Nordictrack Adjustable Dumbbell Review: 55 Lb Set Tested & Compared

Dumbbells are a major thing that you will use during your exercises and using them for weight lifting exercises that work your shoulders, arms, and chest muscles. These are great to have in your home gym, but there are a ton of different options on the market today, and finding the right ones can be an issue.

Well, to see what some of the best options are, I decide to take a look at the NordicTrack Adjustable 55-pound Dumbbell set. If you want a complete review of this product before deciding which option to purchase, then take a look at this review.

Quick Adjustment System

The NordicTrack brand of dumbbells is known for its ability to be adjusted quickly and easily. With the selector system, you choose what weight you want to work with, and it will adjust for you.

Smooth, Easy to Use Weight Selection System

The ability to have multiple weights in one set of dumbbells is not only a great value, but it allows you to decide what amount of weight you want to work with for each exercise that you do.

Compact, Space-Efficient Design

Having multiple weights of different sizes takes up a lot of space, but having one set of weights that functions as all of those weights put together allows you to save space in your home gym.

Custom Molded Storage Trays

Normally you would want to invest in a dumbbell rack, but the NordicTrack dumbbells come with their own, custom-made trays that allow you to place them in each time you end your workout. This keeps them out of the way and ensures that they won't get rolled out of place.

East to Read Weight Identification

On most dumbbells, there is a lightly written number on the ends of the weights that says how much it weighs. This can be rubbed off or come off over time, but this set can be seen clearly.

Trainer-Led Video Workouts on iFit App

When you don’t know what to do when you work out, you will have trainer-led videos available for inspiration or training. These are conveniently found on the free iFIt App.

NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells Reviewed

Product Specifications

Number of Settings


Weight Range

10-55 lbs.


27.8 x 22.28 x 11.81 inches

Possible Exercises

Bicep curls, squats, heavy deadlifts

Shipping Weight

123 Lbs.

The NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells are 30 different dumbbells in one compact package. This set of weight allows you to use the simple adjustable system to choose what amount of weight you want to use for each exercise. If you want to squat with more weight, then pump it up to 35. If you want to tone your arms, lower it to 25 and increase the number of reps you do.

The compact nature of this weight set is great because it saves a ton of room. Whether you have a whole work out space in your home, or you have to exercise in the middle of your living room, this will cut down on the space needed to store them. Plus, with the customized storage trays, you can keep them in one place so that you always know where to find them, and it prevents rolling.

The adjustment system is straightforward, and all you need to do is move the blue adjustment marker on the top of both sides of the weight. Move it to the weight you want to work with, and then when you pick them up, you will have the exact weight you want. Also, the storage trays help keep the weight in place, which is great for times when the marker might get stuck or be tough to move.

As this dumbbell set is 30 different weights in one, there are different increments that you will be able to choose from. This set goes from 10 pounds at the lightest end to 55 pounds at the heaviest. In between this spectrum you can choose from 12 ½, 15, 20, 22 ½, 25, 30, 32 ½, 35, 40, 42, 45, 50, 52 ½, and 55 pounds. This gives you a large range to choose from so you can work your way up to higher levels.

Pros & Cons Of NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells


  • Has many different choices
  • Large range of weight
  • Countless suitable exercises
  • Easy to adjust


  • Doesn’t have heavier weights
  • No lifetime warranty

All About NordicTrack Home Fitness Equipment

The NordicTrack Brand of home fitness equipment is made for people who don't want to go to a gym to workout. With many lines of different types of equipment, you can get whatever machines and weight suit the types of workouts you like to do. From treadmills to free weights, to bikes and ellipticals, you will have their great brand reputation to make you confident that they will last.

Comparing NordicTrack with Similar Dumbbell Brands

NordicTrack vs. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

The NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells are better than the Bowflex option because they come with a higher weight range. The Bowflex model stops at 52 ½ pounds while NordicTrack goes up to 55 pounds. The latter also has dumbbells that are longer than the average models, which could be annoying when working out.

NordicTrack vs. Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Well, although the Powerblock dumbbells are a pretty compact and space-saving option, they are a bit bigger than the NordicTrack model. However, the Powerblock weights do not come with any case or tray to keep them in. They are also square-shaped, which could be too unusual for many people.

NordicTrack vs. Weider Adjustable Dumbbells

Though the look and style of both of these options and models are similar, the NordicTrack wins out because it has a higher weight range. The Weider dumbbells only go up to 50 pounds, which is five pounds lower than the NordicTrack. Also, the Weider is 10-in-1 weights, while the NordicTrack is 30-in-one.

NordicTrack Dumbbell Exercises and Workout Routines

When looking for ways to incorporate these dumbbells into your workout, take a look at these ways below to get yourself started. Also, stay away from these exercises that won’t get your anywhere.

Chest Exercises

There are multiple options that you can do for great chest exercises. You can do flat and incline chest presses, chest fly, incline fly press, floor presses, etc. If you are a beginner and need some easier options, then push-ups are a great way to start too. 

Arm Exercises

As dumbbells are usually thought of as a way to build your arm muscles, there are tons of options for this area. You can start with standing curls, bench curls, and hammer curls to build up your strength and then begin doing overhead triceps extensions to get your body to become much stronger.

Back Exercises

Just as your chest can be worked out, so can your back. Think about starting with a single-arm row to get you going and so you can begin to isolate those back muscles. You can then do some wide rows and make your way to doing deadlifts after you have enough experience.

Shoulder Exercises

You don’t just want to build up your arms without giving some attention to your shoulders. So, I would suggest doing shoulder presses and lateral raises. Then, you can transition into seated overhead presses and shrugs to round out those shoulders and make your arms look big from the top down.

Leg Exercises

You don't want to forget about your legs, so you can do dumbbell squats to put more weight and resistance on your leg muscles while you're working out. You can also incorporate glute bridges and deadlifts into your routine to get a better leg workout.

NordicTrack Dumbbell Troubleshooting Guide

One of the issues that people find common when dealing with these dumbbells is that the marker for choosing your weight can tend to get stuck. This may be due to the amount of sweat and dirt that might get on it from working out, especially if you work outdoors. So, if you are having trouble with it, just take a damp rag with a bit of soap, very little, and wipe it down.

Remember to let it dry completely before using it so that it is not slippery when you are trying to lift them.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why are adjustable dumbbells so expensive?

Adjustable dumbbells have a lot of extra design and manufacturing work put in them than other, simpler weights. This makes them take longer to get made; therefore, labor costs are involved.

Why are NordicTrack's adjustable dumbbells sometimes called a 50 lb and also a 12.5, 25 lb dumbbell?

This is because they can be adjusted to be any of those weights. These models come with the ability to have multiple weight choices for you to pick from, making it 30 weights in one.

Does NordicTrack have other adjustable dumbbell models?

Yes, they do have another model for adjustable dumbbells. The Nordic 12 ½ pound set comes with a stand for the weight so that you don’t have to bend down to get your weights.

How do I change my NordicTrack dumbbell weight?

To change the weight of the adjustable dumbbell weight is by moving the blue marker piece that is at the top of both sides of the weights. Move it up or down to add or subtract weight.

What happens if I drop these NordicTrack dumbbells?

If you drop your weights to the ground, this could end up breaking the marker or the locking mechanisms for the weights. This could make your dumbbell obsolete since it will no longer be able to be adjusted.

Are NordicTrack dumbbells safe to use?

Yes, these dumbbells are entirely safe when you use them on how they are intended. However, they are weights that could be dangerous if you misuse them.

Where are the best places to buy NordicTrack dumbbells?

You can find NordicTrack dumbbells on their official website, through Amazon, and also stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and even on eBay.

Do NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells come with warranty coverage?

There is a 30-day return policy that allows you to return the dumbbells if you are unsatisfied. However, there is no other type of warranty provided.


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Our Rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

Taking a look at the NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells, it seems that they are worth the price. With the ability to adjust the weights, you essentially get multiple weights in one set. Plus, with the storage stand, you get even more for your money. Overall, this is an item that I would recommend if you want to save room in your home gym.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 19, 2021