230, and 270 models are a great cardio option for the elderly, anyone with mobility issues, or anyone who finds the upright cycling position uncomfortable.

The Schwinn A20 is the budget option, but more people opt for the 230 or high-end (but still affordable) 270 for the added features.

Airdyne Bikes (AD7, AD6, AD2, AD Pro models)

Schwinn Airdyne bikes like the AD Pro, AD2, AD6, and AD7 are built with a fan base and use air resistance to give riders an unlimited level of resistance.

The Pro model is considered the commercial-grade choice, and then the features get more basic as you move down from the Pro to the AD2. Don't get us wrong, though, the AD2 is also a good choice if you want air resistance and you’re on a budget.

Comparisons With Other Popular Exercise Bike Brands

Now that we’ve compared all Schwinn bikes with one another, let’s focus on comparing Schwinn models to bikes from other brands. We can’t forget about names like NordicTrack, Bowflex, Assault, and the newly famous Peloton, so let’s see how these compare to Schwinn’s range of products:

Schwinn Vs Peloton Bike

Peloton has gotten a lot of attention, especially in 2020 as more people took it upon themselves to fulfill their cardio needs from home. Peloton bikes are loaded with cool features and offer an insanely smooth ride, but that high Peloton price tag has nothing on the affordability of Schwinn bikes.

Schwinn Vs NordicTrack

NordicTrack’s fitness technology is some of the most advanced in the industry, especially when it comes to treadmills. Unfortunately, that means NordicTrack prices are closer to the Peloton bike than they are to Schwinn’s budget-friendly cost, so if you’re on a home gym budget, Schwinn is the way to go.

Schwinn Vs Bowflex

The most common comparison for Schwinn and Bowflex is between the IC4 and the C6 models. Both are upright cycle bikes, and both have a lot of great qualities - plus both are a fraction of the cost of the Peloton bike. However, the Schwinn IC4 gets extra points for its aesthetics, performance, and general durability, as well as a slightly lower price tag.

Schwinn Airdyne Vs Assault Air Bike

If you’re in the market for an air resistance bike, both the Schwinn Airdyne and Assault Air Bike models are worth considering. Both are affordable exercise bikes, and while the Airdyne Pro is pricier than the Assault, it also comes with more features.

How To Assemble & Use Schwinn Exercise Bike

We won’t go into too much detail on Schwinn bike assembly or usage since each model has a different process, but the good news is that it’s all laid out for you step-by-step in your bike’s user manual. Can’t find your user manual? Just visit the Schwinn official website and search for yours - here's a list of all the Owner's Manuals

The thing that many users struggle with is understanding how to adjust the tension on a Schwinn exercise bike. It’s actually extremely easy. Depending on the model you've chosen, changing the resistance level is as simple as turning a tension knob (usually located in front of a rider positioned somewhere between the legs) or pushing the Up/Down buttons on the display console.

Schwinn Exercise Bike Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Whether you’re dealing with an old Schwinn exercise bike or a brand new one, keeping your bike well-maintained is the best way to keep it riding effortlessly for years. But we get that even with regular maintenance, things can sometimes go wrong. For help with Schwinn exercise bike repair, first, refer to your Owner’s Manual, but if that brings no results, get in touch with Schwinn’s support.

To keep your bike well-maintained, there are a few daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly ones. Every day (or at least every day that you use your bike), you should wipe the equipment down. This keeps it sanitized and prevents corrosion that could be caused by sweat dripping onto the steel components.

Every week it's a good idea to give all the parts and pieces of your Schwinn bike a good check and make sure no screws are loose or missing. Every month it's recommended that you lubricate the moving parts of the bike so that they can keep moving as smoothly as possible. This includes things like the drive chain/belt, the seat post, and the handlebar post.

What To Do If Your Schwinn Exercise Bike Keeps Pausing?

One common problem that some Schwinn users face is an exercise bike that keeps pausing, and there’s an easy explanation for that. It usually has to do with the user and not the actual bike; Schwinn bikes are designed to pause if the rider stops pedaling, even if he/she didn’t push the Pause button.

So the easy solution is to keep pedaling, which will not just solve the problem but also make for a better workout.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are there any other essential accessories that I need to buy with my Schwinn stationary bike to make the most of my cardio?

That’s really up to you. Schwinn bikes are made to include everything you need for a good cardio workout, but some riders opt to purchase add-ons like a Schwinn exercise bike seat cover or a chest strap heart rate monitor. Our recommendation is to start out with the bike only, and then you can add in other cycling accessories if you feel you’d benefit from them.

Can I access my Schwinn exercise bike manual online?

Absolutely, it’s easy to access your Schwinn exercise bike manual on the Schwinn website. You’ll get a hard copy of the manual with the bike itself, but if you misplace/damage this copy, just download the online PDF version instead.

Is there anything special to know about how to plug in a Schwinn exercise bike?

With some Schwinn bikes, you have the option to purchase a power adapter, which basically just rules out the need to replace the batteries in the bike’s electronics. You can purchase the adapter from Schwinn, but it’s not entirely necessary, so no need if you don’t want to spend the extra $20. 

How much do Schwinn stationary bikes cost?

The cost of your Schwinn stationary exercise bike depends on which model you’ve chosen, and it can range anywhere from the low-end of $200 to the higher end of $1000. If you want features like enhanced Bluetooth or a heavy flywheel for smooth spinning, expect to spend more.

Where is the best place to buy Schwinn indoor exercise bikes?

Now that there’s a dedicated Amazon Storefront for all Schwinn bikes, Amazon is considered the best place to purchase the company’s products. You can also purchase your bike from the Schwinn website, but Amazon shipping tends to be faster and the prices are just as good.


Now that you know all about this brand’s line of exercise bikes, it’s time to buy your Schwinn indoor exercise bike and get to riding.

No matter if you go with the safe and sturdy Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike, the core-engaging Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling exercise bike, or the air resistance Schwinn Airdyne Pro exercise bike, you really can’t go wrong, as long as you go with Schwinn.

Last Updated on January 30, 2023