POWERBLOCK Travel Bench Review (Is It Worth The Money?)

If you need a focal point for strength training, then a travel bench is ideal. You can use it for any exercises where you need to lay flat with dumbbells or barbells, plus any seated bodyweight exercises. 

One great example is the Powerblock Travel Bench, which supports up to 550lbs of weight and has foldable legs for easy transport. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to lift heavy weights with limited space, so check out our Powerblock Travel Bench review. 

What We Like 

  • Great for lifting heavy weights 
  • Easy to transport for exercise on the go
  • Affordable at less than $200 
  • Comfortable to carry, thanks to the handle
  • Durable 14-gauge steel tubing  

What We Didn’t Like 

  • The size of the bench is quite small
  • The screw boards can wear out quickly
  • Can be delivered with defects 

Unique Features Of The Powerblock Travel Bench   

Our Powerblock Travel Bench review revealed several unique features worth drawing attention to. Specifically, it’s worth investing in the Powerblock Travel Weight Bench because of its foldable legs, high-quality padding, and suitability for lifting heavy weights. These ensure you can benefit from it in any location regardless of your fitness level. We’ll cover each feature in more detail below.  

Folds Up For Easy Storage 

The Powerblock Folding Travel Bench is innovative because, unlike many benches with fixed legs, the legs on this bench fold up. That flattens the bench and allows you to slot it into small spaces. That flexibility is ideal if you lead a busy life. 

Heavy Duty Steel Tube Frame 

The Powerblock portable exercise weight bench for travel is handy because it can support a lot of weight. The 550lbs Powerblock Travel Bench weight capacity is more than sufficient for any exercise needs, and the sturdy 14-gauge steel frame makes this possible. 

powerblock travel bench review

Built-In Handle 

What makes the Powerblock Travel Bench even more convenient is that lifting it is a breeze thanks to the built-in handle. If you’re finding it a challenge to lift even with the handle, you can use a shoulder strap alongside it. Either way, it will be easy and fast to get the Powerblock Travel Bench into your car. 

Removable Retainer Pins 

One of the more difficult features to spot on the Powerblock Travel Bench is the removable retainer pins. You’ll need to ensure they lock together correctly, as sometimes there can be a defect. But assuming you can use them, they’ll help secure the legs in place once folded. That gives you peace of mind they won’t come loose later. 

High-Density Foam & Upholstery 

powerblock travel bench folded up

Because of the Powerblock Travel Bench weight when in use, it’s essential that the padding supports your body, and it does. It’s thick, solid, and won’t spread. That means you can rely on it while exercising. You’ll also benefit from a layer of black vinyl on the top, making it easy to clean after you’re finished working out. 

Powerblock Travel Bench Reviewed 

Product Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 

40 x 9.5 x 15 inches 

Bench Weight 

29 lbs 

Bench Positions 

Upright and flat only 

Maximum Capacity 

550 lbs 


Yes - a limited 10-year warranty 

The Powerblock Travel Bench is a substitute for the benches you’d usually benefit from in a gym. These benches are often heavily used and only have basic features. They’re also fixed in one location. 

So you’ll gain portability and durability from the Powerblock Travel Bench. But this bench is made for those who want to travel and exercise, so it’s a worthy compromise. 

Build Quality  

woman using a powerblock travel bench

The build quality depends on the Powerblock Travel Bench unboxing, as some buyers have found defects when unpacking it.

However, you’re most likely to receive a perfect model. 

Assuming that the Powerblock Travel Bench arrives undamaged, you’ll be able to benefit from the 14-gauge steel frame and coatings on the upholstery.

In addition, there is a powder-coated finish and the vinyl top we mentioned earlier.

All of these elements are high-quality so that the Powerblock Travel Bench can support the weight of the user and any barbells or dumbbells used with it.

Comfort When Exercising 

Thanks to the Powerblock Travel Bench padding, exercising is comfortable for your back, shoulders, and head.

Even when lifting heavy weights, the padding will support you and ensure you don’t suffer any discomfort.  

powerblock travel bench incline position

Plus, the vinyl coating on the padding means you won’t have to worry about dealing with lines of sweat making you feel sticky or uncomfortable - you can simply wipe the bench down after your workout. 

However, the bench is designed for flat workouts only, like the bench press. If you attempt to use it for incline or decline exercises, then it won’t be suitable.  

Is It Good For Travelling?  

The Powerblock Travel Bench is made for traveling, thanks to the foldable legs and the carrying handle. That means if you want to take it in a small car or on a long-distance train, you’ll be able to do that. It will even fit inside a trailer, so you can go on road trips and exercise along the way.  

Like we mentioned above, you can also attach a shoulder strap. That means if you’re still new to lifting weights, you can compensate for the bench’s weight when you move it. Finally, because of how flat it becomes when folded, you can even slide it in a broom cupboard if you need to. 

Garage Gym Pro's Verdict  

The Powerblock Travel Bench is ideal for exercising on the go. At the same time, it’s comfortable and capable of supporting a lot of weight. That means if you want a bench with good performance that doesn’t take up lots of space, the dimensions of this bench will suit you.  

Comparisons With Similar Travel Bench Brands 

Powerblock Travel Bench Vs Finer Form Folding Bench  

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Finer Form Gym Quality Foldable Flat Bench...
  • Gym Quality with 1,000 lbs Weight Capacity...
  • Convenient for Small Spaces - foldable bench...
  • Comfortable and Sturdy - 3" thick comfortable...
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The Finer Form Folding Bench has some superior features compared to the Powerblock Travel Bench. For a start, the weight capacity for static exercises is 1000lbs, almost double the 550lbs of the Powerblock Travel Bench. But for dynamic exercises, it’s only 500lbs. 

It also comes with a free workout chart, an added benefit the Powerblock Travel Bench also lacks. The steel is also better, being 15-gauge rather than 14-gauge. However, the warranty is much less generous, lasting for only a year instead of the 10 years given by Powerblock. 

Like the Powerblock Travel Bench, the legs are foldable, and you can store it in small spaces. You can also rely on it to be comfortable, thanks to the padding. 

Powerblock Travel Bench Vs Soges Foldable Bench  

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The Soges Foldable Bench instantly stands out compared to the Powerblock Travel Bench because of its yellow and black color scheme. But more importantly, you can use it for incline exercises, unlike with the Powerblock Travel Bench. 

However, the weight limit is low, at just 330lbs. That means the weights you can use with it will have to be smaller than with the Powerblock Travel Bench. But you’ll benefit from comfortable foam padding, as with the Powerblock Travel Bench. Plus, it’s foldable for convenient storage too.  

Comparing Powerblock Travel Vs Sport Bench  

POWERBLOCK Sport Bench, Workout Bench, 5...
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POWERBLOCK Sport Bench, Workout Bench, 5...
  • Separate seat and back pad adjustment
  • 5 position back pad adjustment
  • Optional dip attachment available
  • 550 LB weight capacity

If you need something like what you’ll see on the Powerblock Travel Bench Amazon page, but with added capabilities, you’ll want to think about their Sport Bench. It’s fully adjustable with a 5-position back pad, and you can buy an attachment to perform dips with it. 

Like the Powerblock Travel Bench, the weight capacity is 550lbs, and it’s made from the same 14-gauge steel. However, the 30, 45, and 60-degree positions, plus the military position, ensures it’s a level above the Travel Bench. It allows you to perform more exercises than you can on the Travel Bench, which means it’s more valuable 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is the Powerblock travel bench supportive enough for leg exercises? 

Yes, it should be fine for these exercises so long as you keep the bench flat and don’t exceed the weight limit. The steel frame and padding will support you. But for most leg exercises, weight shouldn’t be a concern.  

Is the pad removable? 

No, you can’t remove the pad because it’s double stitched. That means it remains in place while you’re exercising. However, you can wash it to keep it clean in between workouts. 

Can you use a Powerblock travel bench at an angle for sit-ups? 

No, you can’t use the Powerblock Travel Bench for sit-ups or other incline exercises. That’s because it remains flat. If you want to do incline exercises, you can get the Sports Bench.  

Is it difficult to assemble & store? 

No, it’s mostly assembled at the manufacturing stage, so you just have to position it once you’ve unboxed it. As for storage, the folding legs make it very easy to put away.  


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The Powerblock Travel Bench is perfect for exercising at lower weight levels in smaller spaces like a trailer or shed. It’s also good if you’re a beginner when it comes to fitness. But if you’re more advanced, you’ll need a bench with a higher weight capacity and extra features like multiple positions. 

Last Updated on January 11, 2022