Rogue Echo Bike Vs. Assault Air Bike: Comparison Review

Air resistance exercise bikes are the best option if you’re looking to shed fat and quickly improve your athletic abilities and overall health. With so many options out there, it can be hard to sift out the real gems.

Rogue Fitness and Assault Fitness are the two leading brands of quality air bikes, perfect for a wide range of budgets and needs. This guide will ensure you decide which of the two are best suited for you and your goals, so don’t go anywhere!


Assault Air Bike

Rogue Echo


ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic, Black


Drive System

Chain Drive

Belt Drive (Winner)

Noise Level


Quiet (Winner)


Aluminum & Allow Steel

Steel (Winner)



Excellent (Winner)


Foam Grip (Winner)

Rubber Grip


Slightly Cheaper (Winner)

Bit More Expensive

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Exercise Bike Features We Considered

When considering purchasing any air exercise bike, there are some standard points to take into consideration. As an avid air bike user, I can confidently pick out which features are most important to focus on to ensure you have a satisfying user experience.

Build Quality

Your build quality will have the greatest impact on how long it lasts you and how well it holds up to rigorous/consistent use. This involves the quality and materials of everything from the frame and console down to the smallest components and buttons.

Max User Weight & Height

It doesn’t matter how amazing a bike is; if it doesn’t fit the user’s weight and height, it’s not going to work as it should! If the user is heavier than the max user weight, the bike may break, or at best, its lifespan will be greatly affected. If the bike doesn’t suit your height, it could lead to pain or even injury!

Footprint & Transportability

What kind of space do you have available for your air bike? You’ll need to consider the space where you’ll be using it, taking into account extra room for when you’re actually using it. If you’ll be moving it from room-to-room or simply need to relocate it to another part of your home gym, think about how easy this will be.

Resistance Mechanism & Exercise Levels

The resistance mechanism will have a big impact on how difficult it is to use and your overall user experience. This, combined with the exercise levels offered, will determine how versatile it is and how long you'll be able to use it before your body starts getting used to it.

Comfort & Adjustability

Comfort is essential, no matter what kind of exercise machine you’re looking for. Adjustability ensures you stay in an ergonomic position that works best for your body, improving efficiency and minimizing the risk of injury.


How convenient is it to actually use your bike? If it’s a hassle to set up, get comfortable, or get started, you're going to be less likely to use it, which means it'll take you longer to see the results you are looking for. Not only that, but assembly and required maintenance should be a breeze, too.

Price Guide

How much do you plan on spending on a new air bike? While expensive doesn’t always mean better, you often will get what you pay for in this case. So, while you may spend more upfront, you’ll likely end up saving money and having a better experience.

Quiet & Smooth Operation

Quiet operation will save you, neighbors, and housemates from any potential annoyingness generated by a noisy bike. Smooth operation can also help minimize noise but also makes for a more efficient, pleasant experience.

Integration with Different Tech

The ability to connect your air bike with heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, and third-party apps is invaluable. All of the above tools are incredibly helpful to ensure you're maximizing your potential and tracking performance to reach your goals, and if you're unable to connect to tech, you could be missing out on that.

Warranty Length & Type

A long warranty could likely be the factor that pushes you to select one model over another. For example, you could have a more expensive bike with a significantly more extended warranty and end up saving money due to the longer-lasting construction and coverage instead of having to shell out for a new bike.

Extra Features

These are the features that alone may not be the reason you purchase a particular bike but could make the difference between you using your bike regularly or not. For example, preset workout programs will save you time and hassle when getting started.

Built-in fans and water bottle holders will ensure you stay comfortable and hydrated, and a tablet tray will help keep you entertained during those workouts where it seems like time is dragging on.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Rogue Echo Bike vs. Assault Bike

Durability & Build Quality

You can tell that both bikes are built with care and high-quality materials made to hold up to regular use. However, the Assault Air Bikes frame consists of both aluminum and alloy steel, while the Rogue Echo Bike is solid, pure steel that takes the cake in this duel.

Drive System

The Rogue Echo features a belt drive system that is smoother, long-lasting, reliable, and efficient than the Assault Air Bike's chain system. With the belt drive, you won’t experience lags or hang-ups like you may with a chain. Not only that, but it requires much less maintenance than a chain. However, there is an upside to the chain system: once you get going, it’s not too difficult to build momentum. The Echo’s belt drive is much more challenging – almost like a bike stuck with the brakes on.

Required Maintenance

As previously mentioned, with the difference in belt drives/chains, the Assault will demand more upkeep. The Rogue Echo Bike uses self-tensioning belts, which require virtually zero maintenance.

User Weight & Height Needs

The user weight limit on both bikes is 350 pounds, which will accommodate the vast majority of users. However, height needs vary quite a bit between the two. For shorter and lighter riders, I recommend the Assault Bike as it isn’t as tough to push and get started, and the handlebars are lower and wider apart. If you’re of “average” height and weight or larger, then you may feel better suited to the Echo Bike.

Size of Unit & Portability

Both bikes are around the same size with almost the same footprints. However, you’ll find the Echo to be just slightly bulkier, weighing almost 30 pounds more than the Assault. Both models feature wheels in the front, though, making them easy to tilt and move anywhere.

Workout Programs & Resistance Levels

These are pretty similar as well, in terms of both workout program options and the amount of resistance levels available. However, the Echo features all-metal blades, which are more challenging to move, making it overall a more demanding workout.   

Seat & Handles

In terms of comfort and shape, the seats on both are almost identical. However, you get slightly more adjustability options with the Echo than the Assault, which will help accommodate more users. The handles of the Echo are thicker, wider-set, and higher, which are better for larger and stronger users.

Ease of Use

Both are straightforward and basic in terms of functionality and come with only what’s needed without extra bells and whistles. Neither will require much messing around with settings or exercise programs. However, the Echo is absolutely more demanding and more challenging to get going and keep the energy moving.

Value for Money

Due to how durable and well-built the Echo is, I’d say it's worth paying a bit extra for. However, the Assault also offers an excellent workout and a nice amount of durability at quite an affordable price.

Noise Levels

The Rogue Echo Bike is much quieter than the Assault Air Bike due to the difference in drives. The former uses a belt drive similar to what you’ll find on a car, keeping it smooth and noise to a minimum. The latter uses a chain much like what you’ll see on a bicycle – noisy and requiring a bit more maintenance.

Compatibility with Tech

Both can be used with basic fitness trackers and heart rate monitors, so you'll be able to measure if you're in the right heart rate zone for your goals. However, neither one is designed to be paired with a tablet to use with immersive/entertainment apps.


The warranties are similar, though the Assault's is slightly better. You get 5-year coverage on parts and 2-year coverage on everything else. With the Rogue, you only get 2 years of coverage on everything.

More Bike Features

You’ll get essentially the same on both bikes. There aren’t any included water bottle holders nor tablet holders, though the Rogue does offer the option to add water bottle holders and a phone holder on at an extra charge.

Rogue Echo & Assault Air Bikes Comparison Table

Product Spec

Assault Air Bike

Rogue Echo Bike

Resistance Type



Resistance Levels



Display Size


6.375" x 6.375”

Bluetooth Connectivity



Preset Exercise Programs



Crank System




5 years on frame, 2 year other parts

2 years

Pros of These Exercise Bikes

What We Like

Assault Air Bike
  • Affordable
  • Easy enough to use for most users
  • Relatively compact/easy to move around
Rogue Echo Bike
  • Incredibly durable
  • Very challenging, great results
  • Robust frame and sleek looks

Cons of These Exercise Bikes

What We Didn't Like

Assault Air Bike
  • Not as challenging
  • Not as durable
Rogue Echo Bike
  • Can be a bit windy/cold if you don’t live in a warm environment
  • A bit more expensive

Assembling & Using These Air Bikes

Assembly is quite easy for both bikes, and they come with everything you’ll need to put them together quickly.

Rogue Echo:

  1. 1
    First, remove and throw away the shipping support tube. After this, install the base front foot and rear foot. You want the Rogue Fitness branding to be facing out on each end.
  2. 2
    Grab the pedals and attach them next, by bolting them on with the provided wrench. Take note that with the left pedal, you’ll have to tighten it up by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. 3
    Next, take the console mounting arm and find the cable which runs through it. This needs to be connected to the top of the console, along with another able above the fan. Take special caution not to squash the cable as you’re putting everything together.
  4. 4
    After this, we’ll install both handles. You’ll see a spline on the spindle indicated in white. All you have to do is line it up with the handle slot or insert it in all the way. Lastly, attach the footpegs, and you’re ready for business!

Assault Air:

It’s recommended that you take a look at this step-by-step video to assemble your Assault Air Bike properly.

To get the most use out of them, try performing sprint intervals. Intervals will help you to melt fat off your muscles while boosting anaerobic power output.

  • 5 Rounds: Sprint 1 minute, Rest 5 minutes
  • 8 Rounds: Sprint 30 seconds, Rest 2.5 minutes
  • 6 Rounds: Sprint 45 seconds, Rest 3.5 minutes

On days where your lower body is particularly sore, you can even switch things up and only focus on pushing/pulling the handlebars and leave your feet on the footpegs.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is it that the Echo bike is considered and often described as "overbuilt"?

The Echo is incredibly sturdy and robust, with the frame being thick and dense. The handlebars are even a bit wider set and harder to push.

Is the Echo Bike harder to use than the Assault Air Bike?

The Echo Bike is significantly harder to use than the Assault Air Bike.

Where is the best place to buy these air bikes?

Amazon is always a good choice as they offer competitive prices and quick delivery. However, you can also purchase them directly from the companies.

Which is better when comparing the Rogue Echo Bike to the Assault Air Bike?

That’s hard to answer, as they both have upsides to them. However, if you’re going for sheer power and durability, the Rogue Echo Bike reigns supreme. For the casual user or the athlete on a budget, the Assault Air Bike is the best.


All in all, each bike is one of the best on the market today. The Rogue Echo Bike offers incredible sturdiness and is made to handle explosivity and power. 

However, the Assault Air Bike isn’t weak by any means, and is more affordable. We hope that this guide has helped you to decide which is best for your goals and body.

Last Updated on August 19, 2021